in a folder and sending me like how amazing is this girl


Viktor had a relationship once- why not? He’s hot and people confuse him and his usage of mascara- when he was young. The details are blurry to Viktor these days, but he was too excited and he was delusional with the prospect of love back then, almost a cringe worthy moment for Viktor when he remembers these things late at night.

It was how you would imagine it. Viktor, looking back on it now, wondered how seemingly enthusiastic he managed to be in the two year long crusty ‘relationship’ they had. There were these little sprinkles of affection, shy blushes and the kind of exploration young crazy teenagers do during their young crazy lives, but there was nothing special about it.

He was an art major. Viktor figured they were compatible, two pieces of puzzles sliding together in delusional harmony, with Viktor’s artistry out on the ice and his on his canvas.

What made him special, amongst the other folders of exes he had locked away in a metaphorical file cabinet, was the fact that he was the one who stayed the longest.

Viktor was a fucking whirlwind. Nobody could keep up his tiresome training schedules, his absent meals, the long hours spent at the rink. His ex wrung it out as far as possible, trying hard to be understanding and patient at first, until finally, he broke.

“You’re… You’re too much.” He finally hisses after another failed date night. Viktor doesn’t have the heart to deny the statement. “You’re fucking selfish. You… You revolve around nothing but the ice! No hobbies, no ambitions, nothing but that stupid gold fucking medal you always win anyways.”

Viktor doesn’t flinch, doesn’t feel anything at all. He was right. He was right.

“And then what? What happens when your body tires out, huh Viktor? What happens if you lose?” He says, there are tears brimming his eyes. Viktor doesn’t have the heart to well up a tear. “I tell you, you’ll regret it. You will have nothing.” 

When he walks out the door, Viktor realized that he had nothing the whole time Not even the satisfaction of being complete.

When Chris asks him if he had any plans to get into a relationship anytime soon, he’d laugh. I don’t have the time. He’ll say. Nobody is willing to stay. His mind pleads.

And then comes Yuuri.

He realizes many things: Yuuri was an even bigger whirlwind. He was deadly and dangerous and beautiful, Viktor had felt the thrill of standing in the eye of a storm when he holds Yuuri’s hand, when he sees his smile. He was beautiful. He was deadly.

Yuuri spends even more time in the rink than him, eyes focused and determined and Viktor watches in awe from the side because he felt like he just got crushed by an avalanche and Yuuri wasn’t even breaking a goddamn sweat. He was fragile and strong, loud and quiet, an enigma Viktor has yet to solve. 

Yuuri was beautiful. Yuuri was perfect.

He’s perfect when he takes Makkachin out for walks, when he looks over his shoulder and tosses Viktor a teasing little smile, when he wakes up in the morning with bed hair and crusty eyes, when he’s crying and broken and Viktor doesn’t know what the fuck to do and Yuuri calls his bullshit out for it, when he skates, when he lets Viktor hold him, when he’s Viktor’s.

Yuuri was his.

Yuuri would stay.

One day, while in a hotel bar as he waits for his dearest, he spots someone across from him with the eyes of a ghost from his past.

“I’m opening up a gallery somewhere.” He says when Viktor asks the standard how are you out of sheer politeness. He hasn’t changed, maybe getting edgier and manlier, finally not the young art major he used to be. He has grown. Viktor has grown too.

“The… The Japanese man. Is he…?”

Viktor smiles, purposely setting his hand on the marble counter to show off the gleam in the golden band. The memory of Yuuri sends another warm flutter in Viktor’s heart. God, it’s been years. “Engaged.”

He smiles and nods, seemingly happy for them.

“You love him, truly.”

Viktor purses his lips around his glass. Of course he does, why wouldn’t he? Yuuri was kind and beautiful and smart and all his.

“The moment I mentioned him… you looked like the happiest man in the world.” He says, shaking the glass in his hand, swirling the amber contents. Viktor does not feel any resentment in his voice, but he feels cautious at the incoming topic. “You’re truly happy. It’s amazing.”

Viktor narrows his eyes, just for a fraction. “What made you think I wasn’t?”

He raises an eyebrow. Are you fucking kidding me? Viktor couldn’t blame him. “Your eyes shine, you perk up, and hell, I didn’t even notice that your smile was heart shaped before. Now your grin is bigger than ever.”

Viktor cracks a smile, leaning back against the counter. 

He sets the glass down, smiling softly. “I’m happy for you.”

Viktor’s happy too. Truly. He was right. And for once, he was glad that he didn’t decide to stay.

“Do you want to come to the wedding?” It was a little weird to invite your ex to your wedding, but Viktor wasn’t one to follow social norms. 

He accepts before finally leaving, one last goodbye between them.

Yuuri finally arrives a few moments later, cheeks flushed and burrowed adorably under a scarf. God knows how torturous Russian weather can be. “Who was that?”

Viktor smiles, kissing Yuuri’s knuckles before lacing their fingers together. “No one of importance.”

During their wedding, Yuuri dips him in for a kiss. Viktor never wanted to let go of the moment, but they crumble on the floor laughing. Chris was discreetly installing a pole in the banquet room and he had to prevent tears more than five times in the past two hours. Yurio resentfully gives him tissues from the sidelines 

Viktor might’ve thought that he’ll never get the satisfaction of being complete, thought that he’ll never stop being a whirlwind, but Yuuri carries him away and swept him off his feet, launching him into the air laughing and giggling.

He spots him in the crowd, talking to the girl he brought with him- possibly his now girlfriend, Viktor thinks she’s lovely- and they connect gazes.

He smiles, raises a glass like a toast.

Viktor raises his own glass back.

Viktor was happy. Viktor was complete. Viktor was satisfied.

About a Girl [Final]

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Life these past few months had changed, and not all for the better. Since your conversation with Mr. Kim the air was tense. The two of you kept it cordial and avoided spending extra time together. Mr. Kim kept his promise when it came to spending time with Jangmi, you just didn’t join them. In an effort to get to know Jangmi, Jihye would pick her up at least twice a week.. Slowly you were needed less and less, and Jihye seemed happy about that. 

It was no secret she wasn’t a fan of yours. Always sending you icy stares and snide remarks when you were in the same room. If you didn’t know better you would have thought you’d wronged her in some way. So you tried your best to avoid her for your own sake. Luckily it wasn’t too difficult since she was always busy planning for her wedding.

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To Borrow #5

My sweet crazy baby Saeyoung <3 I honestly honestly didn’t think I’d want to play this guy’s route. Even more so than Yoosung. However he was my Solas from DA:I in MM. This crazy knowledgable, powerful and horribly broken dark horse that comes to claim your heart out of nowhere <3

Also I am not super tech savvy. I am not a hacker. I am not any sort of programmer. Please just remember that and read ahead with a pinch of salt I guess :) 

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Control (II)

Author: kpopfanfictrash

Pairing: You / Mark

Rating: PG-13

Word Count: 4,403

Summary: On a night out with your friends, you accidentally text the wrong number for advice. The guy on the other end of the phone is abrupt, harsh and kind of an ass - but he also happens to be right. Which explains why you keep texting him. Right?

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anonymous asked:

How do the dads react to mc being close to their kids like their kids will talk about issues/ problems to them cuz there is some distance? Like how it's easier to confess to a stranger than someone your close to in fear of hurting them or them not understanding?

//this ended up WAY longer than I expected holy sh so that’s why i put it under keep reading… hope u like it :D//

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High Tensions - Nine

Spencer Reid x Reader

The next 11 days were hell for everybody. A case involving missing children and a sex trafficking ring had taken the team out of town and it hadn’t ended well. 

As per your agreement the game was suspended when you were out in the field, so aside from the initial teasing and question’s from rest of the group when you’d first come in, you’d had 11 full days without any flirting and innuendos. You hadn’t had time to miss it or to think of your next step either. 

You weren’t sure the team believed that you two hadn’t done the deed. You’d fielded texts from Garcia and Emily the day after you’d followed Spencer’s hasty exit from the bar, both girls curious as to what had happened when you’d left.

Considering it had looked liked you’d won, they were more believing of you when you said that the game was still on than they were of Spencer when he’d told them. 

What neither of you told them though was how close you’d both been to jumping each other, and how over the game had nearly been.

The team had returned to headquarters feeling weary and deflated. Hotch had offered to let you all leave straight away, providing you all turned in any paperwork by the end of tomorrow. The flight home had been long and uneventful so you’d finished most of your own then, choosing to stay behind at HQ. You knew if you could finish what you had left then you could spend tomorrow relaxing and winding down, and you definitely needed that after this case. 

You’d about finished and had gone into one of the supply closests, needing some new folders. You’d taken your papers in with you so you could sort them at the same time, saving you a job if you forget any items. As you were filing, a photo of one of the kids you hadn’t been able to save fluttered to the floor. 

You bent, picking it up and just standing there staring at it for a moment, tears coming to your eyes. You’d had to tell his mom that he wasn’t coming back, that you hadn’t been able to rescue him from the hell that no seven year old should ever have to go through. The look in her eyes when you’d told her had ripped your heart into two. 

Normally you tried very hard to separate your work from your own emotions, but sometimes it was incredibly difficult and this had been one the cases that had gotten right under your skin. 

“You okay?”  a voice came from behind you. Spencer. 

You hadn’t heard him come in. You stuck the photo back in it’s correct place inside the file and wiped away the tear that had escaped before turning to him. 

“I’m fine,” the crack in your voice giving away the truth. 

He crossed the tiny room quickly and wrapped his long arms around you, pulling you to his chest. “It was a tough one wasn’t it Y/N? It got to me too.“ 

You clung to him for a few moments, his warm embrace comforting you somewhat, his voice low as he whispered encouraging words to you. 

Composing yourself, you released your grip on him and pulled away giving him a watery smile. 

“Thanks Spence. I needed that.”

“No problem. You gonna be okay tonight? Do you want me to come over?” he still looked concerned. 

“No I’m good. I’m just going to turn these in to Hotch and then probably pass out in my bed. Tomorrow night maybe?”

He nodded and you told him you’d text him to make plans before grabbing your files and leaving the closet. 

You woke up the next morning feeling revived. You’d done literally as you said you would; come home, stripped and fallen into bed, passing out almost immediately. 

Grabbing your phone, you sent a quick text off to Reid checking he still wanted to do something tonight. 

“Sure. What did you have in mind?”

“Take out and a film? I can’t be bothered to get dressed up and go out.”

“That sounds fine to me. In fact Y/N, just don’t even get dressed at all.”

Ah okay, so you were back to that now. 

“You wish.”

“Well I’ve already seen what’s on your bottom half, I’m only missing the top.”

He was right. Hmmm. 

You peeled your top off and rolled over to your front so that your boobs were pressed against the bed. Flipping your phone to selfie mode and making sure your hair was half way decent, you took a quick snap. No nipple was showing, just your face and an expanse of creamy white cleavage, but he’d be able to tell that you were topless. You hit send. 

“Nice but I get that view all the time when you bend over in front of me. I was hoping for something a bit more……arousing. Maybe something with a flash of your erect nipples?”

“Well it’s not exactly cold in here Spencer. Why would they be hard?”You couldn’t help but laugh at him…. Spencer Reid was now essentially asking you for nudes. 

“Well you’re talking to me aren’t you? And I presume that you’re not one of the eight per cent of women who don’t experience any breast or nipple sensitivity when they’re aroused. So it’s a natural assumption that as we’re conversing, your nipples would be hardened in anticipation of me sucking on them.”

You checked. Yep, they were. Dammit!

Another text from him before you’d even had chance to reply. “You’ve just checked haven’t you?“ 

He knew you so well.

“Yes and yes Spence. Just a fact for you to store away for when we eventually do this. I have ridiculously sensitive breasts. A girl made me come once by literally just playing with them. We were in the library at college and she snuck up behind me when I was putting some books back and slipped her hands up my shirt. Libraries are meant to be quiet places as you well know. It’s suffice to say that when we emerged from behind the stacks, everyone in there knew what we’d been doing.” God that girl had had amazing hands, and an amazing mouth now you thought about it. 

Okay stop thinking about that Y/N. Stop it. STOP IT.  

“Brilliant, thanks for that Y/N. Now something of mine is hard as well. And I can’t do anything about it.”

“You could if you really wanted to.”

“Shhhhh. I’m going for a shower. A cold one.”

You rolled back on to your back and threw the sheet off entirely. Holding the camera as high as you could, you took another photo of yourself. Breasts fully exposed, hard pink nipples and all. You hit send. 

He didn’t respond for around fifteen minutes and when he did you burst out laughing. 

It was a picture of Spencer, well you presumed it was Spencer as you couldn’t actually see his face. All you could see were a pair of pink mens briefs attached to a pair of nicely toned legs. You could see the outline of a very hard and very satisfying looking bulge pressing against the fabric of the briefs. The photo was accompanied by a message. 

“For Christ sake women. I was getting dressed and then I saw that. Shower time again. You’ll pay for that later.”

You just grinned and sent another photo, this time the camera aiming away from your face and down at your legs. You spread them widely, making sure your pink panties were visible. 

“Pink… We match. Are you gonna make me pay with that bulge of yours Spencer? Or will I being looking down at your head from this angle.”

“Just wait and see Y/N.”

Send Me A Copy

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You’re childhood friends with Harry and asked to write a untruthful article about Harry at your job as a journalist.

When you got the job of your dreams working for one of the biggest magazines in London as a journalist you were ecstatic to finally be moving to London to be closer to your child hood friend Harry. You’d grown up living in the same street and had always remained close so when the opportunity arrived Harry encouraged you to make the move. The first couple of weeks working for the magazine were amazing, you got to do some awesome articles on events and concerts that were currently happening in the city, so when your boss approached you to write for the gossip section of the magazine you didn’t expect at all for one of your next jobs would be to write an article about your best friend being a womaniser.

You’d been in your apartment staring at the folder that contained what the magazine expected you to write in the article and you could feel every bone in your body feeling guilty for even looking at the folder. You knew none of this was true, Harry was a gentleman and half the girls he’d been seen with were people he’s working with or just close friends, you know how much this article would hurt him and your relationship if you were to write it. So you decided to call him over for dinner hoping you could talk things out and discuss your options, while everything in your heart told you you couldn’t write this article, your head also knew that this job was a once in a lifetime opportunity and saying no to writing this could cost you your career. When Harry knocked on your door and came in with a huge grin on his face embracing you in a hug you got scared about how this night could end.
“ Ive got to talk to you about something important” you said to him as the two of you sat on your bed opposite one an other after eating dinner now watching an episode of friends.
“ Oh god please don’t tell me yeh got back together with that proper dick of a guy” he questioned rolling his eyes a you, you chuckled wishing this conversation would be that easy.
“ No, it’s a lot worse than that” you sighed handing him the folder you’d been given earlier today.
“ This is from my job, they want me to write about you, about how they think your a womaniser and sleep with a heap of girls. But I don’t want to hurt you and write something I know isn’t true, but this is my dream job Harry, the job I have worked my ass of for so any years of working in that shitty local newspaper in Holmes Chapel, I cant fuck this up” you spoke trying to read his face for his emotion.
“ So what yeh want to know is, if yeh write this article will I hate yeh” he spoke looking up from the folder his big green eyes staring into yours, you could almost see his brain working to figure out how to react to the situation, yours way currently doing the same.
“ I don’t want to write it Harry” you spoke softly placing your hand on his across the bed.
“ I don’t want to yeh to write it either, but yeh’v already made up yeh mind, otherwise yeh wouldn’t be asking us” his words were soft but spoken with a harshness, you could see the hurt and anger now, wether that be for you or the article you would produce in a weeks time you weren’t sure.
“ Im going to try and make it more about the good things you do, hardly mention the girls to try and get around this, maybe mention that you’ve been in France filming, or talk about the album, I promise H” you said not wanting to look him in the eye so he couldn’t see the tear rolling down your face.
“ Yeah, send me a copy once yeh done so that when yeh’r upset with me about why we don’t talk anymore I can show yeh the reason why” you sat there in shock as he grabbed his stuff and left your apartment, you cried a lot after he left his last words to you felt like a punch in the stomach you didn’t know would heal if the words he spoke were true.

You didn’t hear from him the two weeks you had to write it, you didn’t have your hopes set too high in receiving any texts but you were defiantly feeling sorry for yourself by the time it came around to be handing in the final in a days time. You’d written the article around 20 times, each one making you hate yourself a little more than the last, in the first couple of days of trying to write it you went through 3 bottle of wine and way too many packets of chips to count. So you’d done every other piece of work you were required to do to avoid the Harry article, you’d thrown yourself into other work to try and push the heavy burden that was currently sitting on your chest from the impending article.It was 4am by the time you finished the final, the piece you wrote could get you fired, you’d come to terms with that by now, you’d realised there would be other jobs, maybe not as amazing as this one, but giving up a lifetime of friendship with Harry just didn’t seem worth it anymore. Walking into work you had your article in one hand and your resignation in the other, it’d look better on your file is you quit rather then being fired. You looked at you’re writing one more time before having to go hand it in reading your words. Londons Underrated Musician Harry Styles. Despite your gut flipping continuously you handed over the article that depicted Harry for who he really was a gentleman who disregarded stereotypes and was passionate about social equality and important issues, and once it had been handed over to the printing department where you know they could remove it from the magazine issue you handed in your resignation and left the office.

There was a slight liberation to going against the rules and then quitting your job which gave you the added confidence to head to Harrys flat with a copy of the article for him to read. You were nervous to see him again and gage his attitude towards you and the article, he’d always secretly hated that you’d become a journalist but you’d hoped after this article all of that would change. You knocked on his door and heard him shout coming before his heavy footsteps approached the door. He opened it up and looked surprised at your appearance at his door, you were generally a put together person so for you to be wearing practically pyjamas and crazy hair he knew something was up.
“ Yeh look like shit” he spoke to you emotionless.
“ So do you, you wanna read why were no longer friends?” I asked handing him the piece of paper watching his eyes scan over the words a small smirk on his face as he finished it.
“ You really submitted this” he questioned moving out of the door way to allow you into the apartment.
“ Yep, I also quit my job over you” you replied placing yourself on his kitchen counter.
“ Was it worth it though” he chuckled sitting next to you on the bench.
“ It was worth it to me the second I deleted the subheading Harry Styles Womaniser off one of the biggest media outlets in London”

Thank you to everyone who’s been reading my writing its been lovely to see. Please send me any feedback or request, or even if you want a chat! 

I’m procrastinating and impatient, so here’s a preview of the new B99 + Photographer/Model AU I’ve been developing!!
→ All the props to @peraltiagoisland​, @proofthatihaveaheart​, @three-drink-amy​, @elsaclack​, @tiadorable​, @stardustsantiago​, @littlegreenwomen​, @scullysthumbtacks​, @jokeperatla​, and @dogworldchampion​ for listening to me gush about this AU for daysssssss. 

Amy’s in the middle of typing out a text to Rosa (they’re ironing out the details for an upcoming shoot) when a notification pops up at the top of her screen. Her eyes flicker to it, and her heart skips a beat. 

thatjakeperalta liked your post

She bites her bottom lip and shakes her head, mentally chastising herself for reacting to such a tiny thing. So he liked one of her Instagram photos, big deal.

She finishes off her text, confirming the stylists have been notified on the time and venue of their shoot, then switches over to her Instagram app. She just wants to check how well her last post is doing, she couldn’t care less about some model double-tapping on her picture. 

Even if he is ridiculously attractive and funny and by far the nicest model she’s worked with in the seven years of her professional career. 

She brings up her activity feed, which is filled with likes and comments from her industry friends and other followers. It’s the message at the top that again throws her off for a second. 

She was expecting to find that he had liked her most recent photo, but the thumbnail beside the notification isn’t this morning’s sunrise. Instead, it’s her smiling at the camera excitedly. Rosa had snapped the photo when they had reached the destination of their hike nearly a year ago

Before she can fully process this, she gets a slew of new notifications – all about thatjakeperalta liking her photos. 

Her cheeks redden a smidge, and a grin spreads on her face as she realizes what’s going on. He’d been stalking her Instagram, and this is him trying to cover his tracks. 

She’s definitely been there, and she knows how embarrassing it feels. But also, she just can’t resist gloating in his misery. 

She quickly takes a screencap of the page and sends it to him. For good measure, she texts: 

Working hard, I see. 

On Jake’s end, he’s absolutely mortified. 

He’s past contemplating cutting off his thumb for getting him in this mess, and he’s right about ready to change his name and go off the grid. He’s pretty darn sure his mom wouldn’t mind, so long as he sends her a postcard every now and then. 

He reads Amy’s text and groans loudly, burying his burning face in his pillow. If he could just go back in time and stop himself from liking a photo posted 48 freaking weeks ago. 

Eventually, he lifts his head up and reaches for his phone on the nightstand. He pulls up the message again and sighs, wondering how he’s going to charm his way out of this. 

It takes awhile, but he finally replies: 

just doing research on this photog i’m working with next week. she’s ayt i guess?? :P

Amy snickers and takes a second to attach an old photo of him she had found when doing “research” of her own. It’s him in a cough syrup ad from at least five years ago, and he’s looking like he’s at death’s door. 

I’m not sure about this model I was assigned for a shoot. Do you think I should just call off the gig? 

The pit of dread in his stomach eases up, and he chuckles.

i’ll have you know, i got free cough meds for months after that. it was p sweet when flu season came around.

and ngl, there was like a span of 4 years where i just said yes to everything.

the modeling world is crayyyyyy.

The next thing he receives is a photo of him holding a snake. There’s more of a grimace on his face than a smile. 

Did you get to keep the snake after this or did the pet store give you other freebies? 

He laughs and gets up to grab one of the folders on his shelf. He hasn’t really been compiling his latest tear sheets, but his mom used to catalog his earliest work. He finds the oldest folder and flips to one of the first pages – a photo of him as a toddler, donning only a Baby Looney Tunes-themed diaper and beaming. He snaps a picture of the ad and sends it over. 

i hit my prime early and everything’s just been downhill after

you think i’m ever going to get back to this level???

She lets out an aww and makes a mental note to dig up the rest of his childhood work later. (Over the weekend, when she does find the time to hunt through various online archives, she finds herself having to squash down the image of a tiny Jake Jr. running around her apartment. She chalks it up to her hormones and natural maternal instincts.) 

She goes back to her Instagram app and scrolls through the photos he’s been tagged in. Her eyebrows shoot up at some of the earliest pictures, where he’s styled to look like genderbent Disney princesses. She vaguely recalls this going viral back in her college days, and she isn’t sure how she didn’t put two and two together. She double-taps on all of them and sends over a screencap of her favorite one. 

I didn’t realize this was you! This photo series was so cool!!! How did I miss that looksbylinetti was your make up artist?

lol yeah isn’t gina amazing?! fun fact: this was the project that got me an agent. shout out to charles and his love for disney!

So amazing. I have to bug Gina about this at our next shoot. You think she’d be open to doing a redux on these? We need to do one of you as Elsa!

He’s typing out his reply when he’s interrupted by a call from Gina Linetti herself. “Hello?”


He laughs. “Yeah, I know.” 

“Uh- wait, ARE YOU WITH HER RIGHT NOW? Explain yourself, Jacob.”

“We’ve just been texting. It’s nothing. I accidentally liked one of her photos from a year ish ago, so we’ve been talking.” 

“Okay normally I’d disown you for that, but obviously your faux pas worked out somehow so.” 

“I mean nothing’s happened really, but -” 

“Nothing’s happened yet, boo! Okay, go back to flirting with Santiago or whatever. I’ll see ya at the shoot next week!”

Jake grins goofily in spite of himself, thankful he’s not in front of a camera for once. 

Superdad (Vernon)

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Type: Fluff


~I did do a reaction/scenario thing for Seventeen about them being on The Return of Superman: 1 and 2 ~

You stood in the kitchen washing your hands before you started breakfast as you looked up at the camera “this is so weird” you say to the camera. “Vernon is in for a hard two days” you tell it before heading to the fridge. You got out eggs, veggies, and a thing of porridge before a tired Hansol made his way out of the bedroom. “Good morning” you said as you made a sound. “Are you ready for this?” you ask him as he sits down at the table “of course not” he says as the two of you chuckle. “Don’t worry they should be easier than you think” you tell him. “Come here” you tell him as he quickly gets up “you’re going to heat Hudson’s porridge” you tell him as he nods. “You’ll have to learn how to cook as well” you continue as he clears his throat. “Can’t I order out?” he asked as you roll your eyes “you aren’t making our children fat because you can’t cook” you hint as you hand him the container.  

“I have a cookbook here for you” you tell him as he nods. “I’ll put my list of things to do while I’m gone” you tell him as he nods heading over to the microwave. Soon a soft cry came along “mommy” you hear getting ready to head over “I got her don’t worry” he says as he quickly makes his way to your bedroom to get Amora. He sat her down at the table before heading over to the microwave.


“Hello my name Hansol Vernon Chwe. I’m a father of 3” he spoke to the camera as he held his small 10 month old in his lap. “3 year old Effy. 2 year old Amora. And 10 month old Hudson” he continued as Amora came into view of the camera, well one eye and some of her messy morning hair “I am glad to have this chance to be with my children and give my wife some free time” he says as Hudson started squirming “alright alright” he said putting Hudson down. “My wife tells me compared to most children, our’s are relatively calm. And I shouldn’t have too hard of a time with them” he says as a crash sound occurs behind camera and it soon pans out to reveal the large mess of blocks now covering the floor. “She was trying to make me feel better. I know about that. Since she left this morning I’ve cleaned up at least 3 messes already and it’s not even 10 AM” he nods to himself as Hudson waddles over to him holding a block. “Please don’t make me regret it” he said to Hudson who smirked walking away from him.


After a few episodes Hansol was growing used to being left with his children and they were difficult but at the same time not the worse thing ever. He even began planning days out himself for him and his kids to bond with. On last weeks episode they had celebrated Hudson’s birthday as he was officially a year old and they had a cute little party that Hansol bought a blank cake for and after he wrote Hudson’s name on it he allowed his girls to decorate it but in the end they ate most of the icing. But they had a fun day so he had no problems with it. This week they were going on an outing to a park because of the lovely weather.

“Daddy, daddy, daddy” Hudson repeats over and over. Hansol smiled as he heard how cutely his son said it. They were walking through Seoul Forest before they sat down for a picnic “I met mommy here” he told his children as they were engaged in their finger foods “daddy” Hudson says again as he was now holding onto Hansol holding a apple slice. Hansol opened his mouth and Hudson pushed it into his mouth before he fell. Hansol caught him before he hit the ground and sat him back down.

“I love this” he says leaning back with a smile enjoying the warm weather, a yell came and Hansol quickly sprang to see Effy standing up scared “honey” he coos as she cried. He opened his arms as she rushes over to him “what’s wrong?” he asked as he looked around  “bee” she said pointing into the grass as Hansol looked over closely “sweetheart that’s a butterfly” he coos as he rocks her. “You’ll be fine, you can sit on my lap and I will keep you safe from all the mean bugs” he said as she nods. He leaned over and grabbed some fruit for her as she gladly takes it and starts eating again.


After waving you off again Hansol was left with he little misfits who seemed to be crowd pleasures to many of the people who watched. The spokesmen for their family was little Amora who rarely spoke and was often seen eating something. Not that his other children weren’t adorable, people just seemed to have a favorite out of each family.

Effy stood in front of the tent staring in at the VJ “uncle will you play with me?” she asked as he remained silent. Amora and Hudson were still asleep since it was rather early in the morning “Effy leave him be” Hansol calls as he brings her a sippy cup of juice “today we get to meet the other families you know?” he says to her as she climbs on the couch and he sits down beside her. “Others?” she asked as he chuckled “this show isn’t only about you guys” he said as he scrolled through his phone. “Why not?” she asked sassily as he turned to her. “The world can’t take you for the whole hour and thirty minutes” he responded as she pouted sitting down. 

“Who are we meeting?” she asked him as he went into his photo album pulling up the folder he created for this moment. “Okay this is Lee Joongi and his little girl Taeran she’s your age” he starts showing her the first set of people “this is Jang Dongwoo and his sons Minkyu and Woongin one is older than you and the other is Amora’s age” he then says as she nods. “Oh I forgot” he said as she smiled “uncle Junnie and Houli” she says “they’re on the show too” he tells her. “And finally Lee Soohyuk and his twin daughters and his baby daughter. Inseo and Miseo, who are your age. Then the little one is Doosim who’s younger than Hudson so we have to be careful with her” he finishes as she nods. 


Hansol seemed to instantly notice Houli’s signature dark curly hair as he was playing with a few of the other kids so he knew he was at the right place and the last to show up. “You brought the bag with the leash?” Junhui comments as Hansol chuckles “Hudson wanders now that he can walk” he said as he undid the tail to the bag letting his son take off running before he fell and was helped up by his big sister. “Hello” he said bowing as all the dad’s did the same. “The leash bag seems like a great idea” Dongwoo comments “before when Effy was around 2 years old and could eat solids she would leave her seat at restaurants and go bug other families for food” he states as Dongwoo laughs “my sons just leave and talk to other people” he explains as Hansol nods. 

After a while the dad’s were talking as if they were best friends. “We live in the same area?” Dongwoo asked Hansol who nodded “I think we’re only a few blocks apart” he said “I think our kids would want to hang out then” Dongwoo continues “I think my kids would like that” Hansol says. Soon Hansol felt a tug on his sleeve making him turn Amora stood there. Hansol grabbed the bag he brought and pulled out a thing of skinned apples wedges for her which she took “make sure you share” he tells her as she gave him a look. “There’s four apples worth of wedges in there. If you eat them all you’ll get sick” he calls as she started walking off. 

“You challenge her too much. This is the same girl that ate large bowl of bibimbap and side dishes at the last get together” Junhui says talking about when Seventeen last got together with their kids. “No need to worry she’s sharing” Joongi calls as they all glance over at the group of sitting kids snacking on apples. “Can Hudson already eat apples?” Soohyuk asks amazed as Hansol chuckles “not really he shoves them in peoples mouths. If he eats one it takes him like 30 minutes or so” he tells them. 

“You know since I became a parent all I could talk about is kids” Joongi continues as the all agreed. “I don’t think I go a day without telling the members of Infinite about my boys” Dongwoo tells them. “I call my wife every night we’re filming to talk about them” Junhui says as Hansol sinks into his seat “my wife sends me a text saying ‘are the kids alright?’ and if I say yes she doesn’t respond anymore” Hansol tells them as they all looked shocked “after the first few episodes she stopped being overly insane with messaging and what not. When she gets home I tell her about what we did” he continues.

Soon the younger children made their way over to them “oh thank you” Dongwoo says as Hudson gave him a slice. A large smile came to Hudson’s face as he accepted the compliment and went over to Soohyuk trying to get on his lap “Hudson-” “it’s fine” Soohyuk tells him as he let the young boy up. “Be gentle” Hansol warns as Hudson looks at 7 month old Doosim. Hudson pets Doosim’s cheeks “do you think she’s pretty?” Soohyuk asks “yeah Hudson who is the prettiest?” Junhui asked. Hudson sat there as he continued patting Doosim. “Mama” Hudson says as they all make sounds “mama is pretty” Hansol says “who’s the prettiest baby?” Joongi clarifies. 

Hudson gets down off of Soohyuk before he starts walking off “I guess it’s a mystery” Dongwoo says with a smile “no he has a crush on a member of our group, Jeonghan’s 6 year old daughter” Junhui says. “He likes older woman?” Joongi teases Hansol as he shrugs “my wife is older than I am” Hansol hums before they laugh.


You came back home after the 48 hours with a smile on your face. And the filming had stopped for the night and the cameras were off. You had rang the doorbell and heard yelling instantly as you came into the home. “Mama mama mama” Hudson calls pounding on the gate that blocked his path to you. “I’m coming Hudsy don’t worry” you call slipping your shoes off. “Did you guys have fun with daddy?” you ask as you got a chant of yes before walking in passed the gate. Hudson was soon attached to your leg before you picked him up. “How was meeting the other families?” you ask “it was nice. Amora shared food. Hudson touched a baby gently. Next week Dongwoo and his sons are coming over” he said as you nodded. Sitting down on the couch you were quickly grabbed and climbed on by your children who were glad to have you home. “So you went to the doctors right?” Hansol asked as you nodded. “Congratulations daddy” you tell him as his eyes widen “wait you’re kidding right?” he asked as you shook your head no.

His eyes were wide as he looked away from you. “I thought it was a stomach bug” he groaned leaning back “mama sick?” Hudson asked “no baba mama isn’t sick” you promise as he nods. “At least you don’t have to watch this one until it’s around 7 months” you tell him as he shakes his head. “Four is so many. They’re all so young” he continues as he soon had Amora on his lap. “I’m not even 30 yet” he mumbles. “Honey contain your excitement” you respond sarcastically. “Your right. I’m sorry. This is good news” he said smiling “just shocking” he finishes as he soon had hands smashing his face.

We All Fall Down - Twelve

Emily drove which made perfect sense as she had the larger car and also knew the way. She chatted as she navigated the roads, disrupting you from gazing out of the windows at the scenery.

“So I had a look in your pantry and you pretty much need everything. Diana has kinda lived on take out and anything I would  bring over for her during this last year, which given the circumstances is completely understandable.” You agreed and nodded as Emily continued. “I’d say your safest bet is to literally start from scratch and get all of your pantry staples today as well as some stuff to stock the fridge. Defrost the freezer overnight ready to throw out for the trash collection and we can go fill the freezer during the week. But we can get you plenty of fresh stuff today that’ll last awhile, at least then you’ll be able to cook.”

You wrinkled your nose up slightly and she clocked it.

“Not a big cook then?”

You shook your head. “I never really learned how to. I can put stuff in the oven to heat it up but… Cooking from scratch? I’d probably poison us.”

“What about Spencer, does he cook?”

“Not really.” You’d always got the impression from him that he was disappointed in your inability to piece together a meal from scratch, relying mainly on takeout or if you weren’t hungry, leaving him to own devices. Perhaps this could be something else you could change. You went out on a sudden limb. “I think I’d like to learn though.”

“Cooking is a invaluable skill. I can lend you easy to follow recipe books if you’d like. There’s a great number of websites too, I could send you… actually no I couldn’t because you’re stuck in the dark ages and don’t have a phone.”

You laughed at her comment and pulled your cell out of from your bag, waving it at her. “Hey, I was only stuck in the dark ages momentarily. I saw the light yesterday and now have a phone. And a new car actually.”

“Someone’s breaking the bank, a new phone AND a new car in one day?” she joked.

“Well it was Spencer who paid, not that I could if I even wanted to.”

“I take it you don’t work then?” Emily asked, her voice steady and unjudgemental.

“It’s a long story,” you sighed. She reached over and patted your knee lightly.

“Perhaps one that you’ll tell me sometime.”

Emily led you around the store, you slightly in awe at how big it was. Sure in New York you had huge department stores but the atmosphere in them was always different. Like everyone was in a hurry and that no one wanted to stop and talk. This target was bigger than the ones you’d been in when you were younger but yet it felt friendly, Emily receiving many nods and hellos as you both pushed your shopping carts through the aisles, Emily instructing you what to buy as she idly chatted at you. You dawdled in the stationary section, seeing some fancy looking binders with their spines designed to look like old books. Having a surge of inspiration you tossed a few into the cart, throwing in some sheet protectors as well. As you rounded the corner of the aisle to catch up with Emily, you crashed your cart into a solid mass of person, you letting out a curse.

“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry,” you muttered, reversing yourself and repositioning the cart.


You looked up to see yesterday’s saviour with a light smirk on his face.

“Mr Alvez… I mean Luke! Hi! Sorry about that….”

“Hey it’s cool, it’s cool. It’s not you hit me with your car or anything, I’ll live. Did you drive here? I’m not going to have to rescue you again from the parking lot am I?” he teased you and for the first time in years you felt your cheeks burn.

“No I’m here with my neighbour… Emily?”

As if summoned by magic she reappeared, searching for you.

“There you are! I thought I’d lost you forever to the stationary stores. Oh hey Luke, have you two met properly?” she looked between you both, waiting.

“Yeah we have,” you told her. “Luke rescued me yesterday on my first solo drive in years.”

“And she repays me by ramming her shopping cart into my stomach,” he grinned.

Emily nudged him playfully. “Oh shut it now Alvez, those abs of yours can take it I’m sure.”

“Well I think I’ll survive. Anyway, nice seeing you again Y/N. I’m off to pillage the stationary section now, gotta restock before school starts tomorrow.” Giving you another huge grin, he wheeled his own cart away.

“So he rescued you yesterday?” Emily asked curiously.

“I got stuck in a parking space near the tech store in town,” you explained.

“And Luke was your knight in shining armour. Well, there are worse knights to have in this town. He’s a good guy and his cousin Penelope is a right sweetheart.”

“The tech shop girl?” you asked, remembering your curiosity from yesterday.

“That’s her. Now come on, we still have plenty more to get.”

You followed Emily around the store for a while longer before checking out, handing over Spencer’s credit card, cringing slightly at spending his money again. Well, it wasn’t as if he wasn’t going to eat the food, you told yourself. As you were both loading your carts back up, you locked eyes with Luke again, him paying four checkouts away. He smiled and gave you a wave, both you and Emily returning it.

As Emily drove you home she chatted to you, surprising you with her words. “You know, you’re not what I expected.”

You frowned slightly, “How so?”

“I don’t mean any offence by it Y/N. Just…. I don’t know Spencer that well and I obviously can’t comment too much because it’s not like I’ve even really seen you together aside from at the funeral but, you’re not who I expected him to be with. Tara teases me sometimes, I read far too many psychology books in high school and she thinks I try to…. what’s that word they use in those dumb ass crime shows?” she thought for a moment before it coming to her. “Profile?…Yes, profile people. She’s the one with all the doctorates, she actually started in psychology before moving to family medicine but she says I see people clearer than she does. I think it’s just because I like watching people and picking up on their interactions. Doing the sort of job I do, I’m often blending onto the background of people’s kitchens when I’m working events. It’s amazing the interactions you see, how people behave when they don’t realise people are watching.”

You were curious but scared to ask her. Still, you took a deep breath and did it anyway. “What do you see when you look at me then?”

She hesitated slightly, chewing her lip before answering. “Someone who isn’t where she’s meant to be.”


Oh how right she was and she didn’t even know it.

“I’ve not offended you have I?” she was suddenly concerned.

“No, not at all. This isn’t where I pictured myself either.”

She didn’t question you and you didn’t elaborate, a silence falling over you both for the last part of the journey home. When you arrived home, she helped you inside with your bags, before making you give her your number.

“I’ll send you some easy to follow recipes. And don’t forget to call the local authority about the trash collection.”

Whilst out she’d told you about the garbage collection dates and extra charges. Given the amount of food you needed to throw out combined with the other things you’d sorted out, she told you to call them in advance and for a small charge they’d take it all away. Otherwise they’d only take what was in the garbage bin and leave the rest. You’d call them Monday you assured her, thanking her again for taking you out.

“It’s not problem. Maybe you and Spencer could come over for dinner one evening soon as well. I really do want to get to know you Y/N. And if you’re ever bored during the day, give me a call. If I’m not at an event then I’m generally just baking at home. Having someone to talk to always makes it more fun.”

You smiled at her sweetly, telling both yourself and her that you would. It would be good for you to have an actual friend here. It had been such a long time since you had one you’d almost forgotten what it was like.

Emily left and you began putting the shopping away, reusing the bags to put the expired food items into. Just as you were finishing up you heard the front door unlock as Spencer returned home. Was it really that time already? Glancing at your phone you saw that it was just after 4pm and you remembered that you needed to get ready for the ‘family’ meal. You carried the bags of expired food through the house and into the dining room where you’d been putting all of the items to throw out, meeting Spencer in the hallway as you were done, him looking you up and down.

“Before you ask why I’m not ready, we’ve not long got home. I was busy all morning sorting some things out in the study. I’m just about to go and get ready now.”

Spencer frowned slightly and then uncreased his brow. “Y/N, it’s fine. I can see you’ve been busy. We don’t have to leave until around 6.30pm anyway.”

That gave you plenty of time to have another shower and to make yourself presentable. Remembering the folders you’d bought you spoke again. “Oh, erm… I had an idea if it’s okay with you? I picked up some nice ring binders which I thought we could display your fan mail in, rather than having it kept in boxes? But I do think it perhaps needs sorting out first as there’s a lot of it. And there’s lots of piles of papers in the study that I haven’t the first clue what to do with. The trash collection around here is a Tuesday morning so if you’re not too busy tomorrow do you think you could have look through things then? Emily told me that if I call the local authority and pay an upfront fee they’ll take away extra trash for us.”

Us. That sounded strange on your lips.

“I’m pretty much done at the office now anyway so yes, I’ll sort the study out tomorrow. Thank you for what you’ve done so far, and your idea about displaying letters does sound quite nice.”

It all seemed so formal between you both.

“Oh and Y/N. I picked up something for you today.” Spencer handed you a large black bag, you taking it and being suprised at how heavy it was. When you peered inside you saw a rectangular cardboard box, the words laptop computer standing out.

“I just thought it would be useful for you to have. You can try writing again on it.”

Had he not listened to a word you’d said? Had he not paid attention to you at all?

“Once you’ve got the house sorted, of course. But there’s plenty of online magazines and newspapers that will accept submissions and if they like you, they’ll pay you.” Spencer had hope in his eyes, and an ernest expression on his face, one that you hadn’t seen in a while. He thought he’d done good. You felt an extremely uneasy feeling in your stomach, a feeling you couldn’t quite place. Counting to ten mentally you forced a smile of thanks across your face.

“That’s very kind Spencer, thank you.” The same formal tone that he had. “I’m sure that once I’ve got everything sorted in the house, I’ll be able to think of something to write.”

Even though you hadn’t for years and had no intention of even trying. Part of you told you that it was the thought that counted, that he’d tried to do something nice for you. The other part screamed at you that he wasn’t even listening to you anymore. Did he ever though? Really?

“I’ll take it upstairs with me now, and set it up when I have a moment. Six thirty you said we were leaving?” Spencer nodded, looking pleased with himself. “Ill be ready for then,” you told him before turning and heading upstairs. Once there you opened the closet and stashed the bag in there.

Perhaps, if it came to it, you’d could sell it.

Death by Karaoke

Fandom:  Star Trek (AOS/TOS)
Pairing: Reader x Bones
Word Count: 9,438
Rating: Teen+
Summary: Reader injures herself and has to get fixed up before she heads out for a night on the town, which includes karaoke, drinking and plenty of embarrassment.
Tag List: @outside-the-government @littlecarowrites @star-trekkin-across-theuniverse  @feelmyroarrrr @trekken81 @lurkch@yourtropegirl @answer-the-sirens @alwaysinnarnia @mccoymostly @dolamrothianlady @stormsnevercometostay   - If you would like to be added to my tag list, please let me know!
Author’s note: This one has been sitting, half-finished, in my documents folder for months.  Finally got the inspiration to finish it last night.  Hope you guys like! Thanks to Jules for the title - I couldn’t think of anything and this suggestion made me laugh. <3

              It has been an incredibly long week.  You have been stressed to the maximum, racing around the ship, trying to fix little technical problems that seemed to be springing up faster than normal.  This is horrible timing, as three of your department crew are confined to their quarters with some kind of severe flu, so their workload has fallen mostly on your shoulders along with just two others.   The three of you have been run ragged, so when it was announced that the ship would soon be docking at Yorktown for supplies and a chance to leave the ship for a few days, you were absolutely ecstatic.

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Bad Boy

Originally posted by teambgasm

Group: Ikon/Mobb

Idol: Kim Jiwon (Bobby) (ft. Mino from Winner for like a minute)

Genre: AU; BadBoy!Bobby

Overview: The bad boy of the school as your boyfriend plus strict, conservative parents is a recipe for disaster. (one-shot)

Words: 6,987

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Title: (Y/N)

Pairing: College!Dean x reader

Warnings: Swearing

Word Count: 1231

Summary: Dean is studying photography in college, and sees the same girl sitting in the same spot everyday reading. He is so enchanted by her beautiful and focus that he takes pictures of her. And one day, she catches him.

Tags: @johnmurphys-sass, @lilyleely, @16wiishes

A/N: I’m taking request, so please send me prompts you’d like to see.

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She didn’t talk to anyone; she never did. Against the same tree trunk, shoulders slumped and head leaned into a book, she sat. Nothing, nothing at all, would break her concentration. The moment she opened that book, that was it. It was just her, and whatever adventure she chose to explore that week. 

And, for some reason, Dean found her intent focus so captivating. It was enough from him to lift the camera that hung around his neck, and snap a few quick shots. The pit of guilt churn once again in his stomach, just like the very first time. He was always so afraid she’d look up and catch him. He’d come up with several scenarios all, in which, would end with her slapping him across the face, and filing some sort of restraining order.  

Taking a deep breath, he set his camera down, and reverted to his project on the rickety picnic table. An assignment which would be counted for more that half his grade. Flipping through the brown album with several proofs of simple street signs, he sighed in frustration.

Places to go, he scoffed, reading the oh-so clever title. Could this really be the best he could do? Some boring, basic shots of random street signs? How the fuck did he think that was smart?

Pushing away the portfolio, he groaned, rubbing his face. The assignment was due tomorrow, and he’d just scraped weeks worth of film. He had to have something stashed away at the bottom of his bag. Something worth presenting, let alone standing by.

Dean urgently dug through his bag, through countless portfolios that have been discarded - and for good reason too. All the ones he’d looked through were disappointing or, if anything, just sad. He suddenly started to wonder if photography really was the best choice for him, until he reached a little black folder hidden behind the sad excuses for photographs.

He knew what it was, or rather, what it contained. Moreover, he knew he shouldn’t have developed the contents. It only added fuel to an already uncontrollable fire.

Looking back up to her figure, Dean gulped, debating if revealing the proofs in that folder were worth it. However, his hands weren’t as cautious as his mind. They worked quick, pulling out the folder and opening it up, before scanning through the proofs. They were all slightly the same. The only difference was her clothes. 

He stared at them, that guilty feeling returning, wondering what he could do. Should he even be doing anything? Perhaps it was time to start anew. However, his eyes wouldn’t let him look for a new subject, as they were glue to the photographs.

Maybe. A tiny voice spoke behind the shame. Maybe this – she – could be you’re subject. A quiet girl so entranced by the magic of a book rather than the magic of the world.

“Magical focus,” he whispered, before scrunching his nose in disgust. “The magic of focus?” he muttered again, trying to decipher if it was clever or just stupid.

“How about crazy stalker dude?” a voice behind him sarcastically suggested.

Dean froze, his eyes daring to look up at the tree trunk. Her usual seat was empty. He knew it. He knew taking that folder out, and sifting through it was foolish and sloppy. Slowly, he turned his head towards her.

It was a bit odd seeing her doing anything else but sit and read. Although, he couldn’t deny that seeing her eyes for the first time wasn’t just as beautiful.

“What?” she questioned, slightly inching forwards. “You have nothing to say for yourself?”

He gulped. What did he have to say for himself? How was he going to explain this? Maybe try the truth? A voice sassed, dragging him back to the situation.

So, he cleared his throat and started, “You were reading. And-”

“And what?” she cut off, suddenly growing angrier. “How does that give you the right to take pictures of me.”

Dean paused. “It doesn’t.” he admitted, earning a shocked look from the girl. He took a deep breath, continuing, “I’m sorry. I just saw you sitting there and I thought that your focus when you read was the most-” he cut himself off, almost revealing too much. The last thing he needed was to sound like some sort of lovesick puppy. And Dean wasn’t his brother.

“The most…?” she urged him to continue, still confused by his actions.

He glanced back at his proofs and muttered, “The most amazing thing I’ve ever seen.” He confessed, choosing his words carefully.

She furrowed her eyebrows together, taking a deep breath. “I see you siting here everyday. Is it because you wanted to take those pictures?” she asked, nodding towards the folder.

“Not at first.” he answered. “I sat here many times before, but one day you came and started reading, like you always did. And then, this fight happened. These two guys started punching and kicking each other, not even five feet away from you. There was this whole crowd, and the dean even come out.” he explained, watching her perplexed face try to recall the fight. “And you.” he chuckled, remembering her figure hunched so close to that book. “You didn’t even look up. Your eyes were glued to that book.”

Turning back to the photos, he looked through them. Finally, he found the very first one he took, and handed it to her. “I had to wait for the right moment. There were so may people around, but I got it.”

She took the photo, her brows slightly raised in surprise. “I don’t remember this.” she mumbled, glancing up at him. “How long have you been doing this?” she moved closer to stand beside him, scanning through the countless photos.

He scratched the back of his head, and shrugged. “A couple of months maybe.” he confessed. “Look, if you want, I’ll destroy them. I mean, it would leave me without a grade, but I’ll do it.”

“Without a grade? What do you mean?” she asked, looking to him.

“I have an assignment due tomorrow, it’s pretty much half my grade, and all I worked on was shit, and this is the only thing left I have to show for.” he replied. “But, you just say the word and it’s gone.”

So, he waited. He waited and watched as she hesitated. She glanced at the proofs once last time, moving them around. “How many people would see this?” she muttered.

He didn’t bother to hide his shock. “Only the professor.”

She swallowed, turning back to the folder one last time. “Once it’s done, get rid of them.” was all she said before returning the first picture, and walking away.

Dean relaxed in his seat, and let out a breath he didn’t realize he was holding. He quickly got up from his spot and stood, calling after her. “Wait!” he called. She turned, only a few meters away. “I never got your name.”  

She sighed, offering a small smile as she replied, “(Y/N).”

He nodded, returning the smile. “Dean.”

And with that, she turned around and resumed her path.

Dean sat back down, looking through the proofs, searching for a title. As he began arranging the layout, it suddenly came to him. It was so obviously, he felt so stupid to not have seen it before.


Castle Fanfic: Worry Later 1/1

Worry Later

A Caskett 2x14 AU

This is an extreeeemely late birthday fic for our favorite Prompt Overlord, @inkstainedcoffeecup. Although this one isn’t a prompt of yours, I hope you enjoy it anyway, Lou! <3

“I need a date.”

Lanie looks at her as if she has sprouted a second head or started speaking in tongues. Truthfully, she hadn’t quite meant to put it out there just that plainly, but she’s battling the agitated flutter of her heart right now and if she doesn’t do something about it soon, she won’t.

“What?” her friend asks, her eyes narrowing. “Repeat that, because I know I didn’t hear you right.”

“A date. A guy. A man,” Kate says, gaining steam and courage with it. See, she can do it, too. She can get a date with someone attractive and successful, and she doesn’t need to be on some pathetic ‘Most Eligible’ list to do it. She just needs a little help from a friend. And only because Lanie seems to know everyone. “You’re always trying to set me up with people, so here I am. I’m game. What have you got?”

One of her friend’s eyebrows skyrockets. “Okay, what’s gotten into you?”

Ugh, Lanie. Don’t ask that. She doesn’t want to talk about interviews and assumptions, or her infuriating shadow. She just wants her friend to help her out.

“I get so wrapped up in work all I want to do is go home where it’s quiet, and I’m so tired of quiet I want…”

“Castle,” Lanie offers, crossing her arms over her chest, her lips curling in challenge.

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Deadly Love: Part 2 (Peter Parker x Reader)

A/N: Here is Part 2, as promised!!!! I enjoyed writing this, but sorry if the ending is really terrible!!! @shadowstark, I hope I did your request justice!!! Here is Part 1 for anyone who missed it!!! And if you want to be tagged in any of my future fics, just shoot me an ask or message!! :)

Word Count: 1,486

Warnings: Angst, mentions of cancer, death, and swearing

It was like time had stopped. Peter could barely hear Y/N’s shallow breathing on the other end of the phone as he sat there, tears slipping down his cheeks as he repeated the words back to himself.

“it’s inoperable this time.”

“That can’t be true.” Peter said it as if it were a matter of fact. “There’s no way, Y/N, there has to be some way to get rid of it.”

“Peter, I told you this was a risk bound to happen. I…We…You can’t do anything, Peter.”

“How much time?” Peter croaked those words out, his throat dry as he sat on his bed, motionless.


“Y/N, tell me! Please, tell me. I have to know, please,”

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dean's list (dean winchester)

prompt: professor dean winchester in a relationship with his straight a student, y/n.

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y/n, can i speak to you please?“ mr. winchester, my greek mythology professor, said before dismissing the class.

i stood in front of my desk, collecting my things as i watched the rest of the students exit the classroom.

once all the students left, i placed my black backpack on the desk and walked over to mr. winchester.

i felt like i was flying, staring at him as he eyed me with his forest green eyes.

a smirk played on his pink lips once i reached him, placing myself on his mahogany desk.

“yes mr. winchester. you asked for me?,” swinging my legs and leaning towards him.

his body stood in between my legs before closing the gap between the two of us.

“i love it when you call me that,” he muttered slowly.

dean’s lips molded with mine, softly sucking on my bottom lip.

his hand pressed against the inside of my thigh while the other cupped my face, as if he was afraid to let go.

“dean,” i moaned into his mouth as his lips started to trail down from my neck to my stomach.

he tugged at the hem of my purple nyu sweatshirt, asking for permission to take it off.

i slowly nodded, meeting his eyes once more before he threw the sweatshirt over my head and it landed on the floor.

“let me lock the door first, babe,” he whispered onto my stomach before walking towards the black door.

the story of how i met dean winchester is pretty interesting: one for the books may i add.

i was celebrating my 21st birthday with my friends and he was celebrating getting a new job with his at the same bar, same time.

we had actually gotten into a fight because we didn’t know who had booked the bar first. (the manager screwed up the reservations)

dean and i had fought on who would get the bar until i finally gave up and decided that we both share it.

this idea was a great idea because it was that day we started to talk and know each other better.

it was also that same night that dean and i hooked up in the bathroom after both of our celebrations were over.

that was three months ago.

when school finally rolled around, i was disappointed because after our hookup, i never got to ask for dean’s number.

but when i walked into my first class and saw him, my emotions were all over the place.

i was glad i finally found him: the guy i’ve been dreaming to find.

i was upset that he had to be my teacher.

i was confused because when i set my eyes on him, he didn’t look like the dean i hooked up with.

he looked much older with his beard prominent on his face while his emerald eyes searched mine, trying to remember me.

after class was over, he asked to speak with me, knowing that i was that girl from three months ago.

i was his hookup.

but he didn’t care: he was glad that he found me as well.

from there, we started our secret relationship: making out during his lunch breaks, having sex in his apartment after school hours, and going out of town for dates.

yes, our relationship was difficult but dean and i both agreed that it was worth it.

now, as i watch him walk towards me and unbutton his flannel, i knew he was worth it.

his large hands lifted me up slowly, carrying towards the small couch in his office.

“it was a great idea for you to create this mini office,” i commented as i slid off my jeans and panties.

dean once again agreed, laughing against my heat before giving a small kiss.

“so beautiful,” he said before he buried his face in between my legs.

his tongue lapped over my clit continuously as i felt his beard rubbing roughly against my thighs.

“god, fuck, you are so amazing,” i screamed once his ring and middle finger slid into me.

he placed a small kiss on my cheek before muttering a string of profanities.

with his thumb, he slowly rubbed the bundles of nerves.

my toes curled up in pleasure, watching as dean’s lips rose up to kiss me again.

“oh god, i think i’m in love with you,” he whispered against the crevice of my neck.

my eyes widened at dean’s statement, reaching my high rather quickly with his words.

as his fingers ran through my hair, dean leaned his forehead against mine.

the room was completely silent, expect for our deep panting.

i didn’t know what to say or do so i simply snaked my arms around his neck, biting my lip anxiously.

“if you don’t feel the same, you can tell me but these eight months really made me fall for you, darling,” he declared as i watched him let go of me.

“and who said i didn’t feel the same?,” i questioned, watching him button his flannel again.

he turned around to face me, his jade green eyes brightening.

“you love me?”

i nodded my head quickly, wanting to know that i did love him.

i love him with all my heart.

“of course, silly. i love you, mr. winchester,” i admitted with a huge smile spread across my lips.

dean let out a happy laugh, nodding his head in approval.

“good. and i hope you enjoyed this,” he said, referring to our activity.

“yes i did. and may i ask why i received that reward? you usually don’t eat me out after class?”

dean strided towards his desk, flipping through his manilla folders and pulling out a piece of paper.

“well, it’s because you made it on the dean’s list. congrats babe!,” he replied as i read my name on the list displayed on the paper.

i let out a victory squeal, my heart beating loudly in my chest.

all my hard work finally paid off!

countless hours of studying and begging dean to tutor me after school.

“i made it on the dean’s list? that’s amazing!,” i stammered a bit before quickly getting dressed.

i strolled to dean, twirling myself around him and doing my happy dance.

“why not? you will always be on my list,” he responded, sending a wink to me.

a giggle erupted from my throat, shaking my head at dean’s lame joke.

“ha ha. so funny,” i sarcastically commented before leaving his office and retrieving my bag.

dean followed in suit, embracing me from behind and placing a kiss to my shoulder blade.

“sweetheart. you know my jokes are the best,” he laughed lightly.

“c'mon let’s go and use that ego for better use at home,” i giggled, thinking about our friday night plans.

“home? you consider my apartment home?”

“if i’m on your list and you love me, then i consider your apartment home,” i stated as we both exited the classroom together.

“great. then let’s go home and let me fuck your brains out, my young scholar,” he said as he slowly nibbled my left ear.

“let’s go then, mr. winchester”.

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📱  TFLN Starters – 1/??  📱

  • [text]: everytime she opens her mouth i wish that i was deaf
  • [text]: Why do I like him? He literally has no redeeming qualities.
  • [text]: On the other hand, this could be a new level of shame for me.
  • [text]: I mean, I’m shallow, narcissistic, and selfish, but I’m an amazing friend sometimes
  • [text]: Ive decided to see your threat against my life as you flirting.
  • [text]: If the world would stop letting me feel invincible I would probably stop doing this shit.
  • [text]: The last thing I remember was convincing you to hid in the fridge, and then taking everything out and you not fitting.
  • [text]: That sounds worse than that time you thought out an entire story of how big bird would kill you
  • [text]: Good news my life of crime finally paid off
  • [text]: I worry about your feelings an awful lot for somebody who gets off on making you cry
  • [text]: I hate all girls vehemently.
  • [text]: Sometimes I look at her and just start choking. She is that much of an evil entity.
  • [text]:The police scanner is talking about you again…
  • [text]: I have absolutely nothing sober to say to you.
  • [text]: Ohhh the usual. Laying in bed reflecting on my decisions
  • [text]: failed my one goal of the day: wake up before 2pm
  • [text]: i cant believe u jumped in someones trunk just to get out of talking to me
  • [text]: And I wasn’t CONVICTED of a felony, I just committed one
  • [text]: I can’t sleep. Send Llama pictures.
  • [text]: I looked at the bar tab this morning. The bartender added a $25 ‘customer asshole fee’. I have no grounds to dispute it.
  • [text]: Do they mail horrible human being awards or do I have to pick it up or what’s the protocol on that shit
  • [text]: I hope your sleeping good cuz when u wake up im punching you square in the face
  • [text]:Well, personally I like to keep my blackmail in well organised folders.
  • [text]: it’s not a party till someone uses the fire extinguisher.
All the Best People Are... Part 2 Pennywise x Insane!Reader

Pennywise x Reader

Requester: nex-bestia

Prompt: Oh my god, i love your insabe reader x pennywise sooooo much, could you pretty please do a second part where they get to know each other more anf kinda fall in love???? If not it’s okay, love you and your stories ;3

EXTREME WARNING: Insane/Mentally Ill Reader, descriptive childhood trauma, descriptive childhood abuse, BUT fluffy ending

Note: I watched Melanie Martinez’s Mad Hatter video before this and then played Mad Hatter on repeat well writing this. It’s SUCH a good song and she’s an amazing artist so I recommend her. She makes songs like Mad Hatter, Carousel, Dollhouse, Crybaby, Mrs. Potato Head, Cake, Play date, etc. Ya know like child-like songs but with a dark twist. She has an amazing voice and I srsly recommend her to you if you like this fanfic a lot. Okay done gushing. Read dear reader! XD!


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(read on and you’ll understand this one a little more ;) ) 

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t was that time of the week again.


You hated therapy since your therapist didn’t understand you didn’t want to be cured, you didn’t want to be normal, you wanted to remain just the way you are. Attacking roosters, fighting with shower curtains, dressing up as Harley Quinn occasionally, laughing at anything, and especially your clown friend Pennywise.

Wether he was real or a part of your fucked up world you didn’t care. He was a friend either way. You were sitting in the waiting room drawing with the crayons they handed out to children to keep them entertained and get a glimpse of what goes on in their head.

You were currently listening to your Melanie Martinez Playlist as you drew yourself with rainbow blood dripping from your nose and eyes with a smile on your face with sharp teeth like Pennywise’s.

You liked Pennywise.

Despite your fucked up head of thinking a giggling bloody bunny was cute, cutting off the head of your bears to shove a heart in the stuffing, and especially having a fictional clown villain as your idol, you knew you were in love.

Not with a human!


A clown.

A devilishly handsome, tall, alien clown who smelled like the carnival and is as sweet as cotton candy, as huggable as a teddy bear, and overall lovable as a fat fluffy bunny.

If you were to put it in a sane human perspective.

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summary: y/n meets sebastian during her last year of university. the actor volunteers to organise a workshop for aspiring actors on campus and needs an assistant. the head of the drama department believes that y/n is just the right person. within five days, friendly encouragements manage to turn into insinuations of sinful activities that should not, under any circumstances, take place in a lecture hall.

word count: 3′000+ 

warnings: age difference (nothing illegal though), implied smut, dirty talk??

a/n: for those of you who don’t know i live for thicc, long haired sebastian and this is just my way of dealing with my emotions. also this scenario has been haunting me for the past month and i finally decided to go ahead and write about it. btw this is not proof read so sorry lmao. might write a part 2 but idk

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