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Kari’s Spotlight - Week 6

It is Friday which means it is time for this weeks spotlight - I would appriciate if you guys would reblog these and get the word out so these amazing writers get all the love they deserve. Who knows you might be next!

If you got a writer in mind you feel deserves a little love check out this post.

I am trying to choose smaller blogs, but I am not excluding anyone. All writers deserve to be loved ;)

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The writer I am gonna shine a light on today is: @inmysparetime0

I have not been aware of Lindsey’s writing for too long, which is a bad mistake on my part. From what I can tell Lindsey mainly writes fluff with a portion of angst mixed in. 

She writes Sam, Cas and Dean and real people. Her Dean fics especially stands out to me so I so I picked two Deans and one Jensen to shine a light on for you today.

Witches, Man - Dean x Reader: I am a sucker for witches cursing the boys or the reader. This fic had a cute and different take on the prompt to what I have seen before. I love all the small silent interactions between Dean and Y/N in this one

My fav lines:  There grew to be a comfortable silence between you and Dean. Before, you couldn’t stand to be in the same room as him, whether he was quiet or not. Now you seek his wordless comfort, the silent, accidental touches that make his lips curl up into a smile causing the corners of his eyes to crinkle.

I’ll Always Stay - Dean x Reader: Dean gets drunk and apparantly drunk Dean likes to quote the Brady Bunch which made me giggle. 

My fav part of this fic though is when Dean sobers up after the reader falls asleep which leads me to my favourite line.

My fav lines:  You could feel his arms start to slip out from under your body when you clung to him. You don’t know what came over you but, you refused to let go. Being near to Dean always made you feel safe. Even though you were a hunter and had no doubt you could handle any monster thrown your way, but there was something about him that made you feel like you were invincible.

Unexpected News - Jensen x Reader: I love the playful interactions between J2 in this fic as well as the loving caring relationship between Jensen and the reader. 

Their little reveal to Jared was priceless. A heart warming sweet fic. 

My fav lines (SPOILER ALERT):    He dropped down to his knees lifting your shirt up to reveal your not yet swollen belly. He pressed his lips to your pregnant belly, “Hey peanut, I don’t know if you can hear me yet, but your mom and I love you so much already.”

Why you should go follow Lindsey/ @inmysparetime0

Lindsey will make you smile. She writes with great humor and heart, but she also really knows how to fluff. She is great at bring out this really beautiful moments between her characters, no matter if it is playfull banter between J2 or Dean carrying a sleepy Y/N to her bed. 

I have not highlighted her Dean series Hellfire since I had only time to skim it before making this post but I will diffinatly be reading it later and so should you. The language and pain in the first part which I looked over are stunning.

I can’t wait to read more from Lindsey and if you wanna check out others of her fics which your totally should, you can find her Masterlist here

While you are there be sure to hit follow and send her some love as you read her masterpieces.


“Escape velocity cannot be achieved between two bodies destined to be.”

My contribution (and it’s a double) to Reaper76 week. Day 6: “In Another Life” - Alternate Universe/Timelines.

My Space AU, a new multi-chapter slow-burn fic called ESCAPE VELOCITY can be read on A03 here. I don’t have an update schedule, and I will be writing this alongside Twice Dead. Enjoy.

(Full-view the art as always as Tumblr blurs it out).

Im sure its nothing (Simon Request)

(May be upsetting to some)
You woke up in the middle of the night with a strange pain in your stomach and frowned. It had only been 6 weeks since you found out you were 5 weeks pregnant and you knew that this wasn’t expected so early on.
It was around 9am on the clock which was the middle of the night for you and Simon really. You were trying to change it before the baby came.
Speaking of your fiance, he was asleep beside you peacefully with his long arm outstretched for where it was around you protectively.
However, you got up to go to the toilet and tried your best to believe that it was all just that paranoid pregnancy crap all parents got.
And then your heart sank. There were drops of blood. You felt sick instantly and you felt your heart beat a little faster. There was a lump in your throat now.
You heard a creak in the bedroom before there is a knock on the bathroom door.
“You okay babygirl?” Simon asks quietly, his voice still shadowed with sleep.
You don’t have the words to respond. You were terrified.
“Babe?” Simon starts again with more worry this time.
You glance up and the lump in your throat is worse now. Should you really jump to conclusions?
“Is everything okay gorgeous?” Your fiancé questions and you can imagine the frown on his face.
“Simon-” You croak and look towards the locked door, “There’s blood Simon”
He pauses. You can see the line of his shadow underneath the door. He doesn’t know what to say. He feels just the same as you do.
“Okay babe, let’s go to the hospital. I’m sure it’s nothing but we can just go to check for piece of mind okay?” He comments calmly
Within twenty minutes, the pair of you are at the hospital and are sent straight in for an ultrasound. At seven weeks, you had opted for an early sound just to check and you were due for another scan next week when you hit 12 weeks. That’s when you would tell the boys. You could imagine their faces. Mr Minter would be a dad. And they’d all become uncles. Simon couldn’t wait, you could tell.
But you could sense the problem. The nurse left and in came the doctor. In the hope that it was only an accident that she couldn’t find your child. You felt Simon’s hand squeezing yours. He pulled in the stool beside the bed to be closer to you.
And then everything crashed.
The doctor took away the device and set it down on the side. His aged hands clasped together and the look of sorrow was evident in his tired eyes.
“I’m incredibly sorry” He begins and to you the rest of the words are mute.
It was over.
Your hands are still horribly shaking and you can feel tears in your eyes now that won’t dare leave.
Its a strange feeling really. To want something you never knew. To miss something you never met. Never got to watch grow at all. 6 weeks slipping through your fingers in the most feared way possible.
The only thing that kept you grounded to the bed was Simon’s fingers tied with your own. His emotion held in that single grip in fear of you slipping away too.
And then the doctor leaves.
Silence thickens within the four walls since both of you are terrified to speak. You still in the aftermath of shock and him still unsure of anything decent to say that will be even slightly good enough.
“Its okay” He nods and you don’t even know if he’s telling you or telling himself, “This doesn’t mean never. It just means we can wait a while and try again”
“We should get home,” You mumble, still not making eye contact with him.
Some part of you felt guilty. Like this was your fault. That you should’ve done something different.
The drive is as silent as possible. Simon’s hand doesn’t leave yours because he knows that’s the best comfort you need right now. You still haven’t cried. It was like the shock was halting it all.
Until you got home. Simon stayed downstairs to get a couple of drinks for the pair of you and you got yourself upstairs.
There was a strange feeling of an empty pit in your stomach and it felt horrible. Like you now noticed you were missing something. It would sound ridiculous to anyone else but that was the only way to explain it.
You sat down on the edge of the bed and stared at the wall in front of you absentmindedly. Simon and yourself had never planned for this to happen really. But these past weeks had taught the pair of you that you wanted kids without a doubt. And you could see yourself with them now. That you could change your sleeping pattern and your bad eating habits and immature behaviour because a child would mean so much more to you.
You cried then. Sobbed. Shoulders hunched as if you wanted to make yourself as small as possible.
Simon was there instantly, bottles of water dropped to the floor to provide quick comfort to his priority. Arms tightly around you and repeated ‘Its okay to cry’ loud enough to hear over your sobs. You bury your head in his chest and feel a measure of safety there.
Today, nothing could make how you felt any different. It was a state of grieving really. You needed to rest even if that meant no sleep and you needed to eat even without an appetite. And you needed Simon. The other half in all of this. And he needed you even if he didn’t admit it. You needed each other because in a moment like that, that’s all you can have.
And it was okay to admit that even a few tears slipped down your fiances cheeks too that day.
(This was very difficult to write so sorry if it didn’t turn out great x)

I guess this doubles for both day 5 and day 6 of the reaper76 week, a musicians AU :D Why jazz duo? I just think double bass and saxophone look cool that’s all*shrug* (They’re also freaking hard to draw. Half of the time was spent making sure I’m not about to invent a new kind of musical instrument @_@) gonna ink and color later.

And those notes? They’re actual songs :)

Tv wlw appreciation week, Day 6 - Favorite Badass Moment: All Lisbeth Salander moments in the original and remake of Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Lisbeth Salander is the definition of “badass”. I’ve seen the trilogy of the original Girl With the Dragon Tattoo movies, I have the books, and I’ve seen the American remake. If you haven’t seen Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, it gets brutal, so if you’re sensitive to scenes of violence against women, don’t watch. But if you can handle it and want to see one of the strongest female characters ever kicking ass, then there’s nothing more badass than Lisbeth. I sat through the original Swedish trilogy reading subtitles and I was hooked from beginning to end. Noomi Rapace and Rooney Mara both slayed as Lisbeth. #wlweek17

Con spam weekend changes

So the time has come that I finally had no choice but to do this. As most of you guys know that for the past 3 yrs, I’ve done con spams on con weekends where I would post screencaps of livetweets on here during every single panel (except for the J2 panels) held on Sat/Sun for every single con. Since I’ve moved back home last year, there were times where I would do this only on Sat and not Sun cuz I had to go help my mom at her business.

Around this past Christmas and New Year, my dad decided not to help us out anymore cuz of some past issues he has with my mom so now I had to take over his duties and I now work at my mom’s business 6 days a week (Tue-Sun) instead of just on weekends when if there’s alot of orders. So that means that I won’t be home on weekends anymore thus I won’t be able to do a complete con spam and only reblog everything.

I don’t think I’ll ever find a job where I would only work on weekdays like my old job in North Carolina (damn I loved that job, I regret leaving *sigh*) so I was expecting something like this would happen sooner or later and I would have to make changes. I take this con spam thing very seriously and this change is making me very mad and annoyed. But I guess on the bright side, I am getting paid so I won’t be broke like last year and I have more money to buy you guys stuff for giveaways :D

Not sure how long this change will last so I’m gonna assume it’s permanent.

Anyway, so basically I’m trying to say is that I won’t be posting livetweets anymore during panels and everything will be reblogged (but I might post stuff at the end of the day when I get home that I haven’t seen anybody post it yet) and since not many people post con stuff on other cast members other than J2M, you guys might see less con stuff on them than usual since I noticed that sometimes I was the only one posting con stuff on other cast members.

All posts during con weekends will still be con related (except if there’s other posts that needed to be reblogged right away) but there will be less that usual.

Just wanted to say thank you to you guys who let me spam you dash with tweets on con weekends…it was very stressful to keep up but it was really fun to do and I would miss it so much.

I would prob will have bad days at work during con weekends and be like “I hate this f-king place. I’m missing the con :(((”

An Early Beginning

Haha.. what do you know. As soon as I posted that post early this morning, I felt a trickle down my leg. At first, I was mortified and thought I had peed myself. I’d read that it’s common. But it kept coming.. I went and got my mom, and we decided I was probably in labor. Since I was only 34 weeks, 6 days we went to the hospital immediately.

I was in labor. 

My daughter was born at 1:15 pm on January 20th, 2017. She weighs 5lbs, 5oz and is 17.5in. She’s amazing and perfect and healthy. She was born naturally, crying her little head off, and latched onto my breast for her first meal shortly after being born and checked over.

Welcome to the world, Bexley Poet Morgan!

Richonne Fan Fiction Appreciation Week Day 6

Just an overall Thank You to all the wonderful writers in this fandom.

I am not sure what a Drabble is, but hopefully this counts:

Respite (chapter 1 of Richonne Collection) by twiter12 - I love the idea of Michonne and Rick discussing if they would have been a couple before the ZA

Favorite quotes - so many - but the one that brings a laugh every time I read it is from Talk Dirty to Me by pennylane71

“Stupid Daryl and his stupid cross-bow and stupid vest that makes all the women go nuts. Well, I’m cool too! I got..a gun..and a hat. Fuck, no I don’t, I gave it to Carl.. I got…pigs. Motherfucker, I’m pathetic.”