in a movie theatre

If you think Richie didn’t get a job at the movie theatre when he was 16, then buddy, ur wrong! If you think that Richie wasn’t that one gangly nerd who works at every theatre ever then I got some bad news for you! He was! And my boy. If you think that Eddie didn’t go see movies when Richie was working just to tease his dumb boyfriend about how stupid he looks in his uniform, then you are sorely mistaken.

i saw wonder woman and i cried several times, mostly when i saw diana storming into battle. and then it was over and i went to the bathroom and i burst into tears because i am twenty one years old and that is the first time i’ve seen a superhero movie with a female lead. the first time ive sat in a cinema and watched a superhero movie with strong, capable, fierce women, directed by a woman, not an object thrown about by men, not a subject of the male gaze. 

i cried because i felt so weird when i realised i’d never seen that before, and so proud that all women can go and watch it and be like!!!!!!!!! thats a woman hero!!!!!!!!!!!!!! who fights evil and pursues justice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! who has her own demons and overcomes her internal conflicts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! a lady hero!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Proposed new names for Heathers Characters

Heather Chandler: Hoot Choot

Heather Duke: Hoot Doot

Heather Macnamara: Hoot Moot

Veronica Sawyer: Voot Soot

Jason Dead: Joot Doot

Kurt Kelly: Koot Koot

Ram Sweeny: Root Swoot

Martha Dunnstock: Moot Doot