So I’m Evan, and this is my first time posting to WORDS, thus officially making this a cooperative blog between myself and my girlfriend, Allison! Anyway, so as to reduce the chances of making this a boring freshman effort, I’m gonna keep it short and sweet:

Impugn is a word that I was certain I’d heard in countless courtroom dramas on TV and in film, but when I was confronted with it tonight while losing at text twist, I realized I couldn’t actually recall what it meant. It is simply a verb meaning to question the truth of something, or to raise doubts upon a matter.

I also personally think it looks hilarious…The “I” and the “m” look stately and proper, and then the “p”, “g”, and “n” are kind of wallowing on the ground…it’s like the word just kind of plops out from left to right.

The demographic trends shaping American politics in 2016 and beyond

In an era of head-snapping racial, social, cultural, economic, religious, gender, generational and technological change,Americans are increasingly sorted into think-alike communities that reflect not only their politics but their demographics. The result has been a rise in identity-based animus of one party toward the other that extends far beyond the issues. These days Democrats and Republicans no longer stop at disagreeing with each other’s ideas. Many in each party now deny the other’s facts, disapprove of each other’s lifestyles, avoid each other’s neighborhoods, impugn each other’s motives, doubt each other’s patriotism, can’t stomach each other’s news sources, and bring different value systems to such core social institutions as religion, marriage and parenthood. It’s as if they belong not to rival parties but alien tribes.

– Paul Taylor, , author of “The Next America” and former executive vice president of Pew Research Center.


insult composition.
offend the lonely passion.
ridicule an entire craft.

it’s apparent, the art’s starved –
fed flowers & pussy-whip by pushovers
and raised in bitter tedium by academics.

meanwhile, verb-slangin’, verse-hustlin’
men of myths lay down harder lines than
bricks, even colder women than Canada.

and the unfounded assertions continue,
hindering the imagination’s quest
for its afflatus incarnate.

underrate the unexpected.
trivialize the tantamount to playing
hide & seek on the moon.

mock this defiant stance.
slander this humble name.

write me off like a Hallmark card
to your only brother.

and share your joke with Pushkin
on the way out.

the only pussies I know
are afraid of the print.

anonymous asked:

Doug Judy is a Degenerate car thief why do you like him so much?

First of all, how dare you impugn the good name of Douglas middle name yet to be determined Judy? Sure, maybe in his time he’s stolen a couple (hundred) cars. And sure, in that time has evaded police capture by literally catfishing one of the NYPD’s best officers. But I put to you that he is a good and decent man under that car thief.

He refused to give stolen cars to a known high level drug dealer because, and I quote “drugs are stupid.” (Except weed and sex pills). He in fact only agreed to help steal cars for said drug kingpin because he was trying to help Rosa and Holt’s drug task force (and possibly serve reduced jail time but that is neither here nor there since he never intended to go to jail in the first place). He in fact lead Peralta and Diaz directly to Tito Ruiz and when Tito was getting away he chivalrously pointed out to Jake that Tito was escaping and he should let him (small time car thief, Doug Judy) go, in order to take down the evil drug lord.

After that escape he doesn’t appear to have gone back to a life of crime. He IN FACT appears to be an all ages lounge singer on a cruise ship. Bringing joy and happiness to cruise vacationers.

In conclusion I agree that he is a car thief, but you crossed a line when you called him a degenerate. Doug Judy, The Pontiac Bandit, is a beautiful soul who loves his mama, singing for attentive audiences and making daring escapes from his best friend forever (sorry Charles Boyle) Jacob Peralta.

@aliyamirat reblogged your video and added: ““It seems clear. I must deal with Broysc myself. Once and for all.” …”

I just never understood why Moff Broysc, maybe actually realizing he’s going to die, impugns the lack of union membership on board an Imperial vessel.

Honestly, I always just thought he had completely gone off his rockers at that point. On the other hand, I will never understand how he was even made a Moff in the first place.

I’m like a week late on this, I’m so sorry. I was tagged by @thetruegoatlord and i think I’m supposed to tag 20 people but i don’t know that many people on here so I probably won’t. 

Name: Anna
Nickname: Carol 
Star sign: pisces
Gender: female
Height: 5’ 1"
Favorite color: Turquoise 
Time right now: 11:53 pm
Average sleep hour: about 4
Lucky number: 16
Last thing I googled: “tattoo shops in la”
Number of blankets: one
Favorite fictional character: Amelia Pond

Fav. Couple: I just saw the movie so Princess Leia and Han Solo

Fav. Female: Rey

Fav. Male: Finn

Favorite book: Don’t have one
Favorite band/artist: The Killers
Dream job: Gynecologist 
What am I wearing right now: Blue hoodie, some pants i borrowed from my grandma, and one sock. 

Some folks I guess: @bryanmoldrem @coleyyoung @cannibalqueen-s @expect0hpatronum @impugned @obfuscate00 @pulpxfiiction and anyone else. I tried tagging some people I don’t talk to but I think I’m forgetting some. You can tag yourself :)

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To find you in a crowd: MICHEL DE CHEVIN IS A WIMP!

Michel: You have insulted my birth and my honor, you mongrel, and in so doing have impugned her Majesty’s name.  Fight me!

Me: *grabs popcorn, gets ready for the punchening* *unenthusiastic rah-rahs for stupid trash chevalier*