in a field drinking


Full name: Raditz
Other names: Radz, Radish, 
Occupation: Agent for the PTO
Age:  35 (main verse) / 46 ( U!13 verse )
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Pan ( Demiromantic )
Origin:  Planet Vegeta
Current location:  Verse dependent 
Nationality: Saiyajin
Ethnicity: Saiyajin
Spoken languages: Saiyago, Universal Language, English
Religion: N/A
Height: 6′11 ( why because i say so )
Body type: Herculean / Mesomorph
Eyes: Chestnut Brown
Tattoos: N/A
Piercings: N/A
Social Media: N/A
Smoking: Yes.
Drinking: Yes.
Athletics: Yes.
Hobbies: Training, reading, lounging around fields.
Virgin: No. 
Favorite drink: Alcohol. 
Favorite food: Red meats.
Favorite Music: He likes that metal stuff.
Clothing style:  He enjoys wearing form fitting clothing. He unfortunately isn’t good at picking out the greatest outfits as he is so used to wearing his armor.
Underwear type:  He like wearing them speedos my dudes and duduettes. 

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Full Name: Noctis Caelum

Nickname(s): Noctis, Noct (by his friends), Prince, princess (by Gladio)

Hometown: Insomnia

Birthplace: Insomnia

Height: 5’9”

Weight: 135 lbs

Age: 20

Birthday: August 30th

Star sign: Virgo

Eye color(s): bright blue

Hair color: black



Parent(s): Regis and Aulea Caelum


Other family:

Significant other(s): Lunafreya

Field of study: Political science and Business

Favorite drink: Raspberry tea

Favorite food: Grease Monkey’s Schnitzel Sandwich

Hobbies: fishing, playing video games, hiking with Gladio

Likes: finding new fishing holes, looking at Prompto’s pictures, Luna getting excited over stationary, giving Luna new stickers for her collection, eating Iggy’s food

Dislikes: Ignis telling him to eat his vegetables, his future brother in law Ravus, Professor Izunia, people using Noctis’ family as a way to get rich or fame, hates the taste of Ebony coffee

Other info: Noctis is the only child of billionaire philanthropist Regis Caelum. Descended from a long line of the Lucis Caelum family (the Lucis was dropped through the years) they are the sole living relatives to the old royal family before the kingdom reformed and became a democracy. Noctis is the 114th son in the long line and wishes to continue his fathers work in Caelum Enterprises, but wants to focus on more preservation technology than his father. He met Prompto when they were children and after an awkward meeting where he inadvertently called Prompto fat he didn’t see him again until their sophomore year of high school when a much skinnier Prompto came up to him and slapped him on the back, making Noctis stumble. Noctis returned the favor after Prompto reintroduced himself and they’ve been friends ever since.

aesthetics for the signs

aries: fairy lights, ripped fishnets, disco balls, neon signs, movie tickets, concerts, roller blading rinks, train tickets, listening to a good song for the first time, watching scary movies with friends, screaming until you lose your voice.

taurus: flushed cheeks, playing in the snow, staying up all night to talk to someone you like, caring for someone, hugs, travelling, the sound of a pen scratching against paper, twirling around in a pretty dress.

gemini: finishing a paper ten minutes before its due, sending a risky text, ripped skinny jeans, storm clouds, standing in the rain, screaming into your pillow, making out with someone for hours, blasting your music.

cancer: the colour blue, grocery shopping, holding hands, love confessions, cherry blossoms, sexual tension, making bad decisions, motorcycles, coffee shops, cotton candy, spicy food, sweet talking your way out of things.

leo: long eyelashes, dimples, the feeling of freedom, dancing without a care in the world, buying clothes without looking at the price, lattes, face masks, sharp eyeliner, waterfalls, smirking, making people jealous, blankets fresh out of the dryer.

virgo: campfires, stargazing, old books, rainy days, modern buildings, a steamed up mirror, the rooftop of a building, breathless laughter, the glow of your phone at night, dipping your feet into a swimming pool, a shy kiss on the cheek, glittery eyeshadow.

libra: having someone play with your hair, flirty texts, the colour pink, red roses, high heels, long hair blowing in the wind, hands on your thighs, scented candles, being complimented, kissing someone you like for the first time.

scorpio: spending all your money on concert tickets, bruised lips, getting drunk for the first time, pressed flowers, glitter, polaroids, red lipstick, laughing at 2am, whispering secrets, piercings, making eye contact with someone you like.

sagittarius: an adrenaline rush, ignoring texts, knee high socks, smashing a window, staying out until 5am, freckles, stickers, the colour yellow, cursive writing, museums, laughing at silly jokes, discussing conspiracy theories.

capricorn: city skylines, chocolate, red wine, being pampered, lace bras, silk robes, bubble baths, smelling flowers, bubblegum, piano music, rose petals on silk sheets, expensive perfume, driving down an empty highway at 3am.

aquarius: coloured hair, hot chocolate, a field of flowers, taking long showers, smiling until your cheeks hurt, drinking with friends, the sound of a movie quietly playing in the background as you fall asleep.

pisces: hickeys, ripped denim jackets, bumble bees, rain gently pattering against your window as you try to fall asleep, fluffy clouds, receipts, sunsets, biting your lips, messy eyeliner, discovering new places, scented candles.

Full Name: Lunafreya Nox Fleuret

Nickname(s): Lunafreya, Luna, Moony (by Noctis), Lu or Lulu (by Prompto)

Hometown: Tenebrae

Birthplace: Tenebrae

Height: 5’6”

Weight: 145lbs

Age: 24

Birthday: September 4th

Star sign: Virgo

Eye color(s): Blue

Hair color: blonde, has been known to add temporary color streaks during holidays


Glasses?: needs to wear glasses after staring at a computer for too long

Parent(s):  Sylva Nox Fleuret, no father

Sibling(s): Ravus Nox Fleuret

Other family:

Significant other(s): Noctis

Field of study: Ancient history and Religion

Favorite drink: Hot chocolate

Favorite food: Cakes of Tenebrae

Hobbies: collecting stickers, researching old religious ceremonies, scrap booking with Prompto’s pictures

Likes: taking her dogs for long walks, going fishing with Noctis, when Noctis brings her new stickers, talking with Prompto, going on double dates with Prompto and Ignis

Dislikes:  Gladio being harsh with Noctis, Ravus being mean to Noctis, Professor Izunia, Nifelheim, people ignoring her precious dogs

Other info: Lunafreya is the youngest daughter of the Nox Fleuret family. A philanthropist family with old money they were introduced to the Caelums when Regis asked Sylva for help in building his company and products. She readily agreed, becoming enthralled with the innovation he had. Since then the families had close bonds with summer vacations to visit each other and so forth. Lunafreya and Noctis became fast friends as children, even with the age gap. She helped him heal from after a car accident rendered him immobile and wheelchair bound for a year. With her help, he made a quick recovery. The two after that decided to try and stay in touch, emailing each other and so forth. When Noctis found out Luna collected stickers he bought a fancy journal and filled the first page with stickers he found, mailing it to her. She was thankful for the gift and mailed the journal back with a note inside, leading to a tradition of writing the note back and forth to each other. Over the years they filled many journals and you can find them in Luna’s chest by her bed. When asked when she fell in love with Noctis she usually replies when they were children and he had trouble pronouncing her name, thus birthing calling her Luna for short. She only says this to tease him however as she truly began looking at him romantically when he went out of his way to drive to Tenebrae to spend her 20th birthday with her and bought her favorite necklace which she never leaves the house without.  When Luna was a child she was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. To help her daughter stay on track her mother gave Luna two puppies, one to be trained as a service dog to help her with her medications and sugar levels, the other as an emotional support animal. Luna named them Umbra and Pryna respectively and they have been with her ever since, though Umbra will sometimes act more like Noctis’s dog than not. 

Note: The foods Luna eats are sugar free and diabetic friendly versions

Aesthetics For The Signs

aries: fairy lights, ripped fishnets, disco balls, neon signs, movie tickets, concerts, roller blading rinks, train tickets, listening to a good song for the first time, watching scary movies with friends, screaming until you lose your voice.

taurus: flushed cheeks, playing in the snow, staying up all night to talk to someone you like, caring for someone, hugs, travelling, the sound of a pen scratching against paper, twirling around in a pretty dress.

gemini: finishing a paper ten minutes before its due, sending a risky text, ripped skinny jeans, storm clouds, standing in the rain, screaming into your pillow, making out with someone for hours, blasting your music.

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White people really do not understand the idea of cultural appropriation so I’m gonna explain it to you one y’alls level okay? Bc the absurdity of these counter-arguments I’m getting is out of hand, and I’m tired of arguing with people so far beneath my level on a subject that harms me more than them.

You live in a little village where everyone is identified by the clothes they wear. Everyone in the village has a blue shirt. Your family has a blue shirt with polka dots on it. The people in your village eat lots of tasty yellow fruit with a special mixture of spices and pray to a fruit god every time you eat them. You also eat lots of nuts, but that’s not as important. This is your village’s culture. 

There is rumored to be a village to the west of you, where everyone is given a special toy shaped like an animal when they are born. It is very important to every individual, and means a lot to them. They keep it and polish it all their lives, and it is burned when they die. They eat special starchy balls full of meat, but also once a month,make a drink that honors their dead. This is their culture.


The two villages have grown bigger and bigger over time, which makes them spread closer and closer to eaach other. There are no big territorial battles- the two villages like each other and sometimes share resources. If someone from the first village passes through the second, someone might give them some of their food for the trip and vice versa, so now some people in each village like and sometimes make the food of the other. A few people who have made close friends with people in the other village begin wearing colored shirts like them, or giving their children a special animal doll because someone from that village explained why that was special and invited them to do so. Things from each culture are shared with respect and friendship, and this happened naturally. This is CULTURAL INTEGRATION.


The shirt-wearing village considers itself bigger and stronger. They have invented spears that help them hunt, but think maybe hunting would be even easier if they had more wood from the other villages territory, and less competition. So they decide to invade, fight and kill people in the animal-doll village. They kill some of their stronger warriors and subdue the rest of the villagers. When they are done, they let these villagers into their village as long as they agree to stop carving animal dolls, as long as they agree to learn their language, and as long as they agree to eat and dress like them, and leave their culture behind. This is CULTURAL ASSIMILATION.


People from the two villages see each other from time to time but aren’t all that friendly. The shirt-wearing village likes the look of the dolls from the animal-doll village, and decides to make their own just like them, without asking. They’ve heard the dolls have a complex ceremony and meaning, but they don’t care. To the animal-doll village’s dismay, they learn that the shirt-wearers have been making ‘soulless’ animal dolls that are not connected to a villager, are not prayed over the right way, and in their belief is a dead and cursed thing. They never asked, and they did not follow the rules. In the meantime, many shirt-wearers steal fish from the animal-doll village’s fishing cages, stomp on their crops for fun when they are drunk, and make rude faces at them when they see them in the fields. They learn how to make the special drink they commune with the dead with, but drink it all the time, carelessly, and still won’t talk nicely to the animal-doll village people. They are mostly disrespectful, but still take things from the other village without being nice to them, and without asking. They enjoy the things the animal-doll people make, but do not enjoy them, and cause them suffering. This is CULTURAL APPROPRIATION.

And lastly….

You, a shirt-wearer with a blue spotted shirt, are playing with a toy. Another child comes up to you and in a friendly manner, asks to play. You hand them your toy. This is sharing.

Another day, a different child with a red shirt points at your blue shirt, makes fun of it, and takes your toy. This is stealing. This is more like Cultural Appropriation.

You guys need to learn that there are more ways for a culture to spread than just Appropriation. Cultural Appropriation is not ‘the sharing of a culture’. Fighting Cultural Appropriation does not keep cultures from evolving. It is simply pointing out that consent matters with culture, too, and when you take something from a culture you still disrespect and oppress, it’s not consensual, and the people do not have to let you do it.

Diana out there cheering on her 5 lil monkeys.

She is screaming for Jason to keep going all the way and when he kicks the ball into the back of the net she is picking up zack and swinging him around “DID YOU SEE HIM GO!?”(i have a headcanon that jason played football to appease his dad but really he liked soccer)

She gets to the gym 40mins b4 game time to make sure she saves the perfect seats that wont block her or the kids when cheering Zack on during one of his basketball games. She records everyone of them and watches it with mama taylor while the kids are busy with ranger duties/school

She makes sure kimberly drinks plenty of water during her track and field comps. She braids her hair back so it isnt in her face and always places a good luck kiss against her temple whispering helpful reminders like “Dont forget to tuck your leg during hurdles”

She lets billy test his robots abilities against her and helps with any adjusting “my mom is happy im in a club even though it’s robot fighting but she never wants to help me with the dirty work….im glad you wanna help me” he made his robot a tiara for when it goes into battle.

She is right next to the coach on the court screaming and cheering on while trini is spiking ball after ball into the opponents side during volleyball games “She might be short but ya kids got a good jump ms prince!”

Diana Prince has a jersey for each kid she wears during every game all homemade.

Ive been reading the Diana Prince adopts Trini au and like the parts where she is just accepting the other 4 as her own had my ass in my feels and i had to share

Favourite thing: Charles Xavier + Avengers. 

  • shameless flirt Tony flirting shamelessly with shameless flirt Charles, calling him ‘Freckles,’ makes a marriage proposal at least once a year. 
  • having a running joke-feud over which of their sciences is better (which Tony loses because Bruce comes in on Charles’ side).
  • being childhood rich-sad-orphan-genius-bros (turned fuckbuddies) turned bros again who flirt with each other all the time mostly out of habit until Tony catches Erik’s eye and nearly pees a little and has to be rescued by Pepper. 
  • who d’you think introduced Phil to that Cellist in the first place.
  • Steve Rogers going a bit starry eyed because of his accent and love of old British things (turns out his mum was at Roedean with Peggy Carter) and Finally, Someone Else Who Speaks Righteousness and yet is also a proper New Yorker.
  • Thor going a bit starry eyed because of his accent and the fact that he’s a tiny bird-like brunet enthusiastic about science. 
  • ???? somehow drinking Thor under the table?????
  • drinking tea and playing chess with Vision whilst fielding any Human Beings: Why?? questions with which he may be currently struggling. 
  • tch, these psioni-typicals, amirite??’ psychic bitching sessions with Wanda. 
  • taking a genuine interest in Clint’s family / how things are at the farm, and speaking ASL.
  • only known person able to fluster Sam Wilson, by a cunning mix of outrageous double entendre and earnestly praising his work at the VA.
  • getting hustled away from Natasha because he already has a slinky greeny-eyed redhead in his life thank you very much and Erik knows competition when he sees it. 
  • somehow ending every Avengers party in a separate room with all the women who adore him and administer stern shovel talks about him to all the other Avengers who are like how is he doing this
Jimin college AU

Pairing: Jimin x reader
Genre: fluff & smut & angst
Warnings: NSFW stuff
Word count: 4k

Requested by anonymous: can you do a college!au with Jimin where you guys dated in high school but you guys broke up because he put his football team before you for like the 100th time and now in college you avoid and ignore him but then he tries to get you back and then it gets smutty ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) with fluff. if you don’t do smut you can just do fluff !! tysm!

A/N: Here you go, I’m sorry it took so long. I also added a little bit of angst in the mix, I hope that’s okay ^^ Anyways, enjoy!

Also I should say thank you to the person who helped me find inspiration for this piece, so thank you! (You know who you are) 💜

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The Machinery of Evil: Angband

In comparison to the more ragtag, disorganized orc led armies of the later Ages, Angband is an impressively effective force that is strong enough to withstand centuries of near isolation and self-sufficiency under constant siege. This suggests to me an extremely organized and structured system acting as its backbone.

I don’t think there were the modern kind of taxes or wages because I doubt there was a free market economy that needed those things to drive it. Angband is essentially a state built to fuel an army and I doubt that dark lords care much about the desire of their minions for luxury goods. So I think the most likely system was a command economy, where central planning makes all the economic decisions about how to use and distribute resources. For example, your orc will never have to worry about the cost of his helmet, because the dark lords arrange the production and delivery of all his equipment in exchange for labor at mining, farming, soldiering etc. as a specialist. Higher ranking orcs or beings probably get a bigger share of the resources and better stuff as an incentive to move up the ranks as much a possible. So there’s still a definite status system and ‘wealthier’ orcs.

Of course this opens up a host of problems too. This system takes an incredible amount of knowledge and planning to carry out, and if you don’t get the right number of helmets or chickens you need, you may end up executing rioters or having poorly equipped soldiers who lose battles. Not to mention you have to police the system rigorously for graft, theft, cheating, corruption, misreporting surplus, plain incompetence etc. Having a command economy also requires the creation of an enormous entrenched bureaucracy to organize and implement decisions made at the top.

Naturally this means that no currency is necessary, eliminating the cost in wasted metals and labor. I think that they might have created a currency later on for the sole purpose of trade with the Evil Men of the East, but I find it equally likely that Angband adopted one of their Eastern allies’ currency as long as the standard was valuable metal weights. Their chief trade goods were probably knowledge and high quality processed goods rather than raw materials anyway. This eliminates the problem of inflation internally, but not of scarcity.

Now, if you’re an orc and want a bit more than your regular rations or a nice present for your mother’s birthday, you’re going to have to barter for it.  Your options for getting trade goods are limited. You can steal a little extra from what you produce as a farmer, smith, miner etc. but this might get your head chopped off. You can save some of your rations and trade that, but this can be dangerous if you don’t have enough left for yourself or trade away vital items like armor, underwear etc. You can trade services for goods like ‘I’ll sharpen your knives if you give me your shiny stone.’ But your best option for getting trade-able items is loot taken from enemies. Angband didn’t have taxes, but you probably had to tithe a portion of your plunder to the dark lords and possibly your commander. I’m thinking that a footsoldier got to keep one-tenth, a general one-third or some kind of system like that was in place but there was probably a lot of fighting over the best items between individual orcs too.

How do you keep a vast underground army supplied with food and materials? I think Angband’s production and food problems are solvable with a truly ridiculous amount of forethought and planning, pinpoint precise control of workers and a healthy amount of magic. The dark lords would need a huge amount of food, far more than could be gained through raiding; somehow crops had to be grown to feed armies, and animals had to be raised for meat and goods. Angband must have had enormous underground farms for surface plants created through the laborious process of building plant beds, bringing in soil, and creating light and air shafts. But they also might have cultivated fungi, mushrooms, moss, roots and other edible plants that naturally grow in or near caves. Pre-siege they might have had some small scale agriculture on mountain terraces and foothills and pastured sheep or goats on the side of mountains.

Post siege they had to rely on animals that could be raised underground. Orcs probably ate little meat. Those animals would have been far more valuable for the other products they could provide, like hides, fat, or horn. Eggs or milk would be more likely, depending on availability. Bats, bugs, worms, larva, spiders, proteus salamanders, and cave crabs are natural cave creatures that might be deliberately raised as food. Fish in underground lakes would yield the double benefit of food and vital water reservoirs. Their primary meat animal would probably be pigs because they eat anything and can be intensively farmed. Dogs are also scavengers so they might also be eaten for food or raised for fur. Chickens can be cage-raised in battery farms, and they also eat almost anything, so they seem likely. Sheep and goats come from wild mountain dwelling ancestors, and would have been valuable for wool and hair and milk, but I’m doubtful they could be fed enough from Angband’s resources to be worthwhile to keep. Cows are a definite no; they just are too big for underground living and not efficient enough to be regular food animals. Horses are valuable as riding animals and it is seems likely a small number were kept for commanders, messengers and scouts.

Outbreaks of disease and contamination have an easy answer: never ever ever keep all of your animals/crops/drinking water in one place/field/reservoir. If you loose one herd to disease you can isolate it and save the rest; the more separate herds you have the smaller the loss. Potential disease vectors, like corpses, have to be disposed of immediately. Genetic bottleneck is no problem if you carefully manage your herds; scientists estimate the entire population of founding taurine (non-humped) cattle was around eighty for example; low genetic variation does not necessarily mean low fitness. If stores dropped catastrophically low, trade with Evil Men or raiding could have filled the shortfall until production could be restored.

Waste management and containment would have been vital for the health of Angband’s occupants and the viability of its economy. Mines and farms are kept running though forced labor by prisoners; no one lives who does not work. Everything has to be recycled - food and metals especially. Even the corpses of prisoners and orcs are eaten. Water supplies may not have been easy to find and would have to be kept clean and uncontaminated by mineral leeching. They would have to find ways to get rid of toxic trash that couldn’t be recycled. Environmental contamination would have been a real problem, given the volcanic atmosphere and the amount of volatile metals around. Some types of environmental contamination could have been avoided through good, ruthlessly enforced waste containment measures as well.  Magic may also be a good option here.

Were Angband’s ore deposits rich enough to support centuries of war? I’m honestly a little fuzzy on the geologic requirements for the creation of metals, but I’m going to handwave this one. If Melkor can make entire mountain ranges, then I’m going to guess he can guarantee an ample supply of minerals and metals for Angband’s forges. (Plus volcanic soils are incredibly fertile which helps with the food problem. The Polynesian islands are capable of supporting agriculture only because of soils made of volcanic ash deposited by wind, fun fact.)

My general explanation for the ability of Melkor’s war machine to support itself actually relies on a bit of headcanon. Sauron managed to escape the ruin of Utumno because of an extensive underground tunnel system that existed underneath it. I like to think that this is something Melkor and Sauron continued and expanded in their next stronghold once they saw how useful it was. However tall the mountains towered above the plain, below them Angband lay many times greater and deeper. Perhaps not just the entire plain, but whole mountain ranges were honeycombed with tunnels that stretched their fingers all the way back to Utumno’s vaults.

They may be evil, but Melkor and Sauron must have been terrifyingly competent.

sherlock characters as hot drinks

sherlock - black tea w/ lemon n honey

  • balanced and complex
  • is actually very comforting
  • many flavour components amalgamating nicely as a whole

john - builders tea

  • warm and honest; a filler-upper
  • universally liked
  • is always sort of there but people really feel its absence when it isn’t

mycroft - earl grey

  • light, delicate
  • floral (lol)
  • unique and doesn’t need messing around with (no sugar, i’m sweet enough)

molly - chai latte

  • SO sweet
  • like a big cosy woolly jumper
  • disregarded in its field as a person drink

greg - hot chocolate

  • add a dash of rum or baileys go on
  • rich, yet soothing
  • what people want when they’re tired of nonsense

jim - barraquito coffee

  • extremely particular - don’t get it right and you’ll be skinned
  • cloyingly sweet yet bitter af
  • sexily elaborate

irene - espresso

  • dark and indulgent
  • adds a certain kick of vivacity to one’s imagination
  • knock it back in one if you dare

Me when someone shows minimal to zero interest in me…


You attend a football game between your own university and its rival, Silver Creek Institute. At the game, you meet a super sweet guy, Park Woojin. However, you soon realize that maybe you didn’t know everything you needed to about him. 

  • for an anon who requested a romeo and juliet fic without death
  • based off of the usa university system

You stared at your reflection in the mirror, tugging the red and white beanie further onto your head. Your huge t-shirt, emblazoned with the huge words “UNIVERSITY OF GATEWAY”, was equally as red and white. Behind you, your best friend Kang Daniel struggled to shove his white “UoG” cap over his freshly dyed red hair.

It was the day you’d all been waiting for—the day that your own university, University of Gateway—faced off against its rival, Silver Creek Institute, in the royal game of football. While you knew nothing about football, you definitely had school pride, and Daniel’s friends had gotten tickets to the big game.

“(y/n), Daniel, you guys ready to go?” Seongwoo asked, holding up the car keys in his hand. His entire face had been painted red in honor of the game that night, and next to him stood Jisung, carrying a huge cooler of drinks.

“Let’s do this!” Daehwi yelled loudly, excited for his first UoG vs SCI game.

The seven of you trudged out to Jisung’s van, everyone settling in for the ride to the stadium.

The streets were packed with other UoG students dressed in their red and white gear, making noise and screaming in preparation for the big game. The stadium was already packed as well, and the seven of you had to fight your way to get to your seats.

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