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Hiiiiii Clare :) Congrats on 600! What are some of your hcs for the gangsey after the events of the books are done???

heidi!!! thank you!! you spoil me ahhh i had a long week but now i have some pasta and down time and im so Ready™ to talk about these kids that i love with my whole heart this is so long oh god

  • listen idk about you but i’ve been on a ton of road trips and they are not easy so if that trip actually lasts the whole 3 months of summer i’ll eat my shirt
    • ok but please??? imagine the bickering i bet you henry is so directionally challenged, blue probably wants a schedule whereas gansey is probably like “what do you mean we’re not just driving off into the sunset i don’t understand wait…we have an actual route?”
    • don’t lie to me you know he got lost plenty on his various adventures and his soft scholarly heart just went with it
    • protect him
    • but yea anyway they probably went up and down the east coast for about 2.5-3 weeks, hitting up all the state parks along the way and stopping in small towns
    • henry insists they have to find the best pizza on the east coast only to claim nothing can top Nino’s by the end of it
    • gansey wants to see all the wacky tourist spots “to get the authentic experience”
    • at each stop they send postcards to The Barns (theyre all on the fridge)
    • blue takes SO MANY pictures ok but all of them are candids 
    • so while there’s these awful blurry messes she also manages to catch these really fantastic photos of henry falling out of a tree he tried to climb with gansey laughing, of the three of them in a diner shifting their food around (you know how when you know someone so well you just order food and shift things around so everyone has what they like? like that)
    • her absolute favorite: she was recording them on a hike and they stumble upon a little grove with a stream running through and forgot to stop the video when she set her phone down. that night she plugs her phone in to the car charger and gets a screenshot of the three of them standing in the stream, laughing and singing. 
  • after the road trip blue registers for summer sessions at the community college and keeps working at Nino’s and walking dogs, she decides she’s going to save up and get her associates then transfer to a university to get her degree in marketing for art (listen she loves being creative, she loves collecting, she’s smart as hell and would get great buys for up-and-coming artists, that girl could own a really cool gallery i can see it now)
  • gansey defers for a year because. well. dying is stressful. but once he goes to college he decides to study art history. like blue, he loves art but he can’t deny he loves history too, and authenticating old works and searching for ancient tapestries and lost paintings is something our boy would be great at (bonus: in later years he would be the most eccentric art history professor ever and he’d totally where those corduroy jackets with elbow patches and his wire rim glasses im!!! i love the idea of old man gansey being this adorable weirdo professor that all the students love) 
  • because we don’t really know much about henry’s interests i don’t know what his major would be but wouldn’t it be hilarious is he was a professional beekeeper and bought up land to have bee gardens and sanctuaries and started a natural honey business and gansey goes there all the time because he’s Crazy but he’s decked out in protection gear and ronan and blue team up to make a rule that he not go out to the gardens because nobody wants to tempt fate that bad
  • adam and ronan spend the summer together with opal seeing the beginnings of their life together settle in
    • ronan teaches opal more and more english and spends hours figuring out what foods she likes or doesn’t like while training her not to eat sticks
    • adam comes up with little lesson plans for her to start learning how to read and write along with simple math and science
    • ronan dreams up some fake documents so they can get her enrolled in homeschooling because there’s no way they’re gonna do public school and try to explain their satyr child to anyone thats just…nah
    • when they’re not teaching opal ronan is tending to the farm, learning what livestock he wants to buy and care for, going to showings all around the state (people look at him so weird, a tall kid who looks more like a biker than a farmer, cradling a bunny in his arms at the makeshift petting zoo with a little girl on his shoulders. he’s A Sight.)
    • adam, it turns out, is very good at baking and opal develops a bit of a sweet tooth off of his many experiments with different cupcakes and cookies
    • their days are carefree. they explore the fields of the barns, make wild plans for the future, tell opal stories and play with her. they catch fireflies and learn constellations together.
    • every evening is spent giving opal bubble baths and wrapping her up in old tshirts and gym shorts from matthews room then settling down with warm milk and honey and telling stories of sleeping kings, trees that give advice, and ordinary people discovering magic
    • they brush out her wild hair and the fur on her legs and put her to bed and quietly get themselves ready for bed. sometimes adam will read to ronan until they fall asleep. 
    • sure, there are bad nights. they both have their fair share of nightmares. opal does too. that’s when they grab blankets and go sit on the porch and talk about the stories of the constellations until their minds settle again.
    • when they drop adam off at the dorms as he starts his first year, its hard. its really really hard. these three haven’t had a lot of good in their lives up until now so letting go of their routine, of each other, although its temporary, it hurts. none of them cry, but its close (close as in adam waits until they’ve driven away and he’s got a moment alone in the bathroom. ronan lets the tears fall silently as he grips opal’s hand reaching forward from the back seat where she’s crying into her knees she’s drawn up to her chest).
    • the first time adam calls home he’s worried opal won’t remember him, after all they only had a few months together, and they don’t know exactly how great her memory is. his worst fear happens when he’s skyping ronan, who tells opal it’s adam, and she says “who’s that?”
    • just as adam feels his heart break a little, opal leans into the frame and continues, “no papa, that’s dad.” (turns out ronan bought her a book that teaches family vocabulary)
    • adam feels like his heart is breaking again but this time from being so entirely full of love for these two he can barely comprehend it
  • adam, light of my life, goes into law. he gets a full ride because he is smart as hell and super dedicated (can u tell im proud of him). for the most part he assists at a small business firm his first few years out of college but eventually, he focuses on social work cases and getting law changes in the state to make it easier for parents to report their parents without endangering themselves, as well as changing emancipation laws so that emancipated minors can make purchases regardless of age and aren’t left homeless. its very close to his heart but even though it hurts sometimes to see these cases it only makes him want to win even more, and he knows he has ronan and opal to help bring him back from rough days at work
  • ronan is the Best Farmer Ever he starts buying livestock and filling up The Barns with dairy cows, hens, and goats (he thinks its hilarious when they get there and opal is absolutely fascinated by their legs). part of the land has an orchard that has both normal fruit and some of the trees niall dreamt up, and ronan sells fruit at a local farmers market as well as to other farmers who make local preserves. declan comes by here and there and…they actually start to get along a little better once declan accepts that this is ronan’s life and ronan accepts that declan was just trying to do what’s right. it also helps that for some reason opal loves declan like. so much man. and he loves her too theyre practically best buddies its precious, and even better when matthew is over too. all the lynch boys are weak for this little girl ok? they don’t stand a chance she’s got them all wrapped around her little finger.
  • finally, there’s noah. 
    • every year on the day he died, truly died, for them, they all get together and go to his grave (his birthday is for his family).  they tell his headstone about their classes, about new things opal has learned, about how the farm and the bee garden are going. 
    • blue always kisses her hand and presses it to the headstone before she leaves. he was her first kiss, so he gets another every year as thanks for giving her the boy she loves.
    • ronan always brings opal and tells her about his best friend, about a boy who was dead but lived loudly in spite of that. he leaves dream fruit at the headstone, and opal leaves her favorite stick she’s found that week. 
    • henry never met noah, but he hears so much about this boy who was a ghost, who was technically non-existent who still gave the last vestiges of himself up, just for the friends he’s come to think of as family. he leaves a bouquet of the most beautiful wildflowers from his garden.
    • adam always starts off with telling noah about classes, trying to keep himself together, but he always ends it by choking up halfway through telling his headstone how important noah is to him. adam leaves a stone from the river, almost like he’s redirecting the ley line again. 
    • gansey is always last. while everyone else is there for comfort they always leave gansey to say his goodbyes last, and instead take him into a hug when he gets to the car. gansey just…he needs to do this alone. he needs to tell noah it wasn’t for nothing, that he’s doing everything possible to make noah proud. gansey never knows what to leave that could possibly live up to what noah has given him. he leaves a copy of pictures of them every year. noah gave him life, so gansey leaves evidence of the people he lives for, the people that make it worth living, the people that miss him. the people that remember him. 
[Vegebul Smutfest] (Day 1: Toys) “Show Me, Bulma”

Alright folks, here’s my submission for the smutfest.

By the way, this is my FIRST lemon EVER, so please be kind, it really is my first time… *wink*


Vegeta tossed and turned in bed in frustration.


This was his third sleepless night in a row and he couldn’t fucking take it anymore.

What the hell was that goddamned noise?

Whatever it was, he knew where it was coming from: Bulma’s room, and he also knew he was dangerously close to killing that annoying woman once and for all.

He finally got up, angrily picking up the boxers that lay on the ground. The Saiyan had spent his entire life sleeping naked, but ever since that time he’d made a late-night visit to the kitchen’s massive fridge and he’d gotten caught by a very embarrassed blue haired scientist, he’d made sure he was always dressed before leaving his bedroom.

The Prince walked through the corridor in the dark, running his hand through his wild mane and irritably cursing under his breath. Whatever experiment was taking place inside Bulma’s room was ending tonight. One way or another…

Once he reached the woman’s bedroom, he stopped, silently standing in front of the closed door.

There it was again.

That damned buzzing noise.  

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I Know - Leonard McCoy

Requested by anonymous.

“So are you going to do one of those gender reveal things?” Jim asked you as he opened a can of beer in his room. You laughed and shook your head.

“No, because I don’t think he’d realize that I was pregnant by just a bunch of random blue balloons coming out of a box.” Jim laughed and hung his head in embarrassment. When he looked back up his eyes were all lit up.

“Do you think it’s gonna be a boy?” he asked.

“Yeah, I do,” you said. 

“Name it after me,” he said, grinning. You rolled your eyes. 

“Not a chance in hell.”

“What doesn’t Jim have a chance in hell in doing?” Leonard asked, walking in through the door at just the wrong moment. You looked over at Jim and stumbled over your words. Leonard stood next to you and looked between the two of you in confusion.

“Hi, honey!” you said, tilting your chin up so he would kiss you. He did and then regained his look of confusion.

“What were you talking about?”

“Oh, just the fact that if you died Y/N would hook up with me,” Jim said. You glared at him and he laughed. “I mean, Y/N, he wanted to know.”

“Right. But I said there wasn’t a chance in hell,” you said, looking up at your husband. You wrapped your arms around his waist and smiled up at him. “I’m not letting you go any time soon. He smiled softly down at you and kissed you again.

“Jim, are you not sharing your beer?” Leonard asked, walking towards the fridge. He grabbed two, and you and Jim exchanged a quick, nervous look.

“Oh, babe, I’m so full from lunch, I didn’t want one.”

“It’s nearly five o’clock,” Leonard said, looking at you in confusion. You shrugged and he placed the beer back in the fridge. “What did you have for lunch?”

“A salad,” you said truthfully, and then immediately regretting it. Leonard looked at you in confusion again and shook his head.

“Okay,” he said awkwardly, opening his beer and taking a swig of it. Jim shot you a look, basically telling you to play it cool. “So what have you two been doing?” You shook your head, not knowing what to say.

“Nothing,” Jim said. Again, Leonard looked between the two of you.

“Are you cheating on me?” he asked. 

“What?! No, why would you think that?” you asked defensively.

“Because you’re both acting strange,” he said, “And that’s the only reason I could think of why.”

“Okay, fine,” Jim said, throwing up his hands. “You caught us.” He moved around the counter and put his arm over your shoulder. You immediately pulled away and glared at him.

“No,” you said, mostly to Jim. “We were just planning a little surprise for you. For your birthday,” you slipped in. Leonard raised his eyebrows and shrugged.

“Okay,” he said, although he didn’t sound very convinced.

“Speaking of which, I need to go handle that thing we talked about,” you said, looking at Jim. He nodded, knowing exactly what you were talking about. You wanted to take good care of your future child, so you wanted to have the necessary check ups. With your husband being the CMO and everything, you couldn’t rightly go down there when he was there, so you had to go when he was off of work. “I’ll see you later,” you said, walking over to Leonard to kiss him. He kissed you back, but looked bewildered the whole time. “Bye, Jim.”

The apartment was dark when you came back, and you figured Leonard had gone to bed. You immediately kicked off your shoes, your feet had already started to swell. Making your way towards the living room, you saw a dim light glowing inside.

“Hey,” you said softly when you laid your eyes on Leonard. “I didn’t know you were still up.” You made your way around the couch to sit next to him. He had decorated the room with a few candles, giving it a romantic, orangey glow. 

“I thought we should celebrate,” he said, reaching across the table to grab a wine glass for you. You took it and he looked at you expectantly. “Don’t worry, it’s the good stuff, none of that crap that Jim tried to sell us,” he said.

“I know, I’m just still a little full,” you said. He looked down at his watch, and frowned up at you.

“Are you sure you’re feeling alright? It’s been eight hours since lunch.” He reached out to touch your head and you pulled back a little bit. “Oh, you know what would make you feel better? Hot-tubbing.”

“Hah,” you said, and then recoiled back a little bit. “I don’t know about that.”

“Why not?” he asked, throwing his arm over the back of the couch.

“Well I’m kind of hungry,” you said, standing up. “Do we have anything to eat?” You started walking into the kitchen and Leonard followed you.

“I thought you just said you were full,” he said, folding his arms. 

“Yeah, full of alcohol,” you said awkwardly. “I got pretty drunk at lunch.” Leonard cocked his eyebrow.

“Fine, yeah, I did make dinner. It’s in that blue thing right there,” he said, pointing into the fridge. You smiled and opened it up, before immediately closing it.

“Sushi,” you said, trying to keep down whatever was coming up.

“Yeah, your favorite,” he said, smiling at you. You opened your mouth to say something, and then Leonard laughed. You looked up at him and he looked down at his feet before throwing up his hands. “I can’t do this anymore.”

“Do what?” you asked. 

“Y/N, I know you’re pregnant.” Your eyes widened and you started shaking your head. 

“What-what are you talking about? I’m not pregnant. Look, give me that wine and I’ll drink it right now,” you said, beginning to walk back to the living room. Leonard grabbed you by your waist, picking you up and bringing you in front of him.

“Y/N, don’t do that. I’ve known for a long time. Maybe even longer than you have.”

“How would you know?” you asked.

“I’m a doctor, and I’m your husband. You don’t think I didn’t notice you getting up each morning? Or the fact that you barely sleep on your side anymore because your back hurts so much? Or the fact that you’ve cut down on your drinking a lot.” You laughed and folded your arms. 

“I didn’t drink that much,” you said. Leonard laughed deep in his chest and put his hands on your waist. “Why didn’t you say anything?”

“Why didn’t you? How could you not think I would be thrilled about this?”

“I knew you would be, I just wanted to surprise you,” you said, looking up at him. 

“This is a surprise. We’re going to start our family, Y/N, I couldn’t be happier.” You smiled and he pulled you up against him, right before leaning down to kiss you. “I love you.”

“I love you, too,” you said, kissing him again by grabbing his cheeks and pulling him down to your level.

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If you ever do more side oneshots from Teru's perspective for your fics I promise to read and love them to death. (Yes, the friendly water providing drunks can also be included.)

Yay I finished one prompt! Out of, like, ten. Bear with me, I’m working through something here.

Also I promise this is the last time I write about Teru’s shopping adventures, this is way too repetitive, it’s just the first thing that popped into my head and, just, this is how this boy copes in my mind

AO3 link in case the Read More isn’t working again for some reason.

Holding On (With Broken Grip)

“Of course I’m busy,” Teru drawls into the phone awkwardly held between his ear and shoulder. “It’s a Saturday, I have like - three party invitations for today.”

It’s only one actually, and he’s definitely not going, but of course that’s not something he needs to advertise right now. Juro is a friend from school and a total ass, he’ll ridicule him in front of everyone for staying in on a weekend even once.

“Anyway, why, what do you have planned?” The phone is slipping away slowly and his neck is starting to cramp a bit from the position.

How do people in movies make that look so easy? Should have put it on speaker phone. He supposes he could still do that, but he already got too much blood on the white casing just picking it up, he doesn’t want to fumble around with it more than necessary.

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Yuuri originally got the idea from Phichit, who'd done the same to him one day back in detriot - only his was a bit less twitter and a bit more all over everywhere he went


“Yuuri,” Victor called out, “What is this?”

Yuuri groaned as he shifted around in bed before slowly opening his eyes to see his fiancé standing there, with only a towel wrapped around his waist and a blue note in his hands.

He stared blankly at this fiancé for a moment before he turned to the note and squinted at it until he could make the words out.

A shy smile rose to his cheeks a few words in, finally remember the note.

“It’s a note,” he mumbled before shifting around in the bed again, positioning the back to his fiancé.

“I know that. Yuuri, why did you write me a love note and leave it on the bathroom mirror. No, don’t fall back asleep,” Victor whined, as he buried himself further into the blankets to hide.

Your eyes are like the ocean on a sunny day: hypnotising.

Yuuri was going through his bag, trying to find his sports tape.

He was at Lady Baranovskaya dance studio with Yuri, fiddling with his short program off the ice while Victor was back at the rink, fiddling with his short program on the ice.

He spotted the familiar box of sports tape and pulled it out, only to pause at the folded bit of paper sticking out of the top.

He pulled the pink piece of paper out and opened it, finding his fiancé familiar handwriting staring at him.

Yuuri felt his cheeks heat up as he quickly shoved the note back into his bag and set to work taping his feet up.

When you are out of my sights, I can’t help but miss you.

Victor yawned as he wondered into the kitchen.

It was their day off, their first one together in what felt like forever.

They had spent the morning in bed, sharing sleepy kisses and mumbling soft nothings to each other.

Yuuri had been the first one to get out of bed.

His handsome fiancé organised breakfast for them to enjoy in bed before they went back to cuddling in bed.

Since his fiancé had organised breakfast, he had insisted on making lunch.

He paused in front of the fridge, seeing the familiar blue square staring him right in the face.

Victor found a smile rising to his lips as he opened the fridge to cook his lovely fiancé the best lunch ever.

The longer I am with you, the deeper in love I fall.

Yuuri grinned at Victor, a gold metal around his neck.

“I did it!” he said excitingly, before giggling as Victor wrapped him up in a tight hug and span him around in circles a few times.

“You were incredible,” Victor said while setting him back down on his feet. He grinned brightly as they broke apart before pausing when he noticed something pink on his chest. He glanced down to see a pink stick-note stuck to his gold medal.

His eyes widened at the words written on it.

“Yes, yes, yes,” he gasped, diving for his fiancé again and wrapping the Russian tightly in a hug.

Since you finally got a gold metal, will you marry me?

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Prompt: Lucas and Maya had a baby at 16 & 18 and Maya's late again, causing Lucas to freak out

i loved this so much that i accidently wrote 1.5k words?? i’m not sure if it’s exactly what you were looking for, but it’s something all right. thanks for the prompt!! 

“I’m late,” Maya blurts out as they walk into Abigail Adams High School.

“Late?” Lucas muses. He glances at his watch to check the time, then says, “We’re not late. Actually, we’re early for once. I think this is the first day we’ve gotten Matthew to daycare on time in months. We have plenty of time.”

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I've seen your confession my child and there is only one way to cleanse your sinful self--SHARE. Especially on Red. (C'mon! Gossip with your favorite little head.)

You asked for this…..literally (also yes I know my askbox is technically closed but I’ve been dying to spill this shit)

UT!Sans: Kay, I will admit, probably the most responsible of the lazy bones. His room is a wreck but he keeps his shit mostly in there. Still, he bops around the house in the small hours of the morning and he’s not that good at staying quiet. Usually disappears when there’s cleaning to be done. And have you ever tried watching ketchup stains out of clothes? not as simple as it sounds. Also, whoopie cushions. Everywhere. Its not funny anymore and it pisses Boss the hell off

UT!Papyrus: Perfect boy. There is nothing wrong with him except that there is never room in the fridge between his spaghetti and Blue’s tacos. Also harasses me about training. I am running out of excuses. Its the frequency of Undyne coming over that I have a problem with. I love her, but she and Papyrus get a little…..destructive when put together.

UF!Sans: Can’t complain about Red too much, earns me bitter looks. His room’s also a bit of a shithole, and waaaay too many empty liquor bottles find their way into the house. Does fuck all about dishes and asking him to grocery shop is like asking Napoleon not to conquer Europe. Some things just can’t be done. Still, least he can cook.

UF!Papyrus: HE IS NO LONGER ALLOWED TO BE IN CHARGE OF THE CHORE SCHEDULE. I HAVE SEEN MILITARIES WITH LESS REGIMENTED DAY PLANNERS. Also, for undisclosed reasons, he is not allowed in the basement until further notice…..He is always waking up on the wrong side of the bed. I don’t think his bed has a right side. But he’s good for cleaning. Although he has been known to break things and blame it on people who haven’t been home all day.

US!Sans: Biggest complaint: Too Happy Too Early. Bless his heart but the boy takes being a morning person to an extreeeme. Also he hides his laundry other peoples’ baskets so he doesn’t have to do it himself. He also watches too many horror films for my mental well-being.

US!Papyrus: Hell Roommate™. Lazy, messy as fuck (his hoodies, old cigarette boxes, notes, are EVERYWHERE), everything smells like smoke, and he never does his chores unless I set Boss or Rasp on his tail. And the problem is he’s so damn charming that you can’t be mad at him until he leaves the room. And if you thought Sans could disappear when shit needs doing

SF!Sans Garbage Maid Boy. Like, he yells at all of us constantly but the house has never been cleaner since he moved in. He is the anti-Stretch, no charm whatsoever but he has his act together, and unlike Boss he just cleans up messes instead of nagging the rest of us about it.

SF!Papyrus: He only lives here in theory, I never see him but then he’ll show up randomly and take a couple of us out for drinks or something (he and Red come home way too drunk while Sans staggers behind, mumbling about how he’s just tipsy. Stretch has the wooden leg). He is not above flirting to get out of tasks. Not just with me. With everyone. Also he steals my bagels and then acts clueless about it. 

Back from sudden quick hiatus

Sorry for the sudden departure kinda there! I was hanging out with @cereusblue, @weezy-pup, and @cartoonimal for the past few days. Like… Blue and Weezy traveled so far and just… man. 

I’m not gonna lie - once they left I cried (still crying as I type this). Just man, I never expected to meet any of my online friends in real life and just the thought of it was surreal and the entire experience was surreal. We all had a blast, lots of in-jokes… and just man. 

It was the best weekend of my life. 

Had gotten so many hugs - many more than I had the last five years at college…

There was over the top praising, tickle tackles, and Blue even punched the fridge at the last moment! XD

But just… man. I’m gonna spam reblog all of the stuff they posted throughout this weekend just to show you all the craziness that happened. Or at least a small part of it - going from the earliest to the latest. 

Just… Blue and Weezy - You guys are like, super amazing and fantastic to be around. 

(and Cartoon - dude you are like super rad like dang - have fun back with the fishies! ^^)


Summary: In a flash, he was gone, changing the lives of his friends and family. 

AU: Underswap / Underfell (Younger brother Sans in both universes although the age difference is not much)  Pre-fallen child story.

Warnings: I intend for this go darker than previous works, but no major warnings for this chapter: Loss / grief

Notes: Despite the similar themes/concepts, this is completely independent from my other stories.  

HUGE THANKS TO @lycerialilfire for putting up with my rambling and beta reading it anyway.  

“Paps!” shouted Blue from the bottom of the stairs.  This ritual was as daily as rituals got:  A) Wake up Paps in plenty of time to get ready to go to work.  B) Wake up Paps -again- in time to get some breakfast before going to work and C) Yell at him from the bottom of the stairs until he finally dragged his bony body out of bed, into the kitchen and, be somewhat-not-so-late to work.

You would think that for a monster who could just teleport to work, being late would be a non-issue.  Blue suspected that his brother liked to see how far he could push it:  “Just a second to go? HA! I can be there in half a second!”

He also seemed to need to be really annoying about it.

Maybe it was a big brother thing.

Not that Blue minded all that much, of course.  It was just part of his day.  Nothing that the Sensational Sans couldn’t handle.

However, that particular day he couldn’t help impatiently tapping the tip of his fingers on the wall next to the stairs.  He had so much to do that day!  Plans for a brand-new puzzle at the bridge between the Ruins and Snowdin were finally done. He really hoped he could get to building it before his own sentry shift started.

“PAAAAAAPPPPS!!” he shouted again.  He wanted to avoid going into his brother’s bedroom just in case Papyrus was planning into tricking him into a tickle/pillow/sandal/possibly all three fight.

He would win, of course, but he simply didn’t have the time!

To his delight, he saw his brother’s room door open and soon after a -mostly- awake Papyrus yawned and stretched into view.

“I’m UP” He declared even though he looked like he was ready to be anything but that.

“Paps! I woke you up 2 hours ago!” admonished Blue crossing his arms.

“You did?” said Papyrus with one raised eye ridge as he made his way downstairs “Must’ve decided to sleep on it”

Blue groaned but his smile stayed.  “You’re lucky that I’m here to wake you up every morning, otherwise you would sleep the rest of your life away!  Today is a perfect day to get stuff done!”

Papyrus side glanced at the nearest window.   Snowdin was its usual grey, snowy and cold self.  What passed for a “perfect” day here was a day without a snowstorm.

“I think I would be ok with that” he commented with a smirk.

“That’s not a good way to think Paps” said Blue heading into the kitchen “You can’t possibly want to sleep all day. I mean, who could?”

“Sounds like a challenge” said Papyrus following his little brother.

“Paps….” sighed Blue

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King’s Orders 2/3

Pairing: Onkey

rating: pg-13ish

w/c: around 3k, and.. angst…..

Part one, can be read on aff aswell

Kibum’s a career soldier, Jinki’s the town baker, and one day their quiet lives are interrupted again when Kibum is given the King’s Orders.

Kibum waited until he was off watch duty before climbing into his tent he pitched earlier that night and tied it close. Without the heat of the numerous fires, the chill of the night air began to seep deep into his bones. His horse was sitting just outside his tent, thick blanket put over him. His massive body gave the tent a little warmth, but Kibum still pulled out many blankets, including the one Jinki packed especially for him. The warm scent of the man filled the tent and Kibum’s heart ached a little. He grabbed the lantern by the closed tent flap and pulled out the letter Jinki had given him before he headed out to report. With a deep breath, he pulled open the wax seal and opened the letter to begin to read.

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anonymous asked:

I can't speak for anyone else but I'd kill for some non-romantic fic if you're feeling inspired? I love all the love but sometimes my aro ass gets tired. Maybe some one on one Kara bonding with Krypto headcanons? Or anything featuring the Danvers sister just chilling together.

part one, part two, part three

Krypto is right at her face.

She wakes up to blue, blue eyes and a tongue slowly dragged across her cheek. It takes her a few, conflicting seconds to decide whether it’s gross or not before the pure adorableness of it gives way.

“Hey Krypto.” She slides her fingers behind his ears to ease him closer, presses her nose into white fuzz. Laughs at the tiny tail thumping against her chest. “Good morning.”

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ragingscooter  asked:

Here's 3 more words for a ficlet if you would be so kind to write it: 'flat-tire', 'monsoon', and 'hypochondriac'.

Holly listened to the rain pelt down outside as Gail paced back and forth in her kitchen; the continuous movement was making Holly dizzy. After Gail’s next pass, Holly captured her friend by the shoulders and held her at arm’s length against the fridge. When Gail’s electric blue eyes met hers, Holly took a long, deep breath in hopes that Gail would do the same, which the blonde did a few seconds later. “I didn’t know you were a hypochondriac.” Holly smiled.

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freeman-baggins-watson replied to your post “‘’You just called me Bucky.’’”

I think this has the potential for a part 2, anyone agree? :)

@freeman-baggins-watson hahah you are so cute! Thank you ! xo 

A/N: So I didn’t mean for this to happen but you are just always so kind and inspiration just hit me, so here is a little extra for you below the ‘keep reading’ my darling! xo

Prompt: The typical situation where you are thrown into a mission with the man you can’t stand but the question is, will it change anything? 


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Your eyes fluttered open, your limbs stretching out as a yawn escaped your lips. The silk material of last nights dress rode up your thighs and it took you a moment to realise why you were wearing it to bed. Your gut twisted from the horrid memory before you remembered the fond moment you shared with Bucky right before sleep took over your body. 

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