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ok klance things I want to happen and if they don’t then what’s the point

  • keith catches lance bridal style. lance comments “my hero” sarcastically/playfully. keith drops him.
  • that or they’re both frozen in shock because wtf just happened and when it registers that keith is holding lance they both get really flustered and begin shouting.
  • the “lance dies” thing is actually a pretty serious thing. my guess is that lance would probably jump in front of a sword for keith. that or the enemy would lash out at lance specifically to get keith alone so they could talk or something. obviously not gonna result in death but tell me it wouldn’t be in character for lance to jump in front of a bullet for keith after everything we were given in season three and with their developments being tied together, esp now that Lance is canonically keith’s impulse control and they’re co-leading the team.
  • let lance give his jacket to keith
  • switch bayards in the middle of battle while they are actually formed into their respective weapons and they don’t change. I’d love to see Lance with a sword and Keith with a gun/sniper rifle.
  • if keith runs away because his galra genes are becoming more prominent and he’s afraid that he’ll lead the enemy straight to his team or his team keeps getting hurt because the enemy is after him specifically, I want lance to go after him and bring him back.
  • a hug!! let them hug!!
  • keith playfully elbows lance in the stomach when they’re on an alien planet and oops that’s an intimate act on said alien planet that’s on par with getting married so all the aliens on said planet think they’re married now.
  • garrison flashbacks I wanna know the exact moment that lance saw keith and thought “he is now my rival”
  • lance referencing the bonding moment not realizing he referenced the bonding moment and keith is just >:O “so you DO remember”

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AU where Lance becomes black paladin and Coran becomes blue

I…can’t see Coran piloting any of the lions. He’s older and wiser and more suited for castle controls and advising than combat. I can’t see him being a better choice than Lance or Allura either. Besides, Lance already pointed out that they have six potential paladins but only five lions; there’s no need for a seventh candidate. 

As for black paladin Lance…I have mixed feelings about it.

What frustrates me about season 3, if my lion switching theory isn’t true, is that Lance displayed much better leadership qualities than Keith, to the point that he was leading for Keith in some scenes. 

It isn’t until Lance tells the team that they need to stick together that they follow Keith. Essentially, they’re following Lance’s orders here, not Keith’s. Keith has no interest in leading and is too preoccupied with Shiro’s disappearance to force himself into a role he doesn’t even want, which results in his usual recklessness and utilitarian attitude manifesting itself more dangerously. (And I say this as someone who has the same flaws. Don’t make me lead a team, please.) Meanwhile, Lance wants to lead, and has led before, with the Garrison Trio. The others trust his judgment and they follow him

In general, Lance is very adaptable, which is part of why he thinks he’s the seventh wheel. He can identify what needs to be done and who is best equipped to do it, and if that person is him, then he will fill the hole without letting his ego get in the way. That’s invaluable in a team like theirs, but Lance doesn’t see it that way. Being Keith’s impulse control and co-leader is the role he’s filling in season 3, one that sacrifices his own happiness with Blue. That would be fine, but it’s to the point that it brings into question why Keith is leading at all, making Lance’s sacrifice seem pointlessly cruel. 

Again, if my lion switching theory is true, then none of this matters, but if it isn’t, and the show is trying to honestly tell me that Keith would be the best leader aside from Shiro right now, then I’m annoyed. 

Both Lance and Allura, as they are right now, would be better leaders than Keith. I’m all for the idea of Keith developing into the ideal leader over time, particularly the kind that he was in GoLion/80′s Voltron, but he is far from it in season 3, whereas Lance and Allura are both already perfectly capable of it. 

Basically, what argument is there for Keith, as we’ve seen thus far, being the best person for this job? I don’t care about his potential down the line. I’m talking about right now, when their true leader is gone, and who the best choice is. It’s not Keith

I want Shiro to be the permanent black paladin, and I think he’s the perfect person for it, and I think Black chose him and trusts him and their bond is far too beautiful and hard-won to be thrown away for the sake of lion musical chairs. Worst of all, it would be validating his own low self-worth. He’s so eager to pass leadership onto Keith because he feels unworthy, in many ways due to his PTSD. 

Taking Black away from him, after he finally earned her trust, would be telling him, yes, you’re right, you’re too fucked up to lead, you’re too monstrous to be a paladin, you’re a broken soldier, give up. It’s the cruelest ending I can imagine for him, and one that perpetuates the idea that people with PTSD are doomed to fail. 

When it comes to temporary arrangements, there is no real reason, aside from Shiro’s preference for Keith leading, for Lance not to be chosen instead. (Or Allura, but that’s another post for another time. The primary issue is that her character arc would be quite limited; she’d simply expand on her current leadership role. It’s precisely the fact that she’s so qualified already that she wouldn’t necessarily make for the best candidate, in terms of narrative. Logically and realistically, however, she’s the best replacement for Shiro. Basically, if this were real life, I don’t know why anyone would argue against Allura taking over.) 

We already know how Lance would lead. He would focus on making sure that Allura and Keith had adjusted to their lions before entering any new battles. He would utilize his team awareness to make sure that everyone was okay at all times. He would strategize to minimize actual combat, as he does in battles outside of his lion. These are all great qualities in a leader.

Lance is too immature and insecure right now to fulfill the role permanently. I don’t think being the leader would validate him in the way that he imagines, and I think it would push forth a bad message, particularly for kids–that you need to lead in order to be valuable to a team. Temporarily, however, I think he’d be a good leader, and it might let him learn that he doesn’t need to be the leader in the process. Like Keith, I also think he might develop into an ideal leader over time. This would be the perfect recipe for genuine co-leadership. 

On a similar note, I’ve seen some Keith fans assume that people criticizing Keith’s leadership abilities must hate him, but this doesn’t make sense to me. Why does Keith (or Lance, or anyone) need to be a perfect leader in order to be a good, likable, interesting character? Why not embrace Keith’s flaws and embrace Keith’s desires (which do not included leading) and embrace Keith as he is rather than try to force him into a role that he hates? 

Smartest Fictional Characters of Each Type

ISFJ: Asami Sato from The Legend of Korra

The ISFJ uses details to their advantage. As Si-dom’s, they have a thorough command of information at their fingertips to use at any given moment to solve problems. This combines with their inferior Ne to make them creative inventors and innovators. Their Tertiary ti makes them analytical problem-solvers. Asami is a great inventor, the CEO of a company, and a tactical strategist, who relies on her intelligence to make her a powerful and dangerous foe in a world full of people with superpowers.

ESFJ: Willow Rosenberg

The ESFJ seeks to understand everything around them, both emotionally and objectively. Their inferior Ti makes them highly analytical and interested in taking apart the world around them. Their love of details and keen memories make them quick learners, and if they apply themselves they’re sure to do well in school. Willow is the nerdy ESFJ, the well-read ace of the school with a gift for computers and a need for social acceptance. 

ESFP: Tony Stark

The ESFP has a talent for innovation. They seize the day, see past the outer pretentions of a subject and give their passion their all. The tertiary Te function allows them to organize their thoughts; their inferior Ni brings together a whirlwind of possibilities. Tony is sensitive to his environment, quick to take action, capable of laying out long-term plans, and very straightforward in his assessments of whether or not something will work.

ISFP: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

The ISFP can sense the truth and call out lies. They’re keenly observant and notice their environment, it’s nuances, and any clues laid out before them. They have keen Ni insight, and objective Te analysis.  Mozart is a musical genius adn child prodigy from the age of four, and in the film Amadeus he is played as an ISFP. His passion lies in music and composing, and he works at it all day long.

ENFJ: Elle Woods

The ENFJ will use their auxiliary Ni to predict the future actions and intentions of those around them. They will understand things through a pattern of symbolism. They will use their inferior Ti to analyze a problem, and their tertiary Se to understand their environment. Elle from Legally Blonde is disarmingly intelligent, coming across ditzy due to her chipper attitude, but is almost psychically taltented at anticipating and forestalling the actions of others.

INFJ: Niles Crane

The INFJ is dominated by Ni, and has an intuitive understanding of most concepts; they see a situation, analyze and understand it. They use their tertiary Ti to take apart a problem. Their inferior Se gives them a grasp of environments and makes them keenly observant. Niles from Frasier is an elite INFJ, a child prodigy and a Jungian psychiatrist with a keen knowledge of the human psyche. 

ENFP: Professor Farnsworth

The ENFP always has a new invention, a clever idea, and a fresh interpretation of a problem, making them consummate scientists. Their Te-tertiary allows them to tackle any problem with logical steps; their Si inferior keeps track of the details to ensure an experiment’s success. The Professor from Futurama is a certified genius - a scientist with dozens of inventions under his belt, but most of which have no real practical use. He’s in it for the thrill of discovery. 

INFP: Daria Morgendorffer

The INFP calls others on their bullshit. Fi doms seek truth and veracity in any situation. Their Ne aux makes them analytical questioners who see around problems, their Si tertiary makes them fast learners, and their Te inferior allows them to problem-solve. Daria is top of her class, a brilliant psychologist, and skilled at analyzing the world around her, from people to class subjects to her own moral decisions. 

ISTJ: Mr. Spock

The ISTJ learns quickly. Their quick minds, ruled by Si, store incredible amounts of knowledge, which their Te tertiary puts to good use. Their inferior Ne allows them to see various angles of a problem; Fi Tertiary shows them the truth underlying it. They are very careful and extraordinary planners. Spock on Star Trek is famous for always making the logical decision, and can be counted on to supply informative and wise council to his more impulsive co-workers.

ESTJ: Hermione Granger

The ESTJ is the ultimate authority, understanding the logical application of any new piece of information. They recall vast amounts of data due to their auxiliary Si, and see new and innovative ways around problems with their tertiary Ne. Hermione Granger is one of the most iconic fictional geniuses of all time, top of her class, first to answer a question, memorizes the textbooks before class begins, and being the true brains of the Golden Trio.

ISTP: Lisbeth Salander

The ISTP analyzes new data using Ti, understanding and dissection and getting to the true ‘why’ of a situation. They observe their surroundings with Se, and have keen instincts and certain perceptions with their tertiary Ni. Lisbeth , aka The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, is a computer genius, brilliant detective, and mathematician, highly intelligent yet so socially maladjusted she’s listed as an incompetent by the state. But certainly the person to go to if you want a problem solved.

ESTP: Sherlock Holmes

The ESTP is incredibly observant; nothing misses their scanning eyes, no detail is overlooked. Their Ti makes them detatched and analytical, showing them ways around problems others wouldn’t see, and their inferior Ni gives them keen insight into others. Sherlock Holmes, at least on the Sherlock TV show, is the prototypical ESTP genius, sizing up others and getting everything he needs through a simple visual scan.

INTJ: Batman

The INTJ uses Ni dominant to forsee possibilities, read into people’s true natures, and make calculated plans on how events will play out. They are the chessmasters, the strategists; their Te makes them calculating, their Se makes them observant. There are many INTJ geniuses in fiction - this type is known for being clever - and who best to list but the World’s Greatest Detective?

ENTJ: River Tam

The ENTJ is a problem solver, logical, objective and perceptive. Their auxiliary Ni gives them keen intuitive insight into the world around them; their Te/Ni combination allows them to anticipate and subvert the actions of others, with Tertiary Se making them quick to act and observant of their environment. River Tam of Firefly is a scientific and mathematical genius, capable of taking out four gunmen simply by doing the calculus in her head. 

INTP: Gil Grissom

The INTP is another type known for their intelligence. They analyze and pick apart problems with Ti, innovate and perceive all sides of that problem with Ne, recall vast amounts of details with their Si, and put it all together to a keen philosophical understanding of the facts. Grissom from CSI is the intelligent leader of the group, with a deep love of insects and encyclopedic knowledge of everything related to them. 

ENTP: Fred Burkle

The ENTP is perceptive, filled with ideas, always innovating, always searching. Their Ti auxiliary gives them analytical insight and their inferior Si gives them an array of detailed data at their fingertips. Fred from Angel is a physicist, a keenly intelligent college grad student who’s made fantastic innovations in quantom physics and supplies the sense of offbeat intelligence Angel Investigations needs.

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What are your favorite Etsy shops?

Oh jeeze. I get this ask about once a month, and there are way too many to list, but here goes (in no particular order):


Magic Circle Clothing …. Octopug …. Noctex …. Hannah Is Awful …. The Waisted Youth …. Sovrin …. Dark Moon Cult …. Hello Cavities …. Mademoiselle Opossum …. Wild Black Sheep …. Heroine Couture …. Allegory Apparel …. faSHLIN dot com


Rara’s Jewels …. Clotique …. AmmeB …. Jus Designs …. Cake Eater …. Lotus Fairy …. Necro Leather …. Bone Jewelry …. FeLion …. Starchild by Saffron …. Spooky Sweetheart …. Cryy Baby …. Kiss The Future …. Zen And Coffee …. Twirly Trinkets …. Rips and Chains …. Bunny and Black …. Shop Sucrenoir …. Alexandrea Anissa …. Nerdy Little Secrets …. Of Stars and Wine …. Sugar Junkie Shop


loll3 Shop …. Hodi Home Decor …. Fender Minerals …. HookaHolic …. Valerie’s Stitchery …. Petits Pixels

Bath & Beauty:

Halo Soap …. Impulse Co …. Etherealle

There are way more than this. Just saying. Lol.