in a music kind of mood


Avenged Sevenfold - Higher

this song makes me feel Things

Tagged by @agirlnameded and i havent done one o these in a WHILE MAN

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Sign: Taurus

Height: 5'1 

Last thing googled: Perona. For outfit reference

Favorite music artist: man i am so out of touch with music. Can i still say Yellowcard? Its still 2006, right?


When did I create my blog: aug…2014? I think? after a accidently deleted my old one. i still mourn the loss

What kind of stuff do I post about: Gay pirates,one piece, various animoodles,cats

Do I have any other blogs: @mugiwarasin thats been pretty inactive for a while idk have been in the PORN mood much?

Do I get asks regularly: I get a few here and there, mostly when I do draw requests tho!

Why did I choose my url: its p self explanatory LOL

Gender: female (cis)

Pokemon Team: INSTINCT

Favorite colors: orange, but not like obnoxious orange. like soft sunset orange or burnt fall orange. Or the purple/yellow colour combo (AKA WEDDING COLOURS AAAAYYYYYEEE)

Average hours of sleep: either 3 or 14

Favorite characters: Usopp, Shiro, otaBABE, lets let krillen in on the list too (its mostly bc im jealous of his hot android wife. gj little man)

Dream job: man IDEFK anymore. I used to have like. dreams and aspirations and fucking direction but the last couple years I dont even really have a place id like to be. 


With all due respect,: a playlist for Lemony Snicket and the world he lives in (8tracks | Playmoss)


Row, Row, Row Your Boat - Russ Huddleston & Robert Smith, Jr. // The Wandering Boy - The Carter Family // Showgirl - Charming Disaster // Solitude - Duke Ellington & His Orchestra // Motherless Children - The Carter Family // Under a Hat Rim - David Nagler & Jon Langford // Things Are Not What They Appear - The Gothic Archies // Be Afraid - Daniel Knox // A fluid wilderness of nothing - Leyland Kirby // In the Garden, No. 5, Crows - Barbara LeMay // Eliza Battle - Penny Orchids // The Painter - Chris de Burgh // The Albatross - Malvina Reynolds // We Will All Go Together When We Go - Tom Lehrer // Libet’s Delay - The Caretaker // Le Voyage, Baudelaire - vamosbabe // Don’t Come Back - O’Death // The Booklovers - The Divine Comedy

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i’ve literally seen NO ONE TALK ABOUT THIS? And every time I watch it, I get really emotional. This scene is one of my FAVORITES. It’s SO WELL DONE.

First off: we’ve just come from an emotional scene with allura and coran, so the mood is already kind of somber and serious. The lighting is phenomenal. I love the mood, I love the poses, I love the subtle but impactful score music, I love how they’re standing in Voltron-order. (Shiro in the center, Keith and Lance on the right, Hunk and Pidge on the left, arms more forward than legs.) This scene really shows the bond between the paladins, and the difference between this show and the old one: this one is centralized around the paladins and their growth as characters. Not on Voltron.

And then we get into the character interaction oh my gosh

THIS SCENE HAS SOME OF THE PUREST INTERACTIONS. There’s a healthy balance of nostalgia, humor, seriousness. It’s the scene that makes you wanna cry rewatching it because you know what happens after. It calls back to season one, they have a laugh together, you know it’s the calm before all the shit hits the fan, and this scene is what makes it a little bit better. 

This is the scene where you realize, “oh my god, these guys have a connection that can’t be broken by anything”

And I love that so much
Interoffice Communication
By Organization for Transformative Works

Author: Snegurochka | Word Count: 10.5k | Rating: NC-17

Summary: Draco has convinced the Auror department to test his new messaging charm for secure communications. Harry really would have preferred that he not find out through messages like, ‘Yeah, tonight you’re going to beg me for it,’ that the system wasn’t as secure as they thought.

Review: Eep so much fun - it’s hot and entertaining and, as you can tell from the summary, this fic is quite the ride! :D

Draco is a charms inventor, and approaches the auror department to test out his new charm that kind of is like magical texting. Except Harry ends up being on the receiving end of one Draco’s magical sexts instead! It’s hilarious and cringey of course, but gosh it is so delicious when Harry decides to just run with it!

Content/Warnings: Humour, Smut, Draco/OMC

Mood Music: Into You - Ariana Grande


How wise, in your time of recently-sozzled need, to reach out to the Queen of All Hangovers.

I’m fairly sure I did warn you about them. Or didn’t you see the death grip every time you handed me Advil and perfectly chilled water? I know for a fact that HR had some kind of system alert sent out every time my hungover moods got a little… difficult, so I hardly think you were exempt from that.

Tell me you’re not taking in street urchins. Your life is already too close to a Disney musical for comfort. While I haven’t been immune to the charms of a bad boy (or girl) now and then, you have your career to think of. Do you think Snapper will get any easier on you if you show up for work smelling like a brewery and recoiling from the light like a low-budget network take on Dracula?

What, pray tell, is James distracted by? I would think being handed a company to run ten years before he’s ready for it would be distraction enough. I’d wonder if that caused the share price wobble last week, but I think we all know the root cause of that.

I was about to tell you off for this directionless self-pity. I’m many things, Kara, but I’m not a hypocrite. The reason I haven’t been regaling you with tales of my exploits is a simple one: I’m not sure what to say.

Like you, I thought making the decision to choose a new path would be direction enough. The first step would lead to a second, and all would become clear. I’ve been in Metropolis, in Washington, even Opal City which you know I can’t stand. I’ve been to my favorite haunts in London, Paris, Hong Kong, Milan; even Miami in a brief fit of madness. I hoped old stomping grounds and old connections might nudge me towards something new.

Instead I’m accepting invitations and drinking a lot of martinis at a lot of lunches, racking up air miles and trying to turn it all into an adventure for Carter, whenever he can get out of school to come with me.

Does that disappoint you Kara? To know that I don’t have all the answers after all. I should tell you that everything’s fine and my plans are secret, but I think the time for well-intentioned lies is behind us, don’t you agree?

It was a shame not to see Supergirl in Metropolis. That would have been a highlight on that particular trip.

Dive again, Kara.

You have to learn how to hold your breath down there before bringing back a pearl.


Imagine a dude who is a metalhead blasting looooud music in his room while he hangs out and stuff. Then, as a song ends and before the next begins, he hears what sounds like quiet crying. He stops the music and the crying continues for just a moment then is stifled. But he feels like someone is in his room.

He looks in all the obvious places for someone to hide: under his bed, in his closet, even in the hallway just outside his door. The crying was too quiet to be from someone in his room, but the further he strays from one specific corner, the fainter it gets. He turns back around, pushing his long black hair out of his eyes, and freezes.

There, in the corner, is a trembling, crying, clearly frightened little person. Images flash through his mind of him or one of his roommates accidentally stepping on them, so he rushes over, feet booming steadily closer to the tiny, making them exceedingly more and more terrified with each step. They turn to dart off just as he reaches them, finally free of the paralysis that fear had laid on them.

However, this is just to be cut off by a large, black, leather boot as the man quickly sets a foot down to block them off. He reaches down and grabs them, hearing them scream as his fingers connect with their body and wrap around them.

They’re so small that when he wraps his fingers up, they disappear into his fist. They must be just over an inch tall. He feels their small body trembling in his fist and frowns sadly. He walks over to his bed and sits on the floor in front of it, setting the frightened tiny on the bed. His face is level with their shivering body.

He asks if they’re okay, voice encompassing them and causing them to cringe and scoot back away from him. He sighs softly and scoots away from the bed, giving them space for a moment. It seems to give the tiny some respite.

After a moment he speaks again, but stops himself as he sees that it’s just upsetting them again. But then he inhales deeply and slowly reaches forward, thinking that if they see how gentle he is that they won’t be afraid of him as much.

Their eyes widen as his finger approaches and they flinch when he touches the top of their head, but then they pause. He gently slides his finger from the top of their head, softly down their back, and then repeats. Although they aren’t fond of the idea of being pet, it’s certainly better than all the awful things they assumed he would do to them. They look up at him and see him smile softly. They begin to calm down a little more, much to his delight.

He begins to speak again though, which causes them to tremble once more, but when he stops talking mid sentence, they gulp and shakily tell him that its okay, and to continue.

Got7 when their usually childish s/o is listening to death metal

Requested by anonie~~

Bam Bam:

The last thing he was expecting when he came home was loud music coming from your room. Especially not death metal. He would slowly creep up to were the music was coming from, carefully checking if it was really you. 10 minutes later, the two of you would deadass listen to the music together. He would be open for every kind of music.

Originally posted by got7savedkpop


He would probably be the one most shocked. He had always thought your bubbly, childish side was so cute, but suddenly you were sitting on the couch, listening to death metal. Which he had never really heard before. He would try to find an elegant way to turn the music off or at least down.

“Jagi, can you please check if the pizza is ready?”

(Casually changes the music into Hard Carry)

Originally posted by umma-jy



If Jaebum was in a good mood, he would laugh about it, thinking it was nice that you weren’t always like a little child. He wouldn’t like death metal himself but he would watch you slightly bobbing your head to it and it would be so funny for him. However, if he is in a bad mood maybe listening to loud metal music wasn’t the best idea.

Originally posted by defsoulfeels


At first he would be like, what the hell are you listening to. What is going on. Who are you and where is (Y/N)?! But he wouldn’t be annoyed by it, he would sit down next to you and listen to the death metal. As soon as he listened to a few songs, he would totally try to do a free style dance. He would probably nail it and ask you to do one to (which is probably impossible) , so be prepared.

Originally posted by jypnior


All he wanted to do was eat some radishes and do a quick workout. Usually you would watch him and giggle about him, but today you came into the room, listening to loud death metal on your phone. At first, he would look at you amused, asking you if you were being serious. But as soon as he realized that you actually were, he would try to make you stop it. Maybe he would dance a cringy dance in front of you and call your name until you were so annoyed that you stopped the music.

Originally posted by defwang



Mark wouldn’t be sure on what to say. He never expected you to hear music like this, but he wouldn’t really care anyways. Most of the time he would just get out his headphones and listen to the music he liked, thinking it was kinda funny how a cute person like you listened to death metal. But if you listened to it to loud or all the time, he would tell you that he was annoyed. Carefully though, since he didn’t want to hurt you.

Originally posted by sxy-jmn



He would literally think you were pranking him. So he would  laugh for solid 5 minutes until realizing that you weren’t, and suddenly it wasn’t funny anymore. He would try to get into death metal, but probably wouldn’t like it at all and ask you to listen to it with headphones. If you did that, he wouldn’t mind at all since he loved you, no matter which music you listened to.

Originally posted by jaebeat

I really liked this idea, hope you guys liked it too~~~

XOXO Admin I


Getting back to the subject of Six of Crows + music, there are several songs I’d love to do SoC animations for.  But if I were gonna do a trailer for it, with dialogue and everything, I’d definitely use the instrumental version of Control by Halsey.  First, because it’s already an SoC song for me.  Secondly, it fits the mood of the books!  And third, most importantly…everything after the 2:40 mark.

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mini chocolate chip muffins  

easy baked doughnuts  

chocolate pie  

almond joy smoothie milkshake  

raw strawberry cheesecake white chocolate mousse cupcake  

toasted coconut chocolate chip cookies

cinnamon rolls (gluten free)  

mini pumpkin cheesecakes more cupcakes  

red velvet chocolate swirled brownie bars chocolate and pomegranate cake



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I’ll Update as often as I can with new stuff so stay tuned! 


Moon Water Cleansing and Self Love Spell


Moon charged water (I used rainwater, but any kind that speaks to you works.)



Rose Quartz (tumbled would be best)

Incense (sage worked great for me, but rose would work well too)

Relaxing mood music (always helps)

Before you get started, make sure that your water is safe for use. Since I collected rainwater I used a filter to get rid of the nasty things I could see, then boiled it at a rolling boil for a couple minutes to get the nasty things I couldn’t see. Oh, and let it cool before use, this is supposed to be relaxing, not painful.

Set the music, light the incense, and sit and meditate as the water cools. The water already has a silvery energy from the moon, so swirl your intent to cleanse negative energy in with it. Set the rose quartz in the water (after it has cooled considerably) and mediate on how pinkish positive, self-loving energy from the rose quartz is infusing in with the silvery energy. When the water is cool enough, take the rose quartz out and fold it in with the washcloth, and dip the washcloth in the water. 

Start with your third eye, scrubbing off the gunk around it so that you can see more clearly. Wash your face, envisioning any negative energy being eaten away by the silvery energy, then being replaced by the loving pink energy. Then start to wash your body, giving extra attention to any areas that you feel negatively towards. Use the loving energy of the rose quartz to replace those negative feelings, and visualize you being happy in your body. 

After you’ve washed yourself, but before patting dry, envision the energy from the water on your still damp skin shining bright around you, as if your whole aura is glowing. Feel it burning off any last traces of negativity, and those voids being filled by the pink and silver loving and healing energies. 

Ground if you feel it necessary, and treat yourself to a cup of relaxing tea, or something else that makes you feel happy. 



What kind of music would all the peculiar children listen to?!

Millard-Everyone would assume that he only liked classical but if you really looked into it he would like hard rock.

Emma- Softish stuff like Don McLean and maybe some Billy Joel and the Beatles type stuff

Olive- She would really like tounge twisting songs like ‘Life is a Rock’ or tHE ALPHABET AEROBICS

Enoch- Probably rock n’ roll or some kind of weird pop punk. Alternative in general

Horace- He would really like classical, but you can’t say he didnt like pop

Jacob- A bit of everything.

Hugh- tbh I see him as a pop rock type of person

Fiona- It really depends  on her mood. One day it’s The Who, the next it’s Bon Jovi. Maybe the next week shes all about Elton John

Claire- She just likes music in general. Anything will do for her.

Miss Peregrine- Shes all about that classic rock life