This cashier today stopped mid-convo with my mom and looked me, then looked back at my mom and was like ‘she is SO beautiful!!!!!’ and it was so cute and sincere and wow I’m going to tell every pretty person I see that they are in fact gorgeous bc here I am in bed hours later and I keep thinking about that compliment and giddily smiling

‘I’m tired of people asking when I “turned gay”

Over the last two years I have been asked this countless times, however this is not a question to which I believe there is a definitive answer – it was not a process of turning, it was a process of falling in love. Fixating on the notion that to be gay, you must have at some point ‘turned’ from being straight is nonsensical and society’s obsession with forcing people into neatly labelled boxes is unproductive. Everyone should be free to simply be who they are and find happiness however they wish on the basis of who and what they are drawn to, not on the basis of which quaint little box society has decided they ‘belong’ in.’

Photo credit: Ming Au

“I’m tired of being the angry black woman.

"The media continues to draw on tired and irrelevant stereotypes when portraying black people – we are violent, we are criminals, and we appear to have only a basic grasp of the English language. The portrayal of black women is no different, the media persistently choosing to portray that sole black woman as the ‘angry black woman’. These women are stubborn and unreasonably quick to anger. They enjoy emasculating the men close to them and are exceedingly upset and irate. It is a creeping stereotype that seems to shape the way we view the black women we encounter. But a black woman’s feelings should not be considered lesser simply because we are maybe more openly emotive or naturally 'sassy’ than our white counterparts.

"I’m tired of my feelings being regarded as simply a consequence of my race. The reasons for my rage and my anger should not be pushed aside and belittled simply because of the colour of my skin. I am strong, I am opinionated, and sometimes, maybe, I’m a little quick to anger, but I will not conform to your stereotypes.”

Photo credit: Ming Au
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