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Let's be honest

Context: Our team’s halfling monk (Orivan) held a candle for my character, a halfling bard (Ava). I’d been dropping subtle hints the entire campaign that it wasn’t going to work out. The party just found a nice pair of boots on a dead body.

Warlock: Hey, these look nice! I bet they’re good for dancing in *puts them on, does a jig*

Orivan: Maybe I should wear them then! They could help me when I dance with Ava

Ava: Uh, nah. That’s not gonna happen

~Later, in battle~

Ava: Who wants some inspiration?

Orivan: Oh! I do!

Ava: Well, alright! A limerick for you. 

You know that I don’t like to be rudes,
So I’ll put it a way that’s not crudes:
If you’re looking to dance 
You don’t have a chance
Coz Ava’s just not into dudes.

Orivan: …

Orivan: I don’t feel very inspired :(

Ava: Too bad, you’ve got inspiration

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Wait, are you still accepting bird fetish questions?

Well, I’m certainly still receiving them

As for accepting them, I would rather trebuchet myself into the sun

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hey i'm new what's some good spidey/deadpool/cindy moon blogs?

most of these blogs post spidey stuff ssdjhsdjhs but some post cindy & wade too

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also @dailyspiderman and @spideycentral!!


And here we have the He brothers in their natural habitat: staring gloomily out a window.