Been here doing (REALLLY simple) makeup at E Hula Mau in Long Beach this weekend with my halau! My Wahine sisters, Makua & Kane are competing! So proud of our Aunty Frieda who won 1st place makua soloist last night & Kehau (this is the back of her head right before she went on) out Wahine soloist. They both brought tears to all our eyes! So proud of them, us!! So much hard work. Kahiko day is almost over, just waiting on out Kane to go on! If you’re here, keep your eyes on Hula Halau Na Mamo O Pana'ewa

Ps- I’ve been busy/exhausted with life. So much happening, good stuff! Sorry for lack of posts, but I’m still around!

#ehulamau #imua #alohaSpirit #hula (at E Hula Mau)

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anonymous asked:

Why is Ni'ihau a forbidden island?

Because you have to be invited to go there.
It’s owned by the Robinsons and literally their is no trespassing allowed there. You can go to jail. So basically it’s not really owned by Hawai'i. It’s complicated. But I respect it. Also, everyone on that Island fluently speaks Hawaiian. So it’s a really good thing. It’s like they’re preserving the Hawaiian culture.