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I signed up for adult swim before the 27th, confirmed it and requested to receive newsletters, but I never got the code for the free hat. I checked my spam as well.

They seem to be sending them out in waves every day. You have to think too, that we have over 3500 followers and when we posted about that, everyone probably spammed them for a hat!

Just give it some time. If you don’t receive a code by the 5th, then you might want to email them about it.

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I'm a legally ordained minister and we've played tf2 together.

we HAVE??????? also i thought i was following you?????? what

uhh my family was super-ultra religious when i was a kid (i went to private christian schools and bible camp every summer) but now they are more chill….my grandad used to be a pastor (and now im an atheist)

i haven’t played tf2 in a long while, and my favorite valve games are half-life and left 4 dead

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Where can I get me some cabin pressure. I am now interested in starting that listening up.

This ask suddenly appeared among ones I have already read.

I support buying it from iTunes and supporting everyone involved because it is the most fantastic. The feels sneak up on you and before you even realize it there go the tears. It’s just REALLY GOOD. Dunno when the 4th season is going to be released though.