Some of these anime YouTubers never fail to amaze me with their ignorance and lack of desire to have an open mind or have background knowledge about a topic before speaking on it. 

One of these YouTubers made a video on how excited he was to see all of the light novels adapted into anime form (in actuality, only three have been confirmed to be animated; this could change at any moment.) all of them except Sakura Hiden, he then went on to say that Studio Pierrot would be making a smart move not animating Sakura’s novel because “the fandom ain’t gonna watch that shit.” Regardless of the fact that SasuSaku is one of the most popular ships in Japan and they absolutely adore Sakura (of course that wasn’t mentioned.) He also stated; incorrectly, that he thought her novel would be about how she and Sasuke got together.

(Because that’s all Sakura is good for, having sex with Sasuke.

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and made it clear that there was a very real possibility that he would skip the episodes if they were animated.

The hilarious thing is that her novel has absolutely nothing to do with how she and Sasuke ended up together. It focuses on her story as she and Ino travel the world healing children of their mental trauma (caused by the Fourth Shinobi War) and her struggle to find the true culprit behind crimes that Sasuke is being framed for (see picture above.)

It’s these types of uninformed and extremely biased sources (with 400k+ subscribers) that taint the Western Naruto fandom with disgust for Sakura before they form their own opinion. 

We seriously need a pro Sakura YouTuber.

Prompt request #4

Request from anon: can u do a smutty fic with jasper jordan and #10 from the prompt list!

10: “If your serious, show me.”

okay so this is going to be my first smut, and it’s not gonna be super hardcore or anything but i will try my best as always!

Word count: 1,963

Warnings: SmUt and swearing and the usual

You felt like a total loser around everyone else from the 100. Everyone else was constantly getting laid and messing around, and you had never even kissed a boy. Even Monty was getting laid. Occasionally, when everyone was drunk, someone would try to kiss you or sleep with you and you would get too nervous and run away. Immediately regretting it, you just wanted to feel what everyone else was feeling. Tonight, no matter who it was with, you were going to fuck someone. You set that goal for yourself and go to work on your tasks for the day. 

“Hey Y/N, are you finally going to drink with us tonight?” Jasper said shooting you a smile.

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Live Help Chat

INTP *online looking for prom dress* *comes across website that looks borderline sketchy.*
*Live help chat pops up*
Chat: Hello can we help you with anything?
INTP: How does this work
Chat: hi
INTP: *…* hi
INTP: how does this company work
*long pause no response*
INTP: how are the dresses made to look exactly like the pictures?
Chat: all dresses are tailored
INTP: the dresses in the pictures seem to be coming from different people and companies so how is the company able to make the dresses accurately

INTP: are you still there
Chat: yes
Chat: all dresses are made to order

INTP: *continues to debate mostly talking to them self about questions*
Chat: *eventually stops responding*
INTP: *…* thank you for your time. (I mean it that was not sass)

Chat ends: *Please give us feedback*
INTP: *1 star* Is this company even real? Not that I really care, it would just be cool if these dresses were legit.

“I’m tired of being the angry black woman.

"The media continues to draw on tired and irrelevant stereotypes when portraying black people – we are violent, we are criminals, and we appear to have only a basic grasp of the English language. The portrayal of black women is no different, the media persistently choosing to portray that sole black woman as the ‘angry black woman’. These women are stubborn and unreasonably quick to anger. They enjoy emasculating the men close to them and are exceedingly upset and irate. It is a creeping stereotype that seems to shape the way we view the black women we encounter. But a black woman’s feelings should not be considered lesser simply because we are maybe more openly emotive or naturally 'sassy’ than our white counterparts.

"I’m tired of my feelings being regarded as simply a consequence of my race. The reasons for my rage and my anger should not be pushed aside and belittled simply because of the colour of my skin. I am strong, I am opinionated, and sometimes, maybe, I’m a little quick to anger, but I will not conform to your stereotypes.”

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