in a normal habitat

Worldwide bloom this weekend!

Pokemon Trainers,

Professor Willow’s research into Pokémon habitats around the world has uncovered some interesting findings. His initial reports indicate that we’ll see an influx of Grass-type Pokémon sometime this weekend. These Pokémon will appear in the wild more frequently starting the afternoon of May 5, but only for a short period of time. We anticipate that Pokémon will return to their normal habitats on May 8, 2017 PDT.

Likely candidates include: Bulbasaur, Oddish, Paras, Bellsprout, Exeggcute, Tangela (already saw one), Chikorita (spotted quite a few), Hoppip, and Sunkern! Also, Lures will run for 6 hours during the entirety of the event!!

Make sure to catch some grass Pokemon this weekend trainers!

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Could you do an HC with Newt about when one of his creatures accidently hurts his child. Like the child just started to walk and it stumbles into one of the enclosures and some how gets hurt.

Sure! This one was kind of a challenge lol because I’d imagine Newt would treat the situation like I would.

I also gave Newt glasses in this because I think that’s such an adorable image. Also, his son is a tiny badass, I don’t picture him having an overly whiny child. Lol

Master list

-Newt would be busy writing, his office a complete mess by now. His son would be walking around the habitats, playing with certain creatures.
-This was normal for his child, after all, with Newt as a father you can bet he educated him as best he could for his age.
-Every so often he’d get up and go check on his son, smiling when he found him playing with Dougal, or the Niffler.
-He’d go up, kiss his son on the head and ruffle his reddish hair. “Remember, no causing any trouble.”
-His son would smile, waving bye to his dad as Newt went back into his study.
-He wouldn’t be so worried so long as he heard his son’s laughter, but the silence is what got him. Silence around small children never lead to anything good.
-Newt removed his reading glasses, looking over at his door curiously. “No…far too quiet.” He spoke to himself.
-He got up, placing the glasses on the desk, and walked with a quickened pace into the extended case.
-He called out to his son, but no answer came, and he got more and more worried until he found the boy nursing a small wound on his finger.
-His son sat next to the occamy habitat, finger in his mouth as he tried to will away the tiny drop of blood.
-Newt would be by his side quickly, kneeling down and checking his hand. “What happened?”
-“I got bit.” But, his son only smiled up at him, as if he was proud to be like his dad with his numerous cuts and scars.
-Being a father, however, Newt wasn’t so thrilled. And yet the tiny little smile was far too endearing to be angry with. He’d sigh, picking up his son and taking him to the hut to bandage him up. “Now now…what have I told you about petting the occamys?”
-“Not to do it.”
-“And it seems you have forgotten that news.”
-“I’m sorry, dad.”
-He’d kiss the child on the temple, placing him on the counter so he could fix him up. “It’s quite alright, my darling. But, imagine what your mother will say?” He scolded playfully, smiling when his son giggled.

Hope that was ok!

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(A table of contents is available. This series will remain open for additional posts and the table of contents up-to-date as new posts are added.)

Part Two: An Appropriate Creature

Let’s start off talking about perhaps the most obvious of our topics when it comes to your initial creation of a creature companion: What form they should take. So. You’ve got it in your imagination that what this character or group of characters really needs, or what the plot is leading to is a creature who somehow ingratiates themselves to the characters and becomes a part of the group. Sounds like it could have some really fun implications for the plot, character development and relationships, and worldbuilding! You should definitely go for it. But first things first, what is this creature? Where does it come from, and what does it look like?

The very first thing you need to take into account when deciding what kind of animal or creature is going to accompany your characters is where this creature comes from. I say where it comes from as opposed to where your characters meet it because it’s entirely possible that the creature has been traveling in an adventure or quest of their own prior to meeting your characters. That detail–how it got to where it is–will come in later, but first consider where it calls home. The environment from where it hails will help inform your decision about what it is.

Be sure to do your due diligence in researching creatures who are appropriate to the living conditions of their homeland. If this is a creature native to the area where your characters come in contact with it, then you want to be sure that it’s believable to meet that particular type of creature in that particular type of environment. If you’re writing in a tropical setting, you’re not going to be meeting polar bears without a really good reason. Maybe there is a good narrative reason to be meeting a creature far outside its normal habitat, but even so, you should be aware of what its original, preferred ecology is so that you can make sure your creature could conceivably be from that area.

Research what kinds of foods are available in their homeland, both plant and animal, as well as the standard climate such as temperatures, humidity, and terrain. These details will give you a good idea of whether you’re dealing with an herbivore, carnivore, or omnivore, a detail which becomes a big deal later when thinking about travel. You’ll also learn what kind of physiology your creature may have, such as how thick their fur may be, how much sun they’re accustomed to, whether they’re any good at climbing versus walking, how dry versus wet air will affect them while outside their natural habitat, and other details that will help you find a creature that’s both narratively and logically good for your characters to have as a companion.

As much as we want our creature companions to be cool, unique, interesting, and unexpected, they also need to be logical. That’s the boring response, but it’s also the truth of the situation. If we are trying to write believable narratives (and I think that’s what all of us strive to achieve), then we need to be sure that our creatures make sense, not just that they’re stylistically more appealing. Magic, and having settings where mythological creatures are present, is super cool and opens up a bunch of new options for who your companions could be, but it shouldn’t be the fix-all that enables you to have whatever you want. Part of making sure that out stories don’t pull a reader right out of it and break their ability to suspend belief is making sure we’re not making up rules just so something cool can happen. If you’ve built rules to your world (which you should), and one of those says that gorgons prefer to live by the sea and so are only rarely seen outside of that high-humidity region, then it isn’t going to be very believable to suddenly have a gorgon companion turning up in the high alpine mountains. That doesn’t mean you can’t take your creatures outside their habitats, but that you should have a reason why they’re there and they should be dealing with the consequences of leaving their normal environment. Don’t use ~magic~ as your excuse for doing something. The less you have to come up with some elaborate reason for why the creature is what it is, is from where it’s from, and is where it is, the better-received your creature is going to be. Ultimately, the creature that’s ideal to be a companion is the one that makes the most sense, even if it’s not ~the coolest~ mental image.

Next up: Ability!

*Pilfering Pest* Newt x reader
◘ Anonymous asked:

Can we have some Niffler love?:D Like maybe where reader adores Niffler and he’s really attached to her and like cuddles that make Newt jealous because she pays more attention to the creature but later when she notices she finds it funny but assures him that no Niffler can replace him?

❤ Had a super AWFUL day at work today and almost burst in to tears like FIVE. DIFFERENT. TIMES. I really needed to write some fluff. So here it is! Hope you guys enjoy! xx

Sitting in the corner of the hut, you giggled as you tickled the snifflers belly, causing it to let out a purr of joy and squirming in your lap. You giggled and scratched the little creature even more, watching as it nuzzled in to you.

Newt stood at his work table, preparing food for some of the creatures as he peered over, giving you a smile. You and the niffler had become very close and the little creature absolutely adored you. If he wasn’t in your lap being smothered in tickles and pets, he was following behind you going everywhere you went and begging for your attention.

Although Newt found it adorable, he also found it mildly irritating. The little fella had made it a nighty ritual to snuggle beside you on your pillow which was fine, but Newt enjoyed your evening alone time and ever since you encouraged the new habit, he had become a little less happy when watching his nightly cuddles now becoming the niffler’s. 

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Don’t Take Them Away From Me

Newt Scamander x Muggle!Reader

Summary: The reader is a muggle in England, and a No-Maj in America. What happens when the reader goes along with Newt to New York? What will happen when MUCUSA finds out that Newt and you have a relationship, and that you know about magic. What will happen when they take away his creatures and you, and you have something to tell him.

 A/N: This is an imagine to commemorate the new movie ‘Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them’. And because I am a big fan of the Harry Potter franchise so I am excited to be writing this. I have had to change some of the story line to fit the reader into this.

 Italics = Flashbacks

 Warnings: Possible Angst, some feels and fluff. Newt almost crying and doing so. None other than I can think of, so that’s it. But some possible mentions of sex, or Newt being sexually interment. Mentions of anxiety.

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You had known Newt from the start of his book. You had met him in a coffee shop, in 1920. You could see that he was in the corner scribbling down on his note pad with his pen like the world was about to end, from the serving counter. You had decided sit next to him and start up some conversation with the soon-to-be-author.

 “Do you mind if I take a seat here, please?” You asked looking at the red/brown haired man looking down at his papers. He lifts his head and sees your (Y/E/C) eyes looking at him, and a small smile on your lips. He immediately became nervous when he saw you, and started stuttering.

You could see his face more clearly when he looked up. He had countless reckless that were scattered on his face. You could see his mix between green and golden eyes. You instantly fell in love with the man in front of you.

 “Y-y-yes y-you, um, c-can. I-if you want to.” He said in the best way he could, considering that to him, you were gorgeous; and you were standing right in front of him.

You pulled the seat out from under the table, and place your coat around the back of the chair.

“My name is Newton Artemis Fido Scamander. But you can just call me Newt.” He managed to say without stuttering, or making a fool out of himself.

“My name is (Y/F/N), but you can call me (Y/N).” You smiled, taking a sip from your cup of tea.

 That was the first time you had heard him speak, and it was the moment that you became friends. You then started seeing each other and then started working with him on his book. You can still remember the first time that he asked you out on a date.

 “(Y/N), I would very much like to ask you something.” He asked as you turned around to him. You were both on the streets of Trafalgar Square in London. You were having lunch on the side of one of the fountains. You looked at him straight in the eye, seeing that he was nervous. “I would like to ask if you would like to accompany me on a date?” You just stared at him, trying to get your answer out, with a mouthful of food. “You see I very much like you, and it’s okay if you don’t like me back or anything. I just wanted to see if I had a chance with you.” He was literally holding his breath when he was saying this.

 You had finished your mouthful of food, and replied with your answer.

“Yes Newt I would love to go with you to dinner. I have liked you since the day that I sat next to you in the coffee shop.” You placed your hand on his cheek, and the heat of his cheek warmed up your hand. You also started to lean forward and placed you lips on his. It was your first kiss together. You could feel his breath get caught in his throat and then it being expelled through his nose. You both pulled away from each other, because you both needed to breath.

 Your first date that night was the most magical night that you had ever had. Later in the relationship, Newt revealed his biggest secret to you. One that has been bugging him since your date in Hyde Park.

 “(Y/N). I have been meaning to tell you something. Since our date in Hyde park.” You were both in your shared flat when he had decided to ask you. You both had been dating for the matter of two years, and you had always wondered why he kept in an old batted suitcase, that was never put away. Newt said that it must be out always, in case there was an emergency. “I must show you now, otherwise I won’t be able to say it all.”

 You looked at him, confused. You had told each other everything. He took the case out from under the dining room table. He clicked both latches that were on the case and open the case. He placed one foot in the case and then the other, climbing down the ladder that led him to his creatures, but you couldn’t see the ladder. You couldn’t believe that your boyfriend could fir his 6-foot self in a tiny case. He continued to climb down the ladder and onto the case, you just stood there in shock. Then his hand came up and beckoned you to follow him into the case.

 As you made your way down the ladder you were taken back by the sight. You could see multiple habitats with strange creatures in then. They were beautiful and they were flying around, stomping and doing what you assumed what they normally did.

You saw Newt standing near a desert like habitat area. You saw that he was looking at something in the area, so you decide to see what he was looking at. You made your way over to where Newt was and saw him petting a gryphon-like creature with six wings and two long tails with feathers on the end.

 “This is Frank, he’s a thunderbird,” your eyes landed on the small creature, and saw him hiss and growl at you.” You may want to step back. He doesn’t take kindly to strangers. He was trafficked, you see. I found him in Egypt; he was all chained up and I couldn’t leave him there, he was so young. One day I wish to return him to the winds of Arizona.” You stared in awe at the beast.

Frank could tell that there was something going on between the two of you, and started stalking his way cautiously towards you. Once he reached you, and sniffed you to see if you were dangerous, like the people that took him. When he confirmed that you weren’t a threat to him, he snuggled into your stomach. Newt stood beside you, eyeing Frank to see if he was going to attack you, but instead he was admiring you and Frank together. That’s when he learned that if a muggle could cooperate with magical creatures, then wizards and witches could.

 “Newt, how is this all possible?” You asked, petting Frank just as Newt did earlier.

 “That’s the thing that I’ve been wanting to tell you. I’m a wizard.” He exclaimed as he took his wand out of his pocket to show you. You looked at him as if he were mad. To prove you wrong, Newt cast a spell and made some roses appear in his hands which he then gave to you.

 “Well I have no evidence that say that you aren’t a wizard.” You replied, giving him a kiss.


You just couldn’t see the box in his pocket. That was the point where Newt decided that he was going to write his book, and you weren’t going to let him do it alone. But he had to ask you something a year later after that day. You had been helping Newt take care of the creatures, and they have taken a liking to you since you were Newt’s girlfriend. They recognized you as their care taker also, making them want to be around you, even more than Newt.

 You were both feeding the creatures inside of Newt case. You had both saved a branch of Bowtruckles. They were found in a cage in Glasgow. You both decided to keep them and take care of them as well. A certain bowtruckle, that was named Pickett, he had attachment issues to both Newt and yourself. He was with you always, or if not Newt. You had both tried to get him to connect and be with the rest of his branch, but he insisted on stayed with you two. The other bowtruckles were accusing you both of favoritism.

 But now you were feeding the branch woodlice. It was how wizards could extract wand wood from the trees that they would be protecting. When you heard a tiny squeak from behind you. You looked down to see Pickett holding a ring in his tiny, spider leg like fingers, which creeped you out at times. You then looked up to see Newt running towards you and the branch of bowtruckles.

 He scooped up Pickett in his hands, taking the ring from him while doing so, and then turning back to you, with panicked expression on his face.

“You saw the ring, didn’t you?” You nodded eying him. He sighed placing Pickett on his shoulder and then telling him that they’ll talk about what he did later.

“Well, I was planning to do this later, when I could actually do it. But Pickett, thought that it would push me forward into doing it if he broke the ice. So, before I run away out of pure fear of doing this, and before the niffler gets this.. (Y/F/N), will you do me the honor of marrying me?”

 You got down on your knees, so that you were eye level with him and placed your lips on his. Expelling all the passion which you held for that man in front of you. Newt got the message and placed the ring on your left hand and kissed you again, wrapping his arms around you; hugging you after the kiss. You both had happy tears running down your faces. Without noticing that the creatures had made their way toward you both and making a circle around you both. When you both pulled away from each other, and when they saw the ring on your finger. They had an outburst of roars, growls and other sounds of happiness, and congratulated you both.

 Since a year after that, you both got married, and since then, you both went around the world, observing creatures and writing about their habits for young wizards to see and read about. You have both decided that you were to go to America, to study new creatures that would be native to the land. But to also release Frank into the wild desert of Arizona, like Newt has always wanted.  You both made your way to the docks and you both arrived in New York.

 You had met some lovely people. You met a muggle like you, Jacob Kowalski, and two witches called Tina and Queenie Goldstein. They were a bit chocked that you and Newt were married, because of   the American muggle rule. All ‘no-majs’, as they called muggles, aren’t allowed to have any relationships with magical beings and they’re not allowed to marry them, they’re not allowed to know anything about the wizarding world. And if any muggle did, they would have to be obliviated, and you didn’t want to forget about Newt or the creatures that you have come to love.

 But unfortunately, Newt’s case was opened and you had to collect all the creature and put them back in the case. You were just in central park, trying to catch an Erumpent that had gotten out of the case. Later you were planning on catching the other creatures. But right now, you were in the case. With Newt and Jacob in the case. Which was being carried by Tina to MUCUSA, to show the wizarding world what Newt had been doing. You felt the whole case shake. Newt was the first to emerge out of the case. He was in front of the New York Ministry of Magic. Then it was Jacob who made his way out of the case.

 You were the last one to come out of the case. You stood in what seemed like the main discussion room. There were wizards and witches that were looking at you three with shock and yet curiosity.

 “Scamander?”  Yours and Newt’s head turned toward the British Envoy.

 “Oh-er- hello.” Newt introduced himself while closing the case.

 “Theseus Scamander? The war hero?” Monolu Wotorson asked.

 “No, his little brother. And what in the name of Merlin are you doing in New York?” The British Envoy replied and then turning his attention to the both of you.

 “Miss Goldstein, who is this?” Madam Picquery asked the witch.

 “This is Mister Kowalski, Madam President. A no-maj who was bitten by one of Mister Scamander’s magical creature.” Tina answered, truthfully. All Ministers started to whisper to each other “No-maj? Obliviated?”

 “Wait, why did that no-maj turn her mead towards you as well? Is she a squib, or a no-maj from off the street like Mr Kowalski over here?” Asked Percival Graves to Madam Picquery. All the attention was then turned to you. More whispers began to break out amongst the court.

 “NO!” Newt shouted, earning the attention of the Ministers. “She is a muggle, or a no-maj here. But she is also my wife and she knows about all of this. She knows about the creatures and what they can do.” The Ministers were taken aback about by his outburst. Newt began to realize what he did and moved next you, wrapping an arm around your waist protectively.

 “Well, you are in America. And we handle things a little differently around here. We are sorry that the British Minister cannot do anything, for he is in a different country. So, we must obliviate your wife and your friend. You have no say in this because you risked the expositions of the wizarding world, and you shall be trailed for this. Arrest them!” Madam Picquery announced.

 “No-no- don’t hurt those creatures. Please they aren’t dangerous. It was an obscurus, please don’t hurt them.” Newt tried to reason with the Ministers and Madam Picquery.

“And take the no-majs to a different cell.” Madam Picquery declared to the officers. You and Newt looked at each other, reaching out for each other and embracing the other in your arms.

 “it’s okay, it’s going to be okay. I will find you, they will never be able to keep you away from me.” Newt was whispering to you, trying to calm you down. You were terrible with separation, you were in eqypt when you two were first apart as a couple. You ended up having a panic attack, but Newt did save you and knew then you have separation anxiety. “You aren’t going to be taken away fro- “You cut him off before he could finish his sentence.

 “I’m pregnant. You announced to him. Newt became silence when you said this. He pulled away and stared into your eyes, seeing if you were lying. He broke out into a smile and hugged you as hard as he could. You were both so involved with each other that you didn’t notice the officers coming towards you.

 “No, no, no. Please don’t take my wife or creatures away from me. Please, don’t take them away from he!” The cuffs were on both of your wrists and on Newt’s as well. You both tried to fight against the officers to get back to the others arm. You noticed that Newt had tears coming out of his eyes. Your energy was kept keeping calm, but tears were streaming down your cheeks as well. But you were both taken away from each other and lead to different sides of the hall that lead to the cells.

 You were placed in a cell with Jacob. It was small and there was a bench next to one of the bar walls. You missed Newt, but at least you had a friend, so your anxiety was kept at bay. You sat down on the bench with a huff, and placed your head in your hands.

 “Don’t worry. We’ll get out of here. Newt and Tina will come around and save us. And if not Queenie probably will.” Jacob tried to comfort you, placing a comforting hand on your shoulder. You were trying to see the positive side to this, but you couldn’t see anything that would remotely be positive in this situation. You leaned back against the bars and placed a hand on your stomach and just stared at the ceiling. Jacob picked up on why your hand was on your stomach. “Oh my god! Would they still oblita- something you if they knew about it.”

 You just replied with a shrugged of your shoulders. “I don’t know. Newt doesn’t work in the ministry, and no case like this has been said in wizarding history, per Newt.”

 You both heard footsteps coming down the hall way. You looked up to see Newt and Tina coming down the hall way with their hands cuffed behind their back. They both notice you and Jacob as well. They fought against the executioners and managed to get to the bars before their arms were taken ahold of and pulled away from you. You and Jacob tried to hold onto Newt and Tina so they could stay a little longer. They were both screaming out in protect as they were lead down the hall. You went back to the bench and sat down. Again, placing your hand on your stomach and looking down at your belly.

 You were three months along and you were showing. In most cases, women didn’t start showing until they were four months along. You just assumed that because Newt was a wizard, it was moving along a little fast that it usual would.

 At that moment Queenie dropped the coffee she was holding and searched for the source of the thoughts that she was hearing. She went down some stairs and saw that you and Jacob were in a cell, and were to be obliviated. She saw that you had your hand on your stomach, she also picked up on the fact that you were pregnant. That and she also read your mind to see how you were holding up.

“Oh my goodness honey, You pregnant! And with tw-twins!” she announced. You were shocked. You didn’t understand how she knew that, but you just went with it. She then cast a spell to get you both out of here.

 You guys saved Newt and Tina in the end, and got out of the ministry by all going into Newt’s case. You guys apparated to the apartment when you guys were safe.

 Newt made his way over to you and wrapped his arms around. So carefully, because he thought that he would somehow hurt your babies.

 “I told you that I would get you and the creatures back.” He told you with a smile on your face. Obviously, he didn’t know about the twins. You both pulled away from one another to see Tina, Queenie and Jacob staring at you with huge smiles on their faces. Especially Queenie.

 “We’re smiling because we’re happy that you guys are back together.” You had almost forgot that she could read minds. You were still wondering how she could tell that you were pregnant with twins. “I know because I could hear their hearts beatings. And Newt, (Y/N) is pregnant with twins.”

 Newt looked at you, with pure joy and happiness in his eyes. Hearing that the woman he loved was carrying his children. He whispered in your ear, as he hugged you again. “If one of them id a boy, we’re calling him Pickett.” He smiled, with his head on the side of yours.

You both couldn’t ask for anything else. You were with each other, and you would have two possible witches or wizards, or both, running around in a few months.

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Thievery is Unacceptable!

Rating: K+

Word Count: 1960

Summary: Dia is suspicious about what Mari was doing while the third years were at the aquarium. Whatever it was, it keeps squawking.

Link: (FFN)

“Mari-san, what exactly is going on here?” Dia’s eye twitched with restrained annoyance. Mari flashed her a big smile, putting her hands behind her back and shrugging her shoulders. A suspicious squawk sounded from behind her legs. She closed her legs together tighter.

“Absolutely nothing, Dia.” She dropped her smile, adopting a more stern tone. “You know, you shouldn’t come into a poor girl’s room uninvited. What if I had been naked?!”

“Eh?!” Dia faltered, startled at the sudden change in tone. Then she remembered who she was talking too, and all she could do was sigh and try not to immediately lose her cool. “Since when did you care about someone seeing you naked? And poor? Hardly. I came here because I was suspicious of your activities at the aquarium, and now I know that I was correct in my assumption.” Another squawk caused her to narrow her eyes.

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“ Meowth is a Pokémon that did not originally live in the Alola region. They were sent to the royal line as an offering from another region, and only a select few could have them as partners.

The Meowth in Alola are distinct for their cunning and their great pride. Two things they really hate—a wound to their pride and dirt on their coins. If either one happens, they fly into hysterics!

It’s said that the Meowth that were offered to the royal family lived a life of luxury and pampering, which led them to have a selfish and prideful attitude. This caused Meowth’s form to change.

The once-rare Alolan Meowth became feral when the monarchy was destroyed, and they have now become regular Pokémon, seen as commonly in the Alola region as elsewhere. “

                                                                  - Official Sun/Moon Pokemon Text

Normally I write my own descriptions for these, but Pokemon is delivering to my specific tastes and needs so well that this dialogue works perfectly on it’s own.

I will add that Meowth, like many domestic and feral cats normally are, have a profound effect on their surrounding habitats, and are marked as being destructive toward local fauna, particularly that of the Pa’u Oricorio bird.


I have conquered Mount Shitmore.

I’ve been struggling with mental illness and hoarding tendencies for years. This is literally the first time I’ve seen that floor under the desk in at least six or seven years (a 2009 calendar was under there), the dust was so furry and thick I had to practically scoop it up. I still have a long way to go, but the difference two days of 40/20s can make is incredible. I feel like this is the first time in years that my bedroom has looked like a “normal” person’s bedroom.

Villainous Zombie AU (Venomous)

Black Hat- the salesman who created the infection based off his eldritch DNA so no one is safe but eldritch like him (he assumes there’s noone else like his kind left). He makes a “vaccine” to sell for money that only makes things worse, making the public go from zombies to sick demons.

Demencia- she’s the one who senses the vaccine is a scam. She warns others what she believes and they’re so frantic for health that they don’t believe her. She strays from public areas and survives on her own, not infected.

5.0.5- he strays from his normal habitat when he realizes that the infection begins infecting animals. He meets Demencia over his survival and they work together and work as partners for food, water, shelter and protection.

Flug- the scientist who was immune. He never gets infected no matter what he does. After learning this he’s dedicated to finding a real cure and when BH finds out he’s immune he goes to “talk” (mainly plans to fight) with the doctor only to learn the man was a young Eldritch and Flug never even knew until the out break

All I Want, All I Need - a Newt/Tina fic

Tagging: @pinkdiamonddolphin

Tina is pregnant and self-conscious, especially after an encounter with a certain someone at a book signing. Newt is absolutely enamoured by his very-pregnant wife and proves it. (SMUT)

(Title comes from the song “Everything” by Lifehouse)

The smut is so bad omg and I suck at titles


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anonymous asked:

My isopod terrarium is growing white mold! It happened seemingly overnight, and it was in small patches on the dirt and leaves. Is this harmful to isopods (specifically white dwarf) or will they eat it? If it is harmful, how can I get rid of it? Thanks for any advice/help!

Nope, it’s not harmful and is very normal in very humid enclosures! 

With time as the habitat equalizes it should grow less often. Isopods do eat mold, though it’s not their favorite food. Another option is to add some temperate springtails to the enclosure; they’ll feast on the mold.

To keep it from growing out of control, vent the enclosure fairly often, and let the humidity drop just slightly. Not too much, white dwarf isopods do need humidity! Be sure not to over feed.

Dover Demon

The Dover Demon is a small humanoid reported from Dover, Massachusetts. It was the subject of an intensive scare during the 1970s, when multiple witnesses came forward with their sightings. The Dover demon is described as looking sort of like the “gray” variety of alien, except that it has skin of a rosy orange instead of sickly gray. The Dover demon has a large head on a small, stick-like body. It can be bipedal, but it often travels on all fours or switches back and forth between the two modes of locomotion. It has eyes that glow, sometimes orange, sometimes green. It does not seem to wear any clothing, unless the clothing fits tightly and is the same color as its body. Unlike the grays, the Dover demon does not seem to be associated
Artist’s concept of the creature.
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with UFOs. It just wanders around on its own.
Possibly where Baxter and the demon met.
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Cryptozoologists seldom show interest in the Dover demon. First of all, mainstream cryptozoologists are rarely willing to seriously investigate humanoids other than hairy humanoids. Also, it seems that sightings only happened during a short time period, with most claiming that sightings have now ceased, so the Dover demon does not seem to be a pressing matter.


  • The bizarre tale begins at 10:30 p.m. on April 21 as three 17-year-olds, Bill Bartlett, Mike Mazzocca and Andy Brodie, are driving north on Farm Street. Bartlett, who’s behind the wheel of a Volkswagen, spots something creeping along a low wall of loose stones on the left side of the road. At first he thinks the image is a dog or a cat until his headlights shine on it and he realizes it’s nothing he’s ever seen before. The figure slowly turns its head and stares into the light, its two large, round, glassy, lidless eyes shining brightly “like two orange marbles.” Its watermelon-shaped head, resting at the top of a thin neck, is the size of the rest of its body. Except for its oversized head, the creature is thin, with long spindly arms and legs, and large hands and feet. The skin is hairless and peach-colored and appears to have a rough ure. “Like wet sandpaper,” Bartlett subsequently tells cryptozoologist Loren Coleman. Standing no more than 3 ½ to 4 feet tall, the figure is shaped like “a baby’s body with long arms and legs.” It had been making its way along the wall, its long fingers curling around the rocks, when the car lights surprised it. Unfortunately, neither of Bartlett’s companions sees the creature. The sighting lasts only a few seconds and, before Bartlett can speak, the car leaves the scene. Then the creature is gone. Bartlett drops his friends off and goes to his Walpole Street home. Visibly upset, he walks through the door and his father asks him what’s wrong. Bartlett relates the story and later sketches what he’s seen.
  • Around midnight, 15-year-old John Baxter leaves his girlfriend Cathy Cronin’s house at the south end of Miller High Road. Then, Baxter starts walking up the street on his way home. Half an hour later, after he has walked about a mile, he observes someone approaching him. Because the figure is short, Baxter assumes it’s an acquaintance of his, M.G. Bouchard, who lives on the street. John calls out and no response. Baxter and the figure continue to approach each other until finally the latter stops. Baxter then halts as well and asks, “Who is that?” The sky is dark and overcast and he can only see a shadowy form. Trying to get a better look, Baxter takes one step forward and the figure scurries off to the left, running down a shallow wooded gully and up the opposite bank. As the figure runs, Baxter hears its footsteps on the dry leaves. He follows the figure down the slope, then stops and looks across the gully. There, he sees the creature, standing in silhouette about 30 feet away, its feet “molded” around the top of a rock several feet from a tree. The creature’s body reminds Baxter of a monkey’s, except for its dark “figure-eight”-shaped head. Its eyes, two lighter spots in the middle of the head, are looking straight at Baxter, who after a few minutes begins to feel uneasy. Realizing he has never seen such a creature before and fearing what it might do next, he backs carefully up the slope, his heart pounding. He then “walks very fast” down the road to the intersection at Farm Street. There, a couple passing in a car pick him up and drive him home.
  • Veja também “et de varginha”.                                                                                        


The Dover demon is, however, a preoccupation of fringe cryptozoologists. Believers are likely to try to classify it in the same alien/angel/fairy complex that is a popular destination for all unexplained extra-weird non-hairy humanoids.

Skeptics usually claim that the Dover demon was simply a lost baby moose glimpsed under unusual conditions that made it seem like a bizarre humanoid that sometimes went on four legs. People who don’t believe that explanation point out that all sightings happened during the wrong time of year for a moose that small to exist, and they also point out that Massachusetts is far from normal moose habitat. Even if such an orphan moose had been wandering around so close to populated areas, it seems as if it would have been easily captured. If the explanatory power of the baby moose explanation appeals to you, then you could get around the worst objection by substituting a creature that does actually exist in the area and can be born any time of year: a baby calf. An orange-furred orphan calf would be a more likely candidate for such a proposal than a baby moose. Other suggested explanations include a monkey, a dog, an alien, or simply a hoax.

Sunset in the Quarter

Saturday night near the midnight hour I met a straight couple in a dive bar. They walked in loaded with beer for the gentleman and blush for the lady, ready to make new friends and dance without warning. He does carpentry work in the Quarter and she cares for the elderly. He was a redneck with one eye who spoke true philosophy, and she had a quick mind and a good heart. I spent an hour with them talking about drugs and personal histories, learning how his mom owned a whore house and how she was married to a man for 18 years who beat her every weekend. That’s just the shorthand, but I enjoyed their company a great deal. Later in the evening at another dive bar I met a young elected official flush with that special brand of Louisiana crazy that I know and love so well. We partied until 2am in a near empty bar and got twisted, even posing for a number of sodomy themed photos with a plastic Santa Claus.

When I got home I ran into an artist and former resident who is crashing in the apartment above mine. She told me that the upstairs neighbors own a local music club in the quarter and that I should go over and meet them. I found them quick and had some chat. They bought me a drink and gave me free admission to the show, which was an all-night tribute to “The Last Waltz” by the music group “The Band.” It was glorious, at one point 25 musicians were on stage singing “The Weight.” I then took a piss in the Mississippi River and went home, passing what was left of the red-clad Ragin Cajun fans (my alma mater) in town for the bowl game, tuxedo wearing tuba players done with the evening’s gigs, and rum soaked tourists searching for their hotels.

It wasn’t a special night, but it was a New Orleans night. You can meet strange and wonderful people anywhere but there’s something about this place that cultivates random meetings and interactions. The lunar howl of the city draws forth those oddly placed in the world and also releases the strange from otherwise normal people free of their natural habitat. You’re always going somewhere to meet someone or waiting for them to show up, even if you don’t know who they are. Doesn’t matter really. It all hangs on good will and a sense that the rules here are somehow different. All you need to do is show up and keep your hand open for the lipstick smeared lady spirit of the city to take it.

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Regarding Lars' and Lion's tree differences, I definitely got the feeling that they were representative of their individual "habitats". Lars has a seemingly normal deciduous tree, the kind they'd find often around Beach City. Lion has the kind of tree often attributed to the Savannah, which is where most lions live (even if ours may have lived in a desert). Not 100% on that, but it made sense to me!

Oh now that’s interesting! I wasn’t paying very close attention to what the tree looked like but that would make sense if its true! 

Smut Fanfic w/ Jinhwan where you come home to find Jinhwan “busy”

        Today at work had been… trying, for lack of a better word. 

        My boss had me running wild, back and forth between habitats. Normally, I wouldn’t mind the chaos- jogging from the arctic penguins back towards the shark exhibit, both of which were on opposite sides of the park. It was tiring, not to mention the dance rehearsal I had in the morning was extremely vigorous. My studio was teaching us the newest moves to one of our dances for the showcase, and not only were there multiple flips that I had to do, but I practically ran around the entire studio, too. 

        The one thing I looked forward to was coming home. 

        Jinhwan hadn’t answered my texts, which was unusual. I didn’t think anything of it as I rode the subway. Ignoring looks sent my ways, I folded my arms and hurried home, jacket pulled across my torso. Fumbling with my keys for a moment, I pushed open the door, too tired to announce that I’d arrived. I dropped my bag on the floor by my shoes and shed my jacket, hanging it up on the hook with keys. Brushing a piece of hair behind my ears, I listened for Jinhwan- his shoes and keys were by the door, after all. 

        The sound of the television blocked out any other sound I could hear. Annoyed at how loud it was, I turned the volume down, rolling my eyes at my boyfriend’s habit to make things louder than they should be, and started for our bedroom- at least, I was going to. That idea ended when I heard loud, girlish moans faintly coming from our room. I swallowed. Jinhwan wasn’t… he couldn’t be…. he wouldn’t do that to me. 

         Confused and my stomach in knots, I slowly stepped down the hall, the moans becoming louder. I could hear the sound of Jinhwan panting, and when every other time it had been enticing, now it was the source of my worries. With shaking hands, I slowly pushed open the door, expecting to see a girl thinner than me or prettier on our bed with him, but instead I saw it on a screen- a girl with large breasts, bouncing up and down on the crotch of a different man on the screen, underneath her. Jinhwan sat before our computer, his pants unbuttoned and pushed down. His back was facing me and he hadn’t heard me over the moans of the girl on his screen. 

         Jinhwan was panting and moaning, breaths coming out in short breaths. I could see his arm moving up and down, his head tossed back. I could bet his eyes were closed, I could picture the look on his face. I was torn between walking to him or walking out and pretending I hadn’t heard anything. Swallowing my pride, I stepped towards him hesitantly, “Jinhwan?” 

         Jinhwan’s eyes flew opened. He spun around in the swivel chair, jumping to his feet, and the image was something out of my dreams. He was standing now but his pants were undone, the fly open and his cock jutting out from his body. He stared at me in barely concealed shock, lips parted in disbelief, and his cheeks were flushed- though I reckoned it was because of the activities he’d been doing, and less of the embarrassment part. 

        “Wha- you’re supposed to be-” 

        I smiled awkwardly, my cheeks bright red and my eyes wide. “Uh… I get off at five… it’s six, Jinhwan…” 

       “I’m so sorry, jagi, I-” he roughly started to tuck himself back into his jeans, but I knew how much that would hurt- physically, anyway. Biting my lip and gulping, I set my hand down on his shoulder, trying my best to look inviting. 

       “Don’t be sorry, Jinhwan…” I said softly as my hand slid down his front torso, towards his groin, “you can finish where you left off.” 

       “Jagi…” Jinhwan said breathlessly, his eyes growing wide. 

       I allowed myself to let loose- I’d been uptight all day, anyway. Jinhwan had a rough day, too, no doubt about that. So I smirked at him in (what I hoped) the most attractive way I could. My eyes were glued to his as I slowly dropped to my knees, staring up at him as innocently as possible without looking like a complete idiot. Jinhwan watched me in disbelief- or he did, until I wrapped my hand around his base, moving it up and down. Pre-cum was already leaking from his tip and I reckoned he’d been close to cumming before. I allowed my tongue to flick out from my lips, tasting his tip. Jinhwan moaned loudly in response. Grinning, I kissed his head, then sucked on it, before taking him into my mouth. Jinhwan bucked his lips and his hands dug into my blonde curls. He tugged on my hair as my head bobbed, tongue sliding over him and my mouth capturing him whole. 

       I was right- Jinhwan had been close before. It was only a matter of a minute before his eyes were fluttering and he cursed in Korean. “Fuck, jagi… I’m gonna… god, you feel so good...” 

       I smiled. Sucking on him one last time, Jinhwan threw his head back in a loud moan, spilling into my mouth. I swallowed him, my throat bobbing against his cock, taking all of him. With a popping noise I pulled off, staring up at him with swollen lips, grinning. Jinhwan cupped me by the jaw and pulled me up to my feet. I stared up at him, my grin softened into a smile. Softly, not rough like we’d been before, he kissed him- the taste of his lips melted into the taste of his cum on mine, blending together. 

      This was where I belonged. 

The Aftermath.

A/N: This is a follow-up to previously posted imagines titled ‘The Ask’ and ‘The Pregnancy’ which can be found here and here.

It felt weird to be baby free, to now be able to bend and twist my body at my own discretion without worrying about that uncomfortable feeling of thinking I was carrying an extra 50 pounds on me. It seemed like the last few months of the pregnancy were a blur. A blur of pampering, odd cravings, terrible sleep and what was surprisingly a smooth birth.

That was probably the oddest part because eventually I was faced with the question of who would be in the hospital room with me when I gave birth. It felt awkward to have my parents in there considering technically this wasn’t their granddaughter coming into the world and having Thiago or Julia’s parents in the room was just…well, even more awkward so I shot down both of those suggestions. I didn’t want Thiago or Julia in the room either.

I just think I didn’t want anyone to see me naked, sweaty and gross.

I did eventually agree to have my best friend, Katy, accompany me so at least there would be one person there to hold my hand and tell me things would be okay. Everyone else was stuck sitting in the waiting room to suffer through the wait.

That was now a month ago and here I was sitting on a sofa talking to my best friend as if things were back to normal.

I mean, they were kind of back to normal. My body was slowly shrinking back to its original size, I wasn’t scarfing down pickles and peanut butter and I could enjoy nights out with my friends again. I still had to attend various appointments to make sure I was okay emotionally and physically but so far I hadn’t really felt anything. It did feel weird to no longer have a baby attached to me but once I saw Ariel in person, that feeling vanished. She was simply gorgeous and it was really hard to believe sometimes that I was the one who had carried her for all of those months.

The only thing that remained were my feelings for Thiago. I had only confessed to Katy after much probing on her end and it seemed she took up every opportunity to bring it up just like she was doing now.

“Maybe the baby is why I’m feeling these things. My emotions have been so out of whack so now that I’ve given birth once my body starts restoring to its normal habitat I’ll be fine,” I shrugged. “No feelings at all.” I brushed my hands against each other as if I was wiping my slate clean of my feelings for my best friend.

“What if this is all some sort of optical illusion?” I snapped my fingers as an example popped in my head to back up my case. “Like that time I had a crush on Thomas Müller. Optical illusion.”

I was quite proud of my fitting example. My best friend? Not so much. “There is a difference between you having a two week crush on Müller because he laughed at one of your stupid jokes and you having feelings for Thiago. I think we both know what that difference is.”

“So you want me to finally give them this piece of happiness they’ve been waiting for only for me to snatch it away and say ‘Haha I want your man. Let me ruin everything.’?!”

“That’s not what I’m saying at all. I’m saying be honest with yourself,” she suggested.

“I’m being really honest with myself actually. To think Thiago is going to be happy if I just profess these feelings I have just to ruin his current happiness would ruin everything for me too! He doesn’t want me, Katy.”

She interrupted that notion quickly. “You don’t know that.”

“Oh trust me I know. He seems so happy. With Julia, with Ariel. I’ve never seen him smile so much. I can’t be that selfish to ruin everything.”

The sound of a knock on my door made me jolt awake, soon realizing I was asleep on my couch. I groaned and began to get up from my seat and head to the door. “Coming,” I muttered though I was sure it couldn’t be heard by the person on the other side of the door.

I didn’t even bother to look and make sure I knew the person on the other side but thankfully the person was just Thiago, a baby car seat dangling in his hand.

“Did I wake you?” He smiled and entered the home without hesitation. Had I not taken his key back a few days after giving birth I would have expected him to just waltz in and shake me awake instead of knocking.

“You did.”

I bent down and smiled at the sight of a small, sleeping Ariel. She literally looked like an angel. “Hiiii.”

Thiago chuckled. “Sometimes I think you get more excited to see her than to see me now.”

“Well she is much cuter than you,” I joked.

“I can’t argue that.” He found a seat and lay back as if he was exhausted, his eyes closing while I was focusing on the baby.


Thiago just nodded. “Being a father is…”

“Tiring? An all-day affair? More exhausting than playing football?”

“Yes. All of that.”

Every time I got around him I thought of verbalizing my feelings, confessing every little thing I felt about him and the moments that made me want more out of him than a friendship. He seemed so enveloped in his own world that I don’t think he even noticed all that was whirling around in my head.

He peaked an eye open and looked at me. “How’s the post-baby life?”

“Eh,” I shrugged. “You get so used to this little thing inside of you dictating all of your choices and now that I don’t have that I don’t even know what I want to eat these days,” I laughed.

“Well I’m sure Ariel misses controlling your life.”

The old me would have made this moment all about myself. I would have taken his face into my hands and kissed him as a way of non-verbally sharing all of the thoughts I had of him over the past few months but that was the old me…

I had no desire to ruin everything for Thiago and Julia because I knew if I said anything I could potentially shatter every plan they had for their future.

A happy future of being a family. Just the three of them.

I couldn’t intrude on that picture.

“I just want to say thank you again. You have no idea how much this means to us and…” Thiago paused and reached into his pocket. Soon enough there were keys dangling from his palm until he placed them into my hand.

“No way…”

“Yes way,” he laughed. “I promised you, didn’t I?”

“Yeah but…” I stared down at the keys in my hand to the car I had been lusting after since I saw it. It was now mine and I could only imagine how many trips I planned to take in it.

“It’s my way of saying thank you though I’m not sure a car is enough.”

“Uh yeah a car with that price tag is.”

“Well I’m glad you feel that way.”

I gave my best friend a gentle smile and he gave one back. It was best to continue on, to act as if everything was just…normal.

gif credit to neuuer