in a ironic way


Water is powerful. It can wash away earth, put out fire, and even destroy iron. Water can carve its way even through stone…and when trapped, water makes a new path.

good things

🍄 i love my new job

🍄 i don’t have hypothyroidism or anything else nasty - my bloods and my ultrasound came back perfectly clear - even my iron levels!

🍄 my tolerance for benzos has gone way down there was a wee while there i was taking 8-10mgs of ativan a day and now 4-5mgs will put me to straight sleep like *alyssa edwards snapping sound* THAT! probably 2-3mgs is a good amount for me now!!!

🍄 i am also flushed with benzos at the moment despite not needing to be now that

🍄 i have discovered my new love Phenibut which I take once every three days and makes me feel happy and is the best medication for social anxiety i have ever uncovered

🍄 i am getting my voice back slowly i could even sing a little this morning and even though it sounded like shit compared to normal it’s something!!!

🍄 we are having a roadtrip to perth this weekend hopefully to see Crywank and then The Disaster Artist in cinema (fxxking finally) and adopt a new friend at the cattery for bullet!!!

Fanon Lotor be like

i am not even sorry just take this

I am so afraid that I am going to waste so much of my life being sad when I should be living. And not just living, but living vibrantly and loudly. I want to read more, travel more, learn more and talk to more people without feeling held back by the confines of my body. I no longer want to feel like I am drowning, sinking, falling or being swallowed up whole by something monstrous. I want to feel alive, lovely and brilliant, even for a moment

  • Clint: [trying to climb onto the roof to do a backflip on to a trampoline]
  • Steve: [trying to stop him]
  • Thor: [cheering him on]
  • Tony: [making a bet with Bruce on whether or not Clint will hurt himself]
  • Natasha, looking into the camera like she's on The Office: I need new teammates.
  • Ravenclaw: Being late is my aesthetic.
  • Slytherin: But you're not late for anything right now.
  • Ravenclaw: Not yet.
  • Slytherin: Okay, whatever, it's your aesthetic, I guess.

When Jarvis says “it is my diagnosis you experienced a severe anxiety attack” it-it was amazing. And tonys quiet little “me?” was the coolest thing. I’ve just-ive never felt so amazed at something and so proud about a movie in my life. The realization that “yes, they’re going there” almost made me break down crying. Iron Man will forever be my favourite trilogy and favourite character and I blame that scene, when they stepped up and made a superhero someone so painfully real that I felt what he was feeling. Amazing.

While eating breakfast...

Mom: *looks over my shoulder to see that I’m reading* I still don’t understand how you can’t help yourself from reading this early in the morning. I understand that books develop the mind, but at 6am?
Me: *shrugging nonchalantly while trying not to look amused at the fact that I am currently reading smut* I mean…
My sister: *eyes me suspiciously*
Me: I guess you could say that I like Lemon with my morning Tea
My sister:*chokes*
Mom: *passes the lemon*
Me:*sips tea with immense satisfaction*