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  • Darren:The surprise party went well, as Darren knew it would. A lot more people had showed up too, which he was sort of surprised about but that didn't bother him too much. And Chris had a good time, so that was all that mattered. And now, Darren wanted to do something else for Chris, something for them. After putting the animals away in the den, Darren cleaned out the living room, not that it was a mess anyway, but he knew Chris would appreciate it. He pulled the curtains closed on all the windows and doors, ran to the kitchen and pulled out a decent amount of emergency candles and went to light them in the living room. Dare placed each candle near the other so it would light up the room in a more dramatic tone. The overhead lights were off, there wasn't a need for them to be on, after all he was trying to set a certain feel. Now came the hard part. Heading over to one of the smaller rooms, he pulled the table from in there into the living room, switching out the tables. fuck, bad idea. The man was beyond exhausted now. Falling back, Darren hit the couch and closed his eyes, his heart raced a lot faster than it should've but he made the mistake of doing such hard labor. It was almost nine, Chris was bound to come home any minute...
Week 29 Wrap-Up

Surprise volume!

Here I was thinking the plan I’m on doesn’t have a ton of volume. (I mean, let’s be real. This isn’t a ton of volume for an Ironman prep plan.) But this is actually the most volume I’ve had, as reported by Strava, EVER.

A little over 27 miles running, a nice step (ha!) back from last week’s bump up to 34. Thursday’s run was really rough, mostly due to the heat and humidity, but I got it done as prescribed. I just wish my pace hadn’t suffered so much near the end :)

 Decent amount of time on the saddle with my bike, shame that it was all indoors.

Swimming was right on target even though I had to move Monday’s swim to Wednesday and chop off 300 yards. I also didn’t get out in the lake at any point. Just didn’t have it in me.

Week 6′s plan is right on time; a recovery week.

I’ll likely leave the swims where they are, and I may not get out in the lake again this week. My back’s a little angry at me tonight for the time on the bike and I seem to recall some back twinginess last time I got out in the lake. Saturday’s run is going to be (hopefully, weather cooperating) my running 1/3 mile loops around the half block where there’s a park while my kids play and I keep an eye on them - my wife’s going to visit her mom again. Sunday’s ride is going to have to once again be in the basement on the trainer. I’ve got till then to figure out what I can watch after I finish Stranger Things - I MIGHT do a couple of 30 minute spins on my bike a couple of evenings. Then again, I might not :)

33 days until the Chicago Triple Triathlon.

49 days till Ironman Wisconsin.

Week 28 Wrap-Up

Well that didn’t go as planned.

More volume for the week than last week, most of which was running, a little swimming.

Almost 34 miles for the week - that’s a number I haven’t been near for about a month. And most of it (~22 miles) was from just two of my runs. I’ll probably have a lighter week this week :)

Nowhere near enough time on the bike this week. Should have been about 5 hours in two rides - but I decided to skip my 90 minute ride on Saturday since 1) I already had a 4+ hour ride in the books, and 2) I anticipated over 3 (but not quite 3.5) hours on the bike on Sunday. But that was not to be - the rain interfered with that plan. Lesson learned: don’t count workout chickens until they’re hatched.

I got in more and less swimming than planned. I added an open water swim on Monday morning, but then failed to bring my swimsuit to the gym on Wednesday. I once again (or I guess this was the first time this week) counted a workout chicken - “I’ll have a 1.2 mile swim on Sunday so no big deal that I missed Wednesday” - long before it hatched.

Weight? Who cares. I’m still mostly watching my diet (other than the feast of a thousand (or more) carbs yesterday during the race).

This week is planned:

I’m moving my swim to Tuesday since I forgot they were closing the close pool, and there’s not a 3rd swim this week. Also I knew going to bed last night that there was NO way I was going to swim in the lake this (Monday) morning. I slept in and it was GLORIOUS. I’ll probably bike the 90 minutes on the trainer, and I’ll end up going a little longer than 4 hours - but not too much.

39 days until the Chicago Triple Triathlon.

55 days till Ironman Wisconsin.