imps (homestuck)

an agreement. a party. a letter (or maybe a few). 

I’m so sorry everyone. I have been in a bad place for a long time and could not handle actually running a blog that isn’t reblog/shitposts. So @numbersninja and everyone else thank you VERY much for your patience with me.

So a Plastic Potted Plant I would have to say it would be in the Fake Plant category. Similar to the Plant Category the Fake Plants are able to create and manipulate Plants at will, however they will be plastic and as such, unable to absorb nutrients to heal the owner, but will also not take bonus damage from fire. If a life player brings their falseness to life they will gain a diplomacy bonus with the creatures. If A different creature other than a Fake Plant shares traits with this they will have increased Vitality Gel and Gel Viscosity.

So first lets start with the Plastilly Imps. Plastilly Imps are, as other imps, Pranksters above all else. They bear resemblance to a Lilly flower, and will be jealous of the more real plants, often tearing at bark and ripping off leaves. They can be found trying to activate a Photosynthesis ability and can be found in areas with large light concentrations. They lack said ability but they wont stop wishing for their Plastic Petals to generate chlorophyll.

Decorative Cactus Ogres lack the Prickly spines of Cactus Ogres, however they hold a stronger dehydration resistance, nearly being impossible to dry out. They can grow thick plastic spines though, and while they don’t hurt unless launched from these big guys, they do increase the ogres already impressive Health Vial. If a Plastilly Imp climbs up onto a Decorative Cactus Ogre it can release a molten plastic smell as a crude ranged attack.

Rubber Fern Basilisks are a more tricky sort, using their ability to grow fake plants into patches of false grass and ferns they wait in, using unnatural camouflage to buy time to strike. They tend to uproot natural plants in order to plant their fake, but clean, forests as groups. They can create a screeching plastic noise by rubbing its hind legs together, and will use that to disorient prey and foe.

Steelwood Gliclops are basically a large paper-mache creature, however they are far hardier, and by melting off any of the bark they glue to themselves, one would find a green hard plastic body covered by a wireframe. This gives them a unique ability to create wireframe roots around itself, and barbed spikeweed, however it tends to not make the latter in exchange for a better fight. Not to bright these ones are and they leave a clearly traceable path of torn up trees for their natural bark.

False Crop Liches will hang nice and juicy looking tomatoes as it stays still, waiting for someone to come close to them. If one does they will grasp their unfortunate victims, causing strangulation damage, and grow spikeweed on their targets feet, causing a 25% chance of crippling a foot when the prey attempts to abscond (50% for an unlucky person). They are more durable but slower than other Liches, and as such they tend to grow traps around themselves, tempting hungry or unaware players to grab a bite. They can be spotted by their too perfect fruits and vegetables, and if they decide to set up shop in a place plants don’t grow if they have a lapse in judgment.

Ungrowing Bamboo Archons are dangerous foes. Despite their plants being fake they are able to pierce foes by growing and launching false bamboo. Since they are quite immobile they will grow a maze of Bamboo, causing damage to whoever steps on it, and are often found guarding Archways, important locations, and Denizen Doors. They can move and when they do they leave a trail of harmful bamboo behind them.

These may not be weak to fire damage, but it is still good to bring AOE weapons to deal with their plastic Viney extensions.