in a cup of tea

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“A woman’s sexuality is a moving target.”-The Cat Returns, Muta about Haru at the Cat Bureau


Muta warily eyed the array of glasses Baron set across the table, his nose wrinkling in distaste. “I didn’t realise alcoholic tea was a thing.”

“I didn’t realise you even had shot glasses,” Haru said. “How alcoholic is this stuff?”

“About as alcoholic as my little toe, I’d wager,” Muta replied. “I’m not trying this.”

Baron looked faintly insulted. “Muta, the agreement was to play this game as long as I chose the drinks. As for the shot glasses… I may have borrowed them from Toto.”

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anonymous asked:

Would you mind watching some cartoons? Like Steven Universe or Gravity Falls ^^ I really want to know what you think about 'em THANK U LUV UR ARTZZZ uwu

I used to watch Steven Universe and Gravity Falls when I was in high school hmm but they’re not really my cup of tea ;; I’m more into comedic cartoons like The Amazing World of Gumball or Regular Show. 

Aaaaa thank you very much~!

Can we just take a moment to appreciate this Crunchyroll admin:

They’re so nice

and polite,

but also savage as hell

and sarcastic.

They don’t stoop to these people’s levels

and act maturely.

They’re just really polite, positive, and kind

and this makes me so incredibly happy.