impulse: bart allen

So if you are following me, Im sure you already know Young Justice is coming back! That means we get to see these friends hanging out again! So here is a celebratory sketch!

I am very much looking forward to what the writers have had planned all of these years and finally get to execute! It is happy news for everyone. :D

Thank you very much to whoever made it happen!


That’s a lot of good press for a traitor.

Hey! Don’t blame Blue. He’s as much of a captive of the Reach as we were. We have to set him free.

Happy birthday, @bun-bun-bum!

I hope all of your wishes become true! You’re an amazing artist and a super nice person, with all the love of my heart, happy birthday!!

I know it’s a late, in my country it’s already 21st, but it’s the effort what counts. I had more trouble with my internet than what i thought i’d have :c