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I had a really nice time with a handful of my friends while I was out dress shopping! Some friends lived too far away, or couldn’t make it, but I hope these pictures capture the experience! 

Anastasia complimented almost every dress, bless her soul! She’s too cute. Sandy dished out some honest opinions and Aaliyah was quiet but also really supportive! I woke Queenie up too early for this (lmao sorry~) so there she is yawning. Sorry Queenie, I’ll take you out to lunch to make up for it! Annie really liked the dress covered in bows and she took so many snaps on her phone. 

Seki and Julia roasted my ass (or were they roasting my dress?) for the dress with the roses in the back. The front was not so good, and I quote from Seki, “made me look like I had sagging body rolls.” I agree though! It wasn’t the one. Julia just let out a quiet “noooooo.”

I had trouble putting on the second to last dress, so Anastasia helped me out again! What a mom-friend! I love her. And then they brought out the last dress, and oh my god, I think this is the one! It suits me perfectly! I asked them if I should text my bunni a picture, because I was soooooo excited about it, but they collectively agreed it would make for a lovely surprise at the wedding. So, sorry bunni, but you’ll have to wait a little longer! 

- Love, Suzy ♥

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you know how like sometimes when you have ocs they like. reside in your head and you can hear them talk and stuff? you know them, communicating to them is a discussion that leads to portrayal. its really funny bc like, assmcgee is super talkative, i know tons about assmcgee he tells me everything. but then i look at guy for some info about him and he wont tell me anything. guy wont even tell me his real name. i dont know what he’ll do until hes doing it and i cant tell if its because i made this character badly or im not competent enough to understand a way to consistently interpret him.


mark, far too outnumber and outmatched by dark, wilf, and all the egos vying for control

so, as his last resort, he begrudgingly fuses with the one person who could save it all: Zac Efron

(and mind you, this could either go super romantic steven universe fusion or super epic dragonball z fusion, you decide)

and then BOOM!!

out comes the one true alter ego powerful enough to save Mark’s channel, and the ENTIRE WORLD…


Should I do a giveaway with all my old band merch?

Oh my god, in last night’s Bob’s Burgers, Bob takes Gene to a laser light rock show at the planetarium (super important to Bob, because it was his favorite when he was a teenager, and this is the last night before they’re closing the exhibit because it’s old and no one goes anymore, also it’s Bob’s birthday), and Gene has no idea what he’s in for, but he gets pumped for it anyway ‘cause Bob’s so excited about it, and finally they get in there and they’re watching it, and Gene has a sensory overload and kinda starts freaking out ‘cause he can’t handle it, so Bob takes him out and they sit in the car for a bit.  Gene’s angry because Bob didn’t tell him it would be so loud and scary, so Bob offers to play the album for Gene at a normal volume, and Gene starts to enjoy it, so he reclines the seats, takes out the cigarette lighter, tells Gene to pretend it’s a laser, and starts drawing in the air, explaining the plot to him (it’s like a full on Pink Floyd or Rush-esque rock opera about a bunch of robot overlords telling rockers that they can’t play music anymore, and one Rebel rising against them).  Gene gets really into it and decides he wants to see the finale of the laser show (which Bob regards as a life-changing experience), so they sneak back into the planetarium (there’s no re-entry allowed) with a few tricks that parallel the story from the album, and watch the climax of the show together (Bob fashions some earplugs for Gene out of a napkin).  On the way home, Bob’s asking Gene how he liked it, and Gene says “I loved it!”, Bob asks him to speak louder ‘cause his ear’s are shot, and Gene yells, “I LOVED IT, DAD”.  Bob yells back “I love you too, Gene”.

I FUCKING!!! CAN’T!!! DEAL!!!! WITH HOW GOOD THIS SHOW IS!!! I know i don’t talk about Bob’s Burgers a lot but this show is flawless and charming and gross and funny all at the same time, the characters are written like people with actual fears and anxieties, and unlike a lot of comparable shows, the comedy doesn’t come from the family being pitted against each other, it’s always the family against the world… I love it, I love it, it’s so pure and refreshing and still somehow manages to be funny without sacrificing it’s heart, and I fuckin’ love it, please watch Bob’s Burgers holy CRAP okay I’m done.