The Mp3 Experiment happens once a year, somewhere in New York. Thousands of people download a Mp3 file which consists of a person giving instructions for 50 minutes. A date and time is set, and badaboom, everyone listens to it at the same time…. let the fun commence.

The day…. today.

The Mp3 Experiment was a great experience, but the application they created for us (for those who could not download the music/sound file) did not work for practically everyone who used it at some point during the event.

The moment the countdown stopped - 3pm hit, this photo appeared on my screen (this is not my own version, this is courtesy of someone from the event) and we had no sound. During the event other people complained that this happened to them. For me, I never got to hear the Mp3 like everyone else.

Thankfully, I was with a lovely group of girls and they helped me out by telling me what to do, or letting me hook in with one ear piece. I really REALLY appreciated this guys! Other things were just common sense.

I had a fun time, but I guess I’m just annoyed that I didn’t get to play along like the majority… :(.

I’ve taken some footage/photographs - so I’ll post those later :). The event was filmed professionally throughout, so when the video goes up, I’ll link it here.