improving a photo

Joshua pre-debut photo<3

cr. Ccan0410

oops i just spilled my tea everywhere :((

DL (Plushie Skit)- Badass!?

@amyohtheotaku thank you for your request~ sorry I am late again!!!!

It does take some time to take photos, make dialogs and use the filter to improve photos’ qualities…

The Poster Photo is provided by Amy chan~

The idea is really cute and it’s totally like what the diahoes would argue about LOL

Before we start, let me show you the Poster First~

They look damn hot here….They killed me with those eyes already~

OK the Skit Starts:

Being bullied for so long in all my skits, Subaru chan finally cannot take this anymore. You see his eye? That means anger, or “do not take advantage on me just because I am the youngest!”


Same shirt, April 25 2015 vs February 8 2017

10.5 months on T


DIY Bookshelves!

So I needed a lot of shelves (I still need more to be honest) but all of the pre-made ones at the store would’ve ended up breaking my bank… I was able to make these six shelves for $30 bucks with some wooden planks cut in half and 10″ concrete bricks from Homedepot. They aren’t the cutest arrangement, but it gets the job done!