Hey love, sorry I haven’t talked to you in awhile… Vincent is fucking killing me. No, that is not enough to say… Vincent has invaded every bit of my life, sucked what joy and energy I had from it and left me an empty shell of a person, too overwhelmed by my own pain and misery to even pay lip service to the things that I once loved.

Yup, that seems about right.

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Don’t worry overly, the writing still burns in my heart.. I have pages of notes for IMWY and over half of the rest of Unchained Melody done. I am chipping away at them. It is just harder.

1111 Kudos!

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(Wow, that is just the perfect gif, isn’t it?)

Eleven is my lucky number, I have been watching for it to hit 1111 for a couple of days now. I guess in one way it is a milestone without meaning, and in another… get bend. I am happy. ;)

I am hoping to ride the high of happy and the influx of good pain meds into finishing Unchained Melody so I can start IMWY or Everything. I sorta want to have Everything done by July 25 for fandom day, my gift to the other fans that have done so much for me. An unacknowledged gift given to my unknowing friends…

Wow, I am a bit proud of that turn of phrase. Excuse me while I rush to my story to see if I can keep my loquacity flowing.

Wish me words, my Skull.

You know you run with a tough crowd when you do a half iron and you feel bad posting about it because you know so many people were going twice as far on the same day. Congratulations to all of you IMWI finishers! 

The same day as IMWI, I was doing a wimpy half iron distance triathlon in Stillwater, Minnesota. It’s a beautiful race with the best swim in the sport. The waves have about 20 people and the lake was clear and flat. It was almost like swimming by yourself. What a contrast to IMFL coming up in 8 weeks, with a mass start of 3,000 in the ocean waves and salt water (hopefully no jelly fish). 

I finished in 5:52:23, although the bike is 1.5 miles short of true half iron distance of 56 miles. This is technically a long course, but the other legs are spot on half iron distances. The run is the toughest half marathon I’ve ever done, even as a stand alone race. The bike is also challenging, so a gorgeous swim followed by two challenging legs, but all set in beautiful Minnesota countryside.

I came in 1st of of 5 in my age group! There were only 5 of us in the age group, but I’m still happy with my effort. My bike was 6 or 7 minutes slower than last year, but I biked with the same normalized power. Last year I had a disc wheel in back and a 404 in front. This year I had a 404 in front and in the back. I think not having the disc was worth several minutes, and then I had to take a 1+ minute bathroom break, so basically the same effort for both races. I’ll have the disc in back and an 808 up front for IMFL, so I should be good to go for my “A” race.

The best part of the day was having Mike on the race course. He did very well- finishing only 2 minutes off the podium, making a major improvement in his swim time and biking over 20 mph. He started in the wave behind me and it only took him 6 or 7 miles to come whizzing past me on the bike. This sport is really tough and there is a lot of un-comfortableness and mental and physical challenges throughout the day, so it’s really wonderful to have someone out there that knows what you are going through and is rooting for you.

Eight weeks until IMFL! Today is a day off and then time to crank it back up tomorrow.