imps (homestuck)

an agreement. a party. a letter (or maybe a few). 

Single Prototype post example

This is an example of a Single Prototype Post.

So the Prototype in Question is a common one, a First Guardian, who’s powers are all about the Usage of Changing the States of Matter and Quantum physics over teleportation and space bending. He specialized in Plasma, and fucking with quantum physics. So here we go.

In general the Prefixes for the Beasts will be of the Quantum variety. Examples will be given later, but general powers include Changing the states of things, short ranged time travel, and General oddness. If another Beast in a different class than the Quantum class has a natural trait of a Quantum Beast, they gain an all stats increase.

The Imps would be Strange Quark Imps. They would have the ability to change air into a Liquid or a Plasma, but wouldn’t know what to do with it. They would randomly time travel and end up collapsing in on themselves. They are still dangerous though, watch out for them accidentally turning the Air into Plasma, or collapsing into a Black hole temporarily. Quark Imps have the special ability to entangle with another, and trade positions at any time, and can split off from larger beasts.

Ogres would become The Higgs Ogre, They would be able to Increase the Mass of their bodies, and can make the Air very dense, and solidify it around their arms. Their ability to jump through time would be Limited, but can revert damage through it. If a Quark Imp comes in contact with a Higgs Ogre, the Ogre will Absorb the Imp for half the Imp’s health. Higgs Ogres Tend to not be the brightest, and often end up breaking things both intentionally and unintentionally.

Next is the Basilisk, and they gain the prefix of Neutron Basilisk. Neutron Basilisks Can Turn solid objects into Liquids, allowing them to swim in the ground. Also, they can Attract and Fuse with other Quantum Class Beasts to become “Compounds.” Gaining some health depending on the beast, and small usage of their powers. When They time Travel, it’s because they are returning an object to the past or future, and tend to horde shiny things. If you kill one and take it’s item, then give one to a basilisk in the Future, you just made a paradoxical item with no origin, as that is likely the same Basilisk.

So the Graviton Gliclops would be a center of attention. All ranged attacks, and all combatants will be drawn towards this guy. He can change gravity, but is usually too daft to do so. If he makes contact with A Higgs Ogre, the two combine into a brutal beast of Gravity and Mass. Do NOT let that happen. They only time Travel when they are about to die. It takes them a turn to charge up. If you see an Injured Graviton Gliclops finish it off fast.

The Photon Lich is walking light. They can move at ridiculous speeds and phase through matter. They tend to Make gas into blasts of Plasma. Dodge them if possible. They will use their ability to phase through matter to great effect. When walking through their territory be prepared for surprise attacks from ANY direction. They are far more fragile than all others but the Imps, but are by far the fastest and most devious. Watch these buggers. They will use time travel to disrupt and disorient you.

And finally the Anti-Archons. These buggers are deadly, stay far away from them unless you want to be annihilated. Their bodies are completely made up of Antimatter, and if they come into contact with another Archon of a Different class, they will both be annihilated. They destroy matter on contact, so using a Ranged weapon with projectiles is your safest bet when dealing with them. Their lives are short lived though, so if you stay away they will decay. They will time travel to extend their lives, trapping themselves in a short ranged stable time loop.