the sweetest moment is …

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1. 웅제야(시완)섹시 비쥬얼을 광희에게 줄 수 없잖아!

Woongje (Woongjae/Siwan) ! You can’t give the title of ‘sexy visual’ to Kwanghee !

2. ZE:A무대때 웅재군파트때 제게 고백을..그 얘기를 들으니까

During ZE:A’s stage at Woongjae-gun’s part, there was a confession for me..

3. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ귀엽죠? 누가?메이슨이? 내가? 웅재가?

kekekekekeke cute? who? Mason? Me? Woongjae?

pointing to how MOON LEADER {the only one member} who call SIWAN as 'WOONG JAE’ ←

credit : 1) ZEASES1 @ YT . 2) skipfire@Empire Children . 3) EC @ twitter