In the moment when you least understand you find the answer to the question you’ve asked time and time again….Why am I here? What is my purpose? Why is this happening to me?….

The answer is within the words “Universal Love”…uni means one and verse is a song and love is all there is….You are here becuase you are love, your soul is love, your mind is love, your life is love…Your purpose is to love, to feel love, to give love, to experience love, even when it hurts….

This is happening to you becuase you are loved and you must learn the lessons that are in store for you no matter how painful they are or how wrong they may seem. Universal love is not a dream it is everything. In your heart today when you feel hurt and pain think of the universal love you have within AND ALWAYS know that nothin last forever and this here to shall past.

You are beautiful as the words you write. You are as beautiful as the life you wish to have. You are beautiful becuase you are beauty itself. You are universal love-never forget that the cracks and breaks you have enhance the beauty you are universally.

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