“ Knock Knock “

 ( 10 pm - October - The Resting Day - Headquarters )

Blood everywhere…broken computers..screens…tables…torn shirts and worn out body parts….room very humid….two bodies beaten till almost death, I had realized this was gonna be the end maybe, I had given it all I got but something inside of me wouldn’t let me kill her, I had given up and the image I have spent my whole entire life building through multiple fight , missions, bar fights, car chases, arrest…. I’ve chopped that all down to the one moment.. * Gun cocking back sound, with a subtle gentle female voice* “ I love  you…”…..* BLOAW!*……

                                      ( 3 Month Prior- July 2034 )

 ( 7pm - Mcdonald’s - Bloomfield ,MI)

“ Order 234 ! “, my  head turned around fast at the lady behind the counter holding my big ass bag full of food ,  I walked over and grabbed it thanking her for her great service and I walked out.. “ GAHH DAMN IM HUNGRIER DEN A SUMM BITCH!”..I guess that smell took over my brain and caused me to say some crazy shit, not paying attention a mother and her son was walking by me, she covered his ears eyeing me down, her son looked up while still walking ” Mommy whats a bitch?”, I got in the car quick to save myself the embarrassment, I got in the car drove off while eating my food, I had a long night last night, that hit wasn’t the easiest but it was worth it, for some odd reason, seeing a dead body can really make you hungry….god that really makes me seem like a cannibal * Phone begins ringing *…. “ Ahh shit.. Ok …Ok ”…. * Answers the phone on bluetooth* …. “ Hey babe what’s up!”…I said nervously because I already knew what was coming “ Did you do that HIT last night Conner?” , she asked me calmly so I already knew when I got home a wandering foot was gone make it to my ass, “ Babe you know I had tooo” .. “ You told me you were not going to do it on a sunday!”, Christianity was our sanctuary, we had an agreement that all my HIT’s were fine as long as I didn’t do them on sundays but last night’s HIT wasn’t just any old on..” Who was it?” ….. “ Alyssa ..”, I said in a calm tone knowing the extreme danger in her name..” Oh.. um.. You do know Remy will not be happy to hear that”…” I know…I’m going to pick up Erv now…we will work out a plan when I get home”..” Ok love you…I’ll see you when you get home babe”.. “ Ok.. love you too”, I hung up..exhaling slow to calm my mind,now let me give you a little background detail about My Girlfriend Tiara and I… Tiara and I have been together for a wild 7 years, we met in college and every since she has been the love of my life, since me and Erv got in the agency she has been there for me and the funny part is, she’s even a agent as well, so her understanding my job is perfect considering she does the same thing, we had our regrets and trails and tribulations but what couple hasn’t. I pulled up to my brothers house, the sun was going down and I know that he loves to chill a lot so I don’t know if he would of been down to go out tonight, * Walks up to Ervs front door ringing the bell* …” Pizza D- elivery !!?!” … “ I didn’t order no pizza!” he said as he was opened the door” …” Yeah ik but Ds NUTS ALWAYS IN A BOX! Ahha!” I said while laughing and handing him the McDonald's…” Ha Ha very funny old dusty ass bobble head “ I walked in sitting down in the living room couch as he was in the middle of playing “Escape”, a new Open World, Split Screen action game me and him have been dying to get. “ ahh you bitch ass nigga you started playing without me!” … he walked over sitting next to me after grabbing us both a can of Arizona Fruit Punch out the fridge and sitting mine in front of me “ WEL NIGGGA YOU TOOK LIKE 8 YEARS TO GET HERE AND I GOT BORED!”..” Bruh you know I had alyssa last night, I had to stay the longest to make sure no one was able to track that is was me”…” Come on now, who else would Remy expect it to me besides the person H.E.R has been trying to kill for the longest hahaha ” he said in a funny attitude.. , “ Not funny bruh, them bitches are crazy, especially eletric ..shit, now hand me the remote so we can kill these muhfuckas togetha!” I said laughing at a sigh of relaxation and excitement, he passed me the remote and then began the journey of a 3 hour frenzy of trying to fight of souldiers and zombie trying to keep us trapped in a wall surrounded city.

                                  ( 3 hours later - 10:34 pm )

 “ AHHAUSDHISAGSIUAGDASI FUCK THIS BRUH!, TELL ME HOW THE HELL WE GON CATCH THIS OLD ASS LADY MOVIN LIKE SONIC THE HEDGEHOG AN SHI WITH A SUPER CHARGED LIFE ALERT AN SHIT WITH THEM SAGGY TITTIES..WE SPENT THE LAST HOUR TRYING…..this game on some bullshit ahha”, we both began laughing hard as hell realizing we’ve might of just failed this one.. * BOOM BOOM BOOM* someone began to knock on the door obnoxiously, “ Who tf could be knocking at your door this late like that “, Erv Walked open to the window slowly, all the lights in the house were off so the only thing the person at the door could see in the house was the bright light the tv displayed, he saw no one “ WHO IS IT!” he said loudly…, he looked over me and put out two fingers low to signal me to reach under the second couch cushion and pull out the Desert Eagle and M19… * Throws Erv the Desert Eagle as he cocks it back looking at me, grabbing the door handle as I stand behind the couch ready for anything he counts the three with his fingers mouthing the numbers as he reaches three and flings the door open fast aiming his gun at nothing, he peeks his head out left and right hesitantly*… “ man there aint shit out here” * He leans back as he begins to close the door* “ BOOM!”…* A body swings down from the top of the door entry from outside and kicks Erv  causing him to fly about 5 feet back, walking in closing the door….it’s face…a killer clown…dripping with drool and face covered in blood, body wrinkled with scars all over it…standing tall at about 6’6 and 300 pounds..he looked over at me and grabbed the wooden table next to his leg throwing it at me with no effort needed, I ducked and began to empty my clip at his body, each bullet impaling his skin as he continues to run towards me with vicious intent, I throw my gun down on the ground sprinting back at him, launching myself off a piece of the broken wooden table going airborne as my leg flies down quickly making strong contact with his head causing it to snap to the right and his body dip downwards at an angle while his right forearms follows his body movement connecting with my body as I begin my landing on the ground shooting me across the room as my body make impact with the closet doors*… “ Ahh FUCK, ERV GO GET THE TRANQUILIZER!””…. * Erv got up quick enough to run up the stairs into the weapon closet and grab the tran gun * .. “I GOT IT “… * the killer clowns’ head swung upwards estimating where about erv was, he leaped up flying his body through the top floor into the second floor just about where erv was right behind him, grabbing ervs neck he drooped down pulling him through the floor slamming him down on the first ground floor as I he planned to follow with a big stomp wit his boots to erv face, right before he made contact I speared him into the wall right by the stairs, throwing stiff and a powerful left upper cut to his cut followed by a left, he catches my forearm with his left hand and uses his right to grab my throat choking me, yanking my body towards him as his head collided with mine causing pain trauma and tosses me away not allowing me to get far, gripping my ankles in my air swaying me back fast to the right as my entire body penetrates the wall to the side of him, out of his blind sight Erv jumped across at him ending his sprint raising his knee to the Killer Clowns chin snapping his head back, spinning in mid movement with his opposite leg kicks the side of the Killer clowns face as he flies through the stairs, wood everywhere and the stairs destroyed Erv sticks to his fighting stance turning his head back quickly to check on me “ CONNER YOU ALRIGHT?!”..” Ughh YEAH IM GOOD!…WHO TF IS THIS BIG MUTHAFUCKA” I turn my head noticing the Tranquilizer bullet on the ground next to me “ REMMMYYY!” * Killer clown recovers and begin sprinting passionately at Erv, I quickly drop to the ground placing the Tranquilizer bullet between my ring and middle finger on my right hand and quickly step after step move towards erv screaming* “ ERV JUMP!!” * a string of movements even happen as Killer misses Erv crotch just my a bit as his eyes follow his body moving up with my hand flying in horizontally like superman punching him with the Tranq right in his belly button curving my bottom down and upwards as he falls forward lifting his body as Erv comes crashing down on his head I use my right shoulder buried in his gut to toss him up as his head lands between Ervs knees, head falling down backwards between ervs knee and long sharp broken piece of wood impales his sliding through splitting his forehead as a piece of his brain is penetrated at the point. The room is dark… blood dripping from the walls the house cries in weakened to our damage as the woods creek….* wraps the towel around my arm holding the ice bag to my jaw and lip as me and Erv sit on the couch after flipping it up*….” remy sent him to kill you…you know that right , if I wasn’t here he would’ve killed you an….I don’t know how I would’ve lived with myself”..swinging my head down Erv wrapped his arm around me pulling me in for a manly hug “ AyE! But you were here…that’s all that matters…ik were we can dump the body and get rid of the house…but the most important part is..how are we gonna hunt down Remy” * leaned back in anger trying to figure out a plan to seek out her location but was more focused on my mistake to as how I allowed myself to get caught” I don’t know but till then you are staying at my place to be safe”…..Erv packed a couple things and hopped in the car with me.. We drove off heading towards me place after we cleaned up the body and tossed it..I got a text reading “ Did you get my present bitch HAHAHAH! Merry Christmas- Love, Remy”….” who is it bro?” * I turn my phone off and threw it in the armrest and looked at my brother smiling * ….” Ha No one we can’t find”………..

                                                        To Be Continued