Yuuri looked up, pain clearly visible in his eyes. He contained his scream that wanted to come out of his throat and only hissed as he took hold of his ankle.
He was awkwardly sprailed over the ice and couldn’t hear what was going on around him. There was this dull ache in his head which was promptly followed by a loud deefening tone that just wouldn’t stop.
He tried to massage his ankle a bit but it hurt too much when he touched it, so he let that fall aside.
He should shout for help, but he couldn’t bring himself to do so.
Yuuri was all alone at the rink since it was already past midnight, so even if he shouted no one would come to help him.
He tried to stand up and after some minutes passed, he finally could slide to the near barrier and hold onto it to keep him standing up.
Tears welled up in his eyes and he didn’t care and let them fall.
Everything was for nothing now.
Viktor wasn’t here anymore, since Yuuri lost the Onsen on Ice, he went back to russia with the other Yuri and had probably already forgotten about him.
Abd now he probably had an injury, all just because he wasn’t good enough.
Just because he wasn’t good enough for anything.
Ice skating.
Keeping his weight.
He wasn’t even good enough for Viktor, which hurt the most.

As he let his tears fall, he craddled his face into his hands and thought to himself:
“What should I do now?“
He had no answer for that.

Thin Walls

It was rare that Dan and Phil had friends over, but this was a special occasion. They had finished tatinof, and the year was almost coming to a close, and they were feeling generally sentimental.

So they invited their friends Chris, PJ, and Louise over. They would have invited more people, but they weren’t feeling up to much other than seeing their closest friends.

“I call a toast!” PJ said through his laughter, holding up his glass of champagne.

“Oh, getting fancy are we?” Chris asked, raising his glass next to PJs.

“Well we’re already drinking champagne, so why not?”

“Well what are we toasting to?” Louise asked. PJ grinned.

“To tatinof. You guys did a really amazing job, you’re such an inspiration to so many people. And to you guys, cause you’re such a beautiful couple!”

They cheered, and Dan and Phil glanced at each other, intertwining their fingers before touching glasses with everyone else.

“Thanks, PJ,” Dan said, smiling at his friends, and then at his boyfriend. Phil pressed a kiss to his forehead, and Dan leaned against him.

It really had been a busy year.


It was getting dark outside, and they were all busy playing board games and drinking and having a nice time. Dan was feeling a bit woozy, not just from the alcohol, but the fact that Phil was playing with his hair in a really relaxing way.

“I love you,” Dan muttered, angling his face from where it rested on Phil’s chest to look at him. Phil smiled softly, continuing to play with his hair.

“I love you too. So so much, Dan.” He bent down to kiss him, and Dan smiled into it, moving his hand to rest on Phil’s face.

Phil shifted him, practically picking Dan up and Dan moved so that he was sitting on Phil’s lap, straddling him. It was soft and slow, sleepy almost, and no one was paying attention to them so it didn’t matter when Phil slid a hand up Dan’s shirt.

Phil slowly kissed along Dan’s jaw, making him moan quietly, squirming in his lap. Phil moved his mouth to Dan’s neck, sucking and biting at a certain spot below his ear.

“Christ,” Dan muttered, arching his neck to give Phil more access. “You’re so good at that.”

“Mmh, I try,” Phil chuckled against Dan’s skin, making him shiver.

“Uh, do you maybe wanna…” Dan stumbled over his words, running his fingers over Phil’s shoulders. “Go to your room?” Phil laughed.

“Are you sure you don’t wanna socialize more?”

Dan nodded quickly.

“Yes, I’m sure.” Phil laughed again, kissing Dan’s nose.

“Alright then.”

Dan stood up, helping Phil up, and grabbed his hand.

“We’re gonna go… check something,” Phil called to the room. “We’ll be right back.”

“Sure,” PJ said, and winked. “Take your time, you two. And try not to be too loud, will you?”

Chris snorted, and Louise rolled her eyes at them, grinning.

“Cmon guys, they’re in loooove,” she said, laughing.

“Will do, Chris,” Phil said, and chuckled, pulling Dan out of the room with him.


PJ was having a good time. He was with his friends, and celebrating Dan and Phil’s tour. He was so proud of them, he couldn’t believe how far they had come.

They had left the room about ten minutes ago, and he was chatting with Louise.

It started with small sounds, quiet moans and gasps. PJ wasn’t sure what it was at first, maybe just the house creaking or something, but it sounded more human. It sounded like Dan. And that’s when he realized.

It wasn’t very loud, just soft little noises, and PJ decided to ignore it. Let them have their fun, he thought, it’s their night.

“Philll…” a drawn out moan floated through the walls, and PJ cringed.

Next came the bed noises.

It started with just a slow rhythmic creaking of bed springs. The moaning continued, getting a bit louder, and now there was a stream of curses and words in there from who PJ was sure was Dan.

“Fuck, Phil… fuck, fuck, fuck, please!”

PJ made eye contact with Chris, who’s eyes were wide.

“Wonder what they’re doing in there, aye PJ?”

I just rolled my eyes at him; I thought it was quite obvious. The noises were slowly picking up speed.

“Ah, fuck, Dan, you’re so good baby, so pretty… moan for me baby…”

It would probably be kind of sweet if it wasn’t so awkward. PJ tried to just continue chatting with Louise and ignore it, but it was so obvious and various thumps and groans kept cutting him off so he just gave up.

Damn, they have thin walls…

And then he could swear the headboard was hitting the fucking wall, and Dan’s noises were increasing in both volume and pitch.

“Fuck baby, you’re so good, you feel so good…”

“Faster, fuck, please go faster!”

Jesus Christ, PJ thought as the noises got louder and quicker, until it was all he could hear. Just moans and curses and the bed hitting the wall, and PJ knew he would never be able to get the sounds of his best friends fucking out of his head.

“Come on baby, so close… cum for me baby…”

Dan’s noises were getting higher and more feminine, and it honestly sounded like something from porn.

“Fuck, Phil!” Dan practically shouted Phil’s name, and the bed creaking wasn’t rhythmic anymore. Phil moaned loudly, and they stopped all together.

PJ turned to his friends, Louise looked like her jaw was about to hit the ground, and Chris was cringing.

“Do you think we should clap?” Chris asked quietly after a moment.

“Chris!” Louise hissed at him, and PJ couldn’t help but chuckle.

About fifteen minutes later, Dan and Phil reentered the room, holding hands and smiling like nothing had happened.

“Why’s everyone so quiet?” Dan asked, scratching his neck. PJ could see a few hickeys poking out from his shirt collar…

Chris clapped him on the shoulder, grinning.

“You have really thin walls, man,” he said calmly, grinning. “You might wanna get that fixed if you’re ever thinking of having kids.”

What happened on the drive to the port of national city
  • Lena: So mother, why 'Cadmus' ?
  • Lillian: My goal is to end Alien-
  • Lena: No, I mean why'd you name it Project 'Cadmus'... It rhymes with so many things
  • Lillian: what are you-
  • Lena: Like 'Can't Miss' or 'Katniss'
  • Lillian: ???
  • Lena:
  • Lillian:
  • Lena: Cadmiss Everdeen
  • Lillian:
  • Lena:
  • Lillian: *Face palm*