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When Nico di Angelo first looked him in the eyes with that miserable expression and told Will he was broken, Will could see he didn’t expect comfort. The way his body faced away from him, the way he was already curling in on himself, the way his eyes had immediately dropped away from him. Nico was expecting Will to abandon him, or something worse that Will didn’t want to think about. That’s what got him the most, that was the final blow that made Wills heart crack for this beautiful boy. Nico didn’t expect support. In his mind he wasn’t reaching out for help, he was confessing some sort of terrible secret that would make Will turn and run.

It’s almost a relief now, the way Nico tells him he feels broken sometimes. Because Will knows at least he’s not as broken as he was by the way he moves slightly toward Will so Will can pull him close. And he does, he holds Nico tightly enough that maybe, if he is broken, he can fuse all those pieces back together.

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CRAIG: Hey guys. I’m making a twitter account @guineastronaut so you should follow me if you want to hear what I’m doing in my daily life.

CRAIG: Also sorry we haven’t answered anything we’ve been really busy but. We’ll be more active on twitter.

CRAIG: Tweek’s also making one right now but he’s being indecisive about his username.


CRAIG: Dude, you can always change it.

TWEEK: What??? 

CRAIG: Yeah, in settings.


i don’t hate the end, it has its pros and cons and i think it was a decent end to legacy but i would of liked a better portrayal of tord’s character


Had an absolute blast tonight at the Minneapolis/St. Paul stop of John Green’s “Turtles All The Way Down” tour ft. Hank Green!!

We sang, didn’t sing, laughed, and learned a bit about phylogeny and taxonomy. Also, I guess John wrote a book or something?? I’m not sure. Anyway, it was all around a swell time.




so i’m sure you’re wondering where i’ve been or not that’s fine – but lately i’ve been feeling overwhelmed with things and i’ve decided that i’m going to DROP ALL CURRENT ASKS AND THREADS.

the only things that i’m not dropping is the threads that i have with @joltastic and @toughspirit and the starter that i promised @erasureeyes 87 years ago.

IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO KEEP A THREAD, please tell me. the only reason i’m dropping everything is because i’ve just been feeling overwhelmed with everything to the point to where coming on here i can’t focus and therefore it makes me unable to be active. so with a clean slate i feel like that would help me a lot.

this also means that i’m going to be posting a starter call soon and i’m going to plot with every person who likes that starter call. that way i can get things back on track. this isn’t because i don’t like the messages/threads. this is simply because i can’t focus because i’m panicking about all the things i need to respond to. i had 89 asks in my inbox and 23 drafted asks, along with 17 drafts and i just burnt out i guess. i’m really sorry and i’ll try to make it up to you guys in the future;;;;

lorasandolasbycz said: Oh come on everybody regrets who they used to be.Everybody does,so its really not a big deal.Especially when you’re in high school/middle school??????Thats the worst time for everybody.Its very in-character honestly.

outinthebox said: Oh well i think such revelations are quite consistent with what you suggested before. Plus, even if we don’t notice it immediately, some day we can see that before coming out (to ourselves) we were a messed up, shitty version of ourselves. That’s why it seems Louis behaved badly, he was in his shitty phase, with conflicts building up and no solution in horizon. Well, that’s how I see it. And I’m pleasantly surprised that Evan is such a keen observer and deep thinker too!

I’m glad y’all think so…I mean, I thought it was very consistent with his character, but it’s hard to gauge audience reactions bc I get so few comments LMFAO SO I JUST HAVE NO IDEA HOW THIS CHAPTER AND THESE REVELATIONS ARE BEING PERCEIVED AJDFJFA;SDJFJ

But yeah, that’s what I was going for. He went through a terrible phase in the last year which also kinda carried over into what was the beginning of the comic in ways.

And @outinthebox Evan is pretty observant! He doesn’t really always know what to say and stuff…but he knows his friends whether they want him to or not LOL.


It’s not much, but please allow me to bless your dashboard with a tiny Scarecrow playing in a pile of leaves. Hroo hraa!~ Wishing everyone a good October and a fantastic day. ;)