Sherlock and Sally

Ever since Sherlock had acknowledge Sally’s existance around Baker Street.  The place hasn’t been the same.  For one more rows between he and John have erupted.  Day and night.  He had been less focused when doing his experiments.  Also the same piece is played over and over on his violin.  John thought Sherlock had gone mad.

One day Watson thought it was about time to take him to the hospital.  "No! I don’t need you or your help!“

"Sherlock listen I’m just worried that..”

“Shut up and leave me alone!”

“Leave you alone?” muttered John.  He grabbed his jacket and marched to the door.  "Fine! Hope this suits you better!“

"Where are you going?” asked Sherlock as he raised his head from where he slumped on the couch.  John didn’t answer.  He simply stormed out leaving the detective alone in the flat.  "Who needs him…“ he grumbled not knowing that a certain somebody over heard them.

Like father, like son. [Lucas & Sally] [M!A]

Lucas paced through the flat, not sure what the hell he was supposed to do. Gently he rocked the baby in his arms, his fingers playing with the fabric of his little shirt. Finally, he heard the lock of the front door click. “Sal!?” Lucas’s voice sounded slightly desperate. “Thank God, you’re home. Andy’s been crying for hours and I seriously don’t know what to do.”

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And then you just think: “Fuck this, I’m gonna hide under a rock and be shit there.”

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Family Dinner [Jim, Elaine, Lucas, Elizabeth, Sally & Olly]

Sometimes James Moriarty could have surges of inspiration, which often lead to the craziest ideas. One of those inspirational waves had lead to tonight. The entire house seemed different, smelled different. The usual cleaning lady had been called and she’d cleaned the entire house while the maid added flowers in the hallway and the dining room. As Elaine strolled through the house, the long end of her dress waving behind her and the sound of her heels on the marble echoing through the hall. Around her an extra pair of butlers and an extra maid scurried around, trying to get everything ready in time.

Elaine had only been informed about the dinner party this morning, causing her to freak out and disappeared into the fancy shops of London to find herself a proper dress. Eventually she’d found one she actually liked, accompanied with a pair of new heels. Her father hadn’t been very pleased with it, saying it showed too much skin. Elaine’s simple reply had been that she wasn’t pleased with his actions either. She remembered the first and last time he’d met Olly. The poor guy had been shaking on his legs. Unfortunately, the invitations had been sent and the evening would proceed as planned.

Even Lucas seemed less comfortable in his suit than usual. He constantly tugged his tie, pulled at the edge of his blazer and ran his hand through his hair. It’d be the first time Sally would meet his father and he prayed to God he’d behave. Elaine had told him how the meeting with Olly had gone and he really wasn’t looking forwards to being in the same situation. Maybe, just maybe, he’d be a bit more decent, as he was introducing his own sweetheart as well tonight. Of course the children already knew Elizabeth, but this was the formal introduction.

About half an hour ago, Jim had sent out three black Rolls Royces to pick up their guests. He’d made sure everything had been taken care of.  Now he was just waiting for his children to arrive in the dining room and the doorbell to ring as a sign the evening could start.

And there they were, his two beautiful children. As he saw them walk into the fancy dining room, arm in arm, he smiled softly. “Well, don’t you look stunning!?” he laughed before Elaine came up to him and kissed him on the cheek. He gave his son a soft pat in his shoulder before waving around the room. “What do you think? Fit to welcome guests?” Lucas nodded, his eyes big in surprise. “It’s marvelous!” he laughed before placing an arm around Elaine’s waist.

Like a fucking movie. [Lucas & Sally]

A rough count brought Lucas on about five near car accidents on his way to the airport. Of all the things she could do, she was leaving. She was taking a fucking plane to god knows where for a month. Elaine had only just informed him of this crucial piece of information. His father hadn’t been too happy when Lucas had grabbed the keys from the Rolls and had raced down the street in an attempt to reach the airport before the plane left. He was nearly there, manoeuvring through the traffic. He parked the car somewhere, anywhere, causing the insults and yells from quite a lot of people. 

He rushed into the departure hall of the airport, heaving as his eyes searched the space for the familiar blonde hair. “Sally!?” He screamed at the top of his lungs, his voice shaking just slightly. “Sally, I love you!” He screamed again. People were looking, frowning, thinking this was some hidden camera joke. It was anything but a joke to Lucas.