Can I just take a second to reveal how excited and proud I am of myself! For creating this hairstyle all by myself! Lol! I feel like I’m on @nelly_quatro level now lol. This is my look for the 9 Brides of Christ! I’m the Bride of Goodness! Looking fabulous and serving Jesus at the time, woot woot! #naturalhair #updo #imtooproud #savedandfabulous #4chair :)

If you know the nature of our relationship then you know just how much this picture means to me.

Marcus and Jasmine, I watched in amazement as you both took your oaths of office and I couldn’t be more proud. I can not believe that you are now Mr. & Miss Morgan State University! Time really does fly. I love you both and can’t wait to see you rejuvenate the royalty in the royal court. #TheBabiesDidIt #ImTooProud #YeahICried #SoWhat #ESTSummer2011