This cashier today stopped mid-convo with my mom and looked me, then looked back at my mom and was like ‘she is SO beautiful!!!!!’ and it was so cute and sincere and wow I’m going to tell every pretty person I see that they are in fact gorgeous bc here I am in bed hours later and I keep thinking about that compliment and giddily smiling

  • This Happened on the SECOND day of school in AP Lit.
  • White Guy:"Did you know the character in the book was black?!"
  • Me, a black girl:"Why does race matter?"
  • White Girl TRYING to make the comment acceptable:"It was just unexpected"
  • Unexpected. It's unexpected because it's rare to see blacks, or any minority, portrayed as a hero or main character in the media, especially popular works of literature assigned for summer reading at a predominately white school in Birmingham, AL.
  • White privilege exists, but many people in Alabama, and all over the world don't understand this.
  • I don't care if my mother says I'm "too abrasive" or "an activist bully" because if someone comes at me the wrong way, I will intellectually and firmly tell them why they are being ignorant.
  • The sad reality is, however, that a firm tone of voice coming from my mouth automatically places me into the "Angry Black Woman" category, and I'm not taken seriously. I have not and will not ever start off a conversation by aggressively calling someone out. I simply and calmly ask "Why do you feel that way," and it will go from there. I know for a fact that I am not "too abrasive," so you all better get very used to hearing my voice.
  • Im tired of it. I'm tired of worrying that my AP government class is going to teach me biased information just because of what I heard on the first day there. I'm tired of worrying about a history teacher skipping the women's rights unit in a text book because it "isn't important." I'm tired of guys feeling like they have to "expose" girls and treating them like they're worthless. I'm tired of being silenced, and ignored. I am one of TWO black people in student government, and at meetings, I am very often ignored and seen as invisible. I'm tired of it, and it is going to stop, especially because when I voice my ideas, one person will hear it, say my idea louder, and get the credit for it.
  • I'm tired of my race being targeted by police and killed for no reason other than the color of their skin. I'm tired of unfair media coverage.
  • White privilege exists, and I am making it my personal responsibility to expose this to the people of Alabama, because it seems as if there are no problems here, due to the fact that they are hidden.
  • This is going to be seen, and I am going to be heard. I will not stop, and I will not give up.
  • To all of you people that know me or not, and are offended, I want you to ask yourself why you feel that way. Why are you offended by me saying what I witness almost every day? You have no idea what it is like to be stereotyped and oppressed due to your race, sexuality, or beliefs. If you find yourself thinking "but I have been stereotyped, you don't know what you're talking about!" Then that just gives you an even better reason to why you should understand where I'm coming from.
  • Also, do not take this and turn it into a post of me hating white people, because that is a waste of time, and it is not true.
  • What I hate is racism, oppression, unfair treatment, "Americanization," and being seen as worthless. I'm tired of people in Alabama, (and everywhere else) being afraid to speak up because we are on one of the most racist states in the country.
  • It all starts with you. With us. We need to be the change. I know it sounds cliche, but these problems affect us all, and we can't just stand under one "social injustice umbrella." Repost, retweet, Reblog, re-anything. Tell the world what you're tired of. Don't stand for anything less. These issues end here.