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Magcon preferences #12- He Accidently Texts Someone Else.

Cam- Hey babe, you ready for tonight…? I have something special planned ;)

From Jacob: Dude, wrong contact man…

Cam: Shit, sorry bro, that was for Y/N…

From Jacob: I see.

Shawn- Hey bby! :) imy. Come throu, my parents aren’t home ;)

From Cam: Awe, babyy. imy tooooo ;) I’ll be right over

Shawn: Wrong person, sorry! Bye Cam

Cam: So you don’t want me to come over? :(

Shawn: No…

Cam: Boo, you whore.

Taylor- You kno how you would look hot?? Riding me ;)

From Shawn: Sorry, I kinda don’t go that way…lol.

Taylor: Dude, sorry wrong person!

From Shawn: Tell Y/N I said Hi when you see her ahaa ;)

Nash- Can’t wait to see you underneath me ;)

From Taylor: I’d rather not…

Nash: Oops, shit. Wrong person…

Matt- I need you NOW.

From Nash: Was that for Y/N or are you not telling me something??

Matt: Y/N

From Nash: K. Tell her I said hi when you see her…

Jack J- Seen you got some new bras ;) Mind showing me tonight??

From Matt: sure baby ;)

JJ: Jesus christ Matt! Wrong person.

From Matt: So I got these new bras for nothing? :(

Jack G- Can’t wait for tonight ;) 

From your brother, Jack J: What’s tonight?

Jack G- Taking Y/N out for our anniversary… :)

Jack J: Good, you better be.

Carter- Hey, I love hearing you sing but I’d much rather hear you scream ;)

From Jack G: Well dayum. I thought I sang good.

Carter: Dammit Jack.

Jack G: Was that for Y/N?

Carter: Yes.

Aaron- Those yoga pants need to get off you and onto my floor. 

From Carter: How did you kno I was wearing yoga pants? Dayum.

Aaron: Carter, you know that was for Y/N right?

Carter: yeah, and I’m totally not wearing yoga pants right now…

Sam- I wana fuck you ;)

From Aaron: You already knoo.

Aaron again: I love that song.

Sam: That wasn’t for you Aaron…

Aaron: Still a good song :)

Hayes- Hey baby, you look sexy in your IG pic ;)

From Sam: Oooh, thank you baby ;) :*

Hayes: Sam, that wasn’t for you -.-

Sam: But, I’m still sexy right? :(

Hayes: Yes Sam…

Dillon- Save your voice for tonight, babe ;)

From Hayes: But I like to talk :(

Dillon: That wasn’t for you Hayes. O.O

Hayes: Cool cause I like to talk :)

Jacob- Mind shoing me what that pretty little mouth of your can do tonight? ;)

From Dillon: Or nah.

Jacob: Jeez, Dillon that wasn’t for you!

Dillon: Or was it? ;)

Jacob: Bye Dillon -.-

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