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Part 1:  So my blog recently hit another milestone of followers and monsta x is going to have a comeback in a week *cough cough june 19th*, so I decided to make another follow forever! I apologize in advance for my sucky edit (i tried to make a pretty one, but then i gave up so you guys get a picture and some text slapped together lol). I also apologize if you guys get spammed with notifications.

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anonymous asked:

Re: IMDB/Thor - As much as I love Ben, it's kind of fucked up he's the top billed actor in a film lead by Chris Hemsworth, and arguably, Tom Hiddleston. Then, looking at the way they have the rest of the cast laid out, I'm not sure it has to do with star power either ... how is Karl Urban more famous than Idris Elba or Cate Blanchett? Makes no sense ... this ask has no purpose, just pondering this conundrum.

:-) i wouldn’t take this too seriously…

BC is currently top billed for thor ragnarok (over tom hiddleston, chris hemsworth etc) due to his IMDB starmeter currently being the highest. all that means is that more people visited his page or his movies than the others this week, and that right now he has a higher currency on that one particular website. and that’s all.

how he is more widely ranked in terms of lead roles, box office success and career path cf the other two.. that’s a whole other conversation.

anonymous asked:

Honestly I think those "fans" who wish nothing but ill for the s4 Emmy nomination and wish ill of moftiss and hate the prospect of s5 Sherlock, should just get the hell out of the fandom. If they hate it did much and hate everyone in it and only wants to champion Martin, then why stick around moping about and being bitter for? I would rather they get out and stop ruining the fandom for those who actually still love it and want more of it

yup yup yup

agreed. it seems to me though; like The Sophie Stole My Man Crowd, that belonging to any community - even one bound by dissent - has a stronger allure than the prospect of moving on and leaving hate behind. it’s a bit tragic.

also for the record, how BC can be blamed in any way for S4 supposed ills is utterly beyond me. he and the rest of the cast acted their socks off. and imv whilst he won’t win :-) he’s so deserving of the emmy nod. his performance in TLD was a beast.


anonymous asked:

So, I admire Benedict all around. He is awesome. Sometimes, when I look at him, I am kind of repulsed; other times, I look at him and I'm like, "MY BODY IS READY." Is this weird?

not weird at all. in fact what you are describing is in a way, the result of his insane skills as a storyteller and an actor. and not of his looks. here’s why:

1. if he were merely good-looking, our reaction would be constant. no surprises; and after a while, like your favourite painting or favourite item of clothing, it becomes comfortable. part of the scenery. no surprises just constancy.

2. human beings on a regular basis largely are incredibly, biologically inconsistent. we are light and dark, open and closed, we can be at peace and the very next in turmoil. our biochemistry is so reactive we can’t always reign in the most base of reactions when we need to. we are, to all purposes, glorious and an utter mess. ;-)

3. imv benedict channels this so well. he’s said endlessly that he chooses characters that are interesting, and who help make a commentary on the human state of being and their place in the world (i paraphrase). i think he is a master of intuition, intellect and technical prowess when bringing a character to life. he knows when to make them unpalatable, and then bam; your heart opens up to them in the most expected way. it’s genius.

so in my humble view, your reaction (which yes i empathise with ;-) is arguably a distinct outcome of benedict’s talents. and this is why i get so bored with claims that we find bc attractive because of his looks (and i think that is why people lazily mock them). i think a lot of us actually are so blown away by his brilliance that he physically becomes (more) attractive.

sorry long waffly answer xxx

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Not a specific project, but two things I'd love to see: 1) More villain roles - I really enjoyed him as Paul Marshall, Smaug, Khan, Richard III... bad/morally ambiguous characters seem to bring out the best in him. 2) I'd love to see him carry a movie all by himself, a-la Hanks in Cast Away, Rockwell in Moon, DiCaprio in The Revenant... something where he could give us a real tour de force of his talent. I'm also glad he's moving away from the tortured genius/biopic pigeonholing w. TCIT/Melrose.

yes to all of this! BC kills it as a villain; Khan was a good start. Richard III was masterful. Benedict’s evil face is shockingly imposing. And physically I think people underestimate him.

Rogue Male imv could be Castaway meets Rambo (1) if done with enough grit. After Melrose it could yet be the next cab off the rank; wouldn’t it be amazing if they gave it the Bigelow or Fincher treatment, updated it to present day and made the protagonist’s target a modern despot. and and lots of scenes of him brutalised, bleeding and in a torn sleeveless vest.

okay so Hell Fuckin Yea the concert was fucking amazing and @cryptidway was right people are really chill so i actually endedup in the front/middle and aaaaaa it was just so magical i took hella good pics that i Might post . but now my dad is mad at me because i didnt go back to see him or some shit but i really dont even care now that imve seen i’ll let you down live im really not afraid to die