in a couple days it's my birthday

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Sebastian sent Jessica Chastain belated birthday greetings on one of her IG, complete with heart eye emojis, and its so adorable, and it makes me so happy, and shut up! because I know it doesn't mean anything, but I want to live in my happy place for a few hours where Seb & Jess are this gorgeous talented couple who are making a new film together directed by Xavier Dolan. But seriously, I LOVE that they started a friendship during The Martian.

[Anon 2] Aww, Seb posts such sweet things to his friends like lovely b-day wishes to Jessica Chastain, instead of just random emojis. ;)

Mod: Okay, now they need to move their friendship past belated HBD messages on IG. I want her inviting him over for weekly tea in her Architectural Digest apartment while Sebastian pets her dog by the fire. (And during one friendship tea get-together she will gently but firmly tell him to pull his fucking pants up and never ever wear pants like that again, and he will actually listen because he knows better than to ignore Queen Jessica.)

[ARTICLE] BLACKPINK’s Jennie Confirms Fan Club Name In Sweet Birthday Message To Fans

After a mysterious image was posted to BLACKPINK’s Instagram a couple days ago, the group’s fan club name has now been confirmed by member Jennie herself!

On January 14, BLACKPINK’s Instagram uploaded an image that read simply “BLINK” with no caption, leading fans to speculate over whether the group was announcing its fan club name, plans for a comeback, or something else entirely.

Jennie has now cleared up the question in her birthday message to fans!

On January 17, Jennie posted a photo of herself to the group’s Instagram with a caption in Korean and English. The English caption reads, “BLINK my favourite people on this planet. I can’t thank you guys enough for all the gifts and letters. I am so blessed to have you guys. I am more than thankful for all the love I received today. I love you my blinks.”

She also previously posted a photo from her birthday party on January 16 to the group’s Instagram.

What do you think of BLACKPINK’s fan club name?

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“One can’t paint New York as it is, but rather as it is felt” -Georgia O'keefe

spent my 23rd birthday in New York for a couple of days. it was my first time ever visiting and i’m even more fascinated with it now than i was before. there was just way too much to do/see in the short time i was there and i hope to visit when its warmer. NY is a crazy busy place that literally never sleeps and i loved everything about it. i hope to visit again when it’s warmer and experience even more 😎🍎🗽🌉🌃

ALRIGHT YOU GUYS you’re all super fricken’ sweet and generous, but the “video project” im collecting all this for is literally not as big and gr8 than u think its gonna be HAHA…

but i still do appreciate all the hard work you guys are doing for me..!! you didnt have to, (i was kinda just making sure i got ppl’s old submissions) but you are all going above and beyond for my silly birthday and i am so thankful for all this love and support ;; w ;; its only the first couple hours of my official day, and it’s already been one of the best birthdays ever <333

thank you all so much..!!! (TT v TT)/

ga + tropes } Tsubasa/Misaki

Happy birthday, Yili!

D.I.Y. cardboard rayguns!

A couple people asked me to post the how-to after seeing my rayguns picture. The pictures were taken in march, and the rayguns made for a costumed Danger Days themed birthday party.

So here we go!

First you’re gonna need cardboard. I personally used the cardboard packaging around a couple LPs I had just received by the post, but clean pizza boxes work too. You don’t want it to be too thin though, or it wouldn’t hold its shape well.

What you can do with the too thin cardboard is make a patron (just like for sewing), to check if you like your shapes and if they are the size you want. You’ll see that all guns are shaped differently, with different sizes of grips,or different inclinations.

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05.01 Happy Birthday Mikaela!

I can’t say anything more than it is my first contribution to “Mika’s Day” or “the birthday of Mikaela.” Also if there is to do a fanart, it should be done a the mikayuu! This couple consume me the soul; v;

The truth is that I hate to paint! DX


For Draco’s birthday, Harry gives him an iPhone, so they can stay in touch when Harry has Quiddich matches all around the world and Draco has to correct potions’s tests at home.

A day, Harry is in a Hotel in Russia, and, after a match, he calls his boyfriend.

“Potter, I HATE these muggle things. Like this.. Aipphone? And… WHAT ARE YOU DOING POTTER YOU ARE A DORK!”
“C'moon, Draco! Make you too a funny face! Like me, look! *sticks out his tongue*”
“Um… Okay. In this way?”
“Yes! Finally!! *laughs*”
“*blushes* I hate you.”
“I love you too Draco.”

/ Lucky Blue Smith as Draco Lucius Malfoy and Manu Rio as Harry James Potter.

and now all my drafts are used up, so there won’t be any new posts for the next couple of days mainly because: its my birthday tomorrow!! 

im working on some tattoos and trying to finally reorganize my cc folder so i’ll be back posting in a couple days when i have time to play. i’ll still come on and answer any messages though!! <3333

Couple of things

Closing the askbox/submissions for the rest of the day so I can clean it out, probably not any longer than that but I’ll post when I’m reopening.

Secondly, I won’t really be on next week ( starting Monday and I’ll leave the askbox on unless it’s overwhelming), I’m just busy but I will type in the evening so I’ll probably lower the amount posted through queue. Won’t be here next Saturday (not tomorrow) as its my sisters birthday so I won’t be able to write then. 

Thirdly, Mass Effect Andromeda is 21st, So I won’t really be on that week either. I’ll write when I can.

Soo my birthday is on Wednesday.
My song right now would be “I am 16 going on 17..!”
This year felt like it went by quickly, but at the same time, some things from about a year ago feel like much further back. Eh, that’s normal I guess. Overall it’s been a pretty good year! Joined the portal fandom, started drawing more, a couple new friends. Not a perfect year of course, but better than 14 and 15 for sure. Hopefully this will be a great year ahead with lots of growth. But for now, good night.


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[Helping Vasco bake a cake]

Rated: Mature

Dongyeol stood behind you in the kitchen watching you set out all of the ingredients for the cake. His arms wrapped firmly around your waist. “I don’t understand why I have to learn all this anyway. Why can’t you make the cake?”

You smiled looking back at him. “I’ll be out of town. So I can’t make it fresh, which means you’ll have to learn how to.” Seop was spending the day at his grandparents house which meant it was the perfect time to teach Dongyeol how to bake a cake.

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I ordered some stuff from your Society6 recently and the blanket came in a couple days ago but I can't have it yet because it's for my birthday...! I was allowed to look at it though and wanted to cry because of its beauty (Jack Skellington and Castiel look unexpectedly majestic)

*screeching* AAAAAAAAAAAHA! You’re my big shopper on Society6!
Artists can see their own sales, and I’ve been wondering who my biggest shopper ever was XD!
Thank you so so so so so much! I hope you like them!

Eeeeek! When’s your birthday?
Happy almost-Birthday, and please give me some honest feedback on product quality once your festivities calm down :)
*shrieks* So Exciting!
Thanks again!

ishida when writing bios
  • ishida: hmm this is only a volume release but still i haven't satisfied my angst levels with the last chapter i drew... what is the most upsetting thing i could do...
  • ishida:
  • ishida: let's make hide's birthday a couple of days before the release so that the kids have gotta wait a year to celebrate it
Just like you

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Requested by anonymous: can you do an imagine for dylan o'brien and y/n and him have been dating for a couple years and she’s on the show and one day on set because its her birthday he brings her a present and its a cute puppy or something??

WORDS: 155


WARNING: short

A/N: I hope you like it.

Y/N P.O.V.

It’s been a month that I started filming for Teen Wolf, I was really excited because it was one of my favorite shows and my boyfriend was working on it too.

I was really tired after filming a fight scene; I didn’t saw Dylan all day because he was filming in other place with Tyler and Shelley. I heard someone opening my trailer’s door and I looked at Dylan.

“Hey, baby girl.”

“Hi.” I smiled.

“I got something for you.”

He disappeared for a moment and when he came back he was holding a puppy.

“Oh my god.” He gave it to me. “Hi, oh my god, you are so cute.”

“Happy birthday.” Dylan said and I hugged him.

“Thank you so much, it’s the cutest present ever!”

“You look so tired, babe.”

“So do you.” I laugh and the puppy starts barking. “Oh, hey, you are so cute.”

“Just like you.” Dylan kissed me.