in 2 hours 30 mins!!

Mainly targeted towards j2s who are facing an increasing amount of workload and desperate to catch up on their grades before the major exams (Most of the stuff I’m including here is based on my own experience and I cannot guarantee it will be effective for everyone!) 

As requested by @studysorcery  💕💕

1. Study groups 

Do what you need to do, get some of your classmates together and form a study group to discuss tutorial questions, craft essay outlines, share resources etc. 

  • helpful if you tend to stray away from your tasks/get distracted easily 
  • having more people work on an assignment -> more opinions/methods to get to the answer 
  • in my lit class me and a couple of my classmates decided to create a google drive folder where we would dump all our lit essay outlines/analysis for different themes etc. (the more the merrier) in a way it helps especially when revising. 

2. Understand requirements of the syllabus 

Most lecture notes provided by schools usually include everything you need to know for the syllabus examined, but some might include additional info here and there so if you’re rly pressed for time you might want to ignore those.

it’s not just force feeding info and that once you get the info that “answers” the syllabus requirement you’re done

  • a’level questions place a lot of emphasis on your ability to apply the knowledge learnt into weird questions 
  • when you’re reading something try to think of possible ways in which questions may be phrased in order for you to make use of the info you’ve learnt 

3. Effective ways of studying for each subject 

Doing up mind maps, timelines, essay outlines, research packages( where you do research on a specific topic and collate stats, facts etc). If you’re unsure as to which approach to take when tackling each subject, ask your tutor for advice. Eg. doing essay outlines may be helpful for subjects such as economics, literature, history etc. where there is usually a lot of elaboration/analysis and writing involved. 

4. To catch up on past topics or move ahead instead? 

If you rly rly have a lot of backlog, I suggest to just move on to the upcoming topic you’re doing in class. BUT!!! that is provided that the previous chapters are not linked to the current one you’re learning bc if not everything will just be 29834728178 times worse. 

For topics that are not interlinked, just move on and work harder to make sure you have a good grasp of the content. Once you’re confident with that, squeeze out a small bit of time to go back to the previous chapters. Don’t try to rush it all in a couple of days bc you’ll just burn out and feel overwhelmed by the end of the week. easier said that done lol :”) 

5. Do your tutorials. Do. It. And submit them for marking. Any questions? Write them on post-its and paste it in your tutorial for future ref if u don’t have time to address it now 

6. Try not to disregard your lecture tests/assignments as much as possible 

lecture tests? what test?  unless you’re really desperate and pressed for time, please try your best to study, or at least revise for your lecture tests. Many of those tests are put in place for a reason. While the questions tend to be trickier than those in the tutorials, most are set such that they will cover the basics/foundation concepts that are taught in the specific chapter. If you can do those questions, you’re more than halfway there. 

7. Extra “free time” bc no more cca? Coooooool. Go for consultations with your teachers or use the time to catch up on your j1 topics 

Prep some work and go through them with your tutor, or clarify all your doubts that you have from each chapter before it’s too late and suddenly your tutor is the most popz person in school 

8. Aim to start revising for mid years/prelims at least a month before 

It doesn’t have to be like 2 hours of continuous studying, but it doesn’t hurt to set aside 30 mins of revision to recap your memory before you start to go full steam ahead. That way the content wouldn’t seem foreign as if you’re looking at it for the first time 

9. Revision packages? Try to work on a topical one b4 doing the yearly one unless you have a good grasp of at least 50% of the syllabus

i was lazy and thought that attempting the math yearly revision packages/past year papers would be better than starting from the topical ones HAHAAH wrong choice made  if you’re like me and are still struggling with certain/most chapters for a particular subject, it might be better to attempt the topical tys until you’re somewhat confident that you can tackle the yearly one. While some people will say that it’s better to do the yearly one bc the questions often tend to merge multiple topics together(eg. math), I personally feel that there isn’t much point in trying to falsely comfort yourself into thinking that you’re “ready” by doing a full past year paper (and then trying to check the step-by -step answers to give yourself hints while attempting questions lol) 

Ultimately it’s still up to your personal preference, though. Like i’ve said, this is all based on my own personal experience, and if you’re really at a loss as to what to do/how to approach your revision plan, seek help from your respective subject tutors. It’s not too late to start now(if you’ve been slacking for the past year), don’t try to cram everything together, and take it one step at a time. Jiayou and atb in your studies! Also just bc it’s your a level year it doesn’t mean a levels  > your mental and emotional health > everything ;_; so please do take care of yourselves! 

- siying 

No, no action at all (✿◡‿◡)

anonymous asked:

Imagine this, a concept - the finale is 2 hours, 1hr n half is all ships, 30 mins at the end is mystery, AD is revealed but nothing adds up or makes sense, Bethany's name doesn't come up once, nobody dies. the girls forgive ad and they all live happy ever after and even a party with AD as a thank you

I won’t be surprised at ALL

Am I Distracting You?

Description: Your boyfriend kept distracting you from your studies so you sent him off to play video games, then set about distracting him.

Requested: No

Genre: Little bit of fluff but main smut.

Pairing: Baekhyun x Reader

Word Count: 1428

“Baek, I can feel you staring at me,” you turned your head to look back at the man lying on your couch who was staring at you. “Waahh how much longer will you be?! I’m bored!” he whined. Your boyfriend had a tendency to whine when he didn’t get his way. Which is what had happened tonight. He’d come over to your place to hang out even though you’d told him you had to study. He’d protested but you had stood your ground and told him you’d be 2 hours then he’d have your undivided attention. “Baek, it’s been 30 mins. You are going to have to find something to amuse yourself with until I’m done,” He sat up and opened his mouth ready to try and talk you out of studying again so you cut him off and kept talking “because the more you distract me, the longer I’ll have to study” Defeated, he stood up and wandered around your apartment looking for something to amuse himself with.

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German classes online?

German classes online:

By who? - yours truly
Price? - via PayPal (must pay before session)
30 min session - 5 dollars USD
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1 hour 30 mins - 15 dollars USD
2 hours - 20 dollars USD

This is a fun way for me to earn money over the summer and to help others out!!

So if you’re interested please message me and we can figure out the price and date(s)

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Just girlfriends being gross.

k0k0nut  asked:

Hello! your art is sooo good, i've been following you for some time now and I always wanted to ask this, how long does it usually take you to finish a piece? ^_^

ahh thank you so much!! ;w;

For chibis, it can take me anywhere from 30 min to 3 hours?
Headshots usually take 2-7 hours uhh really depends on how smoothly everything goes… I’ve sat in front of my computer drawing for 12+ hours before haha (cos nothing seemed right OTL)

anonymous asked:

I have been seriously trying to improve my drawing, but the problem is I feel like my practice has been undisciplined/unfocused. What I probably need is an art "boot camp" daily routine. I'm looking to set aside 5 hours a day to improve, any suggestions on how I should allocate my time and on what? Thank you!

ideally :
-30 min drawing your hands
-30 min drawing feet
-2 hours life drawing/animal drawing/outdoor sketching
-1 hour studying an artist’s style you like
-1 hour imagination drawing (try to go step by step on this. maybe first start with characters rough. then characters inked. then character in background. then character in background with color.. etc etc until you can go full time illustration).

check out my other tutorials for more indepth advices :

I’ll come up with a better bootcamp soon, ideally it should spread over a few month, with exercises getting slowly harder.. I mean, it’s really like when you go to the gym.

I absolutely love when people draw. Even if they pursue skills in other things or simply don’t have much experience with art I LOVE IT. I find it so endearing.

Every time I help a friend with an essay, he draws me something. It takes him like 30 mins to 2 hours for a finished, colored piece. And like he asks me for help so I’ll do something minimum like pointing where the eyes would go

But every time he figures something out he freaks out with enthusiasm, for example when he found out how to make fur with a certain tool on this app on his ipad. Haha.
But its insanely difficult to convince someone to do something that you have a skill for and they don’t, yet artists absolutely love any art for them more than anyone


I hate the insulins. Too many onsets, peaks, durations and names. Here is my funny way to remember them. (I know every source varies in time frames for the peaks and durations, etc; These ones I have to remember.) It’s a long post.

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@ppl applying to college

u are probably stressing
here are some insights about first semester:

-questioning whether you picked the right major/right school/right outfit for your first lecture will happen. it will be okay. you are right where you’re meant to be.
-go to class!!!! actually go to class
-even if the slides are posted we all know you’re gonna be 12 lectures behind on the morning of the exam. we all are. go to class
-you will learn what readings are essential to do before the class and which ones you can do after
-if the lecture is 2 hours long and you’re reading through the slides and taking notes, don’t expect it to take 30 mins it will take 2 hours
-pooping next to people in res seems like the worst thing in the world, but everyone wants to be next to someone in the bathroom about as much as you do. they will likely try to leave strategically so you don’t interact. don’t worry.
-you will like the school you picked 99% of the time and if you really really don’t you CAN transfer
-keep snacks in your room but not too many snacks
-DO NOT pull an all nighter before an exam. you will try. don’t do it.
-sometimes sleep is actually more effective than studying. like a lot of the time
-lay out your outfit the night before
-in the same vein, be practical about your outfits, that skirt may be cute but it’s -10 out
-don’t sit in the back of the lecture hall it doesn’t make u cooler
-don’t be afraid to say you have to study, people will respect you for it and anyone who doesn’t is prob failing at least one class(:
-have a friend who lives on your floor to walk home from parties with
-wine is your best friend if you need to study the next day. put the vodka down.
-make sure you have a small stash of alcoholic beverages for last minute party plans
-again, if you don’t want to drink/go out, that’s cool and deserves to be respected
-there will always be a lot going on both socially and academically, and it’s totally fine to beg off the group study sesh to lock yourself in your room with your 200 unfinished pages of psych reading haha
-try to go to bed at the same time every night and wake up at the same time every morning (to the extent that it’s possible)
-say no to the caf tater tots. you can do it.