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I totally agree…I read “Looking For Alaska” after hearing infinite hype about it and it was total shit.  Sure, he can write a few decent epigrams but overall I was thoroughly disappointed. There are way better books outs there…if you want an entertaining, quick-read, read John Green. If you want something really satisfying and meaningful, look elsewhere.

I don’t agree with this. Looking for Alaska ruined his books in a way, it was the first one that he wrote. There are some books that are decent. But iv'e experienced too many things that have occurred as the main plot line in his books. He’s a good author, hes just not my type of author.  

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I’m currently reading this too right now (for the second time)! It’s my favorite book of all time.

I finished it last night, I really enjoyed it, especially because I took Social Problems last semester and we talked a lot about prison systems and rehabilitation. Definitely glad I had that class under my belt before I read it, I got so much more out of it than I would have otherwise.

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No! The music program is wonderful. If you work hard, you will get what you deserve based on your abilities and work ethic. Most of the musicians here absolutely love it and it's a good department. The dance department is just really corrupt.

Oh that’s good! Sorry the dance department is screwed up. It’s HARD to find a good unbiased place in the dance world.