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Pt 2//They didn’t get any better :/
Still inspired by @frostedpuffs and @buginettedupaincheng

Adrien (you are here)| Marinette

DL (Plushie Skit)- Badass!?

@amyohtheotaku thank you for your request~ sorry I am late again!!!!

It does take some time to take photos, make dialogs and use the filter to improve photos’ qualities…

The Poster Photo is provided by Amy chan~

The idea is really cute and it’s totally like what the diahoes would argue about LOL

Before we start, let me show you the Poster First~

They look damn hot here….They killed me with those eyes already~

OK the Skit Starts:

Being bullied for so long in all my skits, Subaru chan finally cannot take this anymore. You see his eye? That means anger, or “do not take advantage on me just because I am the youngest!”

after a three year detour to the community college from hell (which was only supposed to be two years but i got screwed over), i am happy to say i am officially DONE as of today 🍾🍾🍾 and last week i got accepted to the university i want to transfer to, so hopefully this is the beginning of a better chapter of my life


I went through all my photos looking for pics of my Artist Alley tables over the years, figured I’d share a bunch of them! 

I started off in 2012 at a dinky lil anime convention my old high school holds and didn’t even have a proper way to display prints yet, just kinda laid everything on the table. My first big convention was Animethon that same year, I don’t have photos but I also didn’t have a real display for that one yet and I’m shocked looking back at how well I profited then haha… I think I got the first pole display at Edmonton Expo, but I couldn’t find any pictures from most of 2012-2013. 

It’s neat seeing how much my art, products, and display have changed over the years! There’s still so much I’m working on improving *o* I’ve been doing conventions for 5 years now and sometimes I absolutely hate em’ but I wouldn’t be able to pay the bills without them lol. I’ve done exclusively Alberta conventions this whole time, but I might look into hitting up some of the big ones in Vancouver one day!

(Most of these tables were shared with @vaahlkult too so some of the art shown is hers!)

The Day Adrien Became a Stuttering Mess

When Adrien learns that Marinette is Ladybug but doesn’t have the chance to tell her who he is, he finds himself nervous and blushing around her at school the next day.

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“Milady, you forgot your-”

Cat Noir froze as a pink flash filled the alley, and before he had the sense to look away, Cat Noir was staring in shock at Marinette Dupain-Cheng. The hair ribbon he’d attempted to return to his partner fluttered to the ground as his jaw dropped.


She flinched, “Um, I guess there’s no point in pretending I’m not Ladybug now, is there?”

He took a moment to just breathe. In and out, he reminded himself silently. This was fine. This wasn’t a big deal. This didn’t have to be a big deal. “You’re Ladybug.”

She nodded hesitantly, fiddling with the strap of her purse as her kwami settled on her shoulder.

He exhaled slowly, “Wow…” Somehow, everything he couldn’t fit into words, all the shock, the wonder, the confusion, the absolute elation of finally knowing, all condensed into that one small syllable.

She relaxed when their eyes met. She must have seen the way he was smiling at her, maybe even recognized the blush staining his cheeks, because she smiled, too, and he could almost swear his heart forgot how to function when he saw that.

Ladybug. She’s Ladybug, he thought to himself, all nerves and insecurity in the face of his friend, his partner, and his crush all wrapped up in one beautiful person.

He took a deep breath, “Milady. I’m A-”

She cut him off with a finger to his lips, “Wait, Cat… We can at least keep your identity secret, right? You shouldn’t tell me.”

He paused as she lowered her hand, and he swallowed an instinctive protest, “But… That’s not fair to you.”

She chuckled, “I think I’ll survive.”

He frowned, “Marinette…”

But, she was already leaving, “Sorry, I have to get home for dinner. We… we’ll talk about this later, Cat.” She smiled and waved as she ran past him, half of her hair loose and the other half still tied into a ponytail. “Night!”

“N-night,” he murmured softly, managing a wave as she rushed by. His transformation vanished the second she rounded the corner, and he sank back against the wall, “Plagg…”

Plagg snickered, “What? I thought you wanted to find out who Ladybug was.”

“Not like this,” Adrien whined, running a shaky hand through his hair.

“Not enough candlelight, Romeo?” Plagg teased, hovering at eye level.

“We were supposed to find out together.” Adrien murmured, “And…and it’s Marinette!” he groaned in frustration, “How am I supposed to talk to her tomorrow?”

“Same as always.” Plagg answered with a shrug, “Now, where’s my Camembert?”

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