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“My Name Is Ruin” - Gary Numan

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94. “What did you just say?” 102. “You’re the only person I wanted to be with tonight.” 108. “Shhh…  You need to be quiet.” with Yondu, please! Love ya, hun! 😘

(( TW: Alcohol, suggestive situations.  Nothing too bad.  Currently spiraling into the Supernatural fandom so, send help please. ))

Moonlight gleamed down in silvery pools.  The path was well lit for your impromptu stroll, for which you were thankful.  Drinking on the ship was a hazardous venture, and the remainder of the bottle you swiped deserved better than a dark corner crowded by the stench of sleeping Ravagers.  Besides, it was rare to land on an arctic planet that wasn’t riff with bars or brothels.  You loved the quiet beauty of the desolate landscape.  Pausing you glance out and inhale a rush of frigid air.  Notes of snow danced on your tongue as you smile wide and crane your head back, downing the last few sips in one go.  

Suddenly your eyes widen with horror.  Before you could register just what snuck itself down your throat it was too late. A feeling of euphoria gripped your senses and flooded all nerves with sensitivity.  

Too much sensitivity.  

Your clothes felt like sandpaper upon raw skin, the cold now stung your lungs like fire itself. Hurriedly you made a beeline back to the ship, bottle in tow.  





Yondu sat his makeshift desk, silently cataloguing the ship’s various needed repairs.  The last few jobs, will fruitful, wreaked havoc on the Elector’s already battered frame.  Deep into his task the loud banging on his door made him jump in such a way he was thankful no one else had been around to witness it.  

“This better be important,” he hollers making his way towards the door.  No reply comes as the door slides open.  Any irritation that flowered in his chest withered once his eyes landed his intruder.  Leaning against the door frame your hair was tousled.  A light red painted across your cheeks.  The expression on your face was smug, smirking and ravenous.  Close behind was his first mate, looking rather concerned.


Languorously you slid in, coat dangling precariously on one finger.  

“Hey there, Papa Smurf.”

“…What did you just say?”

“Sorry, a bit derogatory.”

Sitting on the edge of his bed you drop the coat and bottle with a thud.  

“What’s wrong with her?”

Kraglin holds up a bottle.

Vermillion Coast? She didn’t…”

“She did.  Downed the worm and everything.”

Shirt partially off you pause with arms stuck in the air, nodding enthusiastically to his comment.  

“She’s your problem now, cap’n.  See you in the morning.”

Releasing an irritated huff, he casts a side wards glance at you and walks over, coaxing the shirt over your shoulders.  Sighing in relief you glance up at him, and grab the collar of his coat, pulling his face down to your level.  mouth sharpening in a grin you purr out.

“About time he left.  You’re the only person I wanted to be with tonight.”

Peering down he can’t help but notice how laborious breaths trembled from your body.  To say he as tempted was putting it mildly.  Sinking down he takes your hands and places them in your lap.

“Trust me girl, I want to. But this ain’t you talkin’.”

Mouth sharpening in a grin you place a finger on his lips and sit up.

“Shhh…  You need to be quiet.”

Narrowing his eyes Yondu goes to stand, but thinks better of it and stops.  The hell he was going to let your giddy ass see his erection, now.  He pulls back but your fingers remain anchored on the hem of his coat. Spreading your legs, you pull him into the newly formed gap.  

“This will be the first time I tell you twice to touch me.”

Removing his coat with frustration he roughly pulls you in.  His lips find your neck and blaze a trail of kisses on the warm, bare skin.  Your grip instantly tightens as the dull sensation of teeth pulling at your flesh makes itself known, producing a delicious ecstasy. Teetering on the cusp and pleasure and pain you gasp, seemingly overwhelmed with the arousal now surging through your body. In this untamed state, every touch was tantalizing and sorely desired.  Heart now thumping in your ears Yondu eases your back onto the bed. Sliding his hands down to your hips he pulls your lower half onto the mattress and stands up.  Before you can properly form a protest Yondu interrupts.

“Count back from a hundred.”

“And then…?”

“Then, I’ll do whatever you want.”

Eyes now closed, Yondu sits on the ground, listening to your drowsy voice slowly descend to a whisper. Before long a peaceful slumber enveloped your mind.  Gently moving a few strands of hair from your face he smiles.  

“You’re a handful, angel.”


Dark was stuck here again. The gentle arms of Thisbe around his small beaten frame, the shouts of anger from Vlad, Vlad’s friends telling him it was only a game of poker. It was all so much. Suddenly he was grasped by his hair and ripped from the female’s hold. Vlad slammed his face to the ground and growled possessively. “Come on slut. We’re going to have play time for a good couple of days. And I better not hear you cry this time.” Their forms flickered out as Blad transported him /there/. A small worn home that nobody would ever touch. He was thrusted inside the moldy entrance to see the inside that was converted to a sex dungeon. He was tied to the bed in the corner of the room, and….. Dark woke up with a sudden jolt. The bed lurched as he went to the bed side table and grabbed his inhaler. He could breathe and his fingers shook as he tried to take it. He really did hate sleeping now-a-days. ((I will now accept any writing requests to do with any au Darks ;p))

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Does our fort have fairy lights for late night reading? Can I bring a constellation guide?!

There are flashlights in the dark corner and Christmas lights and flameless candles in the other corner. You can bring whatever intellectually stimulating thing you need. The top of the tree is very sturdy and therefore perfect for stargazing and climbing.


lmao so i forgot to mention i got punched this night (don’t freak guys; not in the face, i’m fine, mama can handle herself) and initially i was like “Day in the life of a queer, cool cool what else is new” but now looking back the dude looked was so gone so like lol honestly? with how fast i whipped around the corner in the dark club, looking like 666 the Stripper, fake blood dripping out of my mouth what likely happened was this poor guy was trying to drink libation as the lord hath permitted, saw me, tripped out, the BE GONE SATAN instinct kicked in and i got caught in the middle of “a man looking into the eyes of the devil” and “basic human survival reflex”. Could’ve maybe kept his fists to himself but lol situation is making me laugh too hard to get mad. Jokes aside, being in drag ain’t consent y'all.

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Married with Benefits (Part 6)

Summary: In order to not pay out-of-state tuition, you ask your friend, Steve Rogers, to marry you. Things, as always, never go as planned. (College AU)

Word Count: 1,011

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

A/N: Inbox is here to scream :D

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Steve closed his eyes and gritted his teeth. He recognized the voice even when he hadn’t made eye contact. He knew that the kiss between you and him had been purposely interrupted and he curled his hands into fists, nails digging into the flesh of his palms until he was sure they had made marks on his skin. He wanted nothing more than to punch something, someone.

He took a deep breath before exhaling through his nostrils, the sound full of exasperation and annoyance. His eyes opened and he took you in, biting your bottom lip and looking quite embarrassed. But you hadn’t moved. You were still so close to him. And this made him smile.

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“You Are My Home” ~Rebelcaptain May the Fourth Exchange 
For @jediknightobi

May the Fourth be with you, Giftee! I hope you enjoy it. I didn’t have time to write a little snippet, but basically this is them celebrating with everyone else after a successful mission. I think they’re both a little tipsy and Cassian can’t take his eyes off Jyn. And Jyn has made sure he won’t go far by throwing her scarf around him. :)

I told you I spent an entire day drawing Silmarillion children! Here’s a bunch of dark-haired babies.

"From This Pain, I Will Rise" Curse Jar

A Curse Jar To Help to Return The Pain Felt By The Victim to Their Abuser


  • A Glass Jar (Must have a lid or stopper)
  • A Taglock (an item that belonged to them, a picture of them, a lock of hair, etc)
  • Black Salt (banishing, protection from further attacks by the abuser)
  • Lavender (depression, lack of sleep, restlessness)
  • Cinnamon (protection, binding, chaos)
  • Onion (causes strife)
  • Lemon (sourness, bitterness)
  • Hot Paprika (chaos, pain)
  • Cayenne Pepper (chaos, pain)
  • Ginger (bitterness)
  • Rosemary (taint their dreams, nightmares, cloud their vision)
  • Spit (disrespect, mainly for DNA connection) 
  • Black string (death, loss, mourning, depression, obscure their vision, bring out the worst, drama)
  • White candle (protection for caster/victim also can cause the abuser to have lack of ambition, blank their mind, disappear, make them (or yourself to them) invisible, push away their family)

All ingredients can be substituted out as the caster sees fit.

  1. Place their taglock at bottom of the jar before covering it completely with black salt.
  2. Next layer each ingredient on top of the other while focusing on the pain they caused. The order is as follows: first lavender, then cinnamon, onion, lemon, hot paprika, cayenne, ginger, rosemary, and spit if you feel comfortable doing so.
  3. Put the lid on the bottle or cork it before wrapping the black web that represents the poisonous fate that will befall them.
  4. Seal the jar with the white candle wax and wait for it to harden.
  5. Place the jar in the deepest dark corner of your room/closet or the basement before taking a deep breath because you deserve it. It can also be placed in the abuser’s home if it is safe to do so.
  6. Follow up with some self care and/or favorite cleansing method.

My Notes on What I Did:

For my taglock, I used my father’s sheet music copy of Every Breath You Take by The Police since he used it to get laid for the first time. I decided to do so since he’s always cared more about his ladies than his own kid.

I also used my spit because we share some of the same DNA sadly. Hopefully it will add the extra kick to this spell on this Father’s Day Eve. Be careful when spitting into the jar if you’re using spicy ingredients because putting your lips on the rim after pouring it in can cause an uncomfortable burn (I accidentally did this because I’m exhausted from work).

I hope that you found something that you could also use to help you heal from whatever occurred in your life and I wish you all the love and luck in the world. Feel free to adjust/change this to your magickal and personal needs. Do not be afraid to reach out if you feel you are alone or have any questions. ❤️