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“[Ward] did the worst possible thing to her and took away the most precious thing in her life, which is Fitz.” - Elizabeth Henstridge

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Lotor flirting with Allura "Let's make peace between Alteans and the Galra ;))" and Shiro just not having any of it.

patience yields focus; jealous shiro yields excessive violence

dawnthevamp2001  asked:

Um holy crap how have I never seen this blog??? Like what this content is amazing and I love it so much and how dare no one tell me of its existence??? Anyway could there be a possibility of maybe some galra keef and klance? Ishipitsohard... 💜💜

yooo i’m all about that galra keef klance, my dude :) thanks so much for the lovely message and i’m so happy you like this blog! 💜

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I saw Magnus try to sneak something into the Voidfish's tank. When he saw me, he said something about "Removing the pain and sadness from everyone". He ran off, and when I looked at the paper he tried to feed to the Voidfish, the only thing it said was "Animorphs".