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The “Flannel Soldiers” no surrender! Against injustice and impunity these warriors continue to protest against a dictatorial and totalitarian regime crushes who opposes. 

Venezuela is all alone! The media are censored at the discretion of Regimen violating all the laws of the constitution and the human rights of the citizens who live here. 

Help us spreading this so the world knows barbarism and fiction that exists today in Venezuela! 

Thank you very much! 

Photos: Ka Shim, AFP, Other


#May15th Three full months of protests and the only result was 42 dead and the resurgence of DICTATORSHIP in Venezuela! 

Frustration has become our daily bread!!!

Yesterday 150 people were arrested without any reason for protesting peacefully. Their guarantees and rights were completely violated in a country where the people supposedly have the legitimate POWER! A complete FARCE!

Every day we witness how such a beautiful country is sinking into poverty by the interests of a few, those who once swore to uphold the guarantees of a people who blindly supported, are now bathe in fresh money and tease the needy.

Please help us spreading this! Thank you!

A shout out for our great warrior and journalist: Donaldo Barros

I had never seen so much hate in people

You can say anything about the officers and guards actually shooting people, but the truth is they choose to do what they’re doing, they choose to torture, kill, rape, beat, cover in gasoline, tie, throw tear gas, run over things like streetlights. They choose it, no one would ever force me to kill or rape another human being. The hate you can see in their faces when they shoot, when they beat someone. The way they enjoy it, the fact that they enjoy killing, hurting, raping people. It just shocks me, I don’t understand when we as a country became so disgusting. The fact that my ideology makes it ok for you to shove a rifle up my ass ( I mean this as literally as possible, there’s at least one confirmed case of a student raped with a rifle) makes me absolutely sick. Those disgusting human beings will still exist after the dictatorship is over, whether this is tomorrow or one hundred years from now, those disgusting sociopaths will still be here. And that is scary and awful. the fact that I was threatened with a gun over a cellphone won’t disappear when this dictatorship falls, that hatred will still exist.


Muertes. Impunidad. Violación de derechos humanos. Censura. 

¡Esto debe parar ya!

El mundo tiene que saber lo que pasa en Venezuela. Manifestación del 22 de febrero en Barcelona. 

Más fotos aquí

Deaths. Impunity. Violation of human rights. Censorship. 

This has to stop now! 

The world must know what’s happening in Venezuela. February 22th protest in Barcelona

More photos here

“Paz” - Estas últimas dos noche no he podido postear ilustraciones de Venezuela, pero les doy ésta. Fui invitado para la apertura del “Market Lane Art Prize” de la Painters Gallery. Estará exhibida en la fachada de la Galería por un mes. Se la dedico a todos Uds. y a #Venezuela #RESISTENCIA #sosvenezuela #imyourvoicevenezuela #prayforvenezuela #peace

Medios mixtos sobre plywood (2.40 x 2.40m)
“Peace” - These last two nights I haven’t been able to post any image for Venezuela, but I give you this one. I was invited for the opening of Painters Gallery “Market Lane Art Prize”. It WILL be exhibited on the gallery’s facade for one month.
Dedicated to Venezuela.

Mixed media on plywood (2.40 x 2.40m). (at Painters’ Gallery)

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