Tinder fail

So after weeks of slating friends for using tinder I thought fuck it I can’t be that bad and proceeded to download and hope no one realized I was a huge hypocrite!

So after about 2 weeks going by, of me having this app on my phone begrudgingly i started to get a little worried why has it been all this time and not one person has matched me??!

I started to doubt weather it was the people using the app or that I must be so unappealing to face value judgement, that I would be completely unsuccessful in my quest to see what it was all about. I was contemplating deleting the account and the app whilst looking for the button to do so. I did not want to further create a false sense of self worth caused by Tinder.

When I looked at my age and realized I was 112!?!?!?!? I had never realized that during uni I had been fraped and had my account tamperd with so many times that I was simply just not visible to anyone It would seem! I laughed to myself and thought that’s petty funny as if you let something like this get to your self esteem. So I recreated my account with my actual age and ..

( nothing changed )

Ps. Fuck you tinder

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decided to watch sherlock while working on stuff tonight (2 am when i started watching). watched episode 1. was kinda confused cause i seemed to miss one part or something. disregarded it thinking im just tired. and then the main scene of the episode comes around and thats when it hits me. theyre in a completely different building, theyre in sherlocks house instead of a random building, the cab driver took sherlock there drugged instead of sherlock getting in the cab with him. the pills were a milky white instead of white with pink bits. The driver threatens to shove the pill down sherlocks throat instead of shooting him with a fake gun. 

at this point im having the biggest mind fuck, thinking that somehow in some way. somebody has either, gone back in time and changed the actual episode from the one i watched before, or somethings happened to me and im remembering vividly things that havent happened… or some other random candlecove shit.

john shoots the cab driver from a nearby appartment and then everytihng is back to “normal”

i google things to see if im losing my shit and realise that i originally watched it on netflix and i just watched the pilot episode.