in a friendship kind of way though

I suppose that’s just the way I am. I only see the best in people; when the flaws in their facades arise, I’m so quick to blindly overlook it. It’s just easier that way. I idealize these so-called “friends” even though there are so many signs that point towards how terrible they’re being to me.“

"I guess there’s just some kind of sick satisfaction in the blissful ignorance. It’s so easy to fall into a pattern of believing the best and only the best in people. It’s less painful to repair the existing friendship, when in fact the only things holding it together are lies and fake smiles. But it is important to realize when it’s time to say goodbye.


I bought the two horses I rode in Lord of the Rings. I bought the one in Lord of the Rings ’cause I had – even though I wasn’t with him all the time, I just developed a real good friendship with him. His name is Uraeus. He kind of came into the movie similar to the way I did. You know, didn’t have much preparation and was just thrown in and had to swim, basically. And it was rough on him and it took awhile for us to kind of get in sync and for him to be comfortable around the set. So we got to be close and I wanted to stay in touch with him. And, you know, by the end he became almost a real ham. He became so good at it that he was just relaxed and happy. He had been a performing horse, but an equestrian competition horse. So the cameras, lights, and some of the things we had to do…and also the gear.  I mean the saddle and chainmail and all that stuff, the battles. So we got through it together and became friends. That was that story.
Questionable Tarts: A Life after Living
By Organization for Transformative Works

Author: calrissian18 | Word Count: 15.1k | Rating: PG-13

Summary: Draco supposes he shouldn’t be surprised when Potter shows up on his doorstep.

Review: This was just a gorgeous, lovely story about longing, but also letting go of the impossible. After the war, Draco finds himself faced with difficulties but he continues to make the best of every situation, in a way that’s almost inspiring. The slow and gradual friendship between Harry and Draco is bittersweet because even if Draco is oblivious, as the reader so much is obvious… it just tugs at your heartstrings.

Just such a painfully sweet premise, though sometimes even kind of sweetly painful. You kind of just want to cuddle all the characters, but they all seem to be doing alright for themselves!

Content/Warnings: Humour, Pining, Check Authors Spoilers for more

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The thing I find with the ideology that Taylor is straight is that there are so many things that antis have never found a logical way to explain. Explain Wonderland to me. How is it that even though the song is based off of Dianna’s favourite book/ movie, has the line “too in love to think straight” and talks of a hidden relationship (which Haylor was NOT), people are adamant that it is not about her? Explain kissgate to me. There is literal VIDEO EVIDENCE of them (maybe not full kissing) but being extreeemely intimate and you want to tell me that they’re just “friends”. I don’t know what kind of “friendships” y’all have but I for sure wouldn’t do that with my “bestie”. Explain the Vogue couple’s shoot. Explain how Breathe was confirmed to be about Emily Poe, yet you consider them nothing but friends. Explain the hand holding. Explain the “i came striaght from rome” video and why Tree knows Karlie and Kimby so well. Explain the video from the VMAs of Taylor literally sprinting to hug Karlie. Explain the grinding pictures. Explain Dianna tagging along for dates with Conner Kennedy and Harry Styles. Explain the vogue best friends video. Explain Taylor sitting on Karlie’s lap. 

And finally, explain how all of this and more, is all just a coincidence. Alone, some of these can be explained away by pure coincidence. Badly timed pictures, misunderstood statements and all that, but to have lists and lists full of these “coincidences” becomes less coincidental, and becomes very telling. 

In many fics Jean is mean to the Trojans and despise them and their being nice and understanding to him. Somehow I always thought it was weird. Jean is the one who shook Renee’s hand even though Riko ignored and despised her. He had no reason to do it (especially bc I think that by doing this he defied Riko in a way) except being nice and polite in the face of Renee’s sweetness. I think that, deeply, Jean craves gentleness and softness and friendship. He just can’t allow himself to show it in the Nest and he knows he’ll never have that kind of feelings or relationship anymore. I think Jean was old enough when he was sold to the Moriyamas that he’d had real friends and that he knew - and more important remembered! - what it was to have people being nice to him. I think he hold on to those memories and that’s one of the things that kept him alive.
So I like to imagine that Jean does not reject the Trojans friendship and concern. I like to imagine that they make him feel safe again, like the 10 years old Jean that had absolutely no other concern than playing at the beach with his friends after school. I just think he’s not used to it anymore and he has to learn how to trust again. But, why would he reject the Trojans so much when he reached​ out to Renee so naturally?

I love to know that Jean is alive and that he’s a wonderful example of resilience.

I’m on a roll today, but I like this roll! 

Okay, people sometimes tend to underestimate Hufflepuff and even more so, the friendship between a Slytherin and a Hufflepuff. It’s always categorized as the Slytherin being ‘Just-waiting-to-rule-the-world’ and Hufflepuff stopping them by being all adorable. Well, as a Hufflepuff myself with 98% of my friends being Slytherin, I can tell you that you might have gotten things a bit wrong even though there are right points. 

If you see a Hufflepuff-Slytherin friendship, you need to do two things immediately: 

1) Note in your head never to insult either one of them. If you hurt them verbally, you should be warned. You go for the physical aspect, you should get insurance. Don’t EVER insult one of them out loud. Hufflepuff is loyal and will cut you, either with kindness or in full FITE range. Slytherin will just cut you, in ways you will even admire later because they’re classy (even if they’re dorks, they’re classy dorks).

2) Don’t expect them to go against each other for you. They have their fights, they have their issues, but if you try to make them choose or try to drive a wedge, they will pick up on that. Try escaping a determined badger and an angry snake. It’s not a pretty picture.

This is one of the most solid friendship bases I have seen and it’s not because there are no conflicts. It’s because both these houses develop a high respect for the other. The Slytherin knows a Hufflepuff’s tenacity and strength. The Hufflepuff knows a Slytherin’s drive and dignity. They’re usually not dismissive of the other. They also have a high fondness for each other and feel a natural level of comfort at most times. 

I just really love this friendship.

I know that this is my personal opinion and you might have a different one, but that’s cool. I still hope you enjoy these houses and their friendships. :D

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I think some ponies may be laboring under the assumption that money can be instantaneously transferred, instead of having to manually more bits from one location to another. If there were a way of effectively transferring data, say with a dragon fire network of some kind, you could simply have accountants move the money (numerically) from your account to the government, then have them put your stipend back in. Moving physical bits though, I get why you do what you do

I don’t know why ponies would be assuming that. They have a decent notion of what’s possible and what isn’t in Equestrian society, I would hope! If not, well, I’m here to explain! 

But yes, if you have a bank account, you could move money to another bank account using the appropriate paperwork, which could be sent via mail. It wouldn’t be instantaneous as the request would need to be processed by clerks but over long distances it would be much faster than physically moving bits. You wouldn’t be limited by transports’ carrying capacity either and wouldn’t need to worry about packet loss, so it would give you a much higher bit rate.

Perhaps these things are not common knowledge since most ponies don’t have bank accounts. Ponies tend to spend their money rather quickly, so there’s no need for one, and I don’t think they’d want to go to the nearest bank to make a withdrawal whenever they want to buy something anyway.

I don’t have a bank account myself either, since I have a monthly stipend I spend. If I ended up having lots of money to spare then clearly my stipend is too high and should be reduced.

Either way, the additional bureaucracy would not be justified. If I ought to have less money they can just send me a smaller shipment. It would also be less work for the treasurer and the package handlers, not to mention would save space on transport wagons.

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Chracter breakdown: Sodapop Patrick Curtis

How I feel about this character

Okay, I absolutely love him. I have a soft spot for charming and caring characters and he fits the description. Like, he’s so kind and knows how to comfort people. I thought he was stunning the first time he came on screen. His character story saddens me, though. He doesn’t deserve any of it.

All the people I ship romantically with this character

I never really thought about it? I hate him with Sandy since she did him dirty, but getting with Steve sounds kinda cute, oops.

My non-romantic OTP for this character

Steve all the way. Like, I have so many headcanons for their friendship, they are literal soul mates but for bros. Bromates.

My unpopular opinion about this character

It made me kinda sad that he didn’t further his education since I just want the best for him, but, I understand.

One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon


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What exactly is Peter's relationship to MJ and Gwen? Are they friends, in a poly relationship, or something entirely different?

At the point where Makeover happens, they’re all just good buds. I felt it was important to understand their friendship before exploring anything in a romantic direction.

I think Peter and Gwen get along in that kinda way where it’s just below-surface romantic. An unspoken agreement that they dig each other, but that a relationship isn’t entirely in their comfort zone yet - even though the affection is definitely mutual and everyone around them ships it.

MJ is a fairly new fixture in their lives, but is the kind of person who immediately fills the room with best friend energy, haha.

Sweet Tooth

Lily and James were best friends growing up, but when he moved away and they drifted apart they thought that would be the end of their friendship. But fate has a funny way of working out, and Lily can’t keep herself away from the brownies in the grocery store.

written for @jilyfest + read on AO3

Lily had gone to the grocery store to buy tea. That was it. Really. She had no idea how so much ice cream had gotten into her basket. Perhaps she had picked up someone else’s by mistake.

Who is she kidding? She wants some comfort food and this was what was happening. It was all her stupid sister’s fault. Having her as a bridesmaid in her wedding and making Lily watch what she ate in order to fit into that ugly purple dress. Lily couldn’t pull off purple. Petunia knew it too. The wedding is finally over now and Lily is flat-sitting for the newlyweds. She doesn’t know why she had agreed to it but the deal was made now so she may as well stuff her face full of the chocolate she’s been craving for months.

She rounds the corner of another aisle, thinking that if she finds some brownies she can make a kick ass sundae, when she sees him. It takes her a moment to recognize the bloke who’s standing with two different packages of cookies in his hands, trying to decide between them. He goes for chocolate chip. That was always his favorite.

“James?” she says his name before she can stop herself.

Her childhood best friend whips his head around and gapes at her. The first thing she notices is that he got new glasses. Then she wants to slap herself because of course he did- it’s been twelve years for heaven’s sake.

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Day 5 (Hello Frens!!)

So, Day 5 is about people you’ve met through being in the community. It’s funny, because the way friendships and acquaintances work on tumblr is so new and different to me. Like, there are people that I totally feel connected to because they reblog/cent on my stuff and I do on theirs, but we’ve never really talked. Some of them you have, and you feel like they care about you in some way? Then there’s the people you’ve talked to once or twice over a specific thing. And then there’s the people you’ve talked to several times, or the ones where you kind of feel like you can confide in them about personal thing even though you technically barely know them. Or the people that maybe you don’t follow but you always recognize them in the tag and like seeing their stuff occasionally. Idk, it’s a very unique setup. And there are definitely people here I would love to get to know well and one day be able to officially call my friends and like, know outside of tumblr maybe.

But anyway, some of the people I’ve ‘met’ are:

/> And of course my real-life, pre-tumblr badass babe friend, @hollydiverdegraeme.

And probably others that I’m totally forgetting because it’s so late and I shoukd be asleep. If I missed someone, I’m so sorry!! I’ll try to update later if that’s the case. I know it’s probably silly, but I love seeing y'alls posts and your names in my notes, and I even think about shared conversations or posts irl sometimes. And tbh, I sometimes vent or post here more than I do with my irl friends, and the fact that some people like what I have to say or go out of their way to say something kind when I’m having a rough time…. It’s a really wonderful thing that I appreciate so much. I can’t imagine my life without this tumblr community anymore, haha.

Also, I’d say one of the other totally wild things is that I’ve been fortunate enough to (in a small way) ‘meet’ @therealjacksepticeye through tumblr, y'know? Like, I’ve gotten to see the things he enjoys through his reposts and the extra blogs/bits of his thoughts or personality that get shared here that might not be part of the videos. It feels a little more connected here in a way. And by some insane miracles, Jack has even seen my stuff. That’s crazy!!!

To think that a ‘celebrity’ sort of person that has contributed so much to my life actually has seen or heard from me is baffling. That maybe a post I made has made him laugh or that he’s thought something I wrote was meaningful? Like that blows my mind. We obviously don’t actually know each other and all that jazz, but it’s still incredible that maybe I’ve been able to impact real moments in his days, possibly for the better, and give him back a smile or a moment of thought to return one of the many he’s given me. And the fact that he interacts with us here takes away that ‘Idol on a pedestal’ mentality we might have had. Idk, it’s just so fucking amazing to know that I might (through something I’ve made or written) be a little memory for people in such a position, even though they might not know my name or face or just actual me (lol) one on one. It’s an honor/humbling. Like, he doesn’t remember a specific quote I’ve said or think 'Oh man, that one post Memoryofnow wrote about fear of failure was legit’/'Hey, Memoryofnow edited that milestone video’, but it’s still cool and it makes me pretty frigging grateful/happy/proud. (Especially when it’s some big philosophical/emotional mini essay or a multimedia project I’ve worked on and put a little of myself into, haha) And it’s also so cool to feel like the community’s voice can be heard here, and that Jack wants to listen to us. That’s pretty rad. He may not know us individually and irl, but he knows the community and sees so many posts, which just goes to show how committed he is to interacting with fans.

So I’d say overall, the funny little ways I’ve 'met’ people here have really been special, and I know it sounds ridiculous but I frikkin treasure you all’s interactions.

Lol anyway I should have gone to sleep like an hour and half ago, so I am going to log off now. Goodnight, folks!!

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I thought the knife in the back had to do with there friendship... triangle friendship.

kj said he thought it had to do with whatever happened over the summer that ended their friendship. that doesn’t really make sense to me, though, because in the first ep jughead says talking would have gone along way with him, kind of implying it was something archie did 

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Truth or truth for Saito and Yamazaki: You two may not be aware of this, but you are actually very similar. While Saito, you see yourself as the sword to Shinsengumi's sheath, Yamazaki sees himself as a hand to the Shinsengumi's body. Also, you are both a bit aloof in your dealings with others. Would you consider these qualities/likenesses something that could start a friendship (though Saito would need to approach Yamazaki, since the latter feels insuperior)?

“I… suppose,” responds Saito slowly, his eyes flicking momentarily to Yamazaki. “But similarities aren’t necessarily conducive to friendship. Especially if one of them is our aloofness, as you put it.”

Rather than taking any kind of offense, Yamazaki nods in agreement. “Exactly,” he adds. “The two of us are certainly on good terms—better than most captains and subordinates, I think—and I respect Saito-san in all ways, but…” He hesitates. “Given his other duties, I’m not sure he should consider it worth his while to develop a friendship with me.”

Saito gives a faint smile of something like reassurance. “Be careful not to undervalue yourself, Yamazaki,” he chides gently. “You and I both place our duties first, and that does make a true friendship unlikely, but my focus on my work is not due to any failing of yours.”

Yamazaki’s eyes widen in apparent surprise, but he masters himself quickly and dips his head in a short bow. “Thank you, Saito-san,” he says. “I’ll try to keep that in mind.”

I wanted to feel wanted, and I guess that’s a tough thing to ask for in a world where we always want what we can’t have.
—  10:35am thoughts// “no”

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002 - Usagi

002 | Give me a character & I will tell you

  • How I feel about this character: I LOVE HER?? i adore her. she’s fantastic in so.many.ways!!! 
  • All the people I ship romantically with this character: mamoru. haruka.
  • My non-romantic OTP for this character: MINAKKKKKKOOOO. though their friendship is not without experimentation. 
  • My unpopular opinion about this character: that her suicide at the end of classic wasn’t selfish or wrong & actually quite in character. 
  • One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon: usagi having a career of some kind. at least seeing something of her adult life between stars ending and her ascension to the throne.  
  • my OTP: usamamo. 
  • my cross over ship: i dont have one. 
  • a headcanon fact: that in crystal tokyo, usagi will dress like a civilian and sneak down to hang out at the game center crown. 

Prompt: Imagine being Aro’s younger sister and falling in love with Marcus (Requested by Anon) + Imagine the reader falls in love with Marcus Volturi. (Requested by  miimery)

The day you met Marcus was possibly the best day of your existence. He was beautiful, intelligent, and kind. Everything you wanted in a man and more. You became close friends and you even anticipated something more than friendship. Until he was introduced to Didyme.

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Instant Friendship Just Add Knife

Lalli/Reynir - iron, moonlight, footsteps

The knife finds its way to his throat before he’s even set one foot in the marsh this time. It’s kind of incredible, actually! Reynir’s heard Lalli’s supposed to be quick, but it’s impressive to see it up close like this! Though he could, ah, probably do without the blade at his neck. That part’s a little scary. He puts up his hands, but not as quickly as Lalli probably could.

“It’s me! Reynir! Your friend! You know me!” Lalli rumbles, a faint sound almost like a growl. With a flick of his wrist a glint of moonlight on iron his blade creeps ever closer to his skin.

“I know you,” Lalli says. His voice is very quiet, Reynir thinks. “Not my friend.”

“…oh.” That’s….disappointing. Reynir keeps his hands raised. “Can I come in?”

Lalli watches him with those eerie glowing eyes, leveling his gaze first at Reynir’s belt –no weapons!– the top of his head with a scowl, and then his face. He sheathes his blade and turns.

“Fine. But be quiet, I’m busy.” Reynir shakes star-water off his boots and follows Lalli on into the grove.

“No you’re not.” Lalli doesn’t reply. Some stray branches whip at Reynir’s coat as they pass. Hmph. Lalli’s just mad because he’s right.


“We’ll always be friends forever, won’t we?” 

Jude/Todd: Like Todd, Jude is kind and caring. Todd/Jude both had their mother taken away from them when they were young and were left alone in the world to find their own way. However Todd/Jude did end up in a better home where they are loved and taken care of. 

Connor/Copper: Like Copper, Connor is caring and protective. Copper/Connor is raised by an authoritative male figure and even though the hunter and Connor’s dad both love Copper/Connor very much, it often comes off as tough love, leaving Copper/Connor feeling alone. Copper/Connor is also the one to put a pause on the friendship between Todd/Jude, leaving the other one feeling confused and hurt.