Who Killed Markiplier?

I’m sure that a lot of people have already seen Mark’s new project “Who Killed Markiplier?” Well it seems like a lot of people have been coming up with a lot of theories that I agree with (or that I think make a lot of since) the one that I agree with the most is the theory that Damien and the Colonel are actually Darkiplier and Wilford. During the first chapter Damien describes the colonel as eccentric saying it’s his best and worst quality, that seems like how you would describe Wilford. The colonel points a gun at the detective which seems to be the same gun Wilford used on Markiplier TV. And Damien also says “it’s good to let the beast our every now and then” maybe​ the “beast” is Darkiplier​. Also the suit that the colonel used in the chapter kinda looks like the blazer Wilford wears. I guess we have to wait for the next chapter to find out