in a freaking superhero movie

Suicide Squad’s cast ♦ Jared Leto Imagine

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every time i see the book of life stuff i’m just like… what a wonderfully done film. like, so pure, there’s a love triangle but they make it pure and not yucky bc they’re all best friends and also… pride in culture while still criticizing the negative aspects (ie. killing bulls) like. what a nice thing.

That awko taco moment when one of the cops who was called to your home not too long ago recognizes you as “the girl who freaked out over the superhero movie trailer”. Thankfully, he was the one who didn’t judge me too much out of the three. After explaning my love for Marvel to him yesterday, I think he understood where I was coming from a bit more than the first time. Suddenly, I felt less judged. It was a lovely reunion, really.