in 20 years i will try again

1. The friends you have at the beginning of the year can completely change by the end of it. People change, and if they aren’t improving your life in some way, it’s okay to drop them.

2. Take many pictures. Don’t let it take over your life, though. You don’t want to look back and see that you only captured your memories with your camera lens and not within your mind and heart.

3. Find your safe place. Whether it be in the arms of a certain person or on the balcony of Barnes and Nobles with a cup of soup, find it and don’t let it go. You can have more than one safe place.

4. Be nice to everyone. You honestly don’t know what skeletons people are hiding in their closets. Everyone has their skeleton. Every person on this earth has something in their life or past worth collapsing on the ground in uncontrollable sobs over.

5. Reading is so important. Highlight the things that you read that you find intriguing. Read a lot, it can only do good things for you.

6. Writing always helps.

7. The girl with anxiety has the deepest thoughts. The autistic boy has the kindest heart, and the schizophrenic has the ability to put a smile on your face in seconds. Do not judge character based on a mental illness.

8. Music has an indescribable ability to connect and heal. Let it do its thing.

9. Her prettiness doesn’t make your prettiness any less pretty.

10. Getting close and letting someone in is scary as hell. You know what else it is? Worth it.

11. The minute you feel your happiness being dictated by someone else, take a break from them.

12. Adventuring is a must. Sunsets always help the soul, showing that endings can be as beautiful as beginnings.

13. Spend more time with your parents doing things they enjoy. Later in life, you’ll be wishing you’d spent more time with them than on your Netflix account.

14. Home is not always a place, but whatever you love with your whole heart. I have many homes, and it’s okay if one home doesn’t feel like home anymore.

15. Making someone smile and feel genuinely happy has the ability to warm your heart from the inside out. No matter how much pain someone is going through, you made them forget about it for a few seconds. Isn’t that something?

16. Feel everything and let it hurt, but don’t go back to what broke you.

17. Don’t let fear hold you back from what you want. The view from the other side is spectacular.

18. Tell people how you feel. Even if you’re scared it’ll burn your life to the ground. You say it loud.

19. You find the most extraordinary things in the most ordinary places.

20. Swollen lips and sweaty “I want you’s” can make you feel again, but I don’t want to feel anything if it means having to sit there feeling like the wind is constantly being knocked out of me when he stops calling back.

21. Sometimes the way you think of someone isn’t the way they actually are.

22. Never underestimate the amount of joy the holiday season can bring you. Try and find ways to feel that way all year long.

23. Timing is never going to be perfect; if you care about something enough, you’ll make the time. It’s all about priorities.

24. If women used their words to build each other up instead of tearing each other down, our world would change drastically.

25. Recovery can take 2 weeks or 5 years. You aren’t any less of a person if it takes you longer to find a way to let go of what’s hurting your heart.

26. You only need yourself, but having people by your side trying to understand means a lot more than you might think.

27. You find your truest friends in your darkest hours.

28. You can feel the whole world in a month and nothing after 2 years. Time does not define love.

29. Always say yes to dessert.

30. Concerts make life worth living. So does yelling your favorite song along with your best friend in the car with your best friend with hands intertwined. These are things that show you that you don’t need to be on drugs to feel invincible.

31. So does kissing.

—  emmuuhhhhh, 31 Things I’ve Learned Coming Into 2016
6 Motivation Tips for College

As we all know (or have heard), college is a seriously hands-on-deck, time consuming experience, no matter what you study. That’s not to say that it’s all stress-inducing, all the time, but it requires a different kind of time management and focus than what you’re used to in high school. The difficulty of it all can sometimes be a little overwhelming/disheartening, which is why it is always important to find different ways to stay motivated and on-task. Here are some of the ways I keep myself going when I’m so close to quitting:

1. Picture the end-game: this is a classic. Whenever I’ve studied so much that I’m close to tears, I remember my goals. Short-term first, then long-term. I think, “Okay, no, you can’t give up because you told yourself at the beginning of this semester that you wanted all A’s. You have to keep going for those A’s.” and afterwards I follow it up with, “And why is it that you want those A’s? Because you want to get into a kickass med school!”

2. Think about others/build expectations: sometimes, just thinking about yourself isn’t enough. I have my slacker periods when I think “So what if I don’t do well in this test? I’ve done well enough in others”, or “I’ll do better in the next one”. I try to remember that I’m trying to build a relationship with the professor during this class; it gives me an extra ‘oomph’. I may exaggerate that relationship sometimes, but it helps to think that the professor is used to work of high caliber from you, and that he/she expects you to do well. This one works well for me because I don’t like disappointing people, and I take meeting expectations as a personal challenge.

3. Be competitivewith yourself: don’t, I repeat, don’t compare yourself to others. You get nothing out of it. If there’s something you learn from the studyblr community, it’s that everybody learns and executes in a different way. Personally I’ve found that competition in classrooms does not motivate me, because it’ll just end up making me feel bad whether I do better or worse than others. But competing against myself? Much better. I try to push myself to do a little better than I did last time, or start revising a little earlier for the next test. When I compare my new results with older ones, it’s a learning experience even if I don’t do better. It helps me understand myself and my needs a little more.

4. Take a break: when people tell you that you can’t stop or you won’t get everything done? THAT IS A LIE. A breather is necessary as heck!!! If you’re feeling overwhelmed or anxious, you won’t learn as well or be as productive than if you’re dedicated to your work. Sometimes I’m okay with just a few minutes of closing my eyes and listening to a favorite piece of music, other times I need something a little longer like a 20-minute episode of The Office. I try not to let it extend much more than that though, because from personal experience, the longer you put off starting up again, the harder it gets.

  • Pro tip: I’ve been talking to first year medical students recently to get advice for next August (for those of you who don’t know, I’ll be beginning my medical studies then), and one of them told me, “Listen. Everyone has their relaxation thing. I love hanging out and being with people, and sometimes I’m so fixated on the fact that I can’t go out and have fun with my friends because I’m stuck studying that I throw 3 hours away just staring at my book. I’ve learned that it’s better to just get that thing you want to do out of the way, and then go back and study. You’ll be happier and feel a lot better than you did before.” (WITH DISCRETION, OBVIOUSLY)

5. Stationery: ah, yes, like most of you, I am obsessed. Sometimes all it takes is just finding the perfect pen and paper for what I have in mind to keep myself going.

6. Get involved in the studyblr community: at first, just observing to get ideas about things you want to try is enough to give you an extra boost of motivation, but when you feel like you’re starting to slack off again, try getting involved. Try posting some of your own revision notes or stationery pics! Honestly this community is one of the most warm and welcoming ones out there, and it is super inspiring to get notes and messages from people all over the world who encourage you to run that extra mile, do that extra work to reach your goals.

I hope this serves as useful, and good luck studying to each and everyone of you. Aim high and keep going!

hi, my name is jess and i have a mental illness. this is how i feel i have to introduce myself to people at this point in my life. I’m 20 years old, living with massive depressive disorder, PTSD, and an anxiety disorder. i go to therapy, i take medication but i can get sad, really really sad sometimes, and i can get angry, really really angry sometimes. and sometimes I’m not even me. sometimes i cant get out of bed in the morning, i cant brush my teeth, my hair, go to class, or practice. one minute I’m laughing and the next I’m crying. but i am fighting. sometimes i am happy, unconditionally so, stable, loving, and healthy. ill go to class, ill score the game winning goal, and ill end up with a 4.0 GPA for the semester, sometimes you cant even tell I'm living with this dark cloud inside of me. i cannot guarantee you that i will always wake up with a smile on my face, but i promise you this, i love unconditionally, hard, and whole heartedly. i give my all in everything that i do. i work hard. i have more determination inside of me than most people ive met. ive been to hell and back in my almost 21 years, but ive made it back every time. no matter how sad i get, no matter how shitty i get, i will come back from it, i always do and i always will. so try not to give up on me, because one day ill be back, ill be me again.
—  living with a mental illness in your 20′s

[OFFICIAL] EXO KAI Debut 5th Anniversary Special Message!

Translation : 

Hello, I’m EXO’s Kai! Today is our 5th anniversary. It’s a very special day. We made our debut in 2012 and there’s been a lot of things. It was a happy time with the audience, the concerts, and with you. They were good memories. I’m leaving it now but I have a lot of time later. 10 years, 20 years, 30 years later, I will always be with you and I will give you a good stage with lots of good memories. I hope you remember that time again. Now, April 8th, I will visit you often. I can’t wait to see you again. I hope you’ll wait. And I will be (working) diligently and a humble Kai. I look at the stage now, but I look back on stage five years later. I will always try to be exactly the same. Thank you and keep on loving us.

trans © fykai

Trans- Joker

I’ve wanted to write a trans joker thing for a while and finally actually got to it. Part 2 is here! Part 3 is here! Part 4 is here!

Joker bit his lip hard, groaning in pain as cramps ripped through his stomach.

He could handle most kinds of pain, some he even he enjoyed, but this?

This was terrible.

He was experiencing his first period in over 10 years.

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FuckLovePayMe’s Philosophy #4

I believe older men (40+) hits on younger women for a combination of reasons: to feel young again, to believe that they still got game, to be with a woman with a more than likely better body and shape, and to take advantage of the young woman’s possible naivety. A 20 year old woman’s body is more likely going to be in shape and tight (no sagging boobs, skin, etc) than a 40 year old. Men are visual beasts and they also seem to believe a younger woman will be more sexual or fuck faster than an older woman. I had older men try to get me to “chill” with them because they know that’s the new “thing” to do in this age, and I shut that down fast. I know most older men love to be with a younger woman, so I used that to my advantage for years. I never slept with a man old enough to be my dad or granddad but I still got what I wanted out of them, because of their willing to do any and every thing to have me and sleep with me. Don’t fall for an older man’s game, because maturity don’t always come with age. Most of them have selfish intentions, so get what you want from them monetary then move on. Be a selfish bitch to these men.

“Papa would be proud…”

On the desk in Jay Z’s Roc Nation corner office stands a photograph of his mother Gloria Carter and his father Adnis “AJ” Reeves on their wedding day.

Shawn Carter spent the first five years of his life living with Adnis’ parents, Adnis Sr. and Ruby Reeves, on the corners of Lexington Avenue and Lewis Avenue in Bedford-Stuyvesant. He remembers AJ working odd jobs, including time as a cab driver, a truck driver, and at the phone company. One of his fondest memories of his father is when AJ would take him and his cousin B-High to Times Square to “people watch.” Adnis was “crazy for detail”—which is where Hov gets it from—and loved playing games that exercised their observational skills. When maneuvering around Brooklyn he would always put Jay, the youngest, in charge of getting them to their destination.

When Shawn Carter was nine years old his Uncle Ray was stabbed to death outside a crowded Brooklyn club. Although the community knew who committed the murder, no one spoke to the authorities—so they were never arrested. AJ took the the murder of his brother hard and spent long evenings out of the house searching for the culprit. During his time searching the streets Reeves became an alcoholic and a heroin addict—trying to cope with the pain of losing his brother. Eventually he left his family behind, when Jay was aged 11 or 12: “He didn’t announce he was leaving. I found out what really happened. His brother had gotten killed. Life in urban areas, he got stabbed. It really sent him in to a spiral, and he could go out and look for the guy. My mom would tell him, you have a family here, you can’t go out there. He couldn’t deal with that pain … My dad swore revenge and became obsessed with hunting down Uncle Ray’s killer. The tragedy—compounded by the injustice—drove him crazy, sent him to the bottle, and ultimately became a factor in the unraveling of my parents’ marriage. As a kid, I didn’t know all this. I had no idea that it was the death of his brother that undid my dad. When I found this out I realized that yeah, of course every father that bounced had a reason. I didn’t excuse him for leaving his kids, but I started to understand.” In a 2013 interview with Howard Stern he revealed that his dad was just one day “gone,” and that he didn’t ever visit his family again, despite living “about 15 minutes away.”

When Jay took Oprah to the Marcy Houses in 2009 he explained to her how the young Shawn felt: “Anger. At the whole situation. Because when you’re growing up, your dad is your superhero. Once you’ve let yourself fall that in love with someone, once you put him on such a high pedestal and he lets you down, you never want to experience that pain again. So I remember just being really quiet and really cold. Never wanting to let myself get close to someone like that again. I carried that feeling throughout my life, until my father and I met up before he died.”

In 2002 he told his mom that “You know, Ma, I’ve really been trying to look inward, and maybe I’m just not meant to fall in love like other people do.” Gloria knew at this moment that she needed to have her youngest son reconcile with his father—at the time they hadn’t seen each other in 20 years, and Jay was a cold, closed-off person in relationships due to his father’s betrayal. Due to both Jay and AJ’s stubbornness, she was the one who organized a meeting at Hov’s house. AJ didn’t turn up to the first meeting—even after Jay had sent a car to pick him up. This action didn’t break his heart though—he had promised himself he wouldn’t let anyone else hurt him again.

Gloria pushed for another meeting, knowing the alcoholism had eaten away at his organs, and this time AJ turned up. It was during the Carter family’s Saturday meal, and AJ was “crazy uncomfortable … when he came in he felt completely left out. He was in my home, and we were still a family, and it probably killed him to see that we had survived his leaving—we were still whole … I didn’t come out of my room. My mother kept offering him food, anything to make him comfortable … When [she] brought him to my room she acted like she was depositing him and leaving us to talk, but she went around to the exercise room connected to my bedroom and eavesdropped on our conversation … When he was there in front of me, it was like looking in a mirror. I’m tall and slim like him—we looked exactly alike. I didn’t have much to say, only a question. I just wanted him to tell me how he could leave his son—one who looked exactly like him—to raise himself. Whatever drama my mother had, she never tried to keep us from him. He’s the one who decided it would be the way it was … He tried to hit me with excuses. He said my sister Annie knew where he was, that my brother Eric had been to visit him. He was still being proud. I told him that I was the child. I wasn’t supposed to look you up, you were supposed to be looking me up … He finally broke down and admitted he was wrong. He said he was sorry.” Jay has since said that “It was important for me to hear him say he was sorry and for me to hear myself say, ‘I forgive you.’ It changed my life, really. I wish every kid who grew up like me could have the same chance to confront the fathers who left them, not just so they can lay out their anger, but so they can, in the end, let that anger go. That anger still stunts so many of us.”

Jay’s next step was to organize an apartment for his father—trying to make him as comfortable as he could in his last months. Around two months after their meeting, on June 19, 2003, Adnis Reeves passed away—the same night that Jay opened The 40/40 Club in New York City. The doctors had told AJ to stop his drinking to prolong his time, but he didn’t. As Jay expressed on “Moment of Clarity,” he was “more intrigued than devastated” at his father’s funeral—and he didn’t cry.


It’s been a while, and since I am in a reflective mood after stuffing my family with the annual ham and deviled egg-fest that is traditionally part of our Easter celebration, I thought I would offer some thoughts as we head in to Spring. And for those of you who live in the south like I do, that means 80+ degrees, and that lovely humidity that frizzes my hair out to the point of a thorn bush!

Let me say that I thoroughly enjoyed the OL teaser trailer. Quite frankly, it was much better than I expected. I am actually looking forward to S3, and it appears that our beloved Sam and Cait will knock it out of the park with this one. Since I am a book fan, I am also ok with the 20 year seperation, Frank, and all of the non-J/C stuff because that is part of the story. And remember, after print shop…it is all Jamie and Claire, so I am thrilled.

As for our dreamy duo, I am operating on an all systems go mode. SA has been quite magical for them, and the things they have shown us have been truly fun to watch. I realize by some of the posts I have seen here recently that the antics of others are trying to be pushed once again, but for f*ck’s sake….let it go already. I realize that everyone wants to be a “ star "on SM, but come on….does anyone really care? I know that I don’t, and that is the beauty of having an opinion. You know the saying….opinions are like a**holes and everybody has one. The difference is knowing when to wipe, and when to cover it up. After all, no one really likes a "stinky” ass, even their own!!

So, for everyone trying to shame or pity people into thinking that it is not nice to poke holes or fun into bs stories and or people…I would ask you to have consideration for those who have been taunted, bullied, screencapped, doxxed and downright stalked while trying to express and enjoy their own opinions without doing any of that. You see…Karma really is a bitch, and that boat rocks two ways. We are all free to like, dislike, and quite frankly pick and choose who we do it with.

To the awesome shipsters that I get to hang with everyday, thank you for the friendships support, discussions, and the ability to find and believe in the things you love the most. The world is a better place because of it. And like everything in the tumblverse….there will always be someone trying to reach their 15 minutes of fame. The good news is that it never lasts, just like the time. If it weren’t so funny, I might actually feel sorry for those peeps, but everyone gets a choice, and some just don’t know how to use theirs.

Sail on sweet shipsters, and now I am off to find out what Sam and Cait are doing today. After that gorgeous weekend, they just might be (ahem*) worn out!😉😉🙃🙃💖💖

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ugghh i want to cry :(( onces on twitter are super angry about june's imitation of momo and are bringing jinhwans fall during their gfriend cover up again :(

jinhwan didn’t fall on purpose he has a weak lower body (iKONICs have been trying to explain this for a year now) It only happened at ONE concert, since he actually fell and didn’t try to make fun of anyone. 

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Do you guys honestly think that Luke, as we knew him in the first few episodes, would be a-okay with leaving Sarah to die even after hours of trying and then do the hanky panky with the person who even suggested that it was an a-okay thing to do?

Boi dashed across an entire state to save his people, two of which are neurodivergent and one of those being his best friend of literally 20 years. 

This is ridiculous.
Big data gonna fuck ya

I was just looking through the friend suggestions on Facebook. A very old ex girlfriend from 20 years ago popped up. I truly can’t see how they made that link.

I’m very privacy conscious, and have been trying to use Facebook again after a 4 year hiatus, but with a negligible footprint on FB.

I haven’t had contact with my ex for twenty years
I don’t have any shared Facebook contacts with her
I am using a completely different email address for my new Facebook account that she cannot have.
I have never used the Facebook Messenger app on my phone.
I have never used the Facebook app on my phone.
I have never shared my contact list with Facebook.
I have never shared my mobile number with Facebook.
I have her in my contacts on Google Contacts, and hence in my phone contacts, but only an old Hotmail email address that I would surprised she even still uses. No phone number for her.
I have not viewed her profile, nor searched for her by name on Facebook
I even use a different name on Facebook to my legal name (I’m trans, so shoot me)
I only ever use the Facebook mobile website on my phone
I don’t live close to her, in fact I live in a different country, so we don’t have any location proximity
The only thing I do have is WhatsApp on my phone, but since I haven’t shared my mobile phone number with Facebook it can’t have tied my Facebook profile to my WhatsApp contact entry. I also don’t have my Facebook email address in my phone/Google contacts against my entry. It’s one I setup purely for my trans identity.

This is seriously creepy. How the hell have FB figured that out?

I think I’ve figured it out. The steps go like this:

I delete my old FB account 4 years ago. I also delete the content of that account manually first (all photos, timeline, mobile number, etc), change the email address to a Hotmail alias address. I then apply for a permanent account deletion. I receive the deletion confirmation on that alias address.
My ex isn’t in my friend list in my old account, but her contact details were part of a contacts upload I did for the old account.
My old FB account had the mobile number I have still today. Friends will have that number and my pre-alias email address in their contact list.
I create a new FB account. I create a brand new email address, and never share my mobile number with FB for the new account. I also refrain from using any of FB’s apps except WhatsApp.
A current FB friend has FB Messenger or WhatsApp installed. They tied my contact entry to my old FB account since they have my old account’s email address and telephone number.
That friend changes the name of my contact entry in their phone via the name change that one of my FB current contacts made in their phone, which notified FB of the change via one of their apps on my friend’s phone.
FB matches my old account to my new account by name.
Hence, FB have tied my new account and my old account together, which was of course my express desire to avoid that.

How does FB Messenger tie to your contacts out of interest when it is installed? I’ve never used it, so I’m not sure how it integrates into your contact list. Is it like WhatsApp that offers you a WhatsApp link against a contact?

Happy Birthday Stealth,

Another year has come and gone. You have overcome struggles and drama, and I am proud of you. You continue to grow and develop as an artist. You are still kind and give even when you get burnt out. You treasure your friends you are close to.

I am grateful for the times that you need time for yourself you take them. I’m glad you stick up for what you believe.Your time and efforts I will always appreciate. You are still you and there will never be anyone better you could be. I look forward to hopefully longer years I can see you. I will root for you to find your happiness, and I hope inspiration and creativity always stay by your side.

Happy birthday Stealth, I’m always grateful to have met the kind soul you are.

Allen/ Alien!gaster belongs to @wdgadget

(I’m choked up, I’m at a loss for words… I sat here for like 20 minutes trying to find some. Just, thank you from the bottom of my heart for the beautiful art (bug snuggles always cheer me up <3!) and for the kind and encouraging words. I always save your messages so I can read them again on really bad days. I’m grateful to have met you too; you set such a good example by spreading love and joy everywhere you go and it’s a constant inspiration for me.)    

Let's have a chat.

As someone who has been in a toxic, manipulative and abusive relationship, I get so frustrated hearing all about how Mon-el is so abusive to Kara. Why don’t we take a step back and look at what’s going on.

1. He lied to her. Yes he did. He knew what her prejudices were towards Daxamites and he chose to guard himself and keep it from her that he was the Prince. He knew that his past was flawed and that he was wrong. Instead of bringing that up, he chose to change how he was and tried to learn to be a hero. Maybe to make up for what he had done?

2. Did they move on from that fast? Yes they did. But often times in ADULT RELATIONSHIPS, you can see things from the persons point of view and move on. She saw that his lies were facetious and that it wasn’t to intentionally hurt her, so she forgave him.

3. Her father created a biological weapon that was used on him and almost killed him. Did he freak out and blame her for it? No. He told her that it was anything but her fault and comforted her while he was on his death bed.

4. He is new to earth. He doesn’t understand our customs and has to learn everything over again. Remember, he’s had 20 some years as the Prince of Daxam and learned habits that are hard to break. But that’s the thing, he’s trying to change. He’s trying, researching and asking advice on how he should act and what he should do in certain situations.

These are just a few things I wanted to point out.

Is he abusing her and forcing her to do things? If you ask me, I don’t think that you could force Supergirl to do anything. She’s a strong woman who can make decision made for herself. If she believed that he was abusing her, I guarantee you that she’d leave.

It is insulting to me that people think this is abuse. This is not abuse, this is learning and growing up.


I’ve thought a lot about posting this. 
Every time I see someone else’s before/now posts I think about it.
I never have because I feel like I don’t deserve to. I didn’t earn it, I cheated. I didn’t work hard to get here. 

But I’m owning my journey and trying to accept everything about myself, which includes the fact that I am happy to have lost 90 pounds, in spite of how it happened. 

 For those who don’t know, I got sick. Physically ill for a long time, made worse by my mental health and the medications I took for it. About 20 pounds came off from actually trying, the rest were from three years of uncontrollable pain and nausea and no energy. 

 I hate what I’ve lost the past three years. Relationships, money, opportunities, control, health, years. I hate how I lost weight. But I will not hate my body or the fact that I’m happier with it now than I was three years ago. I’m finally feeling healthy. I’m eating. I have energy. I’m working out again. I get to be happy about how I came out of the hardest years of my life. How all of me turned out. 

So here it is.
March 2014 - March 2017.
210 to 120 pounds.


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Part 1/?

Description:You have always been a busy person from the very beginning and you haven`t realised your surroundings.You go to meet your life-saver  uncle but soon you realise someone who has been keeping an eye on you for a while.

Genre:Fluff+some confession


Dear reader x Chanyeol

You looked at your phone and continued to run towards the bus.You were in a big rush and missing the only bus you knew wasn’t going to help you at all.Luckily,you managed to catch the bus and a sigh of relief left your lips.You watched as the rain poured all of a sudden.You loved rain.After 10 minutes you got off of the bus and walked towards the metro station.When you managed to avoid all the crowd and sat down,your phone rang and you saw “ 내 꺼 hero hero”.You couldn’t help but smile.You answered the phone.

‘‘Yes my hero.”

“Where have you been?”

“On my way to your place.”

“I told you it isn’t my place and you gotta hurry or u’ll miss me cause the boys have somewhere to go and we need to hurry up.”

“Ok,but I thought you said you would be there until 8pm.”

“I was planning on staying but the boys wanna go somewhere and i couldn’t say no.”

“Obviously.” A deep sigh left your lips.

“Be quick or u’ll starve for the rest of the week.”

He ended the call and you couldn’t help but smile.He wasn’t your family or relative but he managed to help you whenever you needed.He loved you even though he didn’t say it and you knew it.He was your ajussi.Your life-saver.When your father died 4 years ago he was the one who helped you when you needed and stayed by your side.He helped you more than your mom did.When your mom abandoned you 5 months ago and told you that you weren’t his daughter anymore,he took you from your mom and helped you to stand on your own feet and he was still helping you.He was your hero.

You hurried to the exit since he told you to hurry up and be quick but soon you realised that you were wet.It was pouring down again but you didn’t mind because it reminded you of all the things you managed to overcome until this day.You ran into the SM building all wet and for the  first time since your mother abandoned you,you felt like you were truly alive.You opened the building’s door to see a bunch of young men dressed in black and they all had masks which was making it obvious that they were idols.This building was rather a secret one as nobody knew about it except the idols and their managers and it was used as a meeting place.All of the masked men looked at you but most of them already knew you even tough you had no idea who they were.Your beloved ajussi was basically their manager and you had seen them at least 5 times before but you weren’t used to it.

Your eyes searched for your hero as he started to walk towards you and you wanted to hug him but you couldn’t as you knew it would look weird a 20-year-old foreigner hugging a 40-year-old korean man.You smiled at him and he just continued to pout.

“What happened to you again?”

“It was raining and I didn’t have an umbrella.”you said trying to calm down your breath.The fact that you were speaking in english and he was answering in korean was odd enough and you felt a pair of eyes on you.You looked up to the side where men was talking and joking with each other and a pair of eyes caught yours.He was the tallest between them and he was wearing all black just like the rest of the group.”They look like a bunch of well-skilled korean gangsters.”you thought to yourself.

“…….and I also want to give you the chocolate I bought from overseas.Hey,you listening?”

“Yes of course.”you said as you realised you almost dozed off.”I would love to have some chocolate!!But I want the money first.”

He smiled widely and gave you a envelope with the money in.He sometimes gave you some money just to make sure you were good and didn’t need anything.He also called you every day and bought you everything you asked for.Since you were living by yourself,it wasn’t easy to go to school and work and he was helping you out.

You took the envelope and smiled as brightly as you can.He looked up to “the boys” and nodded.Your eyes caught the same curious ones again.You looked at him.His eyes got smaller which was a sign showing he smiled since you couldn’t see it because of the mask.Another small men looked at you and took off his mask as he drank water and you were sure you saw his face before.Multiple times.Your ajussi realised your eyes becoming wider as you saw the familiar-looking face and he said that they were leaving.You hummed a small ok as you started to walk out of the building and you felt the same pair of eye on you again but you didn’t care as you didn’t have time to care.You waved at your ajussi one last time and started to run towards the station.

As you arrived at your small studio you started to get ready to create another piece but you couldn’t help but wander about the man who kept his large eyes on you as you talked to your ajussi.

(2 weeks later)

You felt yourself getting more and more tired as you continued to walk towards your apartment.You were out of the library you were working and now you had to go the orphan  kindergarten to cook something for the kids there.You had too many jobs for one person but you didn’t care because you loved all of it.You rushed to your apartment.Fed your cat,watered your plants,ate a sandwich and got ready to go.Just when you were about to live you phone rang and once again you saw  “ 내 꺼 hero hero” and you wandered why would he call you since he had some work to do.


“Hey kiddo,sorry if i’m interrupting and i know you’re busy so am i but i have to ask you something.There’s this company party on saturday and everyone brings a date.I know i’m freaking old and stuff but i wanted you to come with me so you can have some quality time.”

“Ohhh I see.Well,I have to go read some books at the kindergarten on saturday  so i’m busy,plus i do have quality time on the library!”

“Look.I know you’re working hard and you are busy but you really have to come.I promise it’ll be funny and you were the one who told me library was like a dad grandma who forgot to die last month.”

“Hey! I love the library.I won’t come.I said i’m busy.You can take jeongha unnie tho.”

“She hates me so much.She won’t come.Come on!!!”

You looked down at your watch and realised you were almost late.A loud sigh left your lips.

“Ok i’ll come but you have to hire someone to read the book.”

“No problem.Thank you kiddo.You saved me.”

“You owe me.”

“You owe me your life so let’s not talk about what I owe you.

“Fine.See ya.”

“ 몸 건강해! “

(3 days after)

You called your unnie jeongha who always helped you when you needed and answered all your weird questions to help you get ready for the party.You looked up at the mirror and woah,who was that? You looked perfect.You couldn’t believe this was you.You thanked jeongha one last time and headed out.Ajussi was waiting for you and when he saw yo,he looked proud,like a dad.Tears started to form in the corners of your eyes but he wiped them off with his fingers and once again,you thought you were so lucky to have him.

You arrived at the party and soon you realised everyone was looking at you.You knew that it was hard being a foreigner in korea but that wasn’t the reason why they had their eyes on you.You felt happy as you were able to have some time to have fun.Your eyes caught a familiar-looking pair.”No”you thought to yourself,It can’t be.You knew this pair of eyes;the one you couldn’t erase from your mind for days.You looked at the men surrounding him.They were all looking handsome and smiling.He was staring at you still,You found the familiar-face of the man and you realised why he looked so familiar.They were super famous idols known as exo.You didn’t know much about them asn you barely had time for yourself but you knew them from commercials and brands.The man was still looking at you.You didn’t know what to do and it felt like he was eating you with his eyes while he was staring at your soul.

Thankfully,ajussi took you to meet some co-workers and you felt at ease.After meeting all those people and ajussi introducing you as his daughter,you were happy and tired.Not too long after ajussi took your hand and said that you were going to meet the last co-workers of him.He also told you that he knew them for a long time so you were excited to meet them.When you arrived where ajussi was heading,you felt your heart trembling.9 handsome man was looking at you with a big smile except one of them was looking at you more densely.You felt your legs shaking as you met each of them.They were also kind and smiley.You shook the hand of the person in front of you ad you looked up with a big smile but not too long after,your smile faded and your hands started to shake.You didn’t have any experience.You knew how it was supposed to be but you only saw it on the dramas 

“Hi,I’m Chanyeol.” he said with a big grin on his face.He was truly handsome.His brown hair looked really good with his suit.

“Hi,I’m (y/n).”Your voice was normal somehow considering your shaking legs and racing heart beat.

“Wah! It’s a really unique name.”

“Thanks.”You managed to say.

“It means the blooming flower of joy and peace in her language”said ajussi and you gave him a look but it was obvious that he was careless around these men.

“It’s beautiful.”he said and you smiled.Thank god you weren’t the blushing type or you would be red from head to toe.He was just about to say something but a model-looking man stopped him and said nice to meet you.You said the same thing and left them with your ajussi.There was a big balcony upstairs and it was the only place you knew here other than the restrooms.You went up to the balcony and realised how beautiful the view was as it was like you could see all over the city form the balcony.You heard footsteps from behind but you were sure the person wouldn’t come there.

“It’s the best at night time.”

“Uhhmm….” was all you could manage to say as you saw the glorious tall man from before and your heart raced again.”Yea,it’s.” you finally spoke.

“Just like your name..” he said while he was staring at the view with a calming smile.

”Just like you.”

Hi people!Hope y’all doing well ♡.So here it is.Hope you like it and please excuse my english,i’m still improving.I don’t really know how this happened but i’m planning on continuing.Good luck in your exams.Get rich ♡


A Lands player describes "the purest joy in life"
  • <p> <b>Blake:</b> If you have exploration, glacial chasm plus thespian's stage you can do that [loop glacial chasm] every turn and reassemble the same board to basically go to square 1 every turn...I played a game at a side event against a 10-year old kid playing...I enjoy tormenting small children when I'm playing magic but that's a different he was playing burn so what I did was I got the glacial chasm lock against him and I started looping it and he was groaning and moaning as you'd expect but y'know I don't know whether or not he knows that he can win in response to me dropping my glacial chasm so I was very careful about it; because if I try to sacrifice the chasm to attack with a Marit Lage, then I may just lose to fireblast or lightning bolt or what have against burn instead of trying to make a 20/20, sac the glacial chasm and attack, which gives them time to kill me with instant speed burn spells so what I did instead is what I did to this 10 year old child, which is while establishing the lock I had an extra land drop every turn that I wasn't using. Because again if you have Remeber if you have exploration, thespian's stage, thespian's stage you have one stage copy the other which is already targeting a glacial chasm you don't need to sacrifice a land every turn if you loop them repeatably. So once you're looping those two repeatably and you've done away with the drawback of sacrificing a land, the exploration allows you to play an extra land and advance your board every turn so everytime I would dredge, I'd get back a thespian's stage and also a ghost quarter and then I ghost quartered every single mountain out of the burn opponents deck<p/><b>Jerry:</b> Oh, you're a monster!<p/><b>Blake:</b> The sort of moments of realization were really kind of crucial. At first he was just like, "This is really weird, why are you ghost quatering my fetch lands?" "Why are you ghost quartering my mountains?" He was just, "This really weird" and then he started to see more and more. "Wait a minute are you trying to get rid of all my mountains?!" and then once he found his last one he said, "Oh God, oh god that was my last one" I was like, "Yep, I thought so"<p/><b>Jerry:</b> You shouldn't have done that! He was just a boy<p/><b>Blake:</b> So, really the purest joy in life is putting people on zero mana. It's why I play the deck.<p/></p>
IEJI ~ Happy Birthday to MUCC~

2017/05/04 (Thu) at the Ibaraki Prefectural Citizen Culture Center Hall
(Coming of Age Ceremony and Concert)


For goods sales before the show, the line was crazy. I lined up an hour before sales were to start and the place in front of the venue was pretty much full with people queuing already, 500-800 before me and in the end at least 400 behind me, easily more. Some of the goods were limited to two items per person (towel and shirt), towels and one size of the shirt still sold out before I got to the goods table (T_T). Shirts were all sold out by the end.

Next to the door they had a board and bamboo decoration for a coming of age ceremony (as I am sure is conducted for Mito kids in that very venue when they turn 20). About the mistake in the printed year (heisei 27 instead of 29), it says this was Yukke’s mistake.

They started a bit late, I think partly due to the goods craze and partly due to ticket double checking. I was in the second last row, and saw half the last row being asked outside again, to be questioned about their tickets. Apparently someone had bought a ticket for that area online so they were trying to figure out which seat so they can get the seller.
Re-sale was always prohibited but they are finally cracking down on re-sales where the price was increased / that happened on ticket-resale sites (where people often increase the price).


First, Satochi, Yukke and Tatsurou came on stage in traditional clothes, but no Miya. Miya came in from a side door for the audience, walking through the seats to the stage in his flashy red clothes.
Once he had joined the others on stage, Mito-chan (the mascot) appeared and gave them a package of nattou. Tatsurou opened it for a sniff, then had Yukke smell who all but JUMPED back at the strong smell. Mukku (the red one) came out and gave a little speech about MUCC and told each of the members something. Miya sat down in the middle of him speaking (“But it’s your Coming Of Age ceremony! Keep it together just for a little bit longer!”), used his folding fan, dropped that to the ground and just was a flashy brat all around.
Mukku to Tatsurou: 20 years ago you had close-cropped hair and “god” written on your face, and you still managed to grow up so cool.
Mukku to Miya: Good job getting anything done with these three idiots.
Yukke would have been next in line, but Mukku turned to Satochi first.
Mukku to Satochi: Please study a bit harder for kanji and math…
Mukku to Yukke: You are only at 18 years and therefore not of age yet. In two years, please celebrate your coming of age at home alone.


01. Aka
02. Fuzz
03. Zettai Zetsumei
04. Worlds End
05. Kyousoukyoku
07. Mukashi Kodomo datta Hitotachi he
08. rhythm session leading into Himitsu
09. 1979
10. Wasurenagusa
11. Suna no Shiro
12. Ieji
13. Heide
14. Nirvana
15. Orugooru
16. Namonaki Yume

18. part-changed Sekai no Owari
19. part-changed Ranchuu

Double Encore
20. ESCAPE (Moonchild cover)
21. Dejavu (Luna Sea cover)
22. NO?!
23. 1997
24. Daikirai
25. Ranchuu
26. Myakuhaku


For Aka, the first song, the guys didn’t seem to move around as much as normal so everyone was all “huh? something’s off”, but most of the audience didn’t realize that there were entirely different people on stage that were only wearing MUCC’s costumes – until the real members popped up behind them and the body doubles disappeared from the stage.
In one of the MCs they talked about this. Like, about who the body doubles were:
Yukke: Mine was SCREW’s Rui.
Tatsurou: Mine was Girugamesh’s Shu, GirugameShu.
Miya: We didn’t find anyone for me until yesterday, but one of the kouhai I drink with when home kind of looks similar to me, and he’s in a band now too and had time to come, so him.

That guy is a bassist so all of the three in front were bassists XD
Tatsurou: What about you Satochi?
Satochi: Mine was Takayasu-san.
Tatsurou: Yourself?
Satochi: (small voice) yes.

Tatsurou: I feel like we shouldn’t talk about stupid things during the MC for the 20th anniversary, but MUCC came this far while talking about nothing but useless stuff during the MCs so I also want to stay true to that.
Yukke: Oh, I have something stupid to talk about! It’s something I can’t say normally, but… is it ok to talk about shit for a bit? (everyone: ???)
Yukke: Shit drills have been really popular lately, you know, study sheets where the answers to all questions will spell out shit!
Satochi: (nods in happy understanding)
Yukke: Satochi, you received some of those right? Presents from fans? I don’t know why they are so popular, maybe they are more fun to do than normal drills?
Satochi: Yes, they are fun! So much fun! (sounding like an excited elementary school kid)

Satochi was reading 実話ナックルズ in a store (… if you don’t know the magazine, please do a picture search for the name, such a yankee mag omg). Which lead Miya to remember…
Back when Miya had a part time job in Kabukichou, at some after party a kouhai got utterly wasted so Miya helped stuffing him into a taxi and someone must have taken a picture of that because it appeared in 実話ナックルズ with something like “A True Account Of Kidnapping! The Dark Side Of Kabukichou!” (MUCC cracking up)
Tatsurou: So you really appeared in the magazine?!
At the time apparently Miya mentioned it during an MC too and Satochi went to a convenience store right after the live to check it out and yes, the article in question was there XD

For the encore, they changed positions:
Tatsurou → bass (not one reduced to two strings this time, a normal fully stringed bass)
Miya → drum (behind his own little drum set, not Satochi’s)
Yukke → guitar
Satochi → vocal (with little angel wings on his back)
During Sekai no Owari, for all the 俺はまっすぐ歩けない lines (“can’t walk straight”), Satochi was penguin walking around the stage avoiding two steps in the same direction XD
And all of the growls sounded like Satochi was throwing up… XD;

Satochi thought they were doing only Sekai no Owari with changed parts, but no, also Ranchuu. In between the two, Satochi admired Tatsurou because
Satochi: Damn, doing vocals is EXHAUSTING how do you do it, moving all the time is so hard you’re amazing!

During Ranchuu, there was even more Satochi throwing up (“growling”… but he even stood in ways that suggested throwing up, like bending over and such) and moving in adorably cute patterns around the stage, like damn, I have never laughed so hard during Ranchuu that my stomach hurt afterwards but this time, oh wow XD SO CUTE. SO FUNNY.
So, a big percentage of the crowd was laughing waaay to hard to do any headbanging, but we enjoyed it to no end XD

For the double encore, they returned to their normal positions. And started with two song covers, for ESCAPE they had live piano on stage again, played by Yoshida-san who has worked with them during recordings before (he played the piano for Shinsou on Zekuu and ever since worked with them whenever they needed a pianist).
Apparently they first hired him for only one song (Suna no Shiro) for this live, and then with “can we add one more song?” “sure” “ok and one more then” they ended up with him on stage for three songs XD

The second time of Ranchuu, this time with everyone on their normal position, was amazing especially with the contrast to Satochi’s supercute version. Now everyone could (and did) go crazy enough for both times XD

Tatsurou: That you all have gathered here today, that means that MUCC are a part of your life! We are family!! Please continue like that for many years to come!!!! Ah… I said that, but… zen’in shikei!!! (what he always calls during Ranchuu, “You’re all under death penalty”ish, so everyone cracked up at that XD )

When they left the stage after the last song, Satochi started to throw Yukke’s bass into the audience, but of course stopped before it left the stage, shocking Miya next to him for a second XD

  • Announcements via a text video projected onto the backdrop

- Re-release of Tsuuzetsu and Homura Uta
- Tour in the summer in tiny tiny venues

Miya on Twitter on the Re-Releases:
“We could finally announce about the New Tsuuzetsu and the New Homura Uta. I think there are good parts to MUCC from long ago as well as good parts to the MUCC of today, so with this release we can directly compare their music which should be fun. We don’t want to just reproduce what we did back then. Right now, there are things we cannot do the way we did them back then. But also, there are things we can do now that we could not do back then. And so I think we managed to make something we could only make as the MUCC of today.”


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That’s the masterlist, at the moment, it’s empty but don’t worry some imagines will come soon.


Seth Rollins 

- Happy New Year - PT1

- Happy New Year - PT2 & END


- Prompt #21 “I’m trying to make you proud.”

- Prompt #2 “I’m not letting you go” + #20 “I’m scared of ending up alone.”

Romain Reigns

- Prompt #27 « And here you go again, always trying to pretend things are okay. ! » 

Prompt #25 : Roman Reigns “We’re bad for each other, don’t you see? We don’t work!” 

Prompts #14 “They were so many clues but you never noticed.” + #22 “I’m scared of losing you, I can’t lose you.”


Seeking Arrangement - Triple H ( more characters to come ) 

- Prologue 

Chapter One — Seeking-Arrangement “Free”


- Finn Balor 

loooollllll does anyone realize how much money we’re going to spend this year? give or take, we’ve got:

  • harry’s album: between $10-$70, depending on packages
  • harry’s merch: probably between $20-$60
  • harry’s tour: (roughly) $40 - $115
  • niall’s album: $15+ dollars, depending on packages
  • niall’s merch: again, probably between $20-$40ish
  • niall’s tour: $30/$40+
  • liam’s album: tba
  • liam’s merch: tba 
  • liam’s tour: tba
  • louis’s album: tba
  • louis’s merch: tba
  • louis’s tourdates: tba

EDIT: it’s come to my attention i didn’t include travel prices. perhaps i was trying to be merciful on us all, but. alas. so depending on method of transportation that could be anywhere from $30 (gas prices, if you live in an economically sound area) - $2/400+ (for plane/train tickets)

i mean… the deluxe edition of MITAM alone was $32 but i could buy like 48 copies of MITAM with the amount of money i am going to willingly give to 1D is going to steal from me so??? i don’t know what the point of this post is except that it was cheaper being a 1D stan than it is to be a solo!direction stan and we could easily spend $500-$1000+ on these losers*, so if 1D love me they will return asap thank you 

*i mean that in the most loving way possibly but seriously i’m poor what are you doing