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Do y’all have any long fics that are friends with benefits to lovers or something similar?

“cause we both know i’ll never be your lover. i only bring the heat.” (Candles by Daughter)
- Vallie

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Down to Ruck by spicygenou (3/3 | 35,704 | Mature)

All Keith wanted was a tutor, someone to give him answers so he could pass Calc 1. It’s not like he cared about the class, or about school, at that. He’d come to GU for one thing and one thing only: rugby. And yet, after meeting his tutor, Lance, and accidentally entering into an odd arrangement, he finds himself continually drawn back to Lance, and not just for sex. Having never committed to anything apart from his sport, he’s both ignorant of his budding feelings, as well as unintentionally dismissive of Lance’s. Thankfully, he’s got the whole GU rugby team at his back, who, though lacking on the field, are at least capable of helping him get his head out of his ass before he screws things up with Lance too much.

//depression //suicide attempt //anxiety //underage drinking //overdosing

burning on the edge by Redburn (1/1 | 14,223 | Explicit)

“I’d want to explore the ocean—see all of these parts of the world no one’s ever discovered.”

“The ocean is terrifying.”

“And space isn’t? That shit is infinite, Keith. Infinite.”

They meet. They strike up a friendship. But sometimes love hits where it hurts the most.

If you’re bitterly jealous of your friend’s achievements, then you…need to work on fixing that. 

Happiness is what you should be feeling. Excitement. Support them to hell and back, and hype them like there’s no tomorrow. 

Your success is your friend’s success, and your friend’s success is your own. You shouldn’t push each other down, but lift each other up. Together you’re strong and capable as hell, if one makes it, so will the other. 

Be inspired, not jealous.

what up it’s the return of ‘any words is winning’

some useless writing tips, as we carreen into NaNoWriMo

  • november is a shitty month to do a writing challenge unless you are a college student or a white man with a wife. ponder that one for a fuckin second
  • that said, ten minutes writing, five minutes resting a la Nanowrimo works pretty good for getting a bunch of words out to edit later.
  • if you need to look something up [[double bracket it]] in the text and keep on with your life
  • [[double brackets]] in general are great for putting shit into that you know will need to be dealt with later or notes about the story itself, which is a writing tip I first learned from Piers Antony and which I suppose justifies his entire shitty oeuvre. I shouldn’t talk, I read a lot of them. I read a lot of Robert Heinlein too, and the takeaway I think I’m going for is “squeeze what you can out of shitty white male writers and ignore them for the rest of your life”
  • highlight shit you know has to be dealt with later and keep writing so there’s a later to deal with it
  • a joke is much funnier if you let the reader do half the work.
  • never apologize, never explain - well, explain a little. but over explaining never works. trust your readers. in my experience they’re much smarter than you are. 
    • if you say things in a straightforward way without explaining that unlike in real life, a hoodorwooflersten is entirely unlike, but not quite, like a horse that acts like a dog, and allow the reader to figure out through context that a hoodorwooflersten barks but you can ride it, things go much much smoother.
  • don’t be ashamed of your old stuff, no matter how shitty. practice makes perfect, and someone probably enjoyed it. respect your past self and them.
  • read a shitton, and think about what you read
  • done is better than perfect. done is better than perfect. done is better than perfect. 
  • writing, like drawing and painting, is an artistic skill made possible by technical training. the mechanics of writing can be learned. maybe you can’t be taught the spark. but you can learn to be ready for it
  • you gotta write a lot of shitty stuff to one or two good stuff. I’m sorry. It’s dumb. I wish it didn’t work like that.
  • There is One True Writing Method, and that is the one that works for you. 
  • If it doesn’t feel good don’t do it
    • not like, bunnies and sparkles good, artistic good. there’s a difference. you can be moaning and bitching but it’s still good. I don’t know how to describe it. you have to chase the high.
  • it works pretty good to have a goal of writing so many words (anywhere from 1 - 1000 is a pretty good ballpark) or time spent wrting per day but if you don’t make it it’s terribly counterproductive to beat yourself up about it
  • unless you are paying the bills by writing, it’s okay to take a break from writing. Go hike. play a video game. if it doesn’t give you joy (sometimes a hard angry joy, to be sure) stop doing it. rest.
Fishy Business

Context: This is a homebrew campaign with a Void-Soul Genasi Rogue (Mormo), a Air-Soul Genasi Ranger (Kaze'Kuki), a High Elf Avenger (Sandarin), a Drow Sorcerer (Sariel) and a Centaur Shaman (Beathag), I’m the DM. They had just arrived at a seaside town which reeked of fish, Mormo and Kaze decided to distract the rest of the party by sending them to the beach and went to investigate because when they asked the town they would only say “This is a nice place to live, nothing bad happens here.”

Mormo OOC: Okay, so, I think maybe the fish are doing something, maybe controlling the mind of the town people?

Kaze OOC: Yeah maybe.

Me (DM): Okay both of you make me a investigation and nature check.

Sandarin OOC: I swear if you get a Nat20 investigating a fish…

Kaze OOC: Okay so I got an 18 invest and 16 nature.

Mormo: …

Sandarin: Please no.

Mormo: I got two Nat20’s

(Cue laughter from the entire party)

Me: Okay so you investigate this fish throughly…and you discover its just an ordinary salmon. Well done you wasted your luck this session.

Savage Aenir strikes again

(Context: there was me, who plays a bard (Aenir), the DM and the player who plays a paladin who’s also a dragon slayer (Rocley). We were talking about character deaths and how one of our player’s was the owner of all the dead characters. This was right after a session I couldn’t attend.)

Aenir: You gotta be kidding me, Phillipp is dead?!
Rocley: Well, the crazy magic we tried to use to restore his missing limbs didn’t work…
Aenir: You know DM, you didn’t have to make him lose two limbs. The monster rolled quite low (roll=3)
DM: Yet Phillipp rolled a 1. If he had rolled 2 I would have killed another horse.
Aenir: Oh man, that means that right now I’m the only bard in the group! There goes my plans to learn “Again” on my next level up… It seems like you guys always get screwed when either me or Alice aren’t in the group, right?
Rocley: Well, that might be true.
Aenir: You know what, even if DM ends up killing me, I already have my reserve character ready. Tell me, how crazy would it be to have a dragonborn ranger in the group?
Rocley: Wait. A dragonborn? You do know there are 4 dragon slayers in the group, right?
Aenir: Yup.
DM: What are you thinking, Aenir?
Aenir: I just want a character to wreck havoc in the group. And I’ve wanted to play with a dragonborn since I first read about this race.
Rocley: You know that the dragon slayers will go batshit crazy when they realize the ranger is a dragonborn right?
Aenir: Don’t worry Rocley. That’s the intention. By the way, my ranger doesn’t like dragon slayers ‘cuz she has some bad blood with them. It has to do with her past.
Rocley: Oh Fuck!
DM: There we go… savage Aenir strikes again…

Before TAZ ep 57: I’m really dubious about how Garfield the Deals Warlock keeps asking for Magnus’s body parts. What if he has some nefarious purpose? I know it’s a super far-fetched theory but what if he’s trying to make a Magnus clone or something?

After TAZ ep 57: Please Griffin tell me that Garfield has been making a Magnus clone.