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A beautiful Seijoh 3rd years interaction in Haisute Rerun (lol):

1. Oikawa wanting to torment Hinata but got dragged away by Makki.

2. Mattsun called out to Oikawa and they started  making fun of each other (more like Oikawa making fun of Mattsun’s eyebrows).

3. Makki sandwiched in the middle.

4. Iwaizumi yelled stopped the childish fight and not so subtly showing his care towards Oikawa ;;

5. Makki slapped Oikawa’s butt (not that it’s important but yeah..)


i am physically and emotionally crying he revealed his real name and identity to the summoner he trusts them THAT much AND HE VOWS…TO FIGHT FOR THEM…….AND WITH A WIDE SMILE WHILE HES AT IT IM SO…………………..


‘Prepare for the show: IT GOES WELL
Oh my god people, i’m going back on the theatre stage, with one of the things I love the most; Antiteateret💜 Go me. And go us! I shall now try to play a not quite good guy, which I have never fully understood.
A guy who behaves totally opposite to what all rollefabler* says. The guy is called Tarjei. We play and improvise our way to something we’d like to show you, and it’s alot of fun for us anyway! Buy tickets friends, they went so fast last time, and it sucks in case you’d miss buying. The price is no problem in this happy country? IT GOES WELL!’

* . When he says “motsatt retning av det alle rollefabler sier”, I think he refers to every possible backgroud story of roles. I have understood that “rollefaber” (role fables) is the backstory of a character, the stuff that makes the character alive, so to speak. So I don`t think he refers to what society says, really. He acts opposite to what all kinds of role fables says. Something like that? // @hjertetssunnegalskap


Spontaneously playing something from my mind. 

Typing by Letters: A Short Guide

Word of caution: Typing by letters is not recommended by most people who possess some knowledge of mbti (including myself). But if you still wish to do so here are some helpful tips in identifying which letter you have. Still, please stay reminded that functions play a much bigger role than the letters and depending on the function stack of each type some characteristics of the letters may be diminished or exaggerated. So take the guide with a grain of salt!

I vs. E (Introversion vs. Extroversion)

Has nothing to do with the number of friends you have or liking your friends (or people in general).


¬ Tend to prefer the company of a couple of people over a big group

¬ Can feel overwhelmed in a crowd because they’re primarily “programmed” for one-on-one conversing

¬ Feel energized by solitary activities

¬ Prefer to reflect on things by themselves before turning to others


¬ Can focus their energy on multiple people at once

¬ Can struggle with one-on-one conversing because they are more natural navigating through a large amount of people

¬ Feel energized by social activities

¬ Prefer to talk things over with someone else before reflecting alone

So which one do I have?

Try asking yourself the following questions:

°When something unexpected (good OR bad) happens to you, do you feel the need to share it with others as soon as possible (extroversion) by e.g posting about it on Facebook or calling your friends? Or do you prefer to reflect on it by yourself (to for example conclude how you feel or think about it) and “prepare” yourself for sharing it with others (introversion)?

°After a fun social gathering with your best friends do you appreciate the fact it was fun but look forward to going home (introversion)? Or do you wish you could keep going and already think about the next time you can gather and have fun (extroversion)?

°Do you think you can reach an understanding of another person’s point of view by primarily listening (introversion) or by primarily conversing (extroversion)?

N vs. S (iNtuition vs. Sensing)

Has nothing to do with intelligence, creativity or uniqueness.


¬ Prefer taking in information by first gaining a general understanding and then focusing on details

¬ Try to find connections and general principles in data

¬ Can miss crucial details because they primarily focus on the big picture

¬ Prefer relaying information and ideas in metaphors and using abstract language and terms


¬ Prefer focusing on singular pieces of information and constructing an overall understanding with them

¬ Focus on finding inconsistencies and exceptions in data

¬ Can be too focused on details to see the big picture

¬ Prefer to communicate using “layman’s terms” and concrete examples

So which one do I have?

Try asking yourself the following questions:

°When studying a book about a new issue, do you take time to glance through first to get the general idea (intuition) or do you delve right into it and trust you’ll get the idea just by reading from the beginning (sensing)?

°Are you often criticized for simplifying complex issues to make it understandable with the cost of making things too black and white (sensing)? Or are you more often criticized for explaining things in a manner too complex and abstract, refusing to simplify issues for the sake of making them easier to understand (intuition)?

T vs. F (Thinking vs. Feeling)

Has nothing to do with whether or not you have feelings or are capable of logical soundness. Also has no correlation to being smart or having empathy.


¬ Are more comfortable dealing with issues that don’t involve strong feelings from self or others

¬ Trust their intellect when judging things

¬ Can struggle with showing or using their sentiment

¬ Can thrive for sole logical consistency without regard for subjective feelings


¬ Are more comfortable dealing with people’s subjective experiences and feelings as opposed to hard facts

¬ Trust their heart and “gut feeling” when judging things

¬ Can struggle with accepting facts they don’t feel are right

¬ Can disregard facts when seeking emotional comfort and security

So which one do I have?

Try asking yourself the following questions:

°When gathering information about something new, are you more curious to hear about it from someone with no personal involvement (thinking) or from someone with personal experience and insights (feeling)?

°Are you more frustrated by insensitivity to people’s feelings and suffering (feeling) or by hypersensitivity to people’s feelings with the cost of facts (thinking)?

°Which one do you feel more threatened by: emotional instability that leaves no room for rationality (thinking) or inflexible factuality without any regard to subjective experience and feelings (feeling)?

J vs. P (Judging vs. Perceiving)

Has nothing to do with being lazy or messy.


¬ Prefer to know what to expect and to plan things in advance

¬ Feel anxious in situations that lack plan, schedule, structure or a desirable end result

¬ Can struggle in situations that require improvising or “playing by ear”

¬ Tend to organize themselves and their surroundings


¬ Enjoy situations that require improvising and can have unpredictable end results

¬ Prefer doing things spontaneously when they feel like it

¬ Can struggle and feel bored in situations that follow a set schedule or structure

¬ Tend to struggle with making and following long-term plans that require commitment

So which one do I have?

Try asking yourself the following questions:

°Do you tend to feel more anxious in unpredictable turns of events (judging) or situations where you’re expected to follow a set schedule or etiquette (perceiving)?

°When working, do you work in bursts of energy (perceiving) or diligently bit by bit (judging)

That about does it for my short guide. I hope at least one of you found this helpful. I’m planning to make another post about functions as soon as possible, hopefully I’ll get to that without unnecessary delay!

12 Things We Learned from Jordan Peele's Get Out Commentary

There’s not much I can say about Get Out that hasn’t already been said. Jordan Peele’s auspicious directorial debut is not only one of the best films of the year, it’s one of the most important. In addition to delivering the thrills and chills of an effective horror movie, Peele addresses racial tensions head-on without coming off as sanctimonious. Furthermore, he proved that movies with black leads can be successful at the box office.

With such a unique perspective, I was eager to hear what the first-time filmmaker had to see in his audio commentary that accompanies Get Out’s home video release. He concludes the track by confessing that he debated remaining ambiguous about the meaning of certain aspects, a la Stanley Kubrick. Thankfully, he decided to “totally nerd out” and divulge every detail he could fit into 104 minutes.

Here are 12 things I learned from Jordan Peel’s Get Out commentary track. Spoilers follow, so don’t read on until after you’ve seen the movie.

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Tarjei’s play “Det Går Bra”

I went to see it and it was amazing!! The play follows a group of friends through a year of their lives. It shows what happens when they start telling each other what they really feel and think.

The play is improvised by the actors, and they use their real identities.

Tarjei introduces himself by reading hate mail that he’s received in conjunction with his portrayal of Isak in Skam. He reads it with a twinge of irony, but it’s really quite depressing.

Throughout the play Tarjei makes several self-deprecating references to Skam, not at all talking about Skam in a negative light, more in a “what if people think I’m an asshole”-kind of way. He also shares some of his anxieties and darkest thoughts about growing up in Oslo, one of the riches countries in the world where people really have nothing to complain about, yet the consumption of anti-depressants are rapidly increasing. I personally thinks he comes across as someone who is very thoughtful with a subtle sense of humor with a dark undertone.

Throughout the play you learn that what all the characters have in common is that they’re all as equally depressed as they are privileged.  

But the play is also about friendship. And through long futile parties it builds up to confrontations between the friends. Tarjei is playing the little brother of Mathilde. He starts to party with the older guys in the group, where he drinks, goes to clubs and smokes weed. This ends up in a confrontation between Mathilde, Tarjei and Sebastian over a table tennis match. (The alcohol and weed is not real to contrary belief)

Tarjei wears his own clothes for the role. He also wears a russe dress and our Norwegian folk costume. At an early point of the show he is only wearing swimming trunks and sunglasses. He lies quite confidently on a table smoking a blunt while talking about sex.

There’s also a hilarious sequence where he dances/trashes about to club music. Which ends up with him squirming around on the floor before passing out. Sebastian then comes over to sit on his stomach and things then take a darker turn as the guys start having quite a physical fight. It feels disturbingly real.

The play escalates into a dark sequence with all the actors sharing their darkest thoughts and memories while sitting in between the audience. In this scene Tarjei makes a Skam reference before saying he’s been raped. Which was difficult to listen to.  

There’s so much that happens in the play and Tarjei is simply fantastic. I’m truly impressed with him and how unafraid he is despite his young age. He doesn’t have the most speaking parts, but he is present for almost all the scenes and he really makes the most of it.

I encourage anyone who is a fan of Tarjei to go see the play, it was an amazing experience! If you have any questions about it or Tarjei’s performance, please ask me anything!

their begin

→   Jungkook x Female Reader // brother!yoongi au

→   fluff

→  1612 words

The bond in between siblings is the strongest to exist, that’s what they all say. That also went for Y/N and Yoongi, the two half siblings, who shared the same father but different mothers. The two lived with their dad and her mother in Korea’s capital: Seoul.

Some would’ve guess based on their different mums, that they didn’t get along too well, but that was the exact opposite of reality. They had been inseparable from the day Y/N was born, the day Yoongi knew that this little human being was going to be the most important person to him, that he had to take care of her and protect her, no matter what.

During their childhood, the things he had to protect her from were the monsters under her bed, the darkness at night or the scary looking shadow in her room.

As they grew older, the two remained as close as siblings could be, yet they don’t see each other as often anymore. Due to both of their busy schedules, as Y/N goes to university and Yoongi, has a group to promote. Yes, his dream of making music did come true and yes, he was really successful with his six other group members. Today, Y/N is going to visit him and his friends as they had a day off and she was on fall break.

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Song Headcanons

So, here are a few headcanons I’ve been meaning to post for a really long time: the songs.  Beauty and the Beast is a musical, sure, but what if those songs actually existed in this fictional universe as tunes that were either picked up again or composed?  So, here are my thoughts on the songs and their origins in ways that would befit the universe in which the story takes place.

  • The Aria 
    • Cadenza and Garderobe put that one together themselves in honor of the ball the prince threw together that night.  Cadenza wrote the melody and accompaniment, and Garderobe added the lyrics.
  • How Does a Moment Last Forever 
    • This was a lullaby that Belle’s mother used to sing to baby Belle in order to make her fall asleep. She and Maurice always thought that it was about their love for each other.  When they left her behind, Maurice took up singing it to Belle every night before she went to sleep, as a way for her mother to still be a part of her life, even if she was gone.
  • Be Our Guest 
    • I think Cadenza wrote this.  When Maurice enters the castle, Cadenza plays a few bars of it.  I know that’s not enough to go by, but I think that Cadenza wrote it just as a piece, and Lumiere saw fit to add lyrics to it since the melody was already on hand.  They had a lot of time to spend in the castle, and Lumiere had probably heard that melody a thousand times.
  • Gaston 
    • LeFou composed the song himself.  Being illiterate, however, he committed the entire thing to memory and paid the villagers to help him perform it…making the name “LeFou” a little ironic, because he’s actually pretty smart.
  • Days in the Sun 
    • This existed as a tune that Adam’s mom used to sing, only with different lyrics.  Cadenza and Chapeau adapted it to fit their instrumental abilities, and the lyrics sort of came about as the staff sang them.
  • Beauty and the Beast 
    • The tune existed as a lullaby for Chip, and most of the lyrics were the same, considering it’s a ballad.  She changed a few to fit Adam and Belle, and the parts Cadenza played were improvised on the spot, because he’s that talented.
  • The Mob Song 
    • The tune and most of the lyrics were part of a war song that French soldiers (particularly the group that Gaston was a part of) would sing to get them excited about the heat of battle.  Gaston figured it would work just as well on some frightened villagers.  It starts at “Through the mist, through the wood…”
  • The Finale 
    • I’m pretty sure Garderobe and Mrs. Potts had a chat about it and Mrs. Potts agreed to have Garderobe sing it at the ball.

[I’m leaving out “Belle” and “Evermore” because those were more like inner monologues than anything else.  They’re both really pretty, though!]

Piano Is Not My Forte

Imagine a pocket-sized you watching Yoongi playing on the piano. Moonlight Sonata fills the room, and Yoongi plays it perfectly, having memorized it long ago. His eyes are shut, immersing himself in the piece with his soul. Partway through his playing, random off-key notes are heard. Yoongi doesn’t mind it, perhaps thinking that his fingers slipped to the wrong keys. It does happen sometimes. He continues on, ignoring the mistakes. The sound of random keys being pressed continues again, and that’s when Yoongi realizes that it isn’t him doing it. His eyes flutter open, and on the left side of the piano, you’re standing on a bunch of keys on the bass clef. Yoongi stops playing, and you look at him questioningly.

“What? I was helping you improvise!”

anonymous asked:

For both Steroline and Bamon - Who would: Ask the other to live together, make the other a striptease dance, ask the other to dance without music, choose costumes on halloween, the one who always wins the argumemts, who wakes up crancky in the middle of the night, makes the other one exercise, who would sing for the other, who texts the other one first when they miss them

LMAO these are going to be so hard for me, you have no idea. Okay:

Ask the other to live together?

  • Bamon - Damon. Bonnie would probably be bitching about having to renew her lease and her rent going up and Damon would be like ‘then don’t renew it’. All her stuff’s there anyway since he lives closer to the hospital, and she’s obsessed with his ridiculously expensive bed (that she used to make tons of fun of until it became her new favorite thing). Plus, his modern, fancy bachelor pad feels warmer with all her books and sweaters and fluffy slippers lying around, and as much as he complains, it’s never felt more like home than it does now that there are flares of her all over it. And most importantly, he has the Keurig machine.

  • Steroline - Caroline. Stefan’s been feeling the situation out, not wanting to push because he knows she works at her own pace and there’s nothing that can slow her down or speed her up, she just is. So when she’s looking for a new apartment that’s closer to her job, he notices she’s asking for his opinion a suspicious amount, and it isn’t until she says, ‘Will your desk fit in here, though?’ that he realizes what’s happening. And he can’t help the smile. Because that’s Caroline. She doesn’t say ‘Want to move in together?’, she says ‘Will your desk fit in here?’, and he tells her that he’ll make it fit, and she nods nonchalantly and hides a smile in her coffee mug.

Make the other a striptease dance?

  • Bamon - Damon. Because 1. it’s Damon, 2. he knows it’ll cheer her up, and 3. it’s Damon.

  • Steroline - Caroline, because Stefan can get super lost in his cases and it’s a fun challenge to snap him out of it.

Ask the other to dance without music?

  • Bamon - Bonnie. And she still stands on the top his bare feet like a little kid, and she still hums ‘The Notebook Song’ offkey, and she still calls him a mush ball, and he tips her in outrageous dips and falls a little more in love with her every time. 

  • Steroline - Stefan. The apartment they end up getting has the tiniest bedroom known to humankind, but the kitchen’s big and has high ceilings and a bay window overlooking the Charles, and sometimes when they’re cleaning up after dinner, he’ll grab her hand and spin her around and pull her into him for a quiet, swaying moment. He still doesn’t ‘do dancing’, but he does it for her, and it makes her glow.

Choose costumes on Halloween?

  • Bamon - Both. It’s a fight to the death. The topic literally comes up in July and is a lightning rod of heated debate for months. Sabotage, blackmail, and seduction attempts are all fair game. It usually goes down to the wire.

  • Steroline - Caroline. And they’re always stylish and clever because she makes them herself. But sometimes she makes Stefan wear tights because hey, if they cape fits…

The one who always wins the arguments?

  • Bamon - Damon, usually. Not necessarily because he’s right, but because he’s a bottomless pit of frothy counterarguments and can literally debate forever and Bonnie stops caring because Naked and Afraid is on and a lot more interesting. But if it’s something that actually matters, Bonnie. Except she doesn’t argue, she declares and that’s that.

  • Steroline - Half-and-half. Caroline tends to get more carried away and heated in arguments and Stefan stays really patient and level-headed, so on any given day, it’s just a matter of whose stamina wins out.

Who wakes up cranky in the middle of the night?

  • Bamon - Damon. Shivering. To no blankets. And no pillows. Because somehow, a girl who’s almost an entire foot shorter than him takes up twice the bedding.

  • Steroline - Caroline, because Stefan always slips out of bed at 2 AM to work when he’s got a big case coming up, and she worries he’s not getting enough sleep.

Who makes the other one exercise?

  • Bamon - Both in different ways. Bonnie makes Damon go to open dance classes with her and he always ends up being the life of the party (he loves Zumba and yells ‘arriba!’ throughout the entire thing), and Damon drags Bonnie to the gym for weights (she complains the whole time and almost kills him when she gets distracted - ‘jesus, bon, you’re supposed to be spotting’ ‘I meaaaan, I spotted the froyo stand’). 

  • Steroline - Same deal. Stefan coaxes her into morning runs through the public garden and even though she never wants to go at first, she loves when they stop at the top of the footbridge to watch the sun spill over the pond. Plus, she gets her revenge when she drags Stefan to her spin class (which he still calls ‘biking’ and still finds really stupid because you’re doing all this work and not getting anywhere). 

Who would sing for the other?

  • Bamon - Bonnie sings freely and horribly. Full-volume Disney anthems are an evening shower staple, regardless of if Damon is in there with her, but he does occasionally manage to veer the sounds she’s making into something way less G-rated. Sometimes he just joins in, though. Their neighbors aren’t happy about either one.

  • Steroline - Caroline. Stefan knows a few songs on the guitar, but mostly he plays meandering, improvised melodies, and every now and then, Caroline will add lyrics. Sometimes it’s her poetry, sometimes she makes it up on the spot, but she has a pretty voice that she’s shy about and the rareness of it makes him love it even more.

Who texts the other one first when they miss them?

  • Bamon - Damon has exactly two modes of missing Bonnie - he gets grumpy as hell and starts complaining about literally everything (’this airport blows’/’”please secure your mask before assisting others” is such a fucked up metaphor for america’/’why is seattle so goddamn cold’/’why is everyone so happy in LA’) or he sends a long, whimsical, Shakespearean sonnet about how the world is ending. 

  • Steroline - Caroline. And Stefan always knows it’s coming because it starts off as a checklist. (’Did you remember to bring your external hard-drive?’ ‘yep.’ ‘Did you drop the dry cleaning off before you left this morning?’ ‘yep.’ ‘Are you sure you packed the tie I picked out?’ ‘actually I swapped it for the one Damon gave me for christmas’ ‘The blue one?’ ‘the one covered in penises’ ‘I miss you.’) 

This legit took me like 45 minutes to answer what are priorities.

When fans dig up the infos about their idols' rumor, don't underestimate their capabilities as detectives! LMAO

So apparently, the fans found this : In NONNO magazine 11th Oct 2016, Sho and Jun were guested with an orchestra. Sho played the piano and Jun as conductor. At the photo shooting session, Sho improvised and played “Beauty and the Beast” theme song on piano. Back to “fans are great detectives”, they stalk Ayaka’s blog on Oct 2015 and found out that she also mentioned she has acquaintance who learned and played “Beauty and the Beast” theme song on piano. The japanese fans reactions are interesting to read! LOL #iamalreadyashiptrashforthis2 LOL

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how do you world build? i have all these ideas but i dont know how to translate them into writing.

Hi Anon! There are many approaches to worldbuilding and a lot of them are messy and lead to you working hard on things you don’t end up using, some still are a little simplistic for my taste so I often mix it up. Note: This is just how I do it and not the only way to do it. I avoid writing pages and pages of text on the minutia of life in my world but I don’t restrict things to the rule of threes either, I like my setting with a bit more meat on it. My four stage of world building are under the cut. Looooongnpost warning!

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My fave parts of the night: “Rock n’ Roll Best Friends”, “The No Pants Dance”, and “The Hit”

Also people started chanting “holy shit” at one point and Commander Meouch and Havve Hogan started freestyling/improvising and playing their instruments and they made a little song that Doctor Sung named “The Holy Shit Jazz Odyssey”, “which will be out on the next EP”

Before “The Hit”, (I’m guessing this was arranged beforehand with the guys), they called a guy on stage and he asked his girlfriend to come up and he sang the first bit of the song and then got down on one knee and proposed! People got engaged omg
Then Doctor Sung was like “Congratulations you nerds~”

One thing I loved was their synchronization?? There were a bunch of parts where they danced in sync and it was amazing and awesome! Also they had like a bit of choreography? Like certain parts where they did a certain dance, it was so cool! ;v;


This venue was kinda small, maybe like 50-ish people? And the stage was small but Doctor Sung did the high kicks AND the nunchuck bit!

It was just an awesome night and I’m so happy c: