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I don’t know if it’s because I hear too well, or because our walls are that thin, but I know more about my neighbors that I would ever want to find out. I don’t even know most of the names of people who live in the flats close to ours, but I have nicknames for everybody. Loud Sneeze Dude from upstairs, Tone Deaf Trumpet Guy from somewhere below, Drunk Laughing Man from down the hallway, Yelling At Kids From The Toilet Lady… I wonder if any of them have nicknamed me something. Maybe, Singing While In The Bathroom Girl. 

Tell me exactly what I did to deserve you?
—  Tenari Ioapo // You are too good to be true, I have no idea how I got so lucky to have you.

I miss you"

“I miss you too”

“I know you miss me but that doesn’t mean you love me right?”

“No I guess not but just know I still care about you”

“Stop! You can’t tell me you miss me and and…and you care about me but then tell me you don’t love me. That isn’t something I can just be OKAY with.”

“I guess I don’t know how to love.

—  Tenari Ioapo // excerpt from a book I may write. .

I’m not sure if anyone else is having the same issue, but my activity page appears to be broken. It’s only loading a few notes and then getting stuck. It’s not device-specific, either.

 I’m sorry if you’ve tagged me or replied to something and I’ve missed it!

Hopefully it corrects itself soon but in the meantime…I guess I won’t be enjoying all the tags you guys add to my posts ;; or responding to anything that isn’t a DM or an ask. 

SaveWOY Trending 27th - P4

Why did I get involved in the fight to SaveWOY? So many reasons…

The show didn’t deserve this, it had so much more potential. The crew had been screwed over, they had wanted more seasons but they were given a ridiculous excuse “80 episodes are enough”, I felt so bad for the crew and the other fans, there was so much more to learn, I felt the determination and sadness radiating off the fandom that night.

This is going to get personal…

As I said in my last post, due to my long term illness and mental health problems I can’t really have my own adventures so I loved being a part of Wander’s. Wander and friends became family to me.

I actually think my mental health has worsened now because those adventures have ended and my “family disappeared”. Obviously they’d have to end at some point but it was just so sudden, but also the sadness of knowing what could have been has put a sad feeling over WOY for me.

I’ll admit, I at first delved into SaveWOY really hard out of desperation. I feared for my own life, this show saved me from depression and it was suddenly being pulled away from me, how was I going to survive? Throwing myself into it kept me busy and determined. But I remember admitting to one of my fellow mods that come June 27th I feared I would take my own life if SaveWOY hadn’t worked by then. I know, it’s unhealthy to be so dependant on a show, but I hadn’t even realised it was that bad.

Thankfully the fight is still going and I’m still here today. I don’t watch cartoons as much now after WOY got cancelled though. I just feel so sour about what Disney did. 

After coming clean with all of this, I’m now thinking that I’m not cut out for this campaign. I have the passion that has driven me forward but it was forged from a coping mechanism that evolved into an unhealthy obsession and a fear for my own life. Does that make my efforts valid? For this reason I was always due to burn out eventually right? Even if we save WOY, I will be so happy, but I now know that things can’t go on this way. It was incredibly dangerous and foolish of me to rest my whole fate on a cartoon and it nearly cost me. I see this problem, but I currently still have no other coping method.

A year on, if you ask me why I want to SaveWOY? 

It’s just for the fans and the crew. They deserve it. Yes, I want more adventures, I want to see these characters again, but in terms of it helping me; I’m too far gone, I always was and just didn’t realise it; but I want to help my friends and fellow fans even if I can’t help myself. 

Although with my current health I’m not sure how much longer I can keep that up for. I’m not sure if this is the depression talking or myself, but this is what’s been on my mind lately.

Leaving Tumblr

I’m going to put my tumblr page on hold for a while. I don’t know when I’ll come back.

I’ll finish all the banner commissions I had, but after that I won’t take anymore.

I’m not closing the page so all my posts and reblog won’t be missed.

It has been a great pleasure meeting so many wonderful people, I truly had much fun! Thank you all for what you gave me and I am grateful I could met such good friends!

Whoever wants to keep in touch and doesn’t have it already, can ask my e-mail address via PM, I’ll be super happy if you do :)

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I was tagged by a team awesome ^__^ That incudes @moonsuke@blurryfaceimagines@tsukiko-hibiki, and @abeautifulunfolding, thank you cuties!<3

1) I am a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP). It affect both on the mental (very sensetive, emotional) and physical (cant stand too bright lights, too loud sounds, easily owerhelmed) aspects of me, but it also a thing that makes myself me.

2) I love music, can listen it whole day long!

3) I can to faint if I would be very scared or anxious. Dont know why it was a classic trope for the beautiful maidens in the medieval, it’s actually looks pretty stupid :`D

4) My longest realtionships last like…almost one week. I feel sorry every time as rejecting people, but I cant just play in a couple without great feelings

5) Im obessed with chokers :>

6) I love my cat very very much! And I miss her all the time, beacause she live in parents house and Im moved out..

7) My fangs teeth are longer and higher than other teeths, especially left one. I’m always felt very bad about it but my friends in college adored it and said that my teeths are cute, and its actually a big trend in Japan cosmetic surgery. It called yaeba 八重歯, which roughly translated means “multilayered tooth” but commonly referred to in English as ‘snaggletooth’ - because yaeba is considered cute. So now I love my teeth :)

8) People always give me one same pet name >w< So I am a princess from childhood

9) Im never wear pants, only skirts and dresses 

10) My brother is my best friend ever

Selfie ~

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Honestly I’m getting double pain from the whole CDM fiasco. First, because of the antisemitism from supposedly radical and inclusive people, and then I get another wave of pain from Zionist Jews hijacking the outrage. Like, ffs, the thing that made it antisemitic in the first place was that they were tossing out non-Zionists because a non-Zionist pride flag “looked Zionist”. The entire reason this outrage started was because they were claiming Jewish people couldn’t use Jewish symbols because “Israel”, even though they had no evidence that those people were Zionists, and they said they’d interrogate Jews.

Now all the fuckin Zionists are strolling in with the usual “Antizionism is antisemitic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We should all just… move to Israel!!!! I don’t want to be friends with anyone propalestine after this!!!” Like ffs can I not get backstabbed by both my local leftist AND my local Jewish community this week please??? This isn’t about YOU. Do I need my heart stepped on twice, to be filled twice with isolation and sorrow!?


This is so random but I can’t wait to get settled down with my future husband. I don’t know why am I thinking about this right now but seriously, I just can’t wait for that to happen. Yung gigising ako ng umaga and cook breakfast for him habang suot suot yung big shirt niya, prepare his clothes for work, go to the grocery together, sing along with our favorites songs while driving, go to the beach on weekends, play video games, make love all night (haha) and alot more! Gosh, I think I’ll be the best wife my future husband will ever have. Yay! Ang sarap mag imagine kapag ganitong maulan eh. Saka nakakatuwa din kapag may nakikita akong married couple na nagtatawagan ng “Ma, Pa”, “Daddy, Mommy”, “Honey” or “Hubby, Wifey” haha ang cu cute nila sobra. HAYS….

Rough Morning

I know I usually don’t post personal things but I am really having a rough morning and am feeling extremely depressed over some things going on with my family. If anyone could send me some fluffy eruri headcanons I’d appreciate it so much. I have even lost the motivation to write. I’m sorry if I sound like I’m whining or bothering anyone.