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Iman x Muse

  • Name: Malina Rajah 
  • Gender: Female
  • General Appearance: Looks more like Iman
  • Personality: Malina has both traits of Iman and Muse. She’s got a pure heart and innocent view on things from inexperience, though that can sometimes make her a bit naive. She’s silly and bubbly and loves being surrounded by close friends.
  • Special Talents: dancing and getting her way alWAYS
  • Who they like better: Iman because he always gives in to what she wants and is pretty much a daddy’s girl since he spoils her so much.
  • Who they take after more: Muse
  • Personal Head canon: Malina has the same experience Muse did in her teen years when it comes to her first time. Except for her first time she ends up feeling too pressured by the guy and calls Iman to pick her up. Iman picks her up and forbids her to see him again also threatening the boyfriend—and for the first time he doesn’t let her have her way.
  • Face Claim: Lauren Boles

MIDI or "How I began my adventure in music"

Hello everyone. What you are about to read is a personal review of how I came around to making music. I will not attempt a full-scale musical autobiography but merely to reminisce about my origins and the paths I have taken.

My first encounter with music on the computer was in the form of the .mid file; A MIDI file for the uninitiated is a file that contains note information, and nothing more. As a result, most MIDI files are extremely small (on the order of tens of kilobytes). Looking around the hard drive of the family computer, I would find midi files of songs that I had heard. Listening to them, the timbral qualities of the generating soundbank rang some ancient memory bells.

Harking back 9-10 years, I was a little kid playing TIE Fighter with a  joystick over a system that possessed a sound card with midi support. The score to the game was based around the Star Wars soundtrack with which I was well acquainted. Musical selection inside the game was intelligently controlled by events which led to a good feeling of immersion. Mix that with compelling gameplay, long hours logged playing the game, and the recipe for a nostalgic memory was complete.

Fast forward 6 years from there and I was sitting in bed listening to Andy Hunter’s “Exodus” album. This would constitute my first major interaction with electronic dance music.One of the aspects of the music that really struck me was the focus on instrumentality and the way the sounds mixed together. The synthesizers helped me conjure a futuristic world in my imagination due to all science fiction exposure in my earlier days.

Again travel forward in time a couple years and now I have begun to use a laptop computer regularly. Through my travels around the internet, I discovered bits of the TIE Fighter soundtrack in its original midi form and downloaded it. Listening to the files brought back some strong memories and I began to build a small collection of MIDI files. Through listening , I noticed that the files sounded different than I remembered, so I did some internet research, consulted my engineer dad, and discovered that a MIDI file was just a collection of notes, instructions for the computer to play, and that the timbres varied depending on the soundbank the computer utilized. After some more searching, I found a freeware MIDI editor, Anvil Studio, with which I was able to open MIDI files and see the notes encoded within.

Taking a break from this recollection, I have noticed that my development in music could be broken into two areas; The technology and engineering side, and the musicality side. In my experience, both areas developed through different motivations but neither was fully isolated from the other. My drive to disassemble the MIDI files came from my curiosity to see how they worked and also to see if I could possibly modify the songs to fit my musical tastes.

Once I had opened several songs inside the program, I quickly found out that I could change the instrument for each MIDI track. After I figured that out, I proceeded to re-instrument just about every song in my collection (most of which I used #81 Square Lead, #82 Sawtooth Lead, #88 Bass + Lead). My song collection now consisted of a group of original files and a corresponding “electronic re-instrumentation version”. I did not re-instrument all of my songs with electronic sounds, as some deserved better than that, such as Bach’s “Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring” which I fitted with a wonderful organ sound and doubled up the tracks with pan in order to give a stereo sound.

Further experimentation with the MIDI files would continue to enlighten my understanding of digital music and the file formats used to contain it. Next time I write, I will document my shift from re-instrumenting MIDI files to creating my own music, and discovering the VST standard.


So you’ve been playing a level for about an hour and the same track has been repeating over and over for that whole time. Pretty annoying after a while. Lucasarts developed iMUSE (Interactive MUsic Streaming Engine) for their games to solve the problem. Since music in games at the time was done in MIDI (each individual note stored like digitized sheet music and played accordingly via software) Lucasarts was able to manipulate the scores to produce seamless transitions between tracks. This was like having an interactive orchestra for the game. If the player was roaming around and got into combat, the music would seamlessly shift from an exploration track to a battle theme at just the right time. Lucasarts could program shifts in the score to heighten the emotional impact of dramatic moments, something that most games today don’t even do.


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Important Information

So, I’ve been doing some thinking and to do things simpler for me I’ve decided to do a few changes, well one actually.

Since I, like so many other of you, always will have muses come and go, I’ve decided to keep a mult-imuse blog instead of creating a new account or sideblog whenever I decide to try someone out. This won’t affect most of my blogs, Reid, Castiel, Sam and Hannah will continue to have their own blogs (even though Sam will remain a sideblog to my Cas). Reid and cas has own blogs because they are my main muses and Sam will still have his because I already have quite many threads with him there. Hannah is my OC and will therefore keep her own blog.

The general change is that Nathan Harris’ blog will become a multi-muse and multi-fandom blog. If you don’t like to follow multi-muse blogs, feel free to unfollow me, that’s fine by me. I do these changes for my sake, not for anyone else. On that blog, which I need to find a new name for, you’ll find Nathan Harris, Diana Reid, Odd Thomas and Gary Bell. In the future, I might add muses or delete someone, but I’ll always let you know before I do.

Thank you for reading this!

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Migliore Scheda Audio Usb O Firewire

Migliore Scheda Audio Usb O Firewire

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