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Hi babe! What do u think abt the RFA+Saeran's first time 👀👀👀 w/ MC??

First time for eye contact?


  • “Finally, someone as beautiful as me!”


  • “I wish I could see her twice as well.”


  • “I feel…our souls connecting…I have found my BFFL…!”


  • “A gaze more soul-piercing than Elizabeth the 3rd’s…amazing!”




  • “That one.  I’m gonna kidnap that one.”

And there you are!

…Iiiiiii’m kidding!  This is fairly NSFW-ish, so under the cut we go…

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NCT in a Haunted House
  • Taeil and Hansol: pushes each other on who walks up front. ends up walking beside each other. got scared, but had no major problem. both walk out alive
  • Johnny and Ten: Johnny had to drag Ten inside. Ten was screaming before they even entered. clings to johnny. didn't stop screaming while inside the haunted house. Johnny will imitate his scream for the next ten years
  • Taeyong and Doyoung: bickering when they entered the haunted house. Doyoung had enough of Taeyong insulting Vroom Vroom Talk Show, so he ran as fast as he could to lose Taeyong. Taeyong kept shouting: "Doyoung are you there?" and he sounded really scared, and that softened Doyoung's heart a bit so he went back to get Taeyong
  • Yuta: insisted on going alone because he a real man. pushes the curtains in search of ghosts who are supposed to scare him. all of them got roasted
  • Kun and Winwin: really chill while entering the haunted house. walked through the haunted house quietly, but the way they walked screamed "get out of the way, bishes!" which the ghosts heard on a spiritual level and they obliged. exited the haunted house as elegant as they walked in
  • Jaehyun: also insisted on going alone. pretends to drop on the floor when a ghost scared him. the ghost was like "omg you ok? im sorry im sorry im sorrrrry" and helped him stand up. he said he was okay and flashed that angelic smile of his which brightened the whole haunted house. ghosts got blinded and forgot to scare him. walks out of the haunted house in a model-like fashion
  • Mark and Haechan: Haechan actually wanted to give Mark as an offering to the ghosts so they would let him out safely but then he returned for Mark because he remembered that they have a "fantasy-like" relationship. both never stopped screaming even with the absence of ghosts. barely made it out alive
  • Jeno and Jaemin: these bffls went inside the haunted house in hoverboards. ghosts failed to scare them bc they fast af in hoverboards. shows off their skills. however, if they weren't in hoverboards and walked instead, they'd barely make it out alive too
  • Renjun, Chenle, and Jisung: while entering, they call out to the ghosts: "we're not afraid of you! come out!". brought airsoft pistols with them bc they hella ready 2 fite the ghosts

Whether you’re friends, or dating; when someone regularly and gladly spends a lot of time with just you, that’s special, and a special bond results.

Think about it.
This person is essentially saying “I could be spending my time doing anything or being with any number of people, but I choose to be with only you, because I like you and I like how I feel when I’m around you.”

I live for that.

mingyu wants jungkooks attention and gets constantly rejected while jungkook tries to go for dk who he thinks he’ll be more comfortable with while dk don’t give a shit dk’s heart is set for jaehyun while minghao is stuck on his brief love affair with winwin and tries to drown the sorrow thru bambam and his dabs all while bambam and yugyeom all are basically in the most stablest relationship out of them all

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excluding SS and Gaiden, I personally like Sakura for the most part

Me too. My version of Sakura:

  • BFFLs with Nardo
  • Very supportive of Nardo and his husband’s relationship
  • Was the maid of honor at Nardo’s wedding
  • Is the adoptive aunt to Sauce and Nardo’s children, babysits them almost every weekend
  • Has dated both men and women but decided marriage isnt her thing at the moment and she’s focusing on her career. 
  • Strong, independent, medic-nin that all the young girls in konoha idolize 

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You ship NaruSaku???? I love that ship!

aaa i prefer it as a close platonic bffl relationship actually, i dont tag every narusaku post i reblog w “i dont ship it but” bc it bothers me when ppl do that on my posts… the distinction i make is having “n&s” as their interaction tag but ive put narusaku there too in case ppl blacklist it

that said i honestly love the narusaku fandom and their meta, headcanons, posts, fanart etc are consistently better than any other m/f content from the fandom or canon imo… like i follow some narusaku blogs & ive personally spent hours on narusaku forums bc of how in depth ppl catalogue & analyze the like Mountains of their canon interactions & how humanly they treat both characters

i do think if any het ship had to be endgame ns wouldve been better than anything the canon gave us but the fact that theyre not romantic and are truly just really close friends for life makes me care abt them even more tbh sdgs

i love all the established close friend relationships in naruto but i really like watching sakura and naruto develop to that point over the course of the series? i have a lot of reasons i love their friendship but i feel like this ask is friendzoning enough LMAO sorry….

i think its a good ship i just love close platonic f/m best friendships more and im also real gay and prefer reading characters as gay

boyfriend! jaehyun
  • well in all honestly ur friendship began when u two were basically smol children,, he was ur neighbor who just moved in and it started off as simple glances @ each other from each others backyard 
  • until a few yrs later when ur puppy decided to run away and he happened to have found it for u,, so ther he was shyly waiting for u to open the door and retrieve ur lost puppy
  • and when u do, u see the boy from across the yard and ur like !!! omg thank u so much wow do u want some candy or ice cream or smth and lets be real who would turn down ice cream
  • so thts how ur friendship began, on a hot summer day, something beautiful was created 
  • but the thing was as u two got older, u two got further away from each other bc girls started to pay attention to him while u had to start paying attention to ur studies,, but that doesnt mean an end to a friendship
  • honestly? he would be ur best friend and u would be his until the day u die he’d always find u at school and u’d always check up on him, one way or another you’d have time for each other and that was the way things were until high school
  • he was the guy that captured all the girls hearts and u were the girl that kept up with studies but was occasionally bullied bc u were his best friend and people were jealous of u 
  • that didnt mean that the late night dates and horror movies and sleepovers ended, actually since u two got further apart from each other at school he insisted tht u two would do it more often and now since u two could drive, his new favorite thing was late night drives 
  • he wasnt sure why but he liked seeing u roll down the window and stick ur hand out the window or lean on the window and watch the stars as he drove 
  • but he loved these moments bc he can be with u away from school and he doesnt have to worry about people talkin shit and he knows they do about u but he doesnt say anything and tht,, that makes him feel so guilty but being here with u now was all he cared about at the moment
  • so a few months later another boy has suddenly taken interest in u and asks u out and ofc u say yes bc ur nice !! and jaehyun sees u two talking and hes like who tf and he asks u about it and u tell him its a date and hes like ???? what who when where why and ur like wtf r u saying ur suppose to be happy for me?? and hes like “o ye” 
  • so when u two depart he finds the closest girl he can find that likes him and asks her out bc he has this feeling in his heart and he cant explain it ?? 
  • so yes u two go on ur seperate dates and both go v well actually and u hav ur first kiss and ur telling jaehyun about it bc he asks how it went and hes like “..o haha o yeah thats um great” and holy shit the feeling in his heart worsens and he isnt sure why hes feeling this way so he distracts himself with that one other girl that he doesnt even like
  • deep down tho no matter how much he gets attention, hes beginning to lose urs, the one and only one he wants so he rants to mark bc he knows mark always got his back
  • but the thing is when u and mark hang out one day mark may or may not have let things slip “hyung was telling me the other day how u have a boyfriend now?” and “yeah he hasnt really been himself huh” “i think hes heartbroekn”
  • and ur like “huh? why?” bc on the outside it looks like hes having the time of his life, hes got a gf who loves him and hes been tellin u his grades r getting better (but its getting worst he just doesnt want u to occupy ur time with him he wants u to be happy with ur bf) 
  • and mark’s like ,, “well i,, i think hes in love i think hes found his soul mate” and ur like “well yeah i mean he looks happy af with her i wouldnt be surprised lmfao” and mark’s just staring at u with the saddest look in his eyes before he goes “with u noona, i think hes in love wit u” and ur like o_o whet and u think hes bluffing 
  • but when u hang out with jaehyun again u begin to notice things, the way he wraps his arms around ur waist and pull u closer to him even tho ur already walking so close togehter or the way he likes to hold ur hand and ur like shi mark rite best friends dont do this shit
  • and u even caught jaehyun staring at u once and u could have sworn u have never seen so much admiration in someones eyes and ur sure ur heart melted and u forgot ur bf bc who tf is that guy 
  • and after that night u never thought of jaehyun the same way again and lemme tell u the nxt wek u broke up with ur bf bc it wasnt fair to pretend u still had feelings for him 
  • and jaehyun was lowkey happy af and broke up wiht his girl too bc he was going to make a move on u he had to ask u out he wasnt going to lose this opportunitiy bc u mean so much to him 
  • and what better way to ask,, under the stars arms tangled together and its silent wth the only sounds being made was ur breathing bc u two are about to doze off
  • and hes like “hey y/n? do u,, do u like me?” and it was so quiet u almost didnt hear and ur like “yeah ofc i do i lov u, u idiot” and hes like “…no no not like taht i mean, do u love me?” and u want to pretend lik u dont know what he means but u do, u really know what he means and u whisper yes bc what else r u gonna say huh?? 
  • and that was the last thing he heard as he dozes off with the biggest smile on his face
  • and lemme tell u from then on that boy has never left ur side hes so fucking clingy the next day he insists that u two go on ur first date 
  • the boys are so supportive of the relationship as well they love u two so much and were just as happy as u two as u guys got together,, but tbh they were so srpsied that things escalted fast af!! literally one day u two were bffls, then the nxt bf and gf and at first they were kinda confused about that lmfao
  • dates can range from hanging out to going and getting some fancy ass dinner but lowkey his favs are when u two just stay home and cuddle bc shit he loves holding u in his arms and he doesnt wanna let go bc ur so soft and fragile and precious in his arms 
  • and fcking shit kisses,, kisses are so tender and passionate and wants to kiss u 24/7 and he cups ur cheek or places his hand on ur neck to pull u closer to him bc he hates distance between u two and make out sessions were lit boi it gets hot 
  • tbh he hates it when u wear clohtes he prefers u walking around with his shirt on bc u look A+++ in dat shit and u’d catch him staring but he doesnt care, he just places u on the counter top and bam another make out session but u see, bc of this he almost burned the house down yikes
  • o my god piggy back rides exists for sure, bc he’d love it when u wrap ur arms around him and are resting ur chin on his shoulder and even when u arent tired he stil insists and make the boys take pics bc he wants to remember these forever 
  • he loves polariods bc he likes hanging them up and glancing at them when he wakes up in the morning and he cant wait to see u at shcool
  • he buys u breakfast and lunch v often and makes sure to treat u to coffee when an exam is coming up
  • he can b very gentle or rough and u loVE both :-)
  • and when u two are holding hands he likes to tangle his fingers in urs and even so often he’d bring ur hand up to his lips and kiss it gently or rub ur hand with his thumb 
  • he lieks to pull u close to him (as always) especially around boys or in public and he doesnt like it when boys look at u too long bc only he can do that
  • he also loves it when u two eat ramen together at a shop bc he likes to wipe ur mouth when ur being clumsy and miss smth and akljdfsdlkj he likes to brush his thumb across ur lip sometimes before he kisses u and ur still not sure how u havent fainted yet
  • he says i lov u 948234 times a day bc every time he looks at u he wants to say it again and again and again
  • o yeah hes lowkey whipped 4 u too he’ll do anything and everything u ask him to but its not an issue bc he just loves u so much and tbh ur the same way towards him
  • his mornign voice jfc every morning u dont mind waking up to hear the sound of his morning voice bc its the sweetest sound his voice is so deep and ur just about ready to fucking fall of the bed bc u cant take this shit anymore
  • and mornings are so soft and warm and sometims u two just stay in bed until noon 
  • and u alsoget the privelege of poking at his dimples (as if u havent already before) and he loves it bc its the cutest thing akdsljfs 
  • and hugs adjkf hugs are so warm and its so sincere and u never want to let go bc why would u???
  • one of his fav things is seeing u take care of th emini rookies especially jisung bc hes so smol and he’d watch u help him w/hw and hes thinking wow i want to start a family with this girl and he adores how much u take care of them and would watch for hours tbh even if ur just helping with hw
  • he lovs winters bc he likes to hold ur hand while u two are going up the cable car?? thingy up the hill before u two ski/snowboard down and he likes to sit by the fireplace and make u wear his sweaters and dkfjsl there may or may not be more sex to warm u two up :)))
  • when u two move in together he also wants to buy more puppies to remind u of ur guys childhood and what not 
  • so there u are having just woken up from the cold bc jaehyun accidentally took all the blanket again and he notices u wake up and realize it was bc of him again :-( so he takes u in his arms and wraps the blanket around u to keep u nice and warm,, and hes just about to say how much he loves u only to be interrupted by ur newborn hyper ass puppy causing both of u to smile 
  • bc all of this began on a hot summer afternoon with a puppy and lil did u two kno that on tht very day u met ur soulmate 
rubiam high school au (pt 2/????)

@we-will-neverfade requested more liam falling and i’m MORE THAN HAPPY to oblige

•liam joining rugby his freshman year just to get his gym credit but ending up loving it and sticking with it for the rest of high school (“it’s the only sport where you’re SUPPOSED to fall down”)

•ruby comes to every game and sits front row

•which is sometimes a problem bc liam gets distracted by her and forgets he’s playing a very dangerous contact sport

•she braves a lot of late nights and cold weather to watch him but she doesn’t mind bc he knows how to say thank you ;)

•sometimes he doesn’t dodge a tackle on purpose bc then he can be like “but ruuuuby he hit my lips really hard, can you kiss it better”

•sometimes he feels bad because she spends SO MUCH time at his practices and stuff but secretly she’s having the time of her life watching her sweaty shirtless bf run around for an hour and a half 3 times a week

•she signs SO many casts her bf is a reckless child

•and of course all of her support is reciprocated

•Ruby Daly, Overachiever™ is in orchestra, school plays, and the debate club

•he comes to every performance and rehearsal

•ruby tells him he doesn’t have to come to every one he’s already seen the show a million times but he’s a dumb nerd in love who loves to watch his gf perform

•she usually dresses nicely enough but when she has to dress up for a performance hoooo boy

•he shows up to every performance with a GIANT bouquet of flowers

•"ruby that shirt’s really cute on you, where’d you get it?“
“liams closet actually, but i think he got it at target”

•he helps her practice her debates as much as possible, even if he doesn’t know what’s going on half the time

•they’re a year apart in school and liams senior year was more stressful for ruby because “oh my god he’s gonna go to college and forget all about me and break up with me oh my god oh no” and chubs has to remind her that liam would literally fail senior year to stay with her next year

•liams a heavy believer in stupidly cheesy promposals

•he sends her like $20 worth of the holiday candy cane messages and when the person delivers them in class like “40 for ruby daly” she’s never blushed so hard in her life

•ruby looooooves going over to liams she practically lives there bc she loves all the excitement that comes with having 2 other siblings and much younger, more adventurous parents

•as much as ruby loves her own parents they’re both intellectuals who prefer doing something tame and quiet indoors rather than something exciting like liams parents

•laser tag where she beats his ass omg

•going off of @gracefulpercy ’s headcanon liam getting coles old teachers and getting hella discrimination bc cole was a wild child

•claire and ruby=bffls

•brief period at the beginning of their relationship where there was a power struggle between chubs an ruby for who got shotgun in black betty. they have to make a schedule.

•ruby gets SO hangry liam keeps snacks in his backpack in case she starts getting snappy before lunch

•she knows the combination to his locker and always takes the sweatshirt he keeps in there in case of emergencies because “Mrs. Smiths class is like sitting inside an iceberg!”

•ruby’s one of those people who get so wrapped up in what they’re doing that she’ll forget to eat so she gets texts from liam throughout the days where he knows she’s busy and reminds her to eat something

•if they’ve both had a stressful day they just go to liams house and take a nap it’s v therapeutic

•those nerds having one class together and looking forward to it all day

•ruby not being there for one day and all of a sudden it’s the end of the wold liam acts like his life is collapsing he pours about it all day

Let’s clear something up right now. In the realm of live action fictional characters, there is no “romantic” chemistry or “friendship/sibling” chemistry. There is only chemistry. It is the /narrative/ that determines whether the characters are romantic or platonic. So, if you can see all the amazing “friendship/bffls/omg siblings” chemistry between a Black character and a white character but not “romantic” chemistry despite the romantic narrative set up, it’s because /you/ personally don’t want those characters to be in a romantic relationship. And that is on /you/. Investigate yourself.

Why Alex Turner and Miles Kane’s friendship is helping to break down gender stereotypes.

[Just a side note: I am not hating on milex fans or anyone that jokes that they’re in love, I’ve joked before myself, I’m just setting up the scene of why it is then so great that they don’t change and continue to be themselves. And I’m not trying to make a deal out of the milex thing, trust me I know not to go there lol I just want to recognise Alex and Miles for the cool dudes that they are. Many people would shy away because of all the attention but if anything they play up to it, which is great tbh! Enjoy xo]

 Alex Turner and Miles Kane. What I love about them, is they are really good friends that just don’t care about other people’s daft gender stereotypes. Think about this; how many photos have you seen on Facebook or other social media of girls kissing their other female friends on the lips? A lot probably, along with a message proclaiming their love for their BFFL 4 life. And does anyone start throwing them a coming out party? The answer is an obvious no. Similar to the (in my opinion) misuse of the word girlfriend when referring to female friends, it’s just another example of how society treats same sex gender friendships differently.

It’s just generally not as accepted for male friends to give the other a smack on the lips, or even the cheek, but why? Like Turner and Kane, any time affection is shown, they are considered to be gay or in a relationship instead of people just calmly accepting that that’s what friends do sometimes. I mean I’ve shared a kiss with my best friend, and our friendship isn’t confused.

That’s not to say that having people think you are gay is a bad thing, of course it isn’t. But using the example of Turner and Kane, I’m sure it must get a bit tiring after a while. In a recent interview which I’m sure many ‘milex’ fans have seen, they addressed the issue head on. As the interview came to a close, the interviewer remarked on how they were both only children. They then started mockingly professing how difficult their childhood had been with no siblings, leading Turner to then predict the interviewers next move, which would be to bring up that this could be the reason that the pair are so close. Turner then says “but what you really want to know is…” and they say in unison, “do you bum?” In print, it does sound comical, and it was but almost as soon as he said it I found myself cringing. Because although they were laughing about it, I think it was obvious to see the fatigue and frank irritation that this constant questioning on the subject gave them.

It made me think, if I had lots of people constantly questioning whether me and one of my best friends were in a romantic relationship regardless of our genders, while clearly being in our own separate relationships with other people, I would get pretty sick of it. And not only that, but a little bit self-conscious about how I acted with them. In fact, a lot self-conscious.

 So back round to my point; I find it refreshing and – in their case, as I doubt anything they do has real meaning or agenda – accidentally progressive, to witness a friendship between two people, two heterosexual men (as far as we know, but that’s not for us to say, which is the whole fucking point), that aren’t afraid to be themselves and be comfortable.

Whether Alex or Miles know it or not, they are actually breaking down those sexist and stereotypical barriers that the patriarchy of this world use to define and label anyone and everyone. They are doing away with the idea that as a male, if you have a close relationship with another man you are immediately emasculated, and must be homosexual. And in turn this creates a less negative attitude towards LGBTQ community. They are great examples to todays young men that, yes you can be extremely successful, you can be wealthy, you can be a sex symbol to millions, you can have beautiful girlfriends or wives or whomever…and you’re still allowed to plant a kiss on your best mate if you feel like it, and you are no less of a man because of this!!!!

 And that’s what it all comes down to, these ‘ideas’ of what men and women should or shouldn’t be. But that’s all they are, just ideas. And it’s our job to not give a flying fuck about these ‘ideas’. Just do you, be nice, and you’ll be great.

 But then again they are a pair of absolute idiots, who probably don’t know what continent they’re on. Have a nice day everyone.











genre: Guess

Words: 2k

Warnings: absolutely none this is extremely fluff

Summary: Dan and Phil get engaged. Instead of coming out, they decide to rip off Tyler and Josh from twenty one pilots and make a Twitter poll with the intention of getting a tattoo of each other’s names in their bodies as a way to announce the engagement without announcing it. It’s just a very Dan and Phil thing to do—to be obvious without confirming anything.

a/n: This was just a headcanon and then it evolved into 2k words of pure fluff. wow. I need to be stopped.

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Smells like warm and Vegas

smells like warm: favorite dnp quote or moment?

literally so many but the one that sticks out most of from TABINOF. it’s Lion’s page where it’s just a really sweet motivational quote. honestly if i ever meet d&p I’m totally gonna ask Phil to sign that page for me as Lion because I cried when I read it.

vegas: if u could choose a video for dnp to make, what would it be?

i really want to know the truth about their story. like we’ve all theorized and have headcanons but i want to know what actually happened from 2009 to today. even if it turns out that they’re just bffls like i really want to know. i think what they have (whether it be a relationship or a friendship) is really special and i would love if they shared that with us.

send me phan asks

the thing i don’t think people understand is how conflicted a person feels when they are in a toxic or bad relationship and they meet someone who is like a dream and makes you feel that feeling ™. It makes you question everything you know and there’s so many mixed feelings involved. I am so glad Taylor did what ultimately made her most happy and i will back her up on any decision she ever makes that results in her bursting with joy.