imrachelirock  asked:

Answer these questions and pass on to 10 tumblr followers :) 1. favourite band? 2. favourite food? 3. something weird you find beautiful? 4. what do you think about when you cannot sleep? 5. talk about the person you like? 6. most attractive features about a person? 7. favourite tumblr blog?

1. Ugh. Do I have to pick? Lol. I’d say Fall Out Boy. Been stanning those punks forever. 

2. This is hard because I eat a lot. Uhm…. I really love turkey wings. Baked. That or baked sweet potatoes. Omg I’m hungry.

3. Cloudy Days? I reaaaaaally love overcast weather. Some people find that weird I guess lol.

4. My dad. Life. God. Fanfics. Lmfao.

5. The person I like. I like so many people. Do celebs count because I have a big ass crush on Bruno Mars. Not just because of his talent but because of who he is as a person. Seriously, watch some interviews of that idiot. Fall in love. Lmao.He’s such a gentle soul. And also a little shit. :)

6. Eyes. They don’t have to be exotic or anything. I just really like eyes lol.

7. Oh dear I can’t decide. :( I like something about every blog I follow lol. Stalker Alert: I was on your blog yesterday jammin to your playlist while I did my follow forever. Which you’re in by the way :D hehe. 


So! Somehow we dyed over the last black dye job with some burgundy to try and darken it up again? 


I’m actually kinda liking it though! Might hold onto it :D

Can we also take a moment to celebrate how much it’s grown out already since I did that massive haircut a little while ago? 

Haircuts are pointless because watch, by the end of the year it’ll be down the back again. *Giving up on the haircut attempts as well.*