Tinder fail

So after weeks of slating friends for using tinder I thought fuck it I can’t be that bad and proceeded to download and hope no one realized I was a huge hypocrite!

So after about 2 weeks going by, of me having this app on my phone begrudgingly i started to get a little worried why has it been all this time and not one person has matched me??!

I started to doubt weather it was the people using the app or that I must be so unappealing to face value judgement, that I would be completely unsuccessful in my quest to see what it was all about. I was contemplating deleting the account and the app whilst looking for the button to do so. I did not want to further create a false sense of self worth caused by Tinder.

When I looked at my age and realized I was 112!?!?!?!? I had never realized that during uni I had been fraped and had my account tamperd with so many times that I was simply just not visible to anyone It would seem! I laughed to myself and thought that’s petty funny as if you let something like this get to your self esteem. So I recreated my account with my actual age and ..

( nothing changed )

Ps. Fuck you tinder

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