in a person

why’s everyone tryna stop me from fucking robots? you couldn’t stop me if you tried. the only thing stopping me from fucking robots is time, the state of technology, and that unfortunate uncanny valley shit that happens every time we try to make people robots. lookin at you, japan.

I was tagged by @tiltingatwindmills90 in this “Stop, Drop, and Selfie” mess… so I figured I might as well join the party 🎉.

As such, I’ll be tagging the following people to follow in my footsteps:

Life/blog update

I know I’ve been MIA for quite a bit, but I come bearing good news. I was struggling with choosing grad schools (I know, multiple offers must suck I’m sorry) but I’ve settled everything now. I’ll be going to SFU this summer to do (another) MA and PhD (lol baiii leafs). Imma be working with an awesome prof doing work I’m genuinely passionate about. Even better news is that I just woke up this morning to a scholarship that offers 4 flippin years of guaranteed funding. I was originally prepared to accept a far less generous funding package (compared to other schools) just to work with my future supervisor and now it’s just a no brainer. Hell yeah.

For now, I’ll still be on hiatus cuz I’m finishing up my masters here in Hong Kong, but yeah. I ain’t ded.