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I was recently thinking how Iris, Joe, and Wally being Black means that this Arrowverse/Flarrowverse’s speedsters will be most Black/biracial.

 If you don’t already know Don and Dawn are the twin children of Barry and Iris. Bart (Impulse) is Don’s son. I chose the actor Cameron Boyce because he has one grandparent who is Black just like I imagine this world’s Bart to have and he also reminds me of Grant. Jenni Ognats (XS) is Dawn’s daughter and as you all can see was originally created as a biracial Black character.

Irey and Jai are the children of Wally West and Linda Park in the comic books. Since Linda is Barry’s ex in this universe I took it upon myself to imagine Wally meeting and falling in love with a speedster named Danica Williams who is The Flash in the Beyond Universe that was brought to us by Batman Beyond.

Finally we have Max Mercury, the time-traveling speedster from the 1830s who operate as a mentor to many of the future West-Allen kids. His origin is based in some racist, mystical Native tropes so I racebent him to fix it.

The Flash Family now has the potential to show off a variety of Black skin tones and I pray to god that they do it right.

Also Barry is now that cool ass White Grandpa in a Black Family and that makes me happy AF.

Don and Dawn Allen (The Tornado Twins) played by Charlie Barnett & Monica Raymund

Bart Allen (Impulse) played by Cameron Boyce

Jenni Ognats (XS) played by Alisha Boe

Iris “Irey” West II played by Sydney Park

Jai West played by Miles Brown

Danica Williams (The Flash Beyond Universe) played by Stefanee Martin

Max Mercury played by Martin Sensmeier


Fandom: DCU

Verse: AU Futurefic Next Gen Teen Titans

Characters/Pairings: Irey West, Damian Wayne pre-relationship, mentions of others

This is just a preview of a speeddemon fic I’ve been working on here and there for a few hours now. Not very good, not polished or edited or even finished. Hopefully it’ll satisfy the hungry speeddemon readers for now though. I know, guys. I’ve been there. That ‘why can’t I find any art/fic/GIFs of my pairing?’ feeling. I have it too. All the time. This is my response. Still researching lightning, so probably not very accurate yet. Also, San Francisco. Does anyone know which direction the dawn rises from the bay? I’ve been there before of course, amazingly interesting city, can’t wait to go back, lots of hills, good pizza, great donuts, check out Pier 39 if you don’t believe me, but I’ve never seen a dawn there. Never been there that early in the morning, you know? And it’s relevant. To this. To make it possibly not so horribly inaccurate. Enjoy the preview!

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Bart Allen/Impulse

Okay, so, I don’t think I’ve ever made it any secret how big a fan I am of Bart Allen (aka Bartholomew Allen II, Impulse, Kid Flash II, or The Flash IV). He’s my all time favourite comic book character, and right up there with Huckleberry Finn for my favourite character from all of literature. It’s also not a secret for anyone who has ever heard of Bart that he is fun and wild and reckless and “impulsive”. Hell, Red Tornado basically called him the human embodiment of Id to Superboy and Robin’s respective ego and super-ego. And don’t get me wrong, these are some of my favourite things about Bart, and they are what made his transformation to Kid Flash when he joined the Teen Titans all the more meaningful, but I worry sometimes that people forget the amount of growing up Bart did during Mark Waid’s run of Impulse.

Take, for example, Impulse #6

I would love to post this whole issue, because there is so much important about it, but I do not own any rights to Impulse or its characters, and, honestly, I think you all should go out and buy a copy. But here’s a brief overview of how Bart grows through the book:

In the beginning, Bart is asked by the Vice Principal to hang out with this kid named Preston, who keeps showing up to school with bruises. Bart, having, still recently, spent his whole life living in a video game in which he is the only character, assumes this situation revolves about him and him making friends, but upon the VP’s insistence that it does not, Bart agrees to hang out with Preston.

The two go hang out in a swamp after school because Preston believes there is a monster hiding in the swamp and wants to get him on camera. The pair does see something, but the entire endeavor ends with Preston’s father finding them and yelling at Preston and sending Bart home. The events send up red flags with Bart, at least enough to make him ask Max Mercury (his guardian) what he should do.

While going back to the swamp to fight the “monster”, Bart realizes that it is really just a boy born with a disorder giving him physical deformities, and that he lives in the swamp with his parents, as they are trying to protect him. Upon meeting the parents, the boy’s father says, perhaps the most important line in the book:

At this point, Bart grows up. He realizes there are real monsters in this world, and they aren’t just the villains he fights with Max and Wally. He goes back to Preston’s house, and when Preston’s dad asks why he’s there:

Anyway, the twist in the story is that Preston is actually being abused by his mother. And while Bart (and Preston’s father) witnesses it, he is in costume while doing so, meaning if he was to tell the VP, his secret identity would be seriously compromised.

Deciding whether or not to tell someone about the happenings is a big dilemma for Bart, and he most certainly does NOT make the decision impulsively, but in the end, he decides doing the right thing and protecting his friend is what counts.

Luckily, before Bart can tell, Preston, himself comes forward and tells the Principal about the abuse. Preston’s mother receive therapy and Preston goes to live with his father.

Now, are all Impulse books like this? No. Some are fluffy, some are scary, some are deep, and honestly, there are the odd few I don’t care for. My point here isn’t that people aren’t allowed to enjoy carefree Bart. He’s fun and entertaining and has characteristics that we all wish we had. My point is just that he is also rounded. He’s human. And pretending that he is a flat character who only exists for comic relief is utter nonsense.

Kyle Gallner || Bartholomew (Bart) Henry Allen II || Impulse || 18 || Male || Unregistered || PLAYED BY LEXI


Bart was born in the 30th century to Don Allen and Meloni Thawne, he was mostly a healthy and happy baby but there was an unfortunate discovery made after his birth. Being born with the speedforce pasted down to him by his father left him with Hyper-Accelerated Metabolism causing his body to age very rapidly leaving him as a two year old mentally but with the body of a twelve year old. To counter act this his parents put him in a virtual reality chamber in hopes to stimulate his brain and avoid possible mental health issues until they could find a solution to their sons growth rate. Sadly they could not think of one fast enough for Bart and on top of that they were dealing with the inner workings of a battle with Zoom. So instead decided they needed the hand of another speedster, Barry Allen or Wally West. They made a time machine and Iris, Bart’s grandmother took on the task of taking him to back in time in hopes someone could come up with a solution. Iris ended up meeting Wally who tricked Bart into a race around the world using a burst of speed to shock Bart’s system and stabilize his growth.

It worked, Bart was much older than he believed himself to be but finally he would be allowed some normalcy. He stayed behind while Iris went forward in time to inform is mother and father about him. While Bart may look older his personality and mind set are still of someone younger then him in many ways. He’s very impulsive and being in the virtual reality chamber so long has given him such little awareness when it comes to danger that he’s simply reckless and jumps into any situation without thinking. These things can make Bart hard to deal with even on a regular basis. When it came down to normal struggles, it wasn’t easy Bart did his best to make himself a normal citizen in this new time. And seeing as he really didn’t know anything outside his chamber he couldn’t compare the two time periods to maybe find a middle round he could level himself on with everyone else. Ultimately he just decided everything would fall in place along as he was himself and didn’t bother dwelling on the thoughts anymore then he needed to.

Currently Bart’s managed to get himself enrolled in school with some help Iris provided before she left. He’s in his last year of high school as far as his papers say but its not hard for him to pull off. Regardless of how immature he can be Bart is very intelligent and has no problem retaining information due to his photo graphic memory. New York seems to be a hazard zone now and not how he remembered the city being explained to him when he was growing up. He’s adopted the alias Impulse for himself, and he fully plans to make an appearance and start helping this city get back up to the glory he was once told about it. He’s not really worried about being caught doing so either. Not just anyone could catch him.

5471. The Teen Titans started in 2003 and they were a team for seven years until each of them went on with their separate ways until they reunited in 2016. On 7th January 2011, The Justice League created their own version of ‘Teen Titans’, a team that was pre-created to be the next generation of the Justice League. Their project was dubbed 'Young Justice’, a special programme to teach super-powered teenagers. Young Justice members consist of: Red Robin, Superboy, Wonder Girl, Impulse, Aqualad II (Kaldur'ahm), Miss Martian and Speedy II (Emiko Queen) with Red Tornado as the mission operative/caretaker.

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