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Chris Pine, Hell or High Water press (2016)


Playboy!Namjoon Pt. 4

(Pt. 1 / Pt. 2 / Pt. 3)

{Warning: smut ahead!}

You’re a sweaty mess as you open the door to him, who’s standing outside your door in Levi’s jeans and a green long sleeved shirt, a black cap and mask keeping him from being too obvious about who he is. Which isn’t all that necessary, your condo was mainly made of all kinds of celebrities who valued their privacy above everything. The security was top grade, which was why you even decided to live here.

“Hi, come on in.”  you greet him, stepping aside for him to come in. He takes off his shoes, making you smile at his Ryan socks. “Did you had a nice trip?”

“Do you know you live pretty far?” he answered instead, taking the cap and mask off as well, letting you finally see his full bare face. “How do you even manage to go to places? Do you take a cab every time? How are you not broke yet?”

You scoffed. “Of course not, I have a car. It’s that my food?”

“Yeah,” he offered you the bags, the smell making your stomach growl. “ I didn’t knew what kind of cake you liked so I bought four different ones.”

You clutched your heart dramatically, wiping an invisible tear from your face. “Kim Namjoon, are you even real? You bought me four kind of cakes?”

He smiled looking around at your apartment. The soft yellow walls adorned with different kind of plants and flowers, the pictures on the walls. He walked over to you vinyl and book collection, picking a book up and reading its title. “I like your house. I love plants.”

“Me too. I wanted to be near nature, even living in this apartment.” you explained. Then, you pointed at the tv. “Feel comfortable to roam around, watch something on netflix or whatever., there’s drinks in the fridge I need to take a shower, it’ll be quick.”

He nodded, settling himself on the couch,.making a dismissive gesture with his hand.

“Take your time, don’t worry.”

You cleaned yourself thoroughly, using you favorite body wash. With a week of rest, you were looking your best, if you could be so modest. You quickly dried your hair, putting on your comfiest pair of lounge clothes. A oversize grey shirt and black leggings. You didn’t feel the need to dress up. Namjoon would understand the need to not be all made up. Wearing makeup reminded you of your job, so you just couldn’t bother. Besides, you thought, you when Namjoon were texting so much lately you felt comfortable enough to be this casual around him.

You made your way to the living room again, leaning against the couch, watching as a moody looking guy ran around a mountain and sparkled like a disco ball with a pale girl on his back. Namjoon, realizing you were there, quickly paused the movie.

“Were you watching Twilight?”

“….maybe.” he conceded, a little unwillingly. “It’s a nice movie, okay? I enjoy the aesthetic value of it.”

“Okay. that I can understand, for a second I thought you had a vampire kink. Because I’ll be honest with you, vampires are only sexy if you’re into blood play.” You say, then paused as you scrutinized​ him again. “You’re not into blood play, right?”

He gives you a deep sigh that is as much exasperation as amusement at the same time. “Not that I’m aware of.”

“Good.” you replied, then eyeing the box of chicken and the containers of slices of cakes on your coffee table, you continued “Because you’ve just became my favorite person, I would hate to downgrade you from that position.”

He laughs, shaking his head. Humming, you sit down. changing the movie to some random cartoon. You take a bite out of your chicken, letting out a sound of pleasure when the perfect amount of crispiness reached your taste buds.

“How can you make eating chicken look hot? People are suppose to look greasy doing that, not like they got straight out of a commercial.”

You clean your lips delicately with a napkin, smiling angelically at him. “Haven’t you heard? I’m actually a angel sent from heaven. I can show you at least 5 fan videos with that theory. And besides, I’m my group visual, it’s my job to look pretty.”

“I wouldn’t be surprised if that theory was true.” he nodded, then stretching his long arms and legs until his back was curving away from the sofa, he yawns.

“You look really tired, Namjoon-ah.” you note, your mother hen side not letting the concerned go unnoticed from you voice. “Are you sure you shouldn’t be at home resting? “

He gives you another reassuring smile, his dimples showing faintly. “It’s okay, even if I went home I would be even more tired. I love the boys, but sometimes I just wish I could sleep without having to stop some ridiculous fight. And you didn’t invited me over to hear about my problems.”

“It’s okay if you want to talk about what’s bothering you. Just because we’re doing this- you now, this thing, doesn’t mean we can’t be friends and talk.” You say, smiling brightly at him. “ And I get you. It’s hard being a leader and having more responsibilities than the rest of our members, having to take care of the group image and all that. Sometimes I worry so much about them I can’t even sleep. I don’t know how you manage to take care of 6 persons, I get exhausted just with my 3 babys.”

He chuckled in agreement.Taking the napkin from your hands, he throw it in on the coffee table, patting his lap after. “C’mere.” you oblige, straddling his hips. His hands caress the sides of your thighs lightly. He leans forward, his nose nuzzling your neck. Breathing deeply. after a second, he says “This is nice, talking. And you smell nice too.”

“I just showered, that’s why” you remind him, your voice coming out lower than before as he continues​ to run his nose along the line of your collarbones up to the point below your ear, making you shiver. Your hands come to his shoulders to keep yourself stable. You sigh with the feeling of him leaving featherlight kisses against your jaw. “Can you just please kiss me already? You’re such a tease.”

He looks up at you, his eyes darker than before. “Sure, princess.”

He kisses you softly at first, one of his hands moving from your thighs to your​ hips, pushing you down on his growing erection as the other one move to cradle your head, tilting it down as he deepens the kiss, hungrier than ever before. You moan lowly into the kiss as he ruts against you, making you feel that he is fully hard now. You start moving your hips as well, making him grunt this time. breaking the kiss to watch you as you rode his hips.

His hands move from the nape of your neck to cup your jaw, the tip of his thumb sliding across your lips, swollen and red from the kiss. You moved your head to catch it, sucking gently on him, swirling your tongue around. Namjoon gulped loudly, eyes glazed with lust.

“I promised you something, didn’t I?” You said, sliding down from his lap and kneeling in front of him. Smiling, you inched forward until your face was pressed against his crotch. Namjoon is already fully hard, and you moth at the material of his jeans, feeling his cock twitch again the denim.

“You don’t have to.” he says, voice ragged as you begin sliding his zipper down, pulling his jeans and boxers down enough so that you can finally reach Namjoon’s hard and flushed cock. You wrap your fingers around the base, pumping it sowly, a drip of precome dripping slowly from the dark head down his shaft, making him let out a husky moan. “I don’t want you to feel pressured.”

“I want to,” You answer honestly, bringing your lips down until they’re just barely touching his head, your breath on him making Namjoon shiver in anticipation. Looking up at him through your eyelashes, you let him see the need in your own face. “I’ve been dying to do this since the first time you texted me. So just let me suck your dick and be happy, let me have this. ”

You lick his head, tasting him- salty and bittersweet, with the faint smell of whatever body lotion he uses, and when you finally suck him into your mouth, your tongue swirling around the head, his hand come to your head and you have to resist the urge to grin smugly at the sound he lets out, needy and urgent, like he too had been waiting for this since the beginning.

Without warning, you bring your mouth down until your lips are touching your fingers, and very deliberately, you gulp, feeling his grip tighten as his hips buckle up. Slowly, you bring your head up, sucking hard, your tongue flat against the side of his cock as you do so, deepthroating him until he’s trembling, letting out deep groans of pleasure.

“Fuck, baby, you’re so good at this,” the praise has you moaning as his hips move, fucking himself into your mouth. Hearing it, he looks at you, surprise lacing his features for a second. “Really? Praising kink?”

“Don’t kinkshame me.” you say, your hands replacing your mouth. “ It’s not my fault I like being recognized for being a good girl.”

Suddenly,his hand come down, holding your wrist in place and stopping your movements. “Hold up, I’m gonna cum if you keep up.” he warns, chest moving rapidly with his heavy breathing. He looks at you,  you with your lips swollen, looking utterly fucked, hair disheveled and needy eyes. “And I’m not cumming before fucking you like I’ve been wanting to all this time, baby girl.”

A shiver runs down your spine at the promise in his words and at the petname.

“We should go to my room then. My bed is perfect for that.”

He smiles, big and wolfish, like you’re his prey and he can’t wait to savor every piece of you. You take his hand. pulling him quickly towards the door that leads to your room. Closing the door behind him, he attacks your mouth again as you walk backwards​, until the back of your knees are hitting the bed and hes laying​ you down on it, hands delicately supporting you so that you don’t fall abruptly.

“Clothes.” you manage to gasp as he kisses you. “Take off. Wanna feel your skin on mine.”

He lifts your shirt over your head, groaning when he sees you’re not wearing a bra, cupping your breast with one hand. You do the same, quickly getting rid of his shirt, hands instantly roaming through his defined stomach.

“Are you going to have some schedule where you’ll have to show your belly sometime soon?”

“What? No, I don’t think so. Why?”

It becomes clear to you why when he sucks hard at the skin of your waist, bitting and leaving a red bruise in the place of his lips. He does that till he reaches your hip bones, nipping at the skin, teasingly kissing the hem of your leggings, his fingers massaging your ass as he lifts it so he can take it off, leaving you only in your black see though panties.

He just looks at you for a couple of seconds, eyes absorbing you half naked in your bed, hair sprawled around your head like a halo.

“You’re so perfect.” He finally lets out, head coming down again kissing your inner thighs. “So fucking perfect, I can’t wait to fuck you, angel. Been dreaming about this since the first time.”

You whimper at his words, lifting your hips, coaxing him to give you what you want. He complies, mouthing over your clothed sex. You let out a loud whine, telling him to just please eat you out already. Which he does, kissing your already swollen clit before he’s pressing his tongue against him, flat as he licked you languidly, seeming pleased with the way you moaned as he did so. He pressed one finger inside of you, moving it in rhythm with his tongue. He sucked hard on your bud, making you whimper as he inserted another finger inside of you. His mouth left you as he watched you trembling​ in your bed, his hand pounding in you.

“You taste so good, angel. Do you know that? You’re being so good for me, doing so well. Come for me, baby, i want to taste you as you scream.”

“Namjoon!” you moan his name, clenching around his fingers as his mouth suck at your​ pussy hard, his eyes locked with yours, watching you come undone with his mouth and fingers alone.

As you lay there, chest rising and falling as you try to catch your breath, he slides up until his eyes are level with yours again, moving the hair stuck to your face away with his fingers. You reach your head out for his mouth, kissing him hungrily when you see the tent in his jeans again. “There’s condoms in the top drawer.”

He reaches for it, kicking his jeans and boxers out at the same time. You lift yourself with your arms, watching him roll the condom down his length and your mouth water again.   

He settles himself between your legs, cradling your face between his hands again as he stares at you again.

“You’re really beautiful. Like, really really beautiful” he says hoarsely, his voice even more melodic than usual. “I’m gonna fuck you so hard.”

You shiver hard in anticipation and you basically beg “Please, Joon.”  

He thrusts into you, and the stretch is so.pleasurable you both moan at the same time. He tries to give you time to get used to it, but you’ve never been known for being patient, and soon after you’re moving your hips, basically riding him for underneath. The message gets across, and then he’s pounding into you, holding one of your legs over his shoulder.

Fuck.”  you curse, biting down on your lips to avoid screaming in ecstasy as he hits your sweet spot again and again. You’re already over sensitive from your previous orgasm, and you see a new one approaching soon. “More, Joon, please. I’m almost-”

“You feel so good, angel. You take my cock so good.” he pounds harder into you, deeper, grunting into your neck. “Can you come for me again? I want to feel you coming on my cock like a good girl.”

“I’m - fuck- Namjoon!

Your vision turns white as you climax again, losing track at what you’re saying and the volume of your voice. Namjoon’s mouth finds your again, moaning your name as he too finish, you still clenching yourself around him as you milk him, you both still riding the aftershocks of your orgasms.

He leans his forehead against yours. “Fuck, that was… fuck.”

You laugh, understanding completely. Getting up,he walks to your bathroom to get rid of the condom as you just stay there unable to move, just your eyes following his naked figure. He come back with a warm damp towel, laying down next to you and cleaning all the bodily fluids that had coated you in the midst of probably the best sex of your life.

After he deems you clean enough, he pushes you your pink duvet on top of you both. You turn on your side, facing him. He has a strange looks in his face as he watches you attentively.

You trace his face with the tip of your fingers, since the outlines of his forehead, down to the slope of his nose, his full lips, his sharp jawline, his dimples, showing as he smile rather shyly at you, his hands caressing softly you waist, helping ground you again on earth.

“You’re really handsome.” you hear yourself say, just like he did before he fucked you exhausted. “Are you feeling a little less stressed? Did it help?”

He nods, cheeks flushed pink faintly. “Yes, this helped. But I’m still really tired, you were right. Maybe I should go home.”

You lift your head to look at the Totoro-shaped clock on your bedside table. “It’s past 1 am, Joon. You can stay, I don’t mind. I like cuddling, though, that’s the condition. You have to be the big spoon.”

He blinks, cheeks even more blushed. “I- yeah- I like cuddles too cuddles are cool. Are you sure it’s okay if I stay? I don’t want to intrude, It’s totally cool you if you don’t want me to, I can call a taxi in like five  secon-.”

Snuggling closer to him, you make yourself the little spoon, bringing his arm around your waist and making him go silent in the process. In this position you can’t see his face as you interrupt him, already sleepy. “Is okay, that was the best fuck of my life, I’ll even make you breakfast in the morning.”

He seemed to hesitate for a second, but then you can feel his nose nuzzle your hair. “Okay then, goodnight angel.”

Almost sleeping, you reply with a Good night Joonie. or at least you think you do, too exhausted to keep being coherent. You fall asleep with his arms around you, and the smell of his musky perfume on your sheets.

Which is okay, you manage to think before giving in to unconsciousness. Because it’s just a casual thing.


[request] [scenario] hold my hand

1: “Come over here and make me.” 
13: “Kiss me.” 

(i love u too hehe) 

Title: hold my hand

Member: mingyu 

Genre: fluff so much fluff this rivals a cloud 

Word Count: 2200

“Get up, sleepyhead.”

The bed dips beneath the weight of another person, and you feel a hand on your shoulder, gently shaking you awake from your jetlagged nap. Annoyed, you swat away the hand, turning to face the opposite direction, snuggling further into your pillow.

“Fine. Guess we’re all going to leave you to whine by yourself while Jisoo takes us out to get ice cream.”

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david asked her if she would date him if she had to but look at her face in the second gif she looks ready to have his babies 



Egu - Something about me is different today. How, you asked? Because I’m walking with one hand in my pocket. Why so? Because I couldn’t find my belt as I left my room, so I thought “meh, just forget it”, but once I get outside, my pants just start to slide down. If I let go, my pants’ll…definitely…just fall flat on the ground. Spring, it is.

Zakki - The courage to let go…! ✨

Egu - Never! Letting go EVER!!!

Zakki - No! You will! No matter what’ll become of you, you will definitely let go for the sake of everyone. That’s the kind of man Eguchi Takuya is! I KNOW!!


Zakki - To do “for everyone” is to do “for yourself”. That’s the kind of man you are.

Egu - Da-…DAMMIIIIIIIITTTTTT!!!! (Pants drop to the ground.)

Zakki - GOOOOOO!!!

Sugita (responding to Egu’s first tweet) - So you shoved your hands into the pockets to look like you’re playing pocket pool. Amazing!

Egu - Pocket pulled down. Pocket pool’d.

Takuchan (responding to Sugita’s tweet) - Aww, that’s what I saw too.

Egu - Pocket pool’d.

PS. Advise people not to look up pocket pool if you don’t know its meaning already though. Sorry for the lame pun translation on my part as always. =_=“

PPS. Not new, but Egu is starting a new collab project with MASAKA Inc. to produce his own brand of T-shirt (EDIT: and cap and other stuffs too, sorry), called EGUMI PROJECT. You can check that here if you’re interested.

Magical Office Episode 1 : Introductions

MY MY! I must say I’ve become very popular since my mystery post about my new series. Anyway here is my Office x Fantastic Beasts crossover. Things you need to understand before you read this. As The Office is done in a documentary style, I’d decided to write this fan fiction as a script. Meaning the actions will be in italics and the person who is speaking will have their name in bold. Hopefully this makes sense and reads okay for you guys. This first episode is just going to be an introductory episode to all my characters and for you to get a feel for the style. There are a couple of made of characters that are based on different characters in The Office, but only one person knows who is who ;). Also please note that I am fully aware that Newt is from the 1920′s/30′s and cameras were not invented…for the sake of the fanfiction, let’s bring Newt to the 20th century ;)! Thanks to you wonderful people. Once again thank you to my bestie @fantasticnewtimagines for all the loving support!! Enjoy! <3 

Originally posted by tempora-mutantur-rp

Camera zooms in on you. You stand at the entrance of a corridor of office rooms. There are people walking around and you try to flag someone done, but they are all too entranced with what they are doing and they don’t notice. You look into the camera.

Y/N: I’m new, I’m just trying to find Newt Scamander?

The camera motions to the first office. The door has claw marks running down it and is scorched in the corner. You walk over to it, awkwardly thanking the camera man as you scoot past him. You hesitantly knock on the door. Behind the door, rustling can be heard and a loud bang. As you open the door to find out what happened to the person within, a little black creature scurries out and runs past the camera. A man in a long blue coat follows and collides with you.

Newt: Bugger! He’s escaped again.

Y/N: Are you Newt? I’m Y/N, I’m here to work as your assistant? Minister Parkinson hired me last week?

(Newt scratches his head trying to remember. Suddenly he looks over into the camera and his eyes continue to look back as you speak. Uneasy about their presence.)

Newt: Oh those bloody cameras.

(Newt looks at the camera. A voice is heard from behind the camera man.)

Director: Come on Newt we talked about this.


Director: It’s just a documentary for the wizarding world. You know, to show people the inner lives of the average Ministry worker.

(Newt fidgets with his bow tie and accidently undoes it from nerves.)

Newt: I-I-I’m not sure how comfortable I am with all this.

(He continues to try and retie his bow, but keeps fumbling over his fingers and he keeps trying to make eye contact with the camera.)

Director: Don’t sweat it Mr. Scamander. Just pretend like the camera isn’t even here. We’ll take you in to ask questions every now and then but otherwise, just go about as your normal Scamander self.

(Finally Newt proceeds to get a hold of himself and begins to redo his tie and completes the task.)

Director: Don’t sweat it Mr. Scamander. Why don’t you just give us a brief introduction.

(The camera goes in and out of focus while it tries to capture Newt’s face. He blinks rapidly to try and gain confidence as he looks shyly into the camera.)

Newt: Hi…ummm…I’m Newton Artemis Fido Scamander… not sure why I gave you my full name… people just call me Newt. I work in the department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures. I recently just joined the ugh…umm…beasts division. I’ve been with the ministry for 5 years now. My family is very involved in the ministry, so naturally I joined on. Need to keep up with the family. Unfortunately, Magizoology isn’t a glamorous ministry job.

( Newt sits in his chair visibly uncomfortable. He tries various positions but ends up settling into his normal position of having his leg cross over his other knee.)

Newt: The minister feels I’m kind of a lose cannon.

( Newt runs a hand nervously through his hair, his wand in his hand.) Therefore he thinks I have a need for an assistant. So I do believe my day will be sent getting her acquainted with the office.


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Screen caps from Living in the Material World, the “True Love”, “Crackerbox Palace” and “When We Was Fab” promo videos.

“I think I’ve had an image, people have had a concept of me being really straight, because I was the serious one. But actually, I’m the biggest lunatic around, or one of them anyway.

I’m completely comical. I like craziness. I had to, in order to be in The Beatles.” - George Harrison, A Personal Music Dialogue With George Harrison At 33 1/3, 1976 [x]

P.S. If you’re feeling a bit down, you can watch some of these videos on YouTube:

crumpled-up-pieceofpaper  asked:

Gosh, JD! Harry was really flirting with that blonde women. In the blue-ish pics on Legion it even looks like Harry is talking so close to her ear that he is close to kissing her cheek. And in other blue-ish pics they might be kissing behind a big man with a black shirt and a cap!! The pics are too small to see the details, maybe someone else has bigger pics. But it's clearly good news! I hope the media will pick it up to shut mm down.

if you expand the screen you can see a bit better, but they are for sale. The only way is to buy one. He is moving on living his life to the fullest.

thanks pieceofcrumbledpaper