impulse drum and bugle corps

Impulse Drum And Bugle Corp stole my family’s money.

On the contract, they said “If you leave after May 1st, or are cut because of disciplinary reasons, there will be no refund.”

My brother officially left April 30th. He left because we felt uncomfortable sending him away for the tour, and we decided that the financial commitment was too much to afford. Therefore, they promised in an email that we would be refunded $1000. It is now June 4th. We have sent two emails a week- no replies. We sent them a letter, it has been returned untouched. But it’s not an “invalid address.” It was simply sent back. They do not return phone calls. They are refusing to contact us, they refuse to refund us desperately needed money like they promised.

I do not support Impulse anymore. I am so sad and disappointed that they are causing us this horrible experience with the world of DCI.