in a smallville mood


i’m willing to start from the bottom and work my way up without any help or arm-twisting. all i want is the opportunity to prove myself. being a part of this world.. working at the daily planet.. it’s - it’s always been my dream.

i know you may be editor in chief now, but even you had to start somewhere. and i am not gonna give up until i get the same chance.

I’ve been in a Coldplay mood lately, I blame those Smallville reruns with all the good 00′s music. Not like it’s a bad thing anyway and their songs are wonderful when you’re stuck in an airport waiting for a private jet that should have left two hours ago. It’s a blessing Logan is too busy with his toys or else it would be the end of the world right now. Although, my teammates might throw said fit in his place if we don’t leave Charlotte very soon.