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Let’s be real, Arin and Dan meeting Alex and Ryland would just be a bragging competition about their Platonic Life Partners™

I really didn’t want to rant about this because I didn’t want to be That person, but I honestly can’t take it anymore. Secret Sessions are a once in a lifetime opportunity. Who else can say they got invited to Taylor’s HOME to hear her unreleased album before the rest of the WORLD? Taylor trusted you. Taylor hand picked you herself, so to see some of you hopping back on to the internet to directly quote her, spread lyrics, leak track titles, or to see that you even TOOK SOMETHING from her house that you were so sweetly invited into? Why are some of you taking this all for granted? Why is it so hard to just keep your mouth shut and keep the quotes and lyrics and titles to yourself? There’s no excuse for you to break Taylor’s trust the way some of you have done. There’s no excuse for you to brag the way some you have done. There’s no excuse for you to hold this over people’s heads. Everyone wants to meet Taylor, just be happy you got to do it in the most special, intimate way possible. Do not ruin it. Do not take this for granted. Taylor saw something in you, don’t do this to her.


Kyle: Guys! Tonight is the night we are finally going into the Cruocrem house!!
Eden: What house?
Anna Marie: That dumb “haunted” house in Forgotten Hollows.
Elliot: Forgotten Hollows? uhh guys, that town is famous for being creepy.
Eden: That’s so cool!! I’m down!
Kyle: Hell Ya! Come on Elliot, you have to come!
Elliot: AGh fine. But I’m only coming unless I use the good bike.
Eden: DEAL!!

well well well, they got a big storm coming

evyautumn  asked:

👀👀👀👀👀i would love to know your opinion on why Gabriella is a horrible gf and person

oh gOD ok i hope yall r ready for this cause i have about 10 years of pent up rage against this character:

  • first of all the shy girl act is just plain annoying but ok lets move past it cause im not about to criticize that im not an asshole
  • unlike GABRIELLA who may i remind you::::: literally ditched Troy the first time they met. like literally they exchange phone numbers, he’s LITERALLY in the middle of a sentence and she leaves??? ok?? she breaks up with Troy anytime things get hard,, okay in the first movie i might be able to move past it boy was trying to play tough with his friends and disrespected her (she barely lets him expain himself tho but alrite) but!!!! the ENTIRE SECOND MOVIE he tries everything he can to be with her, HE GETS HER A SUMMER JOB (along with all his friends) and then when they’re expected to uh WORK at said summer JOB the wildcats give him shit (also assholes) and gabriella barely defends him (”okay guys cut it out haha” wow girlfriend of the year), also lures Troy into doing the sing song contest again when hes clearly not comfortable doing it but ok!!! troy gets promoted which annoys his friends (not cool) and he can actually get a fucking SCHOLARSHIP!!!!!!!!!!!!! like ok my boy may have gotten a bit confused and started acting smart but listen. look. gabriella literally breaks up with him because hes not the “””same””” (ie: thinks about his future and is willing to go after opportunities) like?? uh sorry gabriella not everyone is a genius with a sure pass to harvard or wherever u went in High School Musical: Senior Year u fuckin classicist piece of crap
  • which brings me to movie number THREE!!! gabriella. literally. doesnt. tell. her. friends. and. boyfriend. that. shes. leaving. !!! like girl is really just straight up keeping that away from them and was just gonna ditch???? which uh GUESS WHAT? she fuckin does. Again!!!!!! gabriella literally never faces tough situations, shes always running from problems, she breaks up/ditches troy countless of times and he always comes back running with some great big gesture (in the 2nd movie she only comes back bc ryan arranged it), shes literally!!! a shit girlfriend!!!!!!! troy MISSES HIS PROM to go see her, he drives ALL NIGHT to see her (and he was probably gonna b crowned prom king or whatever happens at prom in the US idk)
  • THEN they race back to the school and hijack the school musical??? (shitty on both their parts) like UH you ditched everyone for “luv” and now u want ur role back?? u never even wanted to sing in the first place?? like gabriella’s always been into her nerdy classes n all while SHARPAY (and ryan) worked their asses off since the Beginning to make it into hollywood/broadway ?? 
  • which brings me to my last and most intense point i get so heated talking about this: gabriella, literally, ruined sharpay’s life (in a sense). at the end of hsm1 sharpay goes up to gabriella and tells her to “break a leg” (a common expression in the showbiz or whatever) gabriella doesnt know what it means. SHARPAY couldve been pissed or angry but she decides to congratulate her and little mis perfect could not care less about that spring musical!!!!!!! second film is alrite cause i mean sharpay did hijack all the competitions the previous years and tried to break troy and gabriella up (sadly unsuccessfully) so like ok gabriella gets away with it i GUESS. but THIRD MOVIE????? THEY HAVE AN ENTIRE MUSICAL ABOUT THEM??? and sharpay FILLS IN FOR THESE ASSHOLES WHO DITCHED THE PROJECT, shes stuck with an unprofessional little guy and shes still up there working hard trying to make her parents proud (PARENTS WHO CAME ALL THE WAY BACK FROM INDIA TO SEE THEIR KIDS PERFORM IN THE “TROY N GABRIELLA SHOW”) and then, those two fucking lovebirds show up, like nothing happened and steal her spotlight?? like ??? maybe you shouldnt have ditched in the first place?? maybe you shouldve communicated with your friends instead of leaving them behind like they meant nothing?? youre graduating sweetie!!!! time to act like a fucking adult.! 
  • also sharpay and ryan’s reprises were always better than the originals, they added flavour, they added choreography, they added costumes and what do these two bland fuckers give us? another break up song. NEXT

anyway in conclusion gabriella is a shit girlfriend and barely okay-ish human being thanks for coming to my ted talk

Auditions for Seussical were today and I’m SHAKING


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