Just as the “Flannel Warriors”, journalists covering these news are true heroes too. @lunavincenti in this case. We owe much to all those people who risk their lives to show the world what really is happening in Venezuela. 

Help spreading this. media are censored. 



#12A 66-day conflict and “Flannel Soldiers” continue to fight for the freedom of all. There will come a day when they will be decorated as true patriots who fought with sticks and stones against the dictatorship in times of apathy. 

A great recognition of a great journalist, “Ka Shim” who takes these amazing photos risking his life every day! To him and many more we owe them the world also 

Long live the freedom fighters! 

Help us spread this as much as possible! The media are censored! The world must know how this protests are being criminalized by the dictator Regimen! 

Be sure to see a great video of this day, April 12, performed by one of the great fighters for freedom of speach: Braulio Jatar

Thank you!

Guys, please, I have family in Venezuela, my entire family in fact, everyone I love, and I need them to be okay. I need the whole world to know, I need everyone to know about the Venezuelan government attacking and killing the students and citizens and how they have tanks In the streets. They’re being gassed, they’re in pain, they’re all I have. Please PLEASE reblog when you see a post about Venezuela, for the lives of all the young people that have died!


Freedom for Venezuela.

Please take the time to read this and watch the video…

I’m a Venezuelan living in Canada and I’ve been hurting for what’s happening in my country, especially because I feel useless at times. Innocent people are being killed and brutally repressed by the national guard and heavily armed vigilante groups for exercising their right to protest pacifically for a better country; a country where they don’t have to be afraid of being robbed or killed 24/7, a country where the shelves at supermarkets aren’t empty, a country where it isn’t impossible for a mother to buy milk for her newborn baby, a country where our voices and ways of communication aren’t censored by a corrupt government, a country where our future isn’t taken away by the government. My parents left the country with heavy hearts because the social, political, and economical situation of the country made it impossible for us to live there. They wanted to give me and my sisters a chance at life, because in Venezuela not even your life is to be taken for granted. It hurts to see my people being killed brutally and the thought that I might recognize the face of the next victim scares me to death. Venezuelans all over the planet have raised their voices by using social media and by raising our flags and posters so that the world knows, but we need all the help we can get. We need your help. So please watch this video and share. Help Venezuelans get the justice and freedom they deserve. Be their voice. 

Thank you.

I was born the same day as Chavismo, so here is venezuelan history and how we got to this point in MY perspective.

The current protests are basically caused by 15 years of terrible politics, Chavez was a military guard back in 1992, he was the leader of a failed coup on february 4th 1992 (funny enough, that day I was born) Venezuela had been quite messed up: inflation, scarcity, many of the same situations that are currently happening, the president at the time was Carlos Andres Perez, who has a huge fanbase even after his death, his government already had other coups such as Caracazo, which was on february 27th 1989.

Chavez was arrested and convicted in 1992, and the next president (Rafael Caldera) set him free. In 1998 Chavez ran for president against Caldera and won, he immediately changed the constitution. From the beginning it was quite obvious that things would only go downhill and people started leaving the country, but we never knew to what extent. he always kept a massive fanbase, even now he is considered practically a god, he was ridiculously charismatic and had a way with words that could talk anyone into anything. His basic speech was based on the difference between classes, calling himself humble and fighting consumerism and imperialism, which, in a country with a huge percentage of lower class, is quite a strong speech, which lead to a huge resentment and is still the biggest issue here.

Also, from the beginning, Chavez was openly friend with Fidel Castro and many other dictators around the world, like Gadaffi, Husein, Ahmadineyad and even Putin. He developed the whole 21st century socialism as a motto for his campaigns.

He started changing laws around, extended the presidential period from 4 to 6 years, and made it possible to be reelected as many times as he wanted. His smartest move was to fill every single space with his people: parliament, courthouse, election councils, everything, so he could do whatever he wanted. He had a self coup in 2002 and through that, he managed to extend his period for a few years and establish exchange control, which is number one reason for scarcity and inflation today, what they call “suitcase companies” which are companies that only exist in paper, took around 30 billion dollars in 2013, and the government uses that as an excuse to restrict even more people’s access to dollars, when it is widely known that most of those companies belong to the government leaders.

Insecurity is a huge problem too, he was broadly known to negotiate with colombian guerrilla, never had any interest in gun legislation, the impunity levels here are basically 100%, which leads to a murder average of 1 victim every 30 minutes. Also, the now famous colectivos, who are massive supporters of the government, are a huge part of the problem: around the 80’s some bad neighborhoods in Caracas (and I’m sure in other cities as well) started getting a lot of violence, which wasn’t common back then, so colectivos were originally intended to fight crime, as the police wasn’t strong enough to deal with it on its own, it has since become a huge cause of crime, losing its original purpose. These groups are now acting along with guards to attack protesters.

When Chavez was sick he manipulated people with it, and left Maduro as his heir, which has only multiplied all those problems by thousands.

Inflation right now rounds to about 58%, scarcity rounds about 50% as well, the debt is ridiculous, international reserves are nearly empty, most countries in America live off of Venezuelan oil and cash, which is why we have no voice in OAS and those organizations.

This is only my perspective as I’ve lived it, i hope it clears a bit of the current situation.