in a person

Not to be a big ole lesbian but the only crush I’ve ever had was this really cute girl who worked at universal studios at the Harry Potter candy store and held her curly hair back with a wand and had the softest looking skin and I deadass kept buying more candy just so I could smile at her and I don’t even like candy and she had the nicest laugh and she giggled every time she had to say muggle plastic?? And she kept teasing me and It’s been 2 years and I’m still not over it.



((OOC: I just did a Merope Gaunt makeup test. I hate it. Assume you’ll never see her again.))

I know I’ve been kinda quiet lately but tonight I’m going out for something called “skanksgiving” that’s gonna be the biggest and best pregame to Thanksgiving so bring on the food and drinks tonight!

The hardest part about university isn’t the long papers, it’s the short ones.

My professor just had us read a 30 page paper about how disaster relief fails marginalized communities and she’s only giving us 2 pages to respond to this and explain how things could have been different if services had been culturally competent.