in a normal habitat

Vulpix living on a cold mountain makes sense

If you’re confused about Vulpix’s type/appearance change, check what the official site says

“To avoid the normal habitats of other Pokémon”

Now look at the island with the snowy peak

This island, compared to the others, features many different landscapes:

1. A desert, most likely full of Ground-types, not ideal for Vulpix;

2. Badlands/rocky area, same thing, probably full of Ground and Rock-types;

3. What looks to be a rainy forest/jungle, so again, not good;

4. A swamp, probably inhabited by Water and Ground-types, nope;

5. A lagoon, so Water-types, nope;

6. An icy peak, full of Ice-types. Perfect! 

It makes sense for Vulpix to adapt to the cold area, because it’s the one with the least amount of threats. Ice-types, being weak to Fire, are excellent prey for Vulpix.


Credo che esistano persone che non possono stare al mondo in maniera normale, che possono esistere solamente alle loro condizioni nel loro habitat naturale e solo per un periodo ristretto di tempo. Persone troppo intelligenti rispetto a noi comuni mortali ma allo stesso tempo incapaci di riconoscere di star vivendo una continua pratica di autodistruzione personale dalla quale non riescono ad uscire. Sono persone geniali che non possono passare inosservate ma che, rapide come una cometa che solca l'oscuro mare del cielo notturno, scompaiono quasi improvvisamente dal nostro campo visivo. Ogni loro gesto è portato al suo limite estremo ed insuperabile, quasi a sfidare il Destino e le sue decisioni. Ecco, io credo che quando si ha la possibilità di occuparsi di queste persone non si possa soffrire di malinconia per il fatto che non siano più qui, non si possa piangere per la loro prematura morte e scrivere l'elogio funebre del padre fedele, della moglie devota o di altre frasi fatte usate nei coccodrilli dei grandi giornali. Esiste un gruppo ristretto di esseri umani che ha una propria visione prospettica della vita che è completamente diversa da quella che viene insegnata sui libri di Storia dell'Arte. Vivono in un mondo diverso dal nostro, nonostante sia lo stesso pianeta sul quale mettiamo i piedi noi. Non possono non essere riconosciuti, e per questo sono incredibilmente rari, perché non spariscono nella folla, ma si pongono sempre in maniera differente rispetto a chi lo circonda. Incontenibili affascinano la gente, si costruiscono leggende a cui i nostri nipoti faranno fatica a credere, lasciano su questa terra un paio di capolavori unici, qualche mollica di pane, pochi soldi in eredità ai figli e fuggono via, spaventati dal terribile oblio che è ai loro occhi la vita, verso un non posto dove non condurre una vita normale, come tutti noi.

Roommate Moments:
  • Scorpio: *sitting on the couch watching netflix*
  • Aquarius: *stops directly in front of Scorpio on their way to bed and begins to pat Scorpio's head*
  • Scorpio: ...>=(......!!!
  • Aquarius: *pat pat pat pat pat pat pat-*
  • Scorpio: ...???....>=(.....???????
  • Aquarius: *^smiles^pat pat pat pat pat pat pat pat pat*
  • Scorpio: ...?..>=\....???Aquarius: *pat pat pat pat pat pat pat pat pat pat pat pat pat-*
  • Scorpio: ..>=\......:).....:D okay....yay! Yay thank you!!
  • Aquarius: *goes to bed*
Smut Fanfic w/ Jinhwan where you come home to find Jinhwan “busy”

        Today at work had been… trying, for lack of a better word. 

        My boss had me running wild, back and forth between habitats. Normally, I wouldn’t mind the chaos- jogging from the arctic penguins back towards the shark exhibit, both of which were on opposite sides of the park. It was tiring, not to mention the dance rehearsal I had in the morning was extremely vigorous. My studio was teaching us the newest moves to one of our dances for the showcase, and not only were there multiple flips that I had to do, but I practically ran around the entire studio, too. 

        The one thing I looked forward to was coming home. 

        Jinhwan hadn’t answered my texts, which was unusual. I didn’t think anything of it as I rode the subway. Ignoring looks sent my ways, I folded my arms and hurried home, jacket pulled across my torso. Fumbling with my keys for a moment, I pushed open the door, too tired to announce that I’d arrived. I dropped my bag on the floor by my shoes and shed my jacket, hanging it up on the hook with keys. Brushing a piece of hair behind my ears, I listened for Jinhwan- his shoes and keys were by the door, after all. 

        The sound of the television blocked out any other sound I could hear. Annoyed at how loud it was, I turned the volume down, rolling my eyes at my boyfriend’s habit to make things louder than they should be, and started for our bedroom- at least, I was going to. That idea ended when I heard loud, girlish moans faintly coming from our room. I swallowed. Jinhwan wasn’t… he couldn’t be…. he wouldn’t do that to me. 

         Confused and my stomach in knots, I slowly stepped down the hall, the moans becoming louder. I could hear the sound of Jinhwan panting, and when every other time it had been enticing, now it was the source of my worries. With shaking hands, I slowly pushed open the door, expecting to see a girl thinner than me or prettier on our bed with him, but instead I saw it on a screen- a girl with large breasts, bouncing up and down on the crotch of a different man on the screen, underneath her. Jinhwan sat before our computer, his pants unbuttoned and pushed down. His back was facing me and he hadn’t heard me over the moans of the girl on his screen. 

         Jinhwan was panting and moaning, breaths coming out in short breaths. I could see his arm moving up and down, his head tossed back. I could bet his eyes were closed, I could picture the look on his face. I was torn between walking to him or walking out and pretending I hadn’t heard anything. Swallowing my pride, I stepped towards him hesitantly, “Jinhwan?” 

         Jinhwan’s eyes flew opened. He spun around in the swivel chair, jumping to his feet, and the image was something out of my dreams. He was standing now but his pants were undone, the fly open and his cock jutting out from his body. He stared at me in barely concealed shock, lips parted in disbelief, and his cheeks were flushed- though I reckoned it was because of the activities he’d been doing, and less of the embarrassment part. 

        “Wha- you’re supposed to be-” 

        I smiled awkwardly, my cheeks bright red and my eyes wide. “Uh… I get off at five… it’s six, Jinhwan…” 

       “I’m so sorry, jagi, I-” he roughly started to tuck himself back into his jeans, but I knew how much that would hurt- physically, anyway. Biting my lip and gulping, I set my hand down on his shoulder, trying my best to look inviting. 

       “Don’t be sorry, Jinhwan…” I said softly as my hand slid down his front torso, towards his groin, “you can finish where you left off.” 

       “Jagi…” Jinhwan said breathlessly, his eyes growing wide. 

       I allowed myself to let loose- I’d been uptight all day, anyway. Jinhwan had a rough day, too, no doubt about that. So I smirked at him in (what I hoped) the most attractive way I could. My eyes were glued to his as I slowly dropped to my knees, staring up at him as innocently as possible without looking like a complete idiot. Jinhwan watched me in disbelief- or he did, until I wrapped my hand around his base, moving it up and down. Pre-cum was already leaking from his tip and I reckoned he’d been close to cumming before. I allowed my tongue to flick out from my lips, tasting his tip. Jinhwan moaned loudly in response. Grinning, I kissed his head, then sucked on it, before taking him into my mouth. Jinhwan bucked his lips and his hands dug into my blonde curls. He tugged on my hair as my head bobbed, tongue sliding over him and my mouth capturing him whole. 

       I was right- Jinhwan had been close before. It was only a matter of a minute before his eyes were fluttering and he cursed in Korean. “Fuck, jagi… I’m gonna… god, you feel so good...” 

       I smiled. Sucking on him one last time, Jinhwan threw his head back in a loud moan, spilling into my mouth. I swallowed him, my throat bobbing against his cock, taking all of him. With a popping noise I pulled off, staring up at him with swollen lips, grinning. Jinhwan cupped me by the jaw and pulled me up to my feet. I stared up at him, my grin softened into a smile. Softly, not rough like we’d been before, he kissed him- the taste of his lips melted into the taste of his cum on mine, blending together. 

      This was where I belonged. 


#131-Lapras, The Transport Pokemon ***By Request for jacob-padraig***

Lapras is a Pokemon that lives in the oceans. Lapras usually roam around in herds, and are extremely intelligent. They are quite rare, even in their normal habitat location.

There are two kinds of Lapras, each living in separate biomes. One is a tropical Lapras, which has lighter skin, and has stronger water type attacks, along with less fat. Then there are Lapras that live in more Northern areas, and have more fat, stronger Ice attacks, and darker skin.